tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe House Warming Ch. 04

The House Warming Ch. 04


Chapter 4 Summer Recess

For most of the staff and students of St Hildegard's College the entire school year seemed to just fly by. Already the summer final exams were finished and students were excited about end of year parties and the thoughts of three months away from the grind of school. There was no such excitement in Linda Meadows' mind.

For the past nine months, both she and her sister, Mary Forrest, had been blackmailed into sexual slavery by the school principal, Lionel Harding and the chairman of the board of Governors, Sir Thomas Warren.

It all began the day Linda and her sister first arrived at their new home and were attacked, drugged and raped, along with her daughter, Jane and niece, Marion. In the wild sex that followed, including with her daughter and niece, the whole episode was filmed and photographed and these films and photos were used to force both Linda and Mary to have sex with wealthy people who would pay for their "services" handsomely. The money then went to the college funds. Each situation became more and more bizarre. The Christmas and Halloween parties were bad enough. Then there was the humiliation of being forced to work in a high class brothel. The final straw for Linda was the swingers club where she was forced to accompany Sir Thomas and join in a foursome with another man and his wife. It was all too much and Linda now finally plucked up courage and was determined to defy Sir Thomas and Harding but she was not prepared for the ace Sir Thomas still held. Despite all this though the end, when it came, came from a most unexpected quarter.


It was a few days before school break up and Linda's house phone rang. To her annoyance it was Sir Thomas Warren.

"Ah Mrs Meadows. I'm sending the car around to pick up both you and your sister..."

"Go to Hell, Warren. Neither myself or Mary are prepared to submit to your blackmail anymore, shouted Linda defiantly.

"Oh dear, Mrs Meadows, I'm sorry to hear that, especially since your decision affects your own daughter and niece."

"Jane and Marion? What have they to do with this?"

"Everything Mrs Meadows. Remember, incest is a criminal offence and as you know I do have the evidence to convict you both."

The phone went dead.

"Who was that?" asked Mary.

"Sir Thomas Warren. He's sending his car. He wants to see us."

"I'm not going!" declared Mary.

"That's what I said but he threatened to go to the authorities with the photos of us having sex with each other and with Jane and Marion. We could end up in jail if we don't. He's a very powerful man, Mary, and he knows he has us trapped.

The car arrived just after two and Linda and Mary were driven to Sir Thomas' stately home. They were led into the hall by one of the staff. Sir Thomas came out to meet them. "Good, you came," said Sir Thomas with a grin.

"We didn't have much choice, did we?" retorted Linda angrily.

Sir Thomas laughed heartily. "No, I suppose you didn't," he responded as he continued to laugh.

This made Linda ever more angry and she suddenly lashed out to strike him. Sir Thomas was too quick for her as he grabbed Linda's arm and twisted it around her back, making her scream in pain.

"Linda!" screamed Mary as she tried to come to the aid of her sister, only to be restrained by a member of staff.

"Now you listen to me. I can make your life very miserable indeed and that includes your family. Do as you're told and nobody needs to get hurt. Is that clear?" shouted Sir Thomas forcefully.

"Ok, ok," pleaded Linda desperately and she was swiftly released.

Sir Thomas went on. "I have a lucrative business contract to be signed. I promised two associates a pleasant night with good female company. I expect you to carry out that task without fail. They will also contribute to the school funds."

Linda and Mary looked at each other. Linda read the resignation in her sister's eyes and she turned to Sir Thomas and simply nodded.

Sir Thomas led the women to the large sitting room. There were two well dressed men in their early fifties waiting for them. "Gentlemen, thank you for waiting. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the ladies." said Sir Thomas as he laughed.

The men also laughed but Linda and Mary felt sick.

After several drinks the men decided it was time for bed. Reluctantly Linda followed the man upstairs. The smell of alcohol on his breath was repulsive and Linda wanted to break away as he proceeded to unbutton her blouse and squeeze her breasts but Sir Thomas's words echoed in her mind and tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Come on you stupid bitch! I expected more than this," yelled the man.

