tagFetishThe Human Dairy Farm

The Human Dairy Farm


Sten Erikson was a normal dairy farmer except for the fact that some of his "cows" were human. Stens farm was a legendary sex filled paradise until the government came and shut it down. Just how this strange human dairy farm could exist require some explanation and a look into its history.

This story will focus on how the farm came to be, what the farm was like and what typically happened there during the mornings before it was shut down. Note that all sex in this story takes place between adults.

Stens remote farm was located in the countryside of Sweden deeply inland. He had no neighbors for miles and miles in any direction. He never had any visitors and very few people even knew that his secluded farm exists.

Sten had no family or friends outside the farm. He did not really have farming or animal husbandry in his blood.

Sten came from a upper class background. His father was a wealthy businessman who left Sten allot of money when he passed away, so it was not a problem that the farm did not make any money. Sten only got the farm so that he could live out his sexual fantasy of dominating women and milk them like cows.

Sten had always been fixated with breasts, even since before he hit puberty. His dear mother was beautiful and had huge breasts and he always knew that he wanted women who look like that in his life. He loved the way they looked and their softness as he got hugs.

He particularly loved how her large breasts looked as they hung down under her when she was bent over or on all fours. She rarely wore much clothing around Sten since she was a "natural" woman of the flower power era. Sten was breastfeed for much longer then normal which may have had a huge effect on Sten growing up.

Giving Sten the breast was often the only way to please and comfort him all throughout his childhood. Yes, Sten often had sex with his mother, but thats a different story.

So, as soon as he could he purchased the farm from an old dairy farmer who could no longer afford to keep the place, and began the work of fulfilling his breast dreams. Sten began to search for girls who were willing to move in as his cows.

This was extremely difficult. The women had to be beautiful, sexually submissive, very busty and willing to become human cows. That was a tall order.

Sten put adds in papers, went to sex clubs and bars and just looked everywhere for matching girls. Most people would have given up after the first thousand negative replies, head shakes and even slaps in the face, but not Sten. He just kept at it all day every day manically and after just a few years and a huge load of luck he owned three hucows.

He renamed his three women as they came to him. He called them Rose, Daisy and Buttercup due to his love for the English language. As they arrived he informed them that they should stop viewing themselves as humans. They should not even look at themselves as sex slaves, but as hucows or cowgirls.

A cowgirl or hucow is an ex-woman who has accepted her new identity as a beast, a cow in human form. There was no force involved, the girls wanted it just as much as Sten did. Sten promised to take good care of them for life, he was very handsome and becoming cowgirls was the secret deep down desire of all three girls.

The care free sex filled life of the hucow just appealed to the girls. The girls broke off all their connections to the outside world and accepted the cow life.

Some people secretly long to be slaves, they deep down need to be controlled by other people. They feel that they are weak and take pleasure in surrendering everything and submitting to somebody strong. Stens hucows were all like this. The idea of giving up their humanity exited them sexually, but it was also liberating for them to loose all the responsibility connected to being a human adult.

As hucows the girls would never again have to make any difficult choices or carry the heavy burden of manners, duty's and morals. A hucow cant be blamed for anything and is thus completely care free. Her body is doing all the work that is expected of her, that is producing milk and acting as a cum dumpster.

Rose was Stens first cowgirl and it was pure luck that he found her. Unlike the rest of the hucows, Rose was dark very skinned, with roots in Africa. Both her parents were immigrants from the Congo.

Sten noticed her at a bar, he saw her cute face and her hourglass figure and realized she was a perfect match. Her huge breasts could be seen from the back and she had a huge bubble butt.

Rose fell madly in love due to Stens rugged good looks and powerful charisma and left her boyfriend and her job to live with Sten at the farm. Due to fear of loosing Sten she initially reluctantly agreed to all his outrageous demands, but later she learned to enjoy the cowgirl life.

