tagInterracial LoveThe Housewife Ch. 01

The Housewife Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Milked Chocolate

It was funny how it started, a single piece of spam. The sort of message that had shown up in her inbox a thousand times before--"Hot, white MILFs & big black brothas" It was "MILF" that caught her eye. She'd heard the word used in a joke a few nights earlier. A joke she didn't get because she didn't know what a "MILF" was. Of course in retrospect " big black brothas " and what it implied may have had more to do with her initial curiosity then she was willing to admit.

"Black brothas, White mothas." The site was graphic and she was revolted. At the top of the page two grinning black men framed the title, a series of explicit images depicting women posing with hard black penises ran below. The rest of the page was made up of groups of images, each group apparently telling a story around the woman they contained. She scrolled down the page looking at each vignette All pretty but not in the artificial way she expected from a site like this. They were like her, like most women. Blondes, brunettes, thin, heavy, young, and old. All being serviced by at least one giant black member, all looking pleased, all looking satisfied. White women having oral sex and intercourse with black men, sometimes more then one at a time! Huge erect penises penetrating vaginas shaved smooth. A thin blonde with large breasts on her hands and knees being taken from behind and with a second penis in her mouth. A plump brunette having anal sex with one man while another was having intercourse with her. An older red head, her face splattered with semen, licking an erect penis. She clicked "See more mothas with brothas," and was presented with another full page of images. Another full page of white woman coupled with black men. It went on page after page. She stared at the computer screen shocked. Shocked and disgusted.

But it wasn't what she saw that shocked her, far from it, what shocked her was the fact she found herself becoming aroused. The images excited her, aroused her. White women a lot like her, getting pleasured and satisfied by sleek ebony bodies. The polite euphemisms and technical terms slipped out of her thoughts. These women were getting taken, used, and fucked by hard black cocks. Their slick pussys spread wide by fat chocolate dicks, their mouths stretched tight around thick dark rods, their faces and tits covered in sticky white cum. She could feel the warm tingle between her legs; feel her erect nipples straining against the silky fabric of her robe. Her hand reached down, sliding between her thighs until it reached the swollen lips of her vagina. She spread her legs apart, her fingers sliding across her hard clit. She lifted her legs to the arms of the desk chair, her feet now resting on the desk, her legs spread wide, her pussy open and available. She alternated between messaging her clit and fucking herself with her fingers closing her eyes imaging a hard black man on top of her. His cock buried deep inside bringing her pleasure she'd never known. The orgasm came hard and fast, her body convulsed with pleasure as a moan escaped from deep inside.

That night she made love to her husband. Actually her husband made love to her, she had sex, in her mind she was being taken by a black stud. With her eyes closed she imagined being held in the strong arms of her black man, his smooth, sculpted body tight against her, his hard, dark cock deep in her pussy. She ignored her husband as he murmured "I love you," and concentrated on her fantasy, bringing the images from the web pages she'd visited earlier alive in her mind. She saw herself sucking a fat, black rod as she gave her husband the obligatory, pre-fuck blow job. She imagined she was riding a hard, ebony, dick as she rode on top of him. She closed her eyes and saw a handsome, dark face hovering over her when she spread her legs for him. She got on her hands and knees for him, surprising him with her need. Usually he had to talk her into doggie but tonight she wanted it more then him. She raised her ass in the air, reaching back to help guide his cock into her. She could feel her black man penetrating her, feel his hot breath on her back, feel his flat stomach slap against her ass with each thrust.

She buried her face in the comforter, clinching it tightly in her fists and quietly breathed, "Fuck me baby, fuck me with that hard black dick." She knew he wouldn't last long and didn't want to have him finish and pull out before she'd finished her fantasy. She reached back and rubbed her clit, bringing herself to the brink. "Fuck me hard baby, make me your white slut, fuck me like a real man," she thought to herself as images of yearning, eager, MILFS, their mouths, pussys and asses filled with hard, thick chocolate cocks flashed in her mind. She was close when she felt his rhythm change. After 15 years of marriage she knew he was almost finished. He'd cum inside her, pull out, lie down, and promptly fall asleep. Normally she didn't care, she'd had her fun and then it was his turn but tonight was different. She could feel a big one coming on, bigger then the other three she'd already had. Feel it building deep in her pussy, feel it with each thrust, each slap against her ass. She felt him spasm and heard the stifled "Fuck...fuck yes," and knew it was over. He stopped and started to pull out of her.