It brought Linda back to the reality of her situation. She unbuttoned her blouse and the man pushed her roughly back onto the bed. Linda closed her eyes and resigned herself to the inevitable, expecting any moment to be pounced on by this animal.

Suddenly, Linda heard the door to the room burst open. She opened her eyes to see a masked figure grab the man and punch him, sending him to the floor where he remained motionless. Then she was grabbed by the hooded figure and carried downstairs, kicking and screaming. Linda was gently pushed into a blue van where she saw her sister Mary was already there.

"Get a move on, Jimmy," ordered the hooded figure who swung around to face Linda. The engine started and the hooded individual faced Linda before removing his hood. She was stunned when she saw it was Philip Stanton. "Philip, what's the meaning of this? What's going on?" demanded Linda.

"You're quite safe Mrs Meadows. Jimmy and I had a long talk. I can't let the woman I love be destroyed by my uncle's perversions. So we've both decided to go to the authorities and confess everything." answered Philip.

Linda and Mary were stunned.

"But, Philip, you could go to prison," responded Mary with tears in her eyes.

"And we'd deserve with for what we did. Neither of us could continue hurting you. I love you Mrs Meadows and Jimmy loves you Mrs Forrest. I can only ask you both to forgive us," replied Philip, honest remorse evident in his voice.

Both women hugged him and wept together. Mary then went and sat on the passenger seat and put her hand around James Reese as he drive.

Finally the van pulled up outside the home Linda and Mary shared. Both women got out as did Philip. He took Linda's hands and held them. "Report for work as usual tomorrow. Everything will be alright, I promise." he said confidently.

"Philip!" cried Linda as he turned away.

Philip swung around and Linda grabbed him a kissed him deeply. "I don't want you to go to Prison. I love you too. I don't want to lose you," she said as she wept bitterly.

"Take care of her," asked Philip as he led Linda to her sister.

Mary nodded as she hugged her.

"I do forgive you," declared Linda.

"We both do," said Mary as Philip got back into the van. Both he and James waved before driving off into the darkness.


The following day Linda arrived at the school. She was passing the principal's office when the secretary, Roberta Linton spoke. "Ah, Mrs Meadows. Dr Stephen's wishes to see you at once," she said.

"Dr Stephens?" answered Linda in surprise.

"Yes, Mr Harding has resigned and Dr Stephens is in temporary charge," replied the secretary.

Linda gently tapped the door of the Principal's office full of dread of not knowing what to expect.

"Come in," came a deep voice that was clearly Dr Stephens.

"Ah, Mrs Meadows, please come in and have a seat, " said Dr Stephens cordially. The Professor sighed deeply before speaking again. "First of all let me apologise for the way you and your family have been treated in this shocking affair. I have been authorised by the Board of Governors' sincerest apologies and in the coming scandal we will all endeavour to keep your name and that of your family from the media," he said.

"Thank you, Dr Stephens. At the risk of sounding foolish what exactly had occurred?" asked Linda as she pushed an imaginary strand of hair to her side.

"Well, young Stanton and Reese came forward and confessed their part in this shocking case. They will, of course, be expelled..."

"Dr Stephens, they rescued us. Surely we owe them something," interrupted Linda.

"Well, as I was saying, the young men face expulsion. It's up to you and your sister as to whether or not criminal charges should brought," continued Professor Stephens.

"I'm only speaking for myself but I don't want to have them charged," Linda said firmly.

"Very well. Sir Thomas is a different matter however. The college's reputation has been severely damaged. He and a number of the Governors are been investigated and it is certain charges will be preferred," said Dr Stephens.

"I see," replied Linda.

"Are you up to work today?" asked the Professor kindly.

"Oh yes, I'll be fine. Thank you, Professor.

"My door is always open, Mrs Meadows. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate," said the Professor compassionately.

"Thank you, Dr Stephens," responded Linda before getting up and heading for her class.


Despite the way all had turned out Linda's heart was heavy and she faced strange internal emotions she found impossible to contain. Philip and James had been expelled and at their trial in London they had received probation thanks to Linda, Mary and Professor Stephens speaking on their behalf.

