tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe House of Azazel

The House of Azazel


© 2009 by Magus Ronin


"I can't believe I let myself get talked into this, hell of a way to spend my birthday. Accepting a dare to spend the night alone in a haunted house; come on Salyna, tough to get more cliché horror film than that. And now I'm even talking to myself," Salyna said aloud as she stood in the dark second story room she had just broken into from the balcony.

Breaking in had been a breeze. She had jumped easily onto the second story balcony, and then it was just a simple matter of a quick telekinetic spell to unlock the balcony door. As she entered a large bedroom, she pushed through thick hanging drapes that had been drawn tightly closed in front of the porch window.

Well, whoever lives here, if anyone, really doesn't like the sunlight. Maybe there is a vampire, or something, living here after all. She mused mostly to entertain herself, realizing that the heavy drapes were most likely there simply to protect valuable furniture and artwork from damage. Though, that did suggest that this place actually had valuable furniture and artwork to protect.

As the drapes flapped closed behind her the room was plunged into almost complete darkness even to her inhumanly acute vision. The only illumination within the room was the ever-so-faint infrared glow of the heavy drapes slowly radiating away the heat of the day, and their light was far too weak to illuminate anything else in the room.

"Well I guess I should doublecheck to make sure that there's no one else in this house," Salyna said softly as she closed her eyes and concentrated. Weaving simple flows of mana, she extended her senses through the ethers, reaching out to every corner of the house, and sensing for any sign of life or spiritual activity. To her surprise she found no trace of life; had the house actually been abandoned, she would've expected at least a colony or two of mice or even some rats, but there was nothing. She also sensed several odd spiritual emanations, not what one would expect from a spirit. The emanations were definitely something else that she hadn't encountered before; they seemed inanimate for some reason. She decided she would have to investigate those emanations in more detail once she had explored the house thoroughly, but for now she figured she could risk a light. Unslinging her backpack she took out a simple headlamp, wrapping the strap around her head before turning it on. A soft red glow filled the room.

The bedroom was richly appointed with a massive canopy bed in the center. Built into the wall opposite the balcony was a massive stone fireplace, and above the fireplace was a portrait of a beautiful dark-haired man dressed in the style of a 17th-century French nobleman. In fact, now that she thought of it, the entire room was decorated in a style very much reminiscent of the court of the Sun King, though on a less elaborate scale. She wondered how much of the decor was a reproduction and how much authentic. If any of the art was authentic its value would be incredible.

She walked across the thick red and gold brocade rug that covered most of the bedroom floor, and stepped up to the fireplace. Cleanly split logs were set in the fireplace and extra logs had been set in a neat stack on the stone floor beside.

Her attention was called to the golden figurines dancing across the mantelpiece. The scene from classical Greek mythology was a vivid depiction of the thiasus, the ecstatic retinue of Dionysus. Riding atop a great leopard and carrying a staff wreathed in ivy Dionysus lead the procession of golden figures. Following Dionysus, a bare-chested maenad rode atop a great bull garlanded with grapes. More maenads and satyrs followed dancing and playing their pipes, with Great Pan at the center of it all. Next in the procession were men riding atop great horses, and finally bringing up the rear were four women personifying the seasons. For an instant it was as though the scene before her came alive; rich colors, the sweet scent of grapes, the sounds of pipes, ecstatic laughter, and singing filled her senses. Then as fast as it had come the vision vanished.

Salyna shook her head to clear it, her fire-gold hair whipping across her face. As the red light of her headlamp flashed across the painting above the mantelpiece, it reflected off a golden plaque set into the bottom of the frame. Leaning closer she admired the intricate carvings that had been worked into the frame, further depicting the thiasus in exquisite detail. She tried to make out the words inscribed into the gold of the plaque. The plaque was written in French, which was not one of the half-dozen languages her mother had made her learn as a child. She had been forced to study: English of course, but also Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Atlantean, and a strange language her mother called draconic. The best that she could do reading the plaque was to identify what she thought must be two names; Daniel, and Louis. As the figure in the painting did not match the portraits she had seen of King Louis, she figured it was probably this Daniel. Perhaps the portrait had been a gift from the King. The only other word she could decipher was 'appréciation,' whose meaning seemed fairly obvious.