"Don't stop baby...please," she pleaded, "Come on fuck my pussy, I need to cum. Fuck me baby."

He responded with renewed vigor, apparently he enjoyed hearing her plead for his cock as much as she enjoyed pleading. She kept her fingers on her clit, rubbing in rhythm with his thrust. She reached back to feel his cock slide in and out, the image of a thick, ebony dick spreading her lips filling her mind. She pushed her ass back, meeting each of his thrusts, taking as much of his cock as possible. She could feel herself cumming. Feel the heat rising inside. Feel the pleasure starting to build. She held it off as long as she could, letting it grow inside until it overflowed. Her body spasmed with the most intense orgasm of her sexual life. She pushed back hard, her pussy clenching tight around her husbands dick, her hand wet from a sudden flood of her cum. "Oh god...oh god...FUCK. Yes baby, yes...oh fuck!" She rocked back and forth on his cock, waves of pleasure washing over her and then collapsed forward on the bed, sliding off his cock.

They laid beside each other in silence, breathing heavy, exhausted from the passion. After a few moments her husband broke the quiet, "God honey what got into you...not that I minded, not at all...I mean it was great, just kinda surprising."

"Oh god, I'm sorry...I'm embarrassed...I was just so...I don't know...horny. God, I guess I'm just reaching my prime." she said followed by a nervous giggle.

"That was so damn good I don't care what it is I just hope it lasts," he laughed.

He might care if he really knew what it was all about, she thought, but if it kept them both happy and satisfied then she wouldn't worry about it. She got what she needed and he got what he wanted. Who could complain? Their conversation was short and moments later he was asleep. She lay there in the dark listening to his slow, steady breathing. The sex had been wonderful, possibly the best they'd ever had, but something was missing and she knew what that something was. She wanted a bigger cock. She wanted to experience the monsters she saw online; long and thick, hard and black. She wanted to know what it felt like to have her mouth stretched and her pussy filled by a massive cock. She wasn't ready to go out and find another man to satisfy her needs but a dildo, well a dildo would be almost as good. A long, fat, black dildo. Something real she could wrap her lips around, something real to fuck her pussy, something real to fill her needs. She drifted off to sleep plotting her next move, preparing to take the first step on a journey of awakening.

The next morning she waited impatiently for everyone to leave the house. She hustled her husband off to work, making sure he had everything before kissing him good-bye and sending him on his way. Olivia and Brandon were off to school 45 minutes later. Finally alone she picked up the phone and quickly dialed the neighbor's number. Lindsey and her fiancé had moved in across the street about a year ago. Although Lindsey was several years younger it hadn't taken long for them to become best friends. To people that didn't know her Lindsey could come across as quiet, almost aloof but that was just because she was a little shy, a bit naive. Around those she knew she was funny, warm, outgoing, always willing to lend a hand; a true friend. And to be honest, based on the conversations they'd have after a few drinks perhaps less naive and innocent then she appeared. You never knew what might lurk underneath.

"Hi, it's me. Glad I caught you before you left. Anyway I won't keep you just have a quick favor to ask. Could get a package shipped to your house?" Although they tended to tell each other everything she felt this time a little white lie might be in order, "It's a surprise for Tom, a Christmas present. It'd ruin the surprise if it shows up while he's home...Yeah, I know 'Mrs. Organized'...Great, thanks! It'll probably show up in a couple of days. Sure lunch tomorrow works for me...ok, hurry or you'll be late. You too, bye bye!"

