tagLoving WivesThe House Husband Ch. 05

The House Husband Ch. 05


( Last Para for continuity) Once again, Anne had made decisions committing us to activities that I had had no say in. I could not be angry with her about this decision though, I found the idea of having her helpless in those stocks very appealing at that moment. We returned upstairs and Judy made some coffee and we made arrangements to return the following weekend.

When we got home and in the door, Anne turned and threw herself at me, kissing me and trying to get my jacket off at the same time. For my part, I was extremely horny, we had not made love in weeks and the images of Anne in those stocks inflamed my ardour. Our clothes came off as we climbed the stairs and we were both naked by the time we reached the bedroom.

The first time was not making love! It was straight forward rutting as I forced my erection as deep into her pussy as I could reach. It was at no discomfort to Anne as she was sopping wet and ready to eagerly to receive everything I had. We pounded at each other until we both reached our orgasms at the same time, not something that happened very often. Usually I would finish first and had to finish Anne by hand or mouth, I was getting used to going down on her after sex.

The second time was a slow leisurely fuck and this was more like the real thing. We both took the time to ensure we made the experience pleasurable for each other.

Afterwards as we lay there talking, she asked, "What do you think about trying out Judy and Peter's scene? I'm sorry I never asked you if you were OK with before accepting, but you appeared very interested at the time."

"I'm don't want to go there at all. I don't want to be the dominant one. The thought of causing you pain, even if you were to derive some pleasure from it, does not appeal to me. I certainly don't want to be the submissive, I don't fancy the stocks bit at all." I replied.

She said, "Don't you trust me? How about we try taking turn about and see which of us gets the biggest kick out of it?

I thought about this for a couple of minutes and said, "No! I do not want to go down that particular route. If you want to go there next week for the research purposes, that's one thing, but taking an active role is a non-starter. I do not want any participation from either of us!"

"That's OK then. Trust me and leave the arrangements to me. I have Judy's number and I'll sound her out about how far they are prepared to go and what the boundaries are."

So we left it at that and I for one slept better that night than I had in along time.

The weekend was devoted to the garden and getting ready for our holiday, now only a fortnight away. Anne and I had sex each night but I felt there was something missing but could not put my finger on it. I felt that just maybe our troubles though not over may be on the mend.

Life returned to normal, the school run, the domestic chores and of course the Wednesday 'Harem' get together. I had told the girls about Anne's alternate names for the group and they were amused with either term. In parallel with the usual domestic issues, I completed the database format for 'Sam's Project' and went to see him. He was delighted when I explained how the system worked and asked if I could start populating the database with real data using his current stock. This was a bit more than I had expected and I told him he could get a temp into do the donkey work and that I was willing to train him or her on the system. I told him a temp would be cheaper to employ than me and he agreed that that made sense.

Before I left he said, "Look, you were savvy enough to sus out that not every transaction in this business is necessarily put through the books accurately, can you set up a second database with the real data?"

I told him I could and that once all the data had been inputted into the present database, I would set up the other 'B' Model with the 'corrected' figures. I cautioned him that the 'B' model must never be stored on the office computer and that it would be better to keep it on a memory stick. He asked several pertinent questions about what he needed and I advised him to find somewhere secure to keep the memory stick, somewhere handy but easily accessible.

It was a couple of days later when he called and said he had found a girl to do the data entry and that she was ready to start work the following day. I went round the next morning and was introduced to a stunning girl. She was every man's wet dream, five foot four in height with a figure that Miss World contestants would die for. Before I could get my eyes properly focussed, Sam told me her name was Simone and that she was his daughter. He had prepared all the paperwork relating to his current stock and left us to it. She explained that she had been looking for a summer job, but did not fancy working directly for her Dad in the Car Sales business, but that this role looked like something she would enjoy. It suited her that it was short term as she was going back to school after the summer holidays to do her 'A' Levels and Maths coupled with business studies as her chosen subjects.

She was a quick learner and was soon busy entering the data. She paused occasionally to ask the odd pertinent question about why this field or that and readily accepted my answer. I left her to it and went to find Sam. He was standing with a dark skinned man and I took him to be a customer, so I paused but when Sam saw my hesitation he called me over. He introduced me to his associate and said that Andrew owned several night clubs and that he might have some more business for me. Sam left us to talk and I found Andrew to be a likeable and easily approachable guy. After a short while I found my self agreeing to fulfil his accountancy requirements.

We set up an initial appointment and before he departed I asked. "Why did you decide to ask me to be your accountant?"

He smiled and said. "Sam recommended you and said you knew how to be discrete. In my business, I also have many cash transactions and while I pay my taxes like everyone else, I don't want to pay more than I need to, if you get my meaning?"

I smiled and assured him that discretion was my forte.

That was how my business started and little did I know at the time but over the next few months I was to be drawn deeper into the local small business scene.

At home our life had reverted to what had become normal. We still made love, but it was more akin to addressing a sexual need and not the deep love we used to share. I was not particularly happy with the situation, but I could not see an easy way to resolve the issues confronting us. Any attempt I made at opening a discussion on the subject of what we were doing to our marriage was met with a denial that there was anything amiss. So I took the easy way out and accepted it was just another rough patch and we would get over it.