This house was certainly nothing like what Salyna had been led to expect from what her friends had told her. She had expected a rundown abandoned house full of dust and cobwebs, maybe even a damp fetid basement complete with phosphorescent swamp gas. Definitely not this near-museum that looked like its owners could return at any moment.

Salyna decided that she needed to continue her exploration of the house to see what other treasures it offered. She made her way into the upstairs corridor, carefully checking to make sure there were no hidden motion detectors or other security systems. Now that she had seen the full opulence of this house she was doubly on her guard. This place was clearly not abandoned, and though the owner might not be home at the moment they also clearly had the finances for a high-end security system.

As Salyna moved carefully from room to room she was increasingly amazed by what she found. The house was a veritable historic repository. Each room contained artifacts originating from different eras and locations across the globe. The rooms were organized so that each was dedicated to a different region or time: Ancient Greece, Imperial Rome, Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Samaria, India, and China were represented among others. One room in particular had caught her eye; it seemed specifically dedicated to feudal-era Japan. In one corner a complete set of samurai war armor was on display, and next to the armor, mounted on a stand, was a samurai daishō, the paired set of katana and wakizashi symbolic of the samurai class. Power emanated from the katana, not terribly strong, but definitely distinct. For a moment Salyna prepared to reach out and take the sword, but then thought better of it and left the chamber.

She descended to the main floor and found a Victorian-era dining room and large adjoining kitchen. The kitchen was un-stocked. She checked both the refrigerator and the pantry, but there was no sign of any food. Even down on the first floor heavy drapes covered all the windows. Finally she found the library; bookshelves lined each wall floor-to-ceiling. Books of philosophy, theology, and the occult seemed to be the most common. There was also one section devoted entirely to prophecies and their interpretations, and another to natural sciences.

A copy of Darwin's On the Origin of Species sat next to a copy of Newton's Principia Mathematica; both looked like they could easily be first edition printings. The scientist and bibliophile in Salyna were sorely tempted to pick up the books and read them, to pick up these two seminal works of scientific study and hold them in her hands, to open them for a moment even if only to confirm that they were indeed first edition copies. She gave in to temptation and picked up Darwin's book; opening it she read the title page, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. By Charles Darwin, M.A…." Then down at the bottom of the page she read, "London: John Murray, Albemarle Street 1859." It was almost certainly a first edition or an extremely good forgery. She carefully closed the book and returned it to its shelf. She decided to leave Principia where it was for now, while still tempting, Newton just did not seem to have the same glamour as Darwin.

Looking around the library again she noticed that though most of the books were old, there was a smattering of newer books here and there as well. She noticed, in a section that seemed to be dedicated to modern fiction, Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love, Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire, and Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Salyna had heard of those books; they had been recommended to her by classmates as excellent classic science fiction and fantasy, but she'd never actually found the time to read through any of them. She considered sitting down to read some of them now, but found herself becoming sleepy and decided to return to the bedroom where she first came in.

As Salyna went back upstairs she started to feel overheated, as though the house had somehow gotten warmer. She felt herself breaking out in sweat and could feel her body becoming strangely aroused. She began unbuttoning her shirt as she made her way back to the bedroom. Her nipples were hard and erect, and she could feel her panties begin to moisten as the slight friction of each step sent a thrill radiating outward from her core. Dropping her backpack and shirt to the bedroom floor, she quickly stripped out of her jeans and shoes, leaving her clothes piled on the floor. Dressed only in a simple red bra and panties, she climbed into the bed and lay down, its smooth silk sheets feeling blessedly cool against her overheated body. On an impulse she unclipped her bra and tossed it to the floor with the rest of her clothes, her panties following a moment later. She wanted nothing between herself and the cool bed's smooth, silky embrace.