Hanging up, she hurried into the den and started her online search. It didn't take long to find a site offering exactly what she was looking for. A few clicks later she found the toy she wanted; "Black Steele -- This 9" x 2" dildo is cast from the actual cock of porn star Rex Steele. Thick and long with hefty balls, it's guaranteed to please even the most discriminating lover. $39.95. She added it to her cart and then surfed further into the site amazed by the vast variety of toys and videos. She browsed through the DVDs discovering a huge list of interracial titles. Buying a video wasn't part of the plan but there was more then enough on the gift card and with a video she wouldn't be tied to the computer screen. She could stretch out in bed and enjoy her new toy while watching the women on screen enjoy their living toys. She moved slowly through the pages, carefully taking in the titles and explicit covers. With so many to choose from it took her a while to decide but she knew it was the right one when she found it. She added it to her cart and checked out. Hopefully the in-laws wouldn't ask how she'd used the gift card they sent for her birthday.

She hurried back to the computer and completed the order, even paying extra for overnight shipping.


The call came just as she was walking out the door. It was Lindsey, the packaged had arrived. Her errands would have to wait. The few minutes she stood chatting on Lindsey's porch, the box in her hands, seemed like an eternity. She finally made an excuse about leaving the tea kettle on and rushed back across the street, her heart beating wildly. She grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and sliced the brown packing tape holding the treasure closed. The last boundary between desire and satisfaction, between fantasy and fulfillment. The box was filled with small, white Styrofoam peanuts that puffed to the floor as she reached in, searching for the fulfillment that was buried inside. The first thing she came across was the hard plastic cover of the DVD case. She pulled it out ignoring the mess she was making on the kitchen floor. "White chicks, Black dicks IV -- Mommy Meat." The words were written across the face of the case in dripping white cum. Below was a collage of pictures; a white woman with a thick black cock in her mouth, a close-up of a shaved pussy, an ebony shaft buried inside. A woman on her hands and knees a black man taking her from behind another chocolate rod filling her mouth. She could feel the heat building between her thighs. She dug deeper searching for the object of her desire. She found it at the bottom of the box. It was packaged in a loose plastic sleeve so her hand was able to wrap around the shaft as she pulled it from the box. It was thick and long with veins wrapping it's surface like fleshy vines but, most importantly, it was a beautiful chocolate brown. She held it, staring, anticipating the pleasure it would bring. She smiled imagining it mocking the small white peanuts it was packed in, this magnificent black shaft finally free of those tiny white dicks. She ripped the packaging open and pulled out her prize

She lay back on the bed in just her bra and panties, her head propped up on a pillow giving her a better view of the TV. On screen a married white woman was serving lemonade to two young, sweaty black studs that had come to landscape her yard. Watching the awkward seduction scene she slid her fingers down her tummy, under the waistband of her panties, and across the small patch of pubic hair that crowned her pussy. She continued down, slipping a finger between her lips and onto her clit. With the other hand she brought her toy to her lips and eased the massive black head into her mouth, the woman on the TV was now kneeling on the kitchen floor a fat, dark cock in her hand, the other, glistening with saliva, pistoning in and out of her mouth. Mimicking the action on screen, she worked the rubber cock in and out of her mouth her lips spread wide to accommodate it's girth, her tongue playing against the veiny surface. She gagged trying to take as much in as possible. She wanted to totally engulf it, pleasing her fantasy man with her oral talents. Oral sex had never meant much to her but watching the performance on the DVD and feeling this huge black, cock forced into her mouth set her on fire. Her fingers moved from her clit and slipped further down her pussy finding the hot, wet hole. She slid two deep inside, working them to the rhythm of the thrusts on screen. The woman was now bent over the kitchen counter the "brothas" taking turns fucking her from behind:

"Nothing like some fine white pussy! Damn, you fell good bitch! Betch you ain't never been fucked like this. You like my black cock in your pussy baby?"

"Mmmmm, fuck yes!"

"Good baby 'cause you gonna be getting a lot of black dick today, ain't she bro?"

"Hell yes she is, now move aside nigga and let me get some of 'dat. Want some of my cock now baby?"

"Yes baby...please baby."

