The House of Silken Ties Ch. 01


But now they moved down to my thighs, and massaged gently upwards. They came to my crotch, rubbing gently against my balls as they moved back and forth. Each time they rolled a little further onto my scrotum and a little further up toward the twitching shaft of my dick. It was an exquisitely teasing sensation to feel them approaching a little at a time. Closer and closer they stroked, and then softly the flat palm of one hand moved up the shaft. It neared the tip and then made little circles right on the sensitive ridge. Smooth and oily it went around and around on my cock, pressing it gently down onto my belly. I felt another hand gently cupping my balls, squeezing each time the head of my cock twitched against the palm.

Then the hands wrapped around the shaft all the way, both hands moving up and down its length but not touching the sensitive head. They began to rotate in opposite directions, still moving up and down. The top hand circled the head of my hard cock and provoked excruciatingly intense responses. It found the sensitive ridge and stroked the most responsive spot. Some girlfriends had given me what they thought were hand jobs before, but this was a masterpiece of tantalization. Suddenly the soft slow motion turned into fast long strokes. She jerked on my cock as it rose to the point of explosion. Still blind, still silent, only the gathering excitement in my dick meant anything to me. Then with a final long tug everything was gone again.

This time I moaned in my disappointment. Quickly the soft cloth that was bound over my mouth was slapped lightly, a clear message that silence was still demanded. I lay there, helplessly spread out with my throbbing cock standing up hard. I writhed my hips hoping to touch something with it but there was no more stimulation. Finally I lay there and just let the feeling of the room flow over me and wrap around my dick, trying somehow to sense her position, or even her presence.

I felt movement as if someone was sitting on the bed. Then softly she lowered her body onto mine. I lay spread out beneath her, and that tall powerful girl spread on top of me. Her stiff nipples were pressed into my chest by the soft globes of her tits, her belly rested against mine, and my stiff rod was covered by the soft hair of her pubic mound. I thought of its soft red glow and my dick throbbed against it.

Since my body was still covered in oil, she was able to slide along it. I felt her slip up toward my shoulders, and then back down as her belly rubbed against mine. My cock sought warmth and moisture and found it between her pussy lips. She did not sink deeply on to me, though, but quickly slid back up until her nipples brushed my lips and her pussy dripped on my belly. Eagerly I sucked those hard nipples, remembering their perfect pinkness in my mind as my tongue rolled around them. Then they pulled out of my lips and traveled back down to my chest as her hips slid down to mine and rose slightly to let my cock enter her cunt again. Deeper it probed this time, and her hips rocked to accept it.

Then she slipped off it again, once more rubbing up my body so her tits enclosed my face as her thighs enclosed my cock. On and on she rose, her wet pussy sliding over my belly and over my chest. Then she lifted her hips slightly and the soft wet lips of her cunt were at my mouth. I tasted the musty salty taste of her pussy juices. I let my tongue rove up the slit, and found the hard round bump of her clitoris. She moved her hips slightly as I sucked on the clit. Then she began to slide back down my body. Soon my tongue found her belly button as her pussy slid over my chest. Then those magnificent large round tits were cradling my head. I felt their softness and pliability press against my cheeks, and then I felt the hard nipples tracing a path toward my lips. I could not see their pink rosiness but I remembered how it looked when she stripped for me, and eagerly rolled the nipples in my lips.

Meantime I felt her pussy sliding toward my cock again. As her nipples slipped from my mouth, the warm pussy lips engulfed the head of my dick. Her hips rolled around, sending my cock wild with the movement. Still in darkness, still in silence, I focused my entire being on my cock. I was held to the bed so tightly that I could hardly move my hips so it was her movement up and down that thrust my rod deep into her pussy and drew it slowly out. In and out it went. She paused at the top to clench her love muscles around the tip, then thrust down hard and pulled it deep inside her as she rolled her hips. I could only lie there, seeing nothing , hearing nothing, only feeling my rod throbbing in the tight wetness of her cunt. It seemed every sense was fully concentrated on the wonderful movement toward my climax.

Rolling, rising, dropping, pulling my cock into her, she worked again and again. I knew she could tell when I was edging because she slowed to exquisitely stimulating strokes. Deep inside she pulled my throbbing cock, then almost pulled out. Deep again, up again, and she felt me start to reach my orgasm. She pressed hard down against me and jerked her hips as waves of my climax flowed over me. I could feel her pussy contract and knew she was coming just as I was. The explosion in my cock and through my whole body was more intense than I had ever had before.

Just as my juices began to spurt, the cloth was ripped from my eyes. I looked up to see those magnificent tits bobbing above, that fine tall body heaving with our mutual climaxes. Suddenly the silence was broken as she cried out.

To my amazement I heard answering yells from around the bed. Turning my head to one side I saw Gary and Joe, standing there naked with their cocks in the mouths of beautiful nude girls. On the other side was Sam similarly situated. Their thrusting hips and grunting yells told me that all three of my friends were shooting in their girls' mouths just as I did in the redhead's cunt.

After our climaxes, each of us was quiet for a moment. Then all three of my friends, and all four of the girls, called out together, "Happy Birthday, Mike!" I felt hands unsnapping my restraints. Finally having my hands free the first thing I did was grab the redheaded girl's fine boobs and pull them down to my mouth and sucked the nipples deeply. Then letting her lie on top of me I grabbed her ass with both hands and rocked her pussy around my cock one last time.

Pushing her off me, and looking at all the naked bodies, beautiful girls and my best friends, all I could say was, "Thanks for the best birthday ever!"

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