It was on the Thursday before our next meeting with Peter and Judy that Anne phoned to say she had to work late on one of her articles and not to hold any dinner for her. She would be eating out this evening. This was unusual, normally she had her schedule planned to the minute and she would post any changes well in advance. It wasn't until she had hung up that I realised she had failed to say which article she was working on.

So it was that evening after getting our kids to bed and settled, I found that I had unexpectedly had the evening to myself. I logged on to my computer and checked the e.mails. On an impulse, I checked Anne's private e.mail but she had changed the password so I could not gain access. Again, I thought that's odd, she has had the account since we were first married and had never changed it before. My suspicions were now fully aroused, what the fuck was happening here. First, the working late at short notice, secondly, the changed password, was I being paranoid? Could she be cheating on me?

I set to work trying to gain access to her account. I tried all the usual suspects, kids names, special words we used together and finally just as I was about to give up, I glanced at the calendar on the desk and noticed that it was still posted at June. We were now well into July and I was sure I had turned the page. I noted that one word on one of the adverts framing the calendar had been highlighted. I returned to the computer and tried once more. Bingo! I was in to her e.mails. As I scanned through them, there was nothing untoward about the inbox or in the storage folders headings. Short of going through each folder, there was no way I would discover anything confirming my suspicions. As a last thought, I checked her deleted items folder and found one e.mail that made my heart plummet. It was from Pat Cairns or at least the name of the sender was Pat Cairns. As I read through the short note, it did confirm about the cancellation of the next get together, but went on to suggest that she and Jim were looking forward to meeting up with her tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night! I checked the date and confirmed that it was tonight the she referred to. So now I started to suspect that it was not an article she was working on, it was a private event and I was not invited. I was stunned. I sat down and tried to think about it rationally. It could be an innocent business meeting, but why would Pat be there? There was no suggestion about the reason for the meeting tonight but if it was a business meeting, why hadn't Anne just said so? The more I thought about it the less sure I was that she was cheating. I decided not to rush into any rash actions but I would watch Anne closely and see if she changed her routine over the next few weeks.

Anne arrived home around ten thirty and her appearance was perfectly normal. She came over to me and gave me a kiss full on the lips with loads of tongue. I thought she tastes different and tried to identify what the taste was, Then it struck me, spearmint. She must have brushed her teeth or chewed some gum and I had never known her to chew gum.

She pulled me to my feet and said. "Unless you have anything else to do, I have an itch that needs attention."

I was so aroused by the promise in the kiss she had just given me that all my thoughts regarding the spearmint taste went straight out of my head. I chased her into the bedroom and stripped off my clothes in record time. She had also started to undress, but I quickly went to her and started to pull off her clothes. I had a surprise when I pulled off her panties, her pussy was shaved apart from a narrow strip about three inches long and an inch wide. I pulled back in surprise and asked her. "When did this happen?"

"I did today in work. Do you like it?"

"You have always said no when I asked you to shave before, why the sudden change?" I asked.

"I noticed that Judy had hers shaved, so I asked her about it and she told me that the lack of hair around her clit made her extremely aroused with only the slightest stimulation. I can confirm to you, she's right. I have been so randy and sopping wet ever since I did it. Do you like?" She asked with that impish grin on her face.

"I like a lot." I said and buried my face in her pussy.

She was soon cumming and I changed position to place my cock at her hairless entrance. I started to enter her and found that she was sopping wet. As I pushed further into her core, she just seemed to absorb me until I was in to the hilt. She couldn't wait and started fucking me back is if she was trying to get my balls in as well. I had to hold her tightly or she would have knocked me off the bed such was her passion. I quickly felt my orgasm approach and tried desperately to control the timing. My attempts were futile and I came like an express train. Anne also had an orgasm and kept cumming until I was completely sated.

Afterwards, I remembered about the spearmint taste and her sudden need to work late. I was confident that she had not been with anyone sexually that evening as I did pay particular attention to her pussy when we had made love. I could not find any evidence that she had cheated on me.

On the Saturday evening after settling the baby sitter, Anne and I went to visit Peter and Judy. Peter greeted us at the door and after getting us drinks took us down to their cellar where Judy was already trussed up and in the stocks and blindfolded.

Peter then proceeded to attach nipple clamps to her otherwise naked body. The clamps were like crocodile clips but instead of a serrated edge these had rubber coated flat spades. They must still have been causing Judy some discomfort as she tensed up each time he laid his cane on her breasts and flicked at he aroused nipples. He then proceeded to bind her large tits with a slender rope, pulling the noose tighter and tighter. Her breasts turned a deep purple blue colour and all the time he talked to her about what he was going to do next. Satisfied with the results, he paused and pulled the mask from her face so she could see what was about to happen to her body.

Judy was starting to move her hips as if to try and ease her pain, but he flicked the cane across her belly and commanded her to stand still. She instantly obeyed and he started to tease her by gently stroking her body the cane. She shivered and started to grind her hips in desperation. It was clear that she was almost at her orgasm and she needed and she was pleading with him to make her cum. He continued to torment her with the caressing strokes until she was sobbing and moaning in her need for release. I looked over at Anne and she was watching this with a look of fierce intensity. She was obviously aroused as her nipples were rigid beneath her silk blouse and she was breathing quite hard. Peter stepped back from Judy and handed Anne the cane.

