tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe House Warming Ch. 02

The House Warming Ch. 02


Chapter 2

(A Halloween Surprise)

It had been two months since Linda Meadows and her sister, Mary Forrest, had settled into their new home near Northbridge in Devon. Linda's nineteen year old daughter, Marion as well as Mary's daughter, Jane, also nineteen, had also moved into the house and were studying at the nearby university. Both Linda and Mary were teachers at schools nearby. Linda's school was two miles north and Mary's two miles in the opposite direction.

Not far from Linda's mind was the night they had arrived at their new home. As soon as all four women entered the dark house they were overwhelmed by a large number of youths, then drugged, stripped and forced to have sex with an array of youths both male and female. Worse than this though she was forced into lesbian sex with her own sister, daughter and niece. When she came round she found herself in bed naked with her own daughter, Marion. On the side table was a photograph of Linda and Marion in an apparent lesbian embrace.

They never found out who their attackers were. The drugs had impaired their vision and they were unable to identify them. Linda suspected that some of her students knew something but she couldn't prove anything. All she wanted to do was get on with her life. What really puzzled her though was why the photographs had been taken. They were potential blackmail material but nothing had turned up.

It was now just two days from Halloween and half term. Neither Mary or Linda were bothered about it although Linda did get some things for possible trick or treaters and left them in the hall. Both Jane and Marion were going to a Halloween party and Linda and her sister were looking forward to a relaxing night in.


Halloween was a typical dark and eerie night. It was also cool. Linda settled down to reading her book in the living room and Mary was working on her laptop when the doorbell rang. Mary stirred.

"No. I'll go. It's probably only kids trick or treating," said Linda as she put her book and glasses down and headed for the front door grabbing some treats from the table as she went. Judging by the laughing and giggling there were a few youngsters at the door.

Linda opened it and expressed surprised at her callers. "You're all surely a bit big to go trick or treating?" she said to her tall visitors who were decked out in various Halloween outfits.

"I don't think so baby," came the reply.

Linda dropped the treats and tried to shut the door upon recognising the cold male voice but the gang were too swift. One of them grabbed Linda and put a hand to her mouth preventing a scream. The others filed in rapidly and quickly overwhelmed Mary.

"What the hell do you want?" screamed Linda as soon as her mouth was freed.

"We're here for the Halloween party baby."

There were at least a dozen masked youths both male and female and they all laughed in chorus at their leader's remark.

"You girls are not dressed for the party." The leader nodded and a rag was pushed to Linda's mouth. She gave a slight struggle as the putrid odour hit her nostrils and then darkness enveloped her.

When she came round and her vision cleared Linda Meadows found herself tied to a chair and her mouth gagged. Mary also tied to a chair and gagged. They were facing each other. As she stared at Mary, Linda realised she was dressed in a very short black dress. A very sexy witch outfit. It was so short that she could see the tops of her black stockings. Then she remembered. 'Mary never wore them.'

Linda looked down and realised she was dressed in the same outfit. It was very short and like her sister the stocking tops showed. She could feel a draft up her dress. It was as if she had no knickers.

Linda's attention was drawn to laughter. She turned to see several youths at the table playing cards. It was a strange sight to see six youths in Halloween masks at the table. Suddenly, one of them jumped up. "Yes," he yelled with delight. He walked over to Linda and looked down at her. "We've just being playing to see who gets to fuck you and I won."

Linda screamed through her gag and struggled with her bonds.

"Aw don't fret baby. You'll enjoy it I promise. My friend here drew your sister. He won the honour of her sexual delights." There was a chorus of both male and female laughter.

Linda was cut free of her bonds but held in a tight grip by two strong and masked individuals. She was thrown over one of the youths shoulder and carried up the stairs kicking and screaming through her gag. The young man who 'won' her followed behind. Linda could see Mary being carried in the same manner. The roar of laughter was almost deafening.

When they reached Linda's bedroom she was made to stand up and held fast. Her gag was removed. "Please, don't do this," she begged.