Sten found his second cowgirl due to her contacting him. She was a brunet with green eyes and he named her Daisy. Daisy had read Stens add in a kinky sex magazine and called him up to tell him how she had always dreamed about being a cow. At first he was going to reject her due to her being way too heavy.

She was a fat girl, however aside from that she was a perfect candidate. Daisy had battled against her overweight all her life and always ended up loosing the fight. Her self confidence was at its bottom and she had never had sex due to her being very fat. No man would go near her, or so she thought.

Sten decided to take her in but only after paying for plastic surgery to remove all that extra fat and skin. After she had her surgery she looked amazing and had a similar figure to Rose. Big tits, big ass. Sten promised Daisy that under his care she would never become fat again.

When she first arrived at the farm Rose got jealous but soon daisy and Rose became close friends. After all, a mere cow should not be jealous of other cows.

Buttercup was a blond Russian porn star who got famous for having extremely large breasts and for lactating on web cam. She always appeared solo on camera with a mask on, but her identity later came out.

Apparently she was from a fancy rich family and she only did porn because she enjoyed it. Her family became furious and put her out on the street and cut her out of the will. She was homeless wen Sten contacted her.

It was surprisingly easy for Sten to convince her to join. He charmed her and she fell in love. However, she had demands. If she was going to join she would join as a human, as Stens wife.

Sten refused and a though negotiation took place. Buttercup is his most beautiful hucow, she is stunning with an amazing face and body, so Sten simply could not tell her "my way or the highway". Instead he made a compromise. Buttercup would be Stens indoor hucow, his pet cowgirl that got to be in the house with him. She became his top hucow, the leader of the cowgirls at the farm.

Sten makes sure to have sex with all his hucows at least once every day. All cowgirls must be naked and walk on all fours at all times, so whenever Sten feels the need, he just grabs one of them by the hips and fucks them from behind with his big dick. Rose, Daisy and Buttercup all soon got pregnant due to this relentless sexual activity.

Later they all gave birth to three baby girls. Sten could not believe his luck. One daughter from each hucow was precisely what he wanted. The years flew by and the little girls grew up happy truly believing they were non human. They were always naked and never learned to walk, but Sten did nothing sexual to them until they were adults.

Many more children were born later during the time his farm was operational, but Sten could not house them. He did not want more then six hucows and he had no place for any boys. So as soon as one of his hucows gave birth he gave the baby away. He placed the infants on the doorsteps of hospitals in the area. Since he had to do this rather often it got more and more difficult to hide his farm from the world.

Sten named Rose's daughter "Caramel" due to her brown skin. She was not as black as her mother, but not as white as her father. As she grew up to be a an adult hucow, it became clear that her breasts would be very large. She also had a lovely big ass that Sten enjoyed fucking.

Daisy's daughter was called "Dolly" due to her being very cute. She looked very girly and was a bit smaller then the rest of the hucows. Her breasts were big, but still smaller compared to the rest the boobs on the farm. Both Dolly and her mother had strong oral fixation. It was easy to get them to swallow all kinds of things.

"Blondy" was Buttercups daughter. She was very beautiful and blond like her mother. Her breasts were also huge. At age 19 her breasts almost reached to the floor as she was standing on all fours.

Her amazing rack was a result of her mother carrying the huge breast genes in combination with the big tit genes of Stens mother. Blondy was a freak of nature and Stens best breast beast. All the other cowgirls were envious of her and her tits.

So Caramel, Dolly and Blondy grew up on the farm and they never knew anything about the outside world. They never learned to speak since their mothers never spoke. Cows cant talk, so the hucows are only allowed to bellow "moo". The girls learned to use their moos to express all that they needed to say.

Their mothers kept breastfeeding them and never stopped. The hucow girls learned to eat their feed as well, but always took a sip of milk from their mothers ample breasts every now and then.

As soon as they became adults Sten started to stimulate their breasts and induce lactation with herbs, hormones and much sucking. At first nothing happened but Sten kept at it and soon enough all hucow breasts at the farm gave milk. With six hucows producing milk Sten got more breast milk then he could use.

