tagRomanceThe House That Haunts Olivia

The House That Haunts Olivia

bykari ann©

Making her way through the early morning mist to deliver her newspapers, Olivia peers sadly at the lonely house at the end of Willow Lane. Each time she's near this neglected house, she feels an unexplained sorrow and deep fear that somehow makes her feel connected to its mysterious past. No one, including her family, seems to know the true history of the house. She's never heard of one soul brave enough to step a foot inside the jagged doors. The people in this small town believe and continue to pass down the rumors that it is haunted and that anyone who foolishly enters will be savagely murdered by the vengeful ghost of the previous owner. Although Olivia isn't sure if she believes these rumors, it both frightens and excites her to think about what's really on the other side of the dilapidated walls. The strangest thing is that since she turned nineteen a few weeks ago, her connection to the house has grown even more intense and she can feel it silently beckoning her inside each morning as she passes by it on her route.

As she stands staring through the scattered morning light, she blinks nervously as the cold wind softly whispers her name, encircling her body and gently guiding her toward the entrance of the house. The urge to go inside feels unbearable this morning, but she swallows hard and resists with all of her strength, forcing her body to back up on the sidewalk. As she turns to run away, the wind whips impatiently through the air and rips several papers from her hand before she can grab them. She turns and squints her eyes through the dim light to see the papers have landed neatly against the front door of the house. Her heart begins to pound. She takes a deep breath, telling herself there's nothing to be afraid of, that she's just letting the rumors get to her, and bravely makes her way to the porch. She takes the steps slowly and stops next to the door, holding her breath, her body shaking against the chilly air. Nothing happens and all is quiet. Breathing a sigh of relief and shaking her head at her silly fear, she bends over to gather the papers. As she picks them up, she notices the date on the front page and realizes that she had completely forgotten that today was October 31st. A shiver courses through her flesh as her mind immediately fills with the realization that something horrible is connected to this house and today's date. Her heart beats faster as a creaking sound interrupts the quiet air. She looks up as the door slowly opens, filling her bones with icy terror. Her eyes widen and she wants to run away, but instead she finds herself moving through the doorway, unable to resist as the house commands her presence.

Olivia squeezes her eyes tightly shut. She jumps as the door closes behind her, locking her inside an unknown fate. Hugging her arms protectively around her quivering body, hot tears escape her closed eyes and flow softly down her pink cheeks. Standing there too frightened to move, beautiful music starts to softly play, calming her nerves enough to open her eyes. She gasps in surprise as an amazing scene blazes before her. Flickering candlelight illuminates the room with a soft welcoming glow. Beautiful flowers are strewn around the walls and wooden furnishings in a spiral fashion, permeating the room with a sweet fragrance. The chandeliers and railings are covered with satin ribbons and bows to give the appearance of an approaching celebration. Olivia stares in astonished disbelief as she notices a large mirror on the wall next to her. Her jeans and hooded jacket have been replaced by a white silk evening gown that reveals her voluptuous figure in a way that she's never noticed before. Her long dark hair hangs in soft curls around her face and she smiles modestly at her reflection.

Suddenly a man's deep voice startles her, "You have never looked more beautiful, my sweet."

Turning her head toward the sound of his voice, her chestnut eyes find the entrance to a long white staircase. Her heart flutters with excitement as she looks up to see a tall man wearing dark pants and a white shirt walking slowly down the stairs. He's a striking young man of about thirty with auburn hair and hazel eyes that are staring intently into hers as he walks toward her. Mesmerized by his piercing gaze, she can only mumble in reply, "I don't....I mean who......who are......." She can't finish her sentence, as her eyes are locked into his. He seems so familiar and she feels an impulse to run into his arms. She shakes her head in confusion. How can that be? She's never seen this man before in her life.

He moves close to her body and lifts her hand to his lips, kissing it gently. His eyes search hers. "Olivia, please do not be frightened. I have waited so long for you to return to me, my love."

His gentle manner leaves her unable to fight the impulse any longer as she wraps her arms around his neck, nestling her head against his broad chest. "Oh William, I could never be frightened of you. It has been so long since you've held me in your arms, my darling." As they embrace, her thoughts are jumbled and restless, wondering where those words came from. How does she know his name is William and when could he have held her before? What is happening? And why does it feel so perfect? She is so confused, yet so contented and safe in his arms, as if it's the only place she truly belongs.