"I told you baby. You'll enjoy it. You really look good in that outfit though."

Linda looked down at the very short black dress with disdain. Suddenly a familiar box was pushed in front of her. She tried to turn away but was forced to face it. It was strange. Unlike the last time there was a pleasing aroma as her nostrils inhaled the smoky substance. More than that, there was a tingling sensation that started in her feet and made its way up her whole body. It was exhilarating. Her vision was impaired. She could just make out the youth removing his mask, however his face was a blur.

While Linda was lost in this wonderful apparent bliss she could feel the zipper on the back of the dress being pulled down. The dress was pulled from her shoulders, down her arms and onto the floor revealing, she was to discover later, a low cut black lace bra that strained with her with her wonderful breasts trying to escape. As the dress descended to the floor and her black garter belt and skimpy black thong came into view, neither of which she would never dream of wearing. Linda didn't care what was happening. The sensations she was experiencing from the box made her submissive. When her bra and thong were removed Linda was eased gently onto the bed. She felt like she could float away.

Linda felt the warmth of human flesh on her naked body as the youth mounted her with gentleness and care. As his lips touched hers and they kissed with passion she found his head and held it wishing the kiss would last forever. However the youth broke the kiss and moved to Linda's neck kissing, nibbling and licking as he went, much to Linda's delight and she moaned softly as if to reflect the youth's gentle touch. Working down her shoulder to her firm breasts he began to circle them with his tongue. Each circle became smaller as he finally converged on her hardened nipple and engulfed it.

Linda could no longer contain herself. "Aaargh," she screamed with delight as her nipple felt the wonderful touch of his tongue. She had the same sensation with her left breast.

As he travelled down her slim waist with his tongue, Linda resumed her soft moaning. Arriving at her pussy he pierced her lips with an equally satisfying gentleness. As he excited her clit Linda cried out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck." She repeated it at regular intervals.

His tongue action suddenly stopped and was swiftly replaced by his hardened cock which he eased into her pussy and began to pump. His speed, slow at first, began to accelerate with each stroke. Linda's body reacted to this and gradually they both developed a mutually satisfying rhythm, by now fully consumed by their lust.

Linda locked her hands on his arse cheeks as if to guide his movements. The heat generated from their bodies made them perspire and they breathed deeper and deeper with each passing stroke.

Linda could feel her love juices gather. She felt too that the young man was close to cumming. It was an extraordinary sensation. She wanted it to last as long as possible. When orgasm did arrive it was mutual. They both sighed with deep satisfaction.

After several moments when they both gasped for breath and gathered their thoughts, Linda began to feel the effect of the drug weakening. This was sensed by the youths and the box was placed in front of her and she was forced to inhale. Once again with vision impaired and in an apparent drug induced paradise, Linda was led down the stairs wearing nothing but garter belt and stockings. She was made kneel on the ground. Once again Linda Meadows faced the ritual she endured in the previous attack. A huge hard cock was shoved into her mouth. The difference this time was thanks to effect of the drug she slurped and sucked with relish. She was also hand fucking with an enthusiasm she never had before. Her back was raised up so that her arse could be pounded by cock after cock. It excited her when the cum from the hand fucking was smeared over her naked breasts. Even when cum exploded in her mouth Linda swallowed with delight. The burning sensation of the cum flowing in her arse exhilarated her. She didn't know it at the time but her sister Mary was beside her in the same ecstatic sexual euphoria.

Eventually Linda was eased gently on to her back and her long slender legs were parted. To her delight she felt a tongue lick her pussy and upon making its way through her pussy lips, begin to excite her clit. At the same time Linda felt a gentle licking and then sucking of her superb breasts. It was clear to her even in this haze that the touch was that of a women. To crown it all a pussy descended to her mouth and she licked and sucked with sexual fervour.

Linda expertly lashed the young woman's pussy. She drilled through the pussy lips and licked the girl's clit with extraordinary care. Soon the young woman's juices began to flow and she greeted her orgasm with a sigh of sexual delight. This continued several times and there were several orgasms.

