tagLoving WivesThe House Husband Ch. 02

The House Husband Ch. 02


Chapter 2 The Fall Accelerates

At first I found it very frustrating, my cooking was crap and Anne made sure I was aware of it.

Finally exasperation got the better of her patience. "Can't you even follow a simple recipe, the books are all in the kitchen, surely it's not too much to ask that you prepare a simple meal? I don't expect anything fancy, but sausage, egg and chips two night in succession is a bit much.

The truth was, I hated it! Not just the cooking but the washing, ironing, cleaning, the whole bag. The only consolation was that I got to spend more time with John and Pamela. They were great and tried there best to help, but were mostly a hindrance. Their help usually resulted in even more mess to clean up, but the earnest look on their faces as they tried to help made me laugh.

Clothes washing and ironing proved to be a trial. Once I had figured out the difference between a hot wash and cool wash, which powders or tablets to use and fabric softeners etc, I washed the whites with the coloured with the predictable results and I never seemed to have a moment to catch breath.

This house husband was getting truly frustrated trying to keep the house and kids clean and getting the them to and from school and nursery with the appropriate clean clothing.

Then one evening after Anne had been working full time for about a month, she came home, full of herself, relating all the office politics and regaling me with tales of her working day. I have to admit, I was jealous, envious and totally pissed off. Pissed off because this particular day was my birthday and I had managed to produce an evening meal that was at least palatable only to find that she was not hungry as her boss the MD had taken her out to lunch at some up market Bistro.

I exploded. "I've had it, I don't think you appreciate the effort I went to in preparing this meal. I have been without any adult company all day, completed all the washing and ironing, tidied up the house specially and you don't even have the courteously to phone me to say happy birthday."

She looked shocked and realised that she had completely forgotten my birthday. I thought she may be a little contrite and apologise, but instead went on the attack. "Listen to yourself, I used to have to do all that and you never showed any appreciation, now the boot's on the other foot and you are behaving like a shrew. You should think yourself lucky that I have come home on time, I had an offer to go to dinner tonight and I almost accepted!"

"Maybe you should have, at least he may have struck lucky, which is more than I have lately!"

I could have bitten my tongue off when I uttered those words, but realised it was too late, they were out in the open.

"What's that supposed to mean? I have been working extremely hard to support us all and all you do is complain that I have not been spreading my legs often enough for you. The next time I am invited out to dinner, I may just accept!" She replied ominously.

With that she stormed up the stairs to our room and slammed the door. I slept in the spare room that night and for several nights thereafter. We did not speak until the weekend.

It was after the kids were in bed on Saturday when Anne approached me with a glass of wine in each hand and said. "I am really sorry that I forgot your birthday and for the harsh words I said that evening. You did not deserve to be treated that way. I do love you and I know you are finding it very hard, but so am I." She handed me the wine glass and we stood there sipping the wine and just looked at each other.

Then she said. "I miss the kids, I miss sitting with them, reading them stories and playing with them. It's hard for me too you know. I am jealous of how they respond to you, you are so much more patient with them than me and they always look to you if they have any questions. It makes me feel somewhat redundant as their mother."

As we sat there drinking our wine, we talked openly for the first time about our frustrations.

For my part I explained that I found myself emasculated by the role of House Husband and all the different roles that involved. That and the fact that my wife had found a job that paid more than what I had earned when working did not help with my feelings of inadequacy. Add to that the fact that she constantly seemed to be on my back about my failures as a cook and that my housekeeping left a lot to be desired, all contributed to my present state of mind.

I told her that I was still applying for jobs and had even applied for positions that would mean us having to move if I were successful. She was not against me applying but warned that realistically it would need to be a fantastic offer to temp Anne to resign from her job. "In any case," she added, "I don't want to give up work, I love being the breadwinner and the opportunity it presents to expand our social network."

"What social network, I have seen little evidence of any expansion so far." I stated.

"Oh, that's about to change, we have been invited to a dinner party next Saturday evening at Jim and Pat Cairns," she said.

"Do I know them?" I asked.

"You must have heard me mention Jim, he is the magazine MD and his wife is a real livewire, or so I'm told," she answered.

"Livewire?" I asked. "What does that mean?"

"I'm told that their parties get a bit raunchy after the Port and Brandies. We don't have to stay if it gets too uncomfortable," she said hurriedly trying to calm my obvious anger. "But it may be just what we need to spice up our love life. It has been a little stale of late, or haven't you noticed?"

Now, we had talked about swapping partners or swinging earlier in our marriage and while we were tempted to give it a try, we agreed that the risks to our marriage were too high. So this turn of events threw me more than a little.

"Do you mean that you are so dissatisfied with my efforts that you want to start fucking other men?" I retorted.

"Of course not. I just thought that if we agreed and attended, we could just watch and how things develop. I talked with Jim when he invited us and he was keen that we join their little circle, we would not be obliged to participate and would be free to leave at any time."

"You mean he told you he and Pat were swingers, just like that?" I asked.

"No, of course not. It came up in an oblique way when we were discussing a feature on alternative lifestyles for next month's issue. I told him that we had talked about it but were concerned about how it could affect our marriage. That was when he told me about Pat and his decision to open up their marriage. He said it did not suit every couple, but in their case they enjoyed the variety and that it had given their marriage a new lease of life."