He drank only breast milk, almost never did he drink any water. He also used it in cooking but he still had a huge surplus. Eventually he found a medical company that agreed to buy the milk, no questions asked.

All the hucows had fake cow horns, cow ears and body paint on in order to look more like cows. Rose and caramel have darker skin so they got white spots painted on them. The white girls got black spots. All the girls also wore a cowbell so that Sten can hear them all as they move.

All the hucows at the farm have butt plugs connected to a "cow tail" made of cloth. Sten removes the butt plug every morning and gives the hucows a cleansing enema. Then puts to plug back in. The enema is given via a plastic tube and a plastic bag that fills the ass with warm soapy water mixed with some olive oil.

This mixture is very uncomfortable to keep inside the bowls and forces the hucow to quickly release the water back out along with her waste. Then the process is repeated a few times and then finally with clean water until nothing but clean water comes out of the anus. After this the asshole is clean and ready to be used by the farmers penis. Since this went on for years and years all the cowgirls forgot what is was like to defecate normally.

Sten used a milk machine originally designed to milk goats on the udders of his hucows. It was placed on a cart together with a cooled milk tank. Sten used the same machine on all the hucows. Years of using this machine on them made their nipples longer and thicker.The machine used two hard plastic tubes, with what looked like rubber teacups on top.

The rubber cups sucked in the nipples and held themselves in place due to the constant vacuum inside the transparent tubes. The tubes then transported the milk via rubber hose to a milk collecting vessel or milk tank. The machine applied a constant pulsating suction on the nipples until the hucow were drained. It was fast, efficient and the cowgirls loved it. Sten could see the milk spray out, since the plastic tubes are transparent. He loved to see squirt after squirt of milk splash into the tubes.

Sten made a discovery on the farm that was previously unknown to science. Apparently, constant milking and constant standing on all fours will actually force human breasts to grow larger naturally. It was already known that pregnancy and lactation will cause the breasts st swell slightly, but not to this degree.

All Stens hucows were consistently getting larger and larger breasts. Sten believed it must have something to do with gravity pulling on the breasts differently when standing on all fours in combination with the constant milking. The impregnations and the constant lactation always challenged the breasts to produce more milk. Sten was obsessed with the growth rate of the breasts and constantly monitored the milk production of his hucows.

Each morning Sten would get up early to milk his hucows. He woke up next to Buttercup who was still sleeping with her full cow gear on. First, he rolled up the milk machine to the side of his bed and woke up his sleeping hucow "wife" beast. He woke her up by gently pulling on her tail. He ordered her up on all fours on the bed and then connected the sucking cups to her huge breasts.

As soon as the machine started to milk her he got behind her and began to fuck her already wet pussy. Sex was unceremonious for Sten, he never gave any warnings or asked for permission, he just fucked his hucows whenever he felt like it.

Her tits shook back and forth under her to the rhythm of Stens strokes. She pushed back against him, helping him pound into her. Sten alternated between taking a firm hold of her hips and lightly slapping her ass.

He thrusted his hips back and forth, sliding his thick, long, rock hard dick back and forth within her snug, wet pussy. At the same time the machine kept draining her breasts. Squirt after squirt of milk splashed into the transparent tubes and the sensation was overwhelmingly good for the hucow.

The huge penis in her vagina, the big butt plug in her ass, combined with the sucking on her tits quickly lead her to a powerful orgasm. Her pussy fluttered and her eyes rolled back in pleasure and Sten could feel extra wetness on his balls. Then Sten gave her blast after blast of potent seed deep inside. All that sperm would surly get Buttercup pregnant again if she wasn't already.

Suddenly Sten remembered he was late again, he had more cowgirls to milk. Good sex had the ability to make Sten forget everything else for a moment. He wiped some sweat of his forehead and unceremoniously pulled out of his hucow, causing her to "moo" in protest.

Then he went on to get "dressed". Sten usually just wore a sweater, so he was naked from the waist down, except for his farmer boots. Then he went to the barn to milk the rest of his hucows.