Linda however was not allowed to orgasm. As soon as it was sensed she was close the young woman would withdraw. The youths also sensed that Linda was getting tired. She was given yet another whiff of the box and once again led upstairs to her bedroom. She was gently placed on the bed. After a few seconds she felt another body mounting her. It was a mature woman. Linda could feel the warm breasts rub against her own. This in turn made her shudder with anticipation. That anticipation was not disappointed as she felt the gentle pressing of female lips against her own.

After a moment of passionate kissing the unknown woman with this wonderful touch made her way to Linda's naked shoulder, licking and sucking as she went. At Linda's breasts she sucked and licked each nipple at equal intervals, drawing a moan of deep satisfaction from Linda at each touch. The woman wandered into the valley that the gap between Linda's breasts formed with her tongue.

"Aaargh," was all Linda could moan.

The woman gently travelled down Linda's slim waist and when she reached Linda's trimmed pussy, she licked and sucked around Linda's pussy giving her an added sense of excitement. When her tongue entered Linda's pussy, she was already wet from her earlier experiences and she orgasmed rapidly.

Still under the influence of the drug Linda , in a crazed desire to satisfy this lover turned her over on her back and duplicated her every movement and like Linda Meadows she orgasmed with speed. Totally exhausted, Linda fell fast asleep in the arms of this unknown but wonderful lover.

At the same time Linda Meadows was being mounted and seduced, Mary Forrest, in a drug induced haze, mounted and made passionate love to an unknown woman. The woman, in turn made love to her and both, out of sheer exhaustion, fell asleep embracing each other.


"Mum, wake up Mum."

As she began to wake up Linda Meadows swung her hand wildly in a vain effort to dispel the blinding light.

"What the hell has being going on here?"

Despite her pounding headache Linda's eyes slowly began to focus. When she looked up she saw her daughter Marion and her niece Jane.

"Oh Marion. They were here. Those people who attacked us two months ago."

"What? Did you get a look at them?"

"No. They drugged us. All I remember is that they wore Halloween masks. Where's your aunt Mary?"

"She's right beside you."

Linda was startled to see Mary was lying at her side and slowly came to the realisation that her wonderful 'lover' had in fact been her own sister.

"Marion, please, go downstairs and make tea. I'll wake Mary."

Marion and Jane left the room and Linda struggled out of the bed . She discarded the garter belt and stockings then headed for the shower. After what seemed an eternity scrubbing in a effort somehow to cleanse the stain of what had happened the previous night, Linda returned to the bedroom wrapped in a bath towel and a towel tied as a turban around her wet hair. Mary was starting to wake up. She too had a most awful headache. She was quicker to realise what had happened. "Linda, did we?..."

"Try not to think about it. Get showered and dressed. The girls are waiting downstairs."

Mary struggled out of the bed discarding her garter belt and stockings as she went.

Linda sat on the bed and removing the towel from head she began to dry her hair. It was then she saw something discreetly placed under the lamp on her side table. There were two instant photographs. When she saw them Linda put her hand to her mouth in shock. One of the photographs was of her on her knees wearing nothing stockings and garter belt blissfully sucking cock and hand fucking. The other was of her and Mary in a peaceful lesbian slumber. There was a written message on this one.

Well baby, you don't disappoint. You and your sister are good and I mean good. We'll have to get together again real soon.


Like the previous photograph she found Linda hid them from the others. While downstairs Linda and Mary explained the events as far as they were able to recall.

As before they were unable recognise their assailants and anyway the last thing any of them wanted was for it to spill into the public domain so they decided not to report it.


After school resumed Linda Meadows got the distinct feeling that her students knew something of what had occurred. Their body language gave it away. Once again she couldn't prove anything.

At the back of Linda's mind was the purpose of the photographs. There was a message behind them. It wouldn't be long before she found out.

Next: Invitations and revelations; The College Christmas Party.

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