William scoops her up in his strong arms, her head still resting snugly against his chest. He takes her upstairs into a glorious bedroom. The windows are decorated with white lacey drapes and the canopy bed is covered with a frill white comforter and large fluffy pillows. Red rose petals are scattered all around the bed. He lays her down gently and nuzzles her neck. His lips race to hers, kissing her passionately, his years of longing and heartache penetrating her soul. Olivia runs her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer, his tongue invading her warm mouth.

He reaches down and unbuttons her beautiful gown as an artist would put the finishing touches on his favorite sculpture. She watches his gentle hands caress the smooth skin revealed after each clasp is painstakingly undone. Goosebumps of anticipation prickle her warm flesh as the last button is pulled through. He slides the gown from her shoulders, exposing her nude body to a man for the first time. She sees him smile as a warm blush spreads across her innocent face. His hands massage her shoulders and arms tenderly as her eyes close, allowing her to focus only on the luxury of his sweet touch . His fingers roam lower and trace the roundness of her firm young breasts. He leans down and licks the tip of her nipple, his hands still caressing her soft body. He moves to the other nipple, moaning against it as he draws it into his mouth, causing it to stiffen against his tongue.

Olivia runs her hands down the length of his back, suddenly realizing that his clothes are gone and he is naked against her. She tries to remember when he removed his clothing, but can't. Her thoughts are quickly drawn back to her body as his fingers begin rubbing circles around her soft mound. "Ooohhh," she moans in delight, feeling a rush of pleasure settle between her thighs.

His hands move between her legs, as he parts her thighs gently. He caresses her outer lips, up and down, slipping easily along the wetness. "Don't worry, my precious Olivia. I promise I will be very gentle with you."

Smiling, she looks trustingly into his eyes, "I am not worried William. You are the most caring man I have ever known. I know you will be a very tender lover." She closes her eyes wondering again how these words can escape her lips so easily. There's no way she could know him. Why is she saying these things as if she belongs with him?

Her thoughts are interrupted as he pulls her hand into his and places it against his manhood. She sucks in her breath, a little shy of what to do next. "Please touch me with your sweet fingers, Olivia. I have ached for this for so long, my love."

As his eyes plead desperately into hers, she wraps her fingers around him and moves her hand up and down slowly. She can feel the heat radiating through her fingers, his hardness throbbing inside her delicate grip. She takes her thumb and rubs it around the tip of his shaft, rewarded with a soft moan from his lips. He leans down and whispers in her ear, "Will you wrap your precious lips around me, Olivia?" Her eyes widen with surprise.

"I don't know how ..... I'm not sure if I.....I....," she shakes her head, her eyes looking away from his, feeling very uncertain of herself.

"Sshh, my love" he whispers, caressing her long hair and kissing her cheek.

She looks up at his handsome face, instantly calmed and reassured by his warm eyes. She licks her lips and pushes him gently onto his back. Grasping his hardness with her hand, she swirls her tongue around the tip, then moves along the side. Her tongue paints luscious strokes along the length of his shaft. She moves her mouth to his tip again and wraps her lips around the top of his manhood. Her tongue still lapping against him, she moves down as far as she can go and back up again. Her hand strokes him in parallel movements as her warm mouth slides back and forth. Her innocent eyes dart upward and she purrs against him as she can see that he is pleased. He moans as she moves back and forth, her mouth closing tightly around him, her hand stroking him firmly.

His hands wind gently through her hair as he moans and pulls her face to his. "You are so wonderful," he says quietly against her lips, before covering them with his own in a grateful kiss. His warm lips travel along her neck, trailing down her breasts, scorching her skin with erotic desire. His mouth and hands engulf her breasts, as her hips bucks against him in untamed excitement.

Spreading her thighs apart with his knee, he caresses her velvet folds. He slowly inserts one finger, as his thumb rubs gentle circles at the top of her womanhood. She gasps and jumps in pure pleasure as he leans down and smothers her quivering lips with his once again. He shifts his body, letting her feel his hardness between her legs.

"I love you, Olivia," he whispers in her ear, as he slowly slides himself deep within her wetness. She closes her eyes, worried that it will hurt. As she waits for the pain, her body becomes engulfed in indescribable pleasure as he moves inside her at a steady pace. Her breathing becomes jagged, as she feels him bite lightly on her nipple, moaning as their bodies rock together with each incredible thrust.