"You can take it from here, just tease her gently a little more then hit her breasts as hard as you can, once each side. That should be enough."

Before I could step in to stop her she took the cane and did as instructed. I thought she would stop short of the hard blow and just keep Judy at boiling point, but with a sudden gleam in her eye, she lifted her arm and brought the cane down sharply hitting the poor girl once on each tit. Judy let out an ear splitting scream, just once and then she began to orgasm. Her whole body was convulsed in the throes of her orgasm as she looked at Anne and begged her to hit her again. Anne lifted the cane once more, but before she could strike I stepped in, grabbed her wrist and twisted the cane out of her grasp.

"That's enough, she's had enough pain! This is not what we came here for" I shouted at her.

Anne stood there, her breasts were heaving as if she had run the marathon. She looked at me with a wild gleam in her eyes and screamed back at me.

"How dare you try and stop me! The cunt loves it. Can't you see that? All I was doing was responding to her needs. Look at her! She loves the pain and do you know something, I love inflicting it on her!"

I could not believe what I was hearing! This was my loving wife, mother of our children and she was standing there, her breasts heaving and her nipples sticking out through the fabric of her shirt.

"She may well love the punishment." I replied. "But it is not your responsibility to inflict suffering on her. She and her husband can do what they want to each other and they probably will, but I have no intention of being a party to this sadism any longer. I am leaving and going home now. Are you coming or not?"

She looked at me with indecision in her eyes. Then she looked again at Judy and Peter. He took the opportunity to reach over and squeeze his wife's breast causing her to wince as he pinched the soft flesh viciously. Judy let out a moan and pushed herself deeper into the stocks and clearly extending the pain she was suffering.

Peter reached out and gently ran his hand over my wife's shoulders and arms. Anne shivered a little and grabbed him round his neck, pressing herself to him and kissing him full on the lips. I knew then that Anne had decided to she wanted to play the scene out. I tried once more and asked her to leave with me now but Anne just shook her head and said.

"You go on ahead and let the baby sitter go, I will not be long. I just need to see how far they are prepared to take this. It will help me with the article I'm going to write. I'm sure Peter will run me home after, won't you?" she enquired looking at him.

He responded and said. "It will be my pleasure to escort a beautiful lady home, especially one who shares our interests."

At that response, I turned and left her there. I was so angry that I had trouble finding the right gears as I drove myself home. I realised that our marriage had reached a crisis point. She had responded to that bastards caress and kissed him not caring if I was there or not. I wondered why I had not raised any objection to her kiss and realised that I was so stunned by her behaviour that I was incapable of doing anything but leave. I was not prepared to let her continue to dominate the decisions making. I resolved to confront her once and for all, when and if she returned home tonight.

When I arrived home, I entered the lounge and found that Becky, our babysitter was not alone. Clearly she had not expected anyone to come home quite so early as she was entertaining her boyfriend and I got a quick glimpse of flesh as they scrambled to get their clothing re-arranged. She was so embarrassed about the situation and tried to apologise whilst still trying to fasten her bra, that I just had to laugh and told them to take their time as I was going to get myself some supper. I went into the kitchen and after a few minutes a sheepish looking boy knocked the door and started to make his apologies.

I cut him off and said. "Hey, I was young once as well. I it's know it's hard to find somewhere to get your leg over at your age. Next time, put the sneck down on the door lock. If nothing else it will give you time to get yourselves sorted and prevent unexpected visitors."

He was joined by Becky. She was still embarrassed and I tried to put her at ease by organising other babysitting evening for the following Saturday. She asked if I was going to tell her parents about Rob, her boyfriend and the look of sheer relief on her face when I shook my head was obvious. Thanking me again, they left together giggling as they walked down the path.

I checked the kids and tried to watch the TV, but it was hopeless. My mind was still churning over the evening's events and the look of relish on my wife's face as she tormented Judy earlier would not be erased. I must have fallen asleep as I sat there in the dark. I was awakened by the sound of a car drive up and stop at our gate. I looked at my watch, it was after three in the morning! What the fuck had she been up to during the last five hours? I went to the window and peeked out as my wife exited the car and strolled up the path to our door as if she hadn't a care in the world.

Anne entered the house humming to herself and dropped her coat and kicked off her shoes before she even noticed me sitting on the couch. She turned to me her mood instantly changing and demanded.

"Why did you abandon me at Peter and Judy's? I was only doing some research for my article, you knew that before we went out that that was the purpose behind the visit. I could not leave without seeing it through!"

I tried to keep my temper as I replied softly. "As I remember it, we agreed to watch and not participate, but you changed that when you took that cane to her tits! After you did that, I gave you ample opportunity to leave with me, but you not only refused, but allowed him to touch you up like some tart on the make! To cap it all you deliberately humiliated me by kissing him and pressing yourself against him!"

"Did you let him FUCK you as well?" I demanded, my attempts at controlling my temper eroding.

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