She went on to tell me that the group only met once a month and they always took a summer break during July and August when their children were at home. I queried this and apparently Pat and Jim sent their two sons to boarding school. So during the school holidays, they suspended their parties.

I was not sure about this latest development, sure our sex life sucked at the moment and I must admit that the idea of having a different woman appealed to me and so did the idea of watching Anne with another man or woman, but would we still be the same afterwards?

Anne stood up and taking my hand said. "Let's go to bed and sleep on it. I don't need to confirm until Monday."

That night, I have to admit I was fully aroused and the idea she had implanted grew along with my cock. We made love or more accurately fucked ourselves silly that night. When I am at my best I can usually get it up twice in a fairly short time, but Anne was merciless and kept goading me with the prospect of fucking someone different and then introducing a little role play of her own by pretending I was Jim Cairns and grinding herself into a massive orgasm. After the third time, I had to beg for mercy and that's when she pulled in the line.

"Please, can I say we will be there next Saturday? It will be the last one before the simmer break." she said almost pleadingly.

There it was, I had been played like a fish, baited, hooked and landed, so I just said "Why not, it might be just what we need."

The rest of the weekend was uneventful apart from our sex life. Anne was insatiable in bed and out of it. She dressed provocatively when we went into town for some shopping. She had put on jeans and low cut tee shirt, nothing provocative about that except she left off her bra and I could see her hard nipples trying to poke through the thin material. Of course, so could everyone else as well and she loved the way all the men ogled her as we walked through the Shopping Centre.

When we got home we fed the kids and ourselves and we both waited with increasing impatience until it was their bedtime. No sooner had the dropped off and she was at me, we fucked on the lounge carpet and on the dining room table before she would let me get to bed. Later, lying with our bodies pressed together, I asked. "What brought that on then? Was it having all those men lusting after your sexy body or was it just my overwhelming charm?"

"It was when I saw those men staring at my tits that I realised that they could practically see my nipples through the material that set me off, but did you notice what happened when I was in the changing room trying on that dress I wanted for next week' s party?" she asked.

"No, if you remember, I was trying to keep the kids amused, you went in on your own to try it on. So what happened then?" I asked with my curiosity getting the better of me.

"Well, I went into the changing room, drawing the curtain closed behind me, except that I had not pulled it fully across and had left a gap. I had stripped to my panties and had just turned round to pull the dress over my head, when I glanced up, hands over my head and realised that I could see a man in the mirror that was positioned outside the cubicle. He was staring straight art me and smiling and I realised that he had seen me next to naked. I should have been furious at the intrusion, but instead I felt myself getting aroused so I thought what the hell and just continued to pull the dress on. It did not sit right, so I pulled it off, this time taking my time to ensure he got a good view of body. When I looked up to see if he had seen my little bit of exhibitionism, I was stunned to see he was not alone there were two other men also standing beside him. They were trying not to make it look too obvious to anyone else, but they were quite openly staring at my breasts. So I ran my hands up over my tits and tweaked my nipples one at a time until they were standing out proud and hard all the time looking straight into their faces. I saw them suddenly shift as the sales assistant approached and I quickly pulled the curtain closed. I dressed and returned the dress to the sales assistant and she gave me a smile and a knowing look as if to say, I know what you have been up to so I left as fast as I could. The men had also vanished so I was saved any embarrassment of meeting them face to face so to speak."

As Anne told me her story, I felt my cock starting to harden again. She noticed it to and soon moved down to take me in her mouth and she started to give me one of her special blowjobs. As she tended to my rampant cock, she swung her legs over my chest and presented her gaping pussy for my attention. I could see the results of our earlier passion seeping out of her sopping pussy and even though I had never tasted our mixed juices before, I applied my tongue to her labia and soon brought her to her climax. I came almost at the same time and she quickly reached over to the bedside table for a tissue to spit my semen into. Anne never swallows, she likes to give and receive oral, but drew the line at swallowing.

She tried to move off me but I continued to suck her nectar into my eager mouth until she savagely tore herself off me.

"I can't take any more of that, it's just too much!"

The she looked at me with a strange look in her eye and asked. "Do you like that? Don't you find it gross, sucking your own cum out of me? Your face is still covered with it."

"It tastes salty and the texture is strange, but I quite like the sensation of drawing my seed and your cum out of your pussy, especially when you have just had an orgasm. It made me want to keep going and make you cum again and again."

"Not tonight with this girl you won't," she said, "but I maybe next time it will be another man's cum, have you thought about that?"

Truth be told, I had not considered that eventuality, but I found that idea repugnant to me. I just said. "I think I would have to draw the line at that, the very thought makes me feel nauseous. Anyway, I thought we were just going to observe next Saturday, not participate?"

"We'll had to wait and see, if we are both relaxed with the scene, we could join in, no pressure or obligations are being forced on us."

To be continued

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Freaking emasculated wuss, gives creampies and snowballs a bad name. Nothing wrong with a little bi-swing, but blackmail for cum play is BS

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