Salyna pulled off her headlamp and set it beside her on the bed, leaving it on so that it would continue to illuminate the chamber with its soft red glow. She stretched out on top of the bed, her pale flawless skin and shimmering flame-blonde hair contrasting dramatically with the dark crimson of the silk bedding.

As Salyna lay on the bed, she could feel her body continuing to become increasingly aroused, the fatigue that she had felt downstairs now completely gone. Her pussy continued to moisten, almost dripping with her arousal. As her excitement grew her hands began to slowly move across her body, stroking her breasts and moving between her legs. Her pink labia were now fully engorged; as they emerged from her well trimmed thatch of golden pubic hair her fingers gently stroked across them. Her other hand played idly with the small rosy nipples that jutted out hard and erect atop the firm orbs of her well-proportioned breasts.

The remaining rational part of her mind pleaded with the aroused horny animal that seemed to have awakened and taken control of her, This is not normal girl, snap out of it. You know this is straight out of a Hentai anime don't you? Get it together. Her saurian brain, the beast now in charge of her actions, ignored her rational self, eagerly anticipating either a good hard fuck or a fight, and not particularly caring which. The rational part of her brain was confused about what was happening to her, or more precisely, how it was happening to her. She would've felt or seen if someone or something had been using magic on her, but she hadn't, not once. Then she smelled something; a thick animal musk, strong, but definitely not unpleasant, filled her nose. Pheromones, was her last coherent thought for a while as she succumbed to the arousal clouding her mind.

As Salyna's animal instincts began taking over; her hands began more actively playing over her body, teasing her nipples, and rubbing her clit. Her arousal intensified as she continued her self-ministrations. Her pleasure building towards orgasm she fingered her pussy, sliding one finger in after another as her excitement grew.

She could feel herself on the verge as she plunged her fingers in and out of her wet, dripping cunt. Just as she was about to bring herself to climax, her arms and legs were seized by thick dark tentacles that emerged from the shadows of the bedroom. They wrapped themselves firmly around her ankles and wrists and pulled her spread-eagle on the bed. Her body quivered in frustration, denied its release, but without any lessening of her arousal. Her wiry muscles flexed against her bindings as she struggled to free herself. A fifth tentacle emerged from the shadows at the foot of the bed. This tentacle was larger and far more phallic than the others; it dripped with slime and its end was capped by engorged purple glands that dripped with pre-come.

Salyna laughed out loud almost hysterically, as she panted out incredulously, "Tentacles; seriously? Well, this should certainly be interesting." She'd often wondered what it would actually be like to be fucked by a tentacle monster, and it looked like she might actually get to find out.

Salyna gazed in anticipation as the thick phallic tentacle approached her dripping nether lips. There was no fear as she watched; subsumed in a fever of arousal, only the primal drive for satisfaction drove her now, and that was being frustrated by her bonds. The thick animal musk that filled the air intensified, mixed with a strong scent of wine and sweet fresh crushed grapes. As the tentacle touched her moist labia teasingly she bucked her hips, trying to force it inside her, her pussy lips parted as the tentacle head was wedged just inside her quivering entrance.

To Salyna's frustration the tentacle head stayed there, wedged just inside the entrance to her dripping twat without penetrating any further, regardless of how much she bucked and writhed trying to push it in deeper. As she moved, the tentacle head rubbed against her inflamed labia and pushed against her clit, but this only added to her frustration. She wanted it inside her now, and was becoming quite irritated at this continuing teasing.

"Fuck me now!" Salyna commanded. "Let's get it on, already."

'What will you offer me in exchange for the ecstasy you seek?' a sensual voice asked within her head, every word dripping with the promise of the rapture to come.

Mustering all her concentration, fueled by her anger, she focused her will and looked deep into the ethers searching for the being she knew must be lurking there. At the foot of her bed she spotted it, an indistinct shadow from which the writhing tentacles seemed to emerge. "There you are," she hissed. "What I will give you. I will restrain myself from banishing you to the eternal void, if you satisfy me spirit," her words coursing with anger and tension, and spoken through bared teeth. Her long, sharp incisors gleamed wetly in the red glow of her head-lamp, yet one more subtle indicator of her somewhat more than human heritage.