What make Linda anxious was the long silence since the trial. She had no idea what had happened to them.

"Please, Linda, you've got to eat," begged her sister as she witnessed Linda's slow deterioration as she sat in the armchair in her bedroom dressed in her nightdress.

"Oh, Mary. I worry I'll never see him again. I can't bear it," she cried as she wept in her sister's arms.

"I know. I feel the same way about James," replied Mary and also started to cry. Then the doorbell rang.

"I don't want to see anyone," declared Linda, trying to sound defiant.

Mary went downstairs to answer the door.

Linda lay back in her chair and could hear her sister speaking then there was a knock on her bedroom door and Mary stuck her head in and smiled.

"Linda, there's someone here to see you," she said.

"I don't want to see anyone," Linda stated tearfully.

"Not even me?" came a voice from behind Mary.

"Philip!" cried Linda and put her hands out towards him.

Phillip rushed forward and knelt before Linda. He held her and kissed her.

"I thought I'd never see you again," declared Linda as the tears continued to flow down her face.

"I told you before. You won't get rid of me that easily," responded Phillip.

"What about your studies?" asked Linda.

"Well, James and I are moving to Latham College. It's only five miles away. The only thing is..." Phillip hesitated.

"What?" asked Linda with alarm in her voice.

"Well, we have nowhere to go at the midterms," answered Phillip slyly.

"You silly boy. Of course you can stay here," declared Linda as she hugged him. "Can't they, Mary?" finished Linda.

"I insist upon it," answered Mary with a smile. "If you'll excuse us we have some catching up to do and so do you," said Mary as she took James by the hand and led him to her room.

"She's right, you know? We do have a lot to make up," said Phillip.

Linda just smiled and pulled the young man towards her before kissing him deeply.

Phillip moved to Linda's neck and kissed it and at the same time she allowed her nightdress to slip from her shoulders and Phillip kissed her left.

Linda pushed Phillip away and stood up. She kissed him once again and allowed her nightdress to float to the ground revealing her naked body. Her nipples hardened with contact from the air.

Phillip carried her to bed and gently laid her on it. He stripped and eased himself on top and resumed kissing her.

"Ohh," sighed Linda as Phillip's tongue her bare shoulder. Her excitement became more intense as the young man's tongue and lips moved down her body.

"Oh my God!" cried Linda as Phillip engulfed her nipple and began to suck and lick it. Linda sighed deeply as Phillip licked her right breast in a circular movement that peaked when he finally reached her nipple and sucked it once again.

Linda's pleasure continued to build as Phillip moved into the deep crevice between her breasts and began to work on her left.

"Ohh," she sighed several times at the young man's wonderful touch.

As Phillip moved down Linda's waist she shuddered excitedly and felt goose pimples suddenly appear. Finally, as he prised her long smooth legs apart, Linda couldn't contain herself as she felt the young man's tongue penetrate her pussy lips and proceed to lash her clit.

"Oh my God!" she cried out several times as his tongue action slowly caused her love juices to gather. Soon her orgasm became impossible to delay and it exploded forth leaving Linda gasping for air. However, Linda wasn't finished yet.

"Please, Phillip, I need your huge wonderful cock inside me," she pleaded.

Phillip gladly obeyed as he gently eased his organ deep inside her vagina and began to pump. His movement, slow at first, accelerated with each stroke. Linda's body also reacted and they soon settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. As the moments went by Phillip and Linda's breathing became deeper and deeper. They even began to perspire. Eventually nature took over and Linda had one of her biggest orgasms.

For a few moments neither said anything as they paused to gather their thoughts. Linda then rested her head on her young lover's chest and looked up.

"You can stay here for as long as you want. That is, if you want too," declared Linda uneasily.

Phillip pulled her towards him and kissed her. "Of course I do. I really do love you, Linda," he said.

"And I love you too," declared Linda as she kissed him again before resting her head on his chest. Soon they fell into a deep slumber nestled in each other's arms.

So it was that Linda, Mary, Phillip and James settled into an unusual but happy relationship.

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