Sten felt the cool morning air on his still wet dick as he walked the short distance from his main house to the barn. He pulled a cart behind him with the milking machine on. As he walked in to his barn with his milking machine he was still semi-erect from his morning fuck. He was greeted with excited "moos" from his five hucows as he stepped into the barn.

The first thing Sten saw as he walked in was five beautiful asses facing him stuffed with their butt plug "tails". As he came in they all "presented themselves" meaning they flirted, spread their legs apart more and ached their backs while mooing seductively like a bunch of horny harlots.

The hucows in the barn had been awake for a few hours waiting eagerly for the farmer to arrive. They needed to get fucked, release milk and receive their morning enema. This process takes a long time so the last hucow will have to wait an hour or two to finally get her milk out.

Sten started with Carmel since it was her turn to go first this day. Sten got on his knees next to his brown skinned hucow and caressed her breasts to see how full of milk she was. She was very full and needed release. Sten caressed her big curvy ass and pulled out the butt plug gently. Sten was fully erect again as he inserted the rubber hose into her ass.

Sten hooked her breasts up the the milking machine when her enema was complete. Then he just pushed the head of his big dick against her tight hard anal sphincter until her ass gave up and accepted the penis. Then started to fuck her in her ass, moving his dick in and out while she got milked.

Her breasts got drained during the ass fuck. Sten fucked her ass slow and steady, while his big balls slapped her pussy with each thrust. "yeah, you like it in the ass don't you beast?" mumbled Sten. Caramel started to orgasm as she heard his words and realized how true they were.

As she came hard, Sten stopped himself as he was about to cum in Caramels ass. He froze and stood still, trying to hold his orgasm in, with his huge dick deep in her ass. He barely made it. If it was not for the fact that he just came in his hucow "wife" he would have blow his load again.

Next was Blondy's turn. Sten pulled his dick out of Caramels ass and rolled the milk machine over to Blondy's stall. Sten marveled at the size of her huge breasts as the hung down, full and heavy. He had been noticing that her breasts were growing and that her milk production was increasing more then any other hucow on the farm. Sten could see the joy on her face as he put the suction cups on her teats and turned on the milking machine.

Squirt after squirt of milk splashed into the transparent tubes with great force. She had been giving more and more milk recently during sex to Stens delight. Something about having his dick inside her pussy made her give more milk faster. Sten had to try his best to not cum as he fucked her tight pussy with his big dick.

He had to use his "start and stop" technique in order to hold off his orgasm. Blondy however came quick and easy with a euphoric look on her beautiful face. Sten could see the envious looks the other cowgirls gave as he fucked his best cow.

Next Sten moved on to Daisy. The milk tank was almost half full as he rolled the milking machine next to Daisy. Sten noticed how she was starring at his rock hard dick with lustful eyes as he started the milk machine. "Yes, you will get to suck it cow." said Sten as he looked down on her. Daisy opened her mouth in eager anticipation.

Sten put the head of his penis inside her mouth and Daisy began to suck with great greed and skill. She bobbed her head back and forth. Sten realized it just felt too good. he was going to loose some sperm now, there was just no way to stop it. Sten grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth.

"You really want my cum don't you? This penis has just been in two pussy's and one asshole but you don't care do you? You just want my sperm, you sperm loving cum dumpster!" Said Sten as he rapidly approached orgasm.

Sten cried out "Oh fuck!" and then came. Sten shot rope after rope of thick cum into her mouth. He had one of those very long and powerful orgasms that results from long drawn out stimulation.

He released allot of sperm into her mouth, despite having already shot one load that morning. Daisy came from tasting and swallowing the sperm. Daisy was happy and proud to swallow the masters sperm, she considered it a great honor and a privilege. She felt her orgasm run through her as she gulped it down.

When he was done shooting sperm he realized that he had more to do and that time was flying by. Being a dairy farmer is hard work in the mornings. And Sten realized that this morning was soon over.

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