He begins moving faster, as she pulls him into her as tightly as possible, thrusting her hips up to meet his. Their moans become louder as their bodies mount together in ecstasy. Suddenly, Olivia is filled with amazing sensations that shudder through her body over and over again, as William thrusts for the last time, his seed filling her body with powerful lust.

Moving to lay down beside her, he pulls her close. She snuggles into his strong embrace, not wanting this incredible feeling to end. She looks into his eyes, "I'll always love you, William." Closing her eyes, her heart swells with such deep love for this handsome stranger.

He gently strokes her cheek. "And I will always love you, my sweet Olivia. You have finally set my soul free and I promise we will be together again one day, my love." His fingers slide from her face and she suddenly feels cold again.

She opens her eyes to find that she is still standing on the porch, clutching the newspapers against her. She blinks her eyes, wondering what just happened. Did she dream this or is she losing her mind? She looks down to see she's still wearing the same clothes she pulled on early this morning. Reeling in confusion, she finishes her paper route in clouded thoughts and heads home.

She is filled with heartache and longing, wanting desperately to be with William again. But was she really with him? Will she ever see him again?

Scrambling eggs at the stove, Olivia's mom smiles at her as she enters the kitchen. "Good morning, sweetie. Did you freeze on this Halloween morning? Brrr!!" She giggles, leaning over to kiss her daughter on the cheek as she passes by.

"Umm, just a little Mom. It was fine," she answers absentmindedly, her mind still trying to sort out what happened or what didn't happen. Maybe she really was losing her mind.

"The eggs will be ready in a minute, honey. By the way, I forgot to tell you that I had some information faxed over about that old house on Willow avenue. I know you've always been curious about it and I finally got some information on it. I didn't have time to read it, but I left it on your bed."

Olivia's eyes light up at her mother's words as she races up the stairs without answering, leaving her mother shaking her head as she does so often when it concerns her very special daughter. Picking up the paper, Olivia begins reading, her mind soaking up every word with anxious hunger.

It seems that many years ago, a young couple were united in matrimony on October 31st. His name was William and he was thirty year old businessman. His bride's name was Olivia and she had just turned nineteen a few weeks before the wedding. The townspeople were overjoyed for the couple and decorated the house with fancy ribbon and candles for their honeymoon. Everything went as planned and the day was merry for all as the happy bride and groom headed home to start their beautiful life together.

Once they arrived, William picked up his glowing bride and carried her through the front door as they laughed and kissed playfully. But once inside, a horrible sight met their eyes. The house was torn apart and two drunken men were holding up whiskey bottles, and packing sacks full of valuables. William set Olivia down and ordered the men out, but they pulled out guns and ran toward the couple. William stepped in front of Olivia protectively, but they shot him as Olivia watched, horrified as he fell to the ground. Olivia burst into tears and begged the men to get a doctor. Instead they laughed, as one of them slapped her, knocking her down on top of her husband. Then the other man pointed the gun and shot her in the back, piercing her heart. When William woke up hours later, wincing in pain, he screamed as he looked down to see his new wife laying on top of him, cold and still. He sat up, and wept violently, cradling his innocent love in his arms.

His friends and family did their best to console him and helped him bury the love of his life in the cold hard ground. He recovered from the gunshot, but never from the loss of his beautiful wife and withdrew more with each passing day. Finally, distraught and angry, he boarded up the doors, locking himself inside, never to step out again. When his friends tore down the barriers, they looked for him everywhere, but he was never found. The rumors began soon after that the house was haunted and that people would hear the sound of gunshots, screaming and a man crying for his murdered love. Eventually, that led to the tale of the vengeful murdering ghost and the house has been empty ever since.

As Olivia finished the article, she squinted to get a better view of the picture at the bottom of the page. Her eyes opened wide as she realized the girl in the picture looked exactly like her. And the man was the same one who made love to her in his house. No, that's wrong. It was THEIR house. Suddenly everything became crystal clear. William had been waiting for her to return all these years to consummate the honeymoon they never got the chance to have. All of her life, Olivia always felt that something was missing and now she knows that it was William. He was the love of her life. She turned to see a red rose lying on her pillow. She picked it up, inhaling the sweet fragrance, knowing that her husband was finally at peace and they would be together again one day. And this time it would be forever.

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