She slide in another finger and then another, spreading her pussy wide, preparing it for the monster she held in her hand now slick with her saliva. Her husband's penis was fine, in fact she'd always considered it to be large but it was nothing like the cocks spreading the shaved pussy of the wanton, white MILF in the video or the black dildo she was now trying to work into her tight, married cunt. She pushed the head between her lips. The black helmet stretched her wide meeting with resistance. She pushed harder forcing the head past her tight opening, suddenly there was a moment of pain and it slipped in. She let out a gasp of surprise staring down through her legs at the chocolate rod as thick as her wrist sticking out of her pussy. She grabbed the protruding shaft and slide it out until the head was the only part left inside and then slid it back in, taking it deeper this time. The sensation of fullness mixed with the weeks of pent up desire, the visual of black cock between her legs and the excited moans pouring from the TV pushed her to the edge. She frantically worked it in and out fucking herself with that beautiful black shaft. With each thrust she pushed it in deeper quickly taking it in all the way, the silicone balls slapping against her ass. She closed her eyes imagining the words on the screen were directed at her:

"Mmmm, this is some fine pussy! You enjo'ing getting some real cock ain't ya baby? Bet this ain't nothing like you get from hubby."

"God yes I need your real, black cock," she answered in her head, working the massive dildo faster.

"I think she just needed a real fuckin' bro, didn't ya baby?"

"Yes, yes. Fuck me hard...please," she murmured.

She turned over on the bed. Holding the dildo down by the balls she slide onto it. She was riding it just like the woman in the video. Sliding up and down on the massive shaft. On the screen the other black boy was now standing to the side of the woman, his cock in her mouth. She frowned, disappointed that she couldn't experience two cocks, one stretching the lips of her pussy, the other the lips of her mouth. Her disappointment didn't last long as she felt an orgasm start to build inside her. She rode the dildo faster, harder taking as deep as she could with each thrust. She bounced up and down on the bed, the headboard rapping against the wall. On the screen the woman was on her knees as first one then the other stud emptied a sticky load onto her face and out-stretched tongue. She came with a deep moan and another flood of cum. She fell back on the bed the shiny black cock still buried inside her. She lay back exhausted and pleased. The pleasure had been intense, a pleasure she hadn't felt before. With each experience her orgasms were more powerful, building from deeper inside her, rising to a new level of intensity. She reached out wrapping her hand around the thick black rod and slowly slid the dark shaft in and out of herself a few more times before bringing it to her lips to carefully lick clean.


She'd seen him at the gym several times before and used the image of his firm, chiseled body more then once as fuel for her fantasies. In fact he'd been an object of her stealthy glances and the occasional shower fantasy long before her new found pre-occupation with men of color. She watched him discreetly from her perch on the StairMaster, his body glistening with sweat, his dark skin smooth and lustrous under the bright gym lights. She felt her nipples harden as she looked on, seeing him strain under a load of iron weights. As she watched his face contort with each lift, she wondered if he'd look the same cumming between her thighs. Images of his dark body sliding across her, lubricated by their sweat, flashed through her mind. His face twisted with lust, eyes shut in concentration, holding back to let the pleasure build until he exploded inside her. Filling her with his hot cum, his long hard cock deep inside her. She pumped the StairMaster faster trying to drown out the fantasy building in her mind, but try as she might the fantasy continued to grow. The workout dissolved into erotic narrative; the heat, the exertion, the sweat just adding to the sensual imagery. The pumping of her legs translated into a sexual rhythm, the cadence increasing with each push of her thighs, each thrust of his cock. Her ass, firm and round, rising and falling with each step, with each slide down his thick, black shaft. Sweat running down her neck disappeared between the breasts gripped by large, dark hands. The insistent beeping of the machine, which signaled the end of her workout, suddenly broke her spell. She'd have to get home soon so she could "unwind" before the family got home. The errands she'd planned to run would have to wait.

"We need to talk," a voice called from behind. Startled, she turned to the sound finding herself face to face with her most recent object of desire, as appealing and attractive up close, as he was sweating and across the gym. His eyes were friendly but penetrating; his full, dark lips framed a wide, white smile, his hair, short cropped and still wet from his shower, shined. Simply put, he was tall, dark, and handsome. A quick succession of feelings ran through her; Lust, curiosity, surprise, delight before finally settling on discomfort. God, was she that blatant? Was it that obvious she was lost in her own little fantasy world? She didn't remember ever catching his attention but to be honest the workout had turned into a pleasant blur, for all she knew she spent the last 15 minutes of her routine sweaty, out of breath, and fucking him with her eyes.

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