In response, sensual laughter stroked across Salyna's mind and soul, each laugh sending a shutter of pleasure through her body as the being spoke in her mind. 'Most impressive my young nephilim, to have been able to perceive my presence at all. You are indeed very special, are you not? Perhaps, even more special than you realize. However, I too am more than I seem.' With those words it was as though a veil had been lifted and a wave of power rolled over Salyna.

The being now revealed before her was the most powerful spirit that she had ever encountered. To her mystic vision he appeared as a glowing amorphous mass of red and violet energy. Power seemed to radiate off him like waves of heat off the desert sand, the ether surrounding him shimmering and distorting. Filaments of writhing energy expanded from his central mass, filling the room and reaching beyond through the walls. One filament reached down to caress Salyna's breast, and a shudder of pleasure passed through her as the tendril made contact. The spirit once more spoke in her head, 'In the tradition of the ancient Greeks you are a guest in my house; as one never knows when one may be playing host to a god, I shall treat you with all the courtesies I would bestow upon one of the immortals. Beyond that I do not and never have intended you any harm. So in apology, I shall give you the release you desire, and take you to heights of ecstasy you could never have imagined possible.'

With that the tentacle at her entrance pushed forward, stretching her wide as it drove inexorably in toward her core. As the tentacle bottomed out against her cervix, the orgasm that had been so frustratingly denied her for so long crashed over her like an obliterating tsunami. She convulsed in ecstasy, thrashing, restrained only by the other tentacles at her wrists and ankles. It was quite possibly the most intense orgasm she'd ever had. As she came down from her climax the tentacle buried inside her began to withdraw slowly. Just as it had almost fully extracted itself, it drove back in. It established a rhythm, slowly out then hard and fast in, and quickly she found herself building towards another orgasm.

More tentacles began to materialize, dripping with slime. They stroked her body and wrapped themselves sinuously around her. Everywhere the oily slime touched became incredibly sensitized. She had never felt anything quite like it as the tentacles caressed and massaged her body. As more tentacles wrapped themselves around her body she found herself being lifted up off the bed and suspended in mid-air. Tentacles ending in small suckers affixed themselves to her turgid nipples and began mercilessly teasing them, while other tentacles massaged her breasts. A pair of thin tentacles slowly made their way over her taut belly and down between her legs to tease her swollen clit as the massive phallic tentacle drove in and out.

The incredible gestalt of sensations pushed her over the edge and she came for a second time even harder than the first. As her pussy convulsed around it, she felt the tentacle inside her come as well. The tentacle flooded her snatch with its hot come, pumping pulse after pulse of its sticky gisum into her until the excess spilled out onto her thighs and dripped down her ass to fall onto the bed below. Even after coming the tentacle inside her remained hard, continuing to fill her tender sex in a way a human cock could never have managed. It quickly resumed a hard, fast pace. Each powerful thrust drove deeply into her toned belly.

As she convulsed in orgasm one phallic tentacle entered her mouth. She hungrily closed her lips about it and began massaging it with her tongue. The taste was incredible, like an exotic fruit or sweet wine; she'd never tasted anything quite like it before, and she hungrily sucked, urging the tentacle to come.

As she was ministering to the tentacle in her mouth, she felt another tentacle probing at her anal sphincter. She'd never had anyone in her ass before; she'd thought about it once or twice when she hooked up with a frat boy whom she thought might be game, but she'd never actually done it. Now this tentacle would take her anal virginity, and the thought excited her tremendously.

She tried to relax as much as possible as the tentacle slowly pushed its way into her ass, but even so it still felt like she was being ripped in half. The pain quickly passed as her body adjusted to the new intruder. She had never felt so full. The sensations were incredible as the tentacles in her pussy and ass matched rhythm, driving her to levels of ecstasy she'd never experienced before.

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