tagNovels and NovellasThe Humilations of Tori Ch. 1

The Humilations of Tori Ch. 1

byBold Sacrament©

Will was sitting on the living room sofa when Tori returned home from her long day out. There was an evil looking smile on his face. Will knew all of Tori's dirty little secrets. He knew about her wild new lover, Pat, all the exotic, erotic games they had played behind his back for the last eight months. Only married for two weeks when she start having this affair. What a fucking disgrace.

He wanted to find the nearest gun shop, buy the most powerful weapon thirty thousand dollars a year could afford and spray Tori and her lover's brains all over the walls in a sickening Halloween decoration for serial killer's sort of fashion. But he hid all of his anger and even the sadness of a love's betrayal, locked deep within his soul and sealed it off tight with the evil smile on his face. Tori may have cheated on him, may have been fucking another man, performed oral sex on fifteen guys on one night while her new lover watched, may have gotten screwed right up the ass in the back of the bus on her way home while a disgusting old drunk and a lonely young bus driver watched, but she was still his wife. He would deal with her act betrayal his own way.

Will discovered Tori's dirty little secrets while cleaning out the bedroom closet. He was throwing away old clothes, he was smiling at the good old days sealed away in his old photo albums, and most of all, he was having a good time. He was only twenty-four, married only ten months, but there was a lot of memories to be proud of. Him and Tori had known each other since junior high. They start dating after their sophomore year came to an great conclusion. The first relationship had bad moments and good moments, like most the relationships high school kids had, but in all irony, they broke up because Will couldn't stop messing with other girls behind Tori's back.

After college they got reunited at a party and things got real serious. Will decided he would never cheat on Tori again. He was a man lucky enough to find the woman of his dreams and the woman he loved all rolled into one, and he didn't want to fuck up and end up marrying a one night stand because he knocked her up. He proposed to her on May 10th, Tori's birthday. She said yes, the tears rolled down her cheak and a month and a half later they were husband and wife. Again there were tears rolling down her cheaks. He loved her and she loved him. Once upon time these people got married and lived happily ever after and all that other romantic bullshit. This was how it supposed to be. Like it was in a romantic novel or in a country song. This was how Will thought of the married life. Then came the awful discovery and it shattered every thought he been foolish enough to think about.

He found a shoe box all the way in the back of the closet while he sorted his junk. The box was black with a white line running through the middle of it. Across the white line it read in giant letters: MY PRICELESS MEMORIES. Will figured it was just another box filled with Tori's old junk, but the big letters gave him second thoughts. It could be pictures of Tori when she was a little girl or a diary of a younger girl he never knew. Tori never told him about her childhood and he often wondered how she was, what she was like and what she did for fun when she was smaller. It was all these thoughts that made him open the box. But when the box was open he only found pictures and a red book. The book was small and felt fuzzy. In silver letters at the top of the cover it read: A PRIVATE LOG. The pictures were turned upside down. Will began to smile, thinking he may have actually discovered some insight into Tori's childhood after all. This false hope only made the truth a hell of a lot harder to swollow.

Will started with the pictures. Expecting a small girl holding her hand with her daddy, he was quite disgusted to see a rather recent photo of a slutty bitch, cheating, backstabbing whore. Will blinked twice, not able to believe what he was seeing. The photo was of Tori with her nice, pretty, easy to look at face and her long slender body. Her nice grapefruit tits and her plump ass were there too. But they were revealed, she was naked. Waving at the camera. He could see outlines of her vagina. She was standing on a table, one of her fingers in her mouth. The next picture was worse. She was posing with a giant black dildo crammed deep in her ass. Another picture showed a close-up of the same dildo taking a tear out of her asshole. There were close-ups of her breasts and vagina. One her vagina had hair, one when it was shaved and a few of her in the process of shaving. The further down he got, the worse the pictures revealed. One was with her laying down, her long legs spread in the air, while a cock, a real one, was stuffed inside her pussyhole. Other pictures revealed her taking it up the ass doggie style from a black dude with at least a twelve inch cock. The final three were of Tori give a black guy's cock a good sucking. The final picture showed Tori's nice face covered with cum. Her tongue was stuck out and Will could see the glistened cum covering the red muscle. Her eyes told him that she was overcome with passion.

Already angry and hurt from the pictures he'd seen of his wife, his hope for a past revealed all forgotten in a wall of pain, he opened the fuzzy red book. In there he read about all of his wife's fun times with Pat and his gang of friends. All his and Tori's sex life was, was spread legs and fuck or get on top and fuck; nothing exciting. She said she didn't like to get dirty. She was a wholesome girl. In the book he discovered more of the truth then he wanted to know though. Fucked by men who paid for her services, gangbanged, lesbian sex, sex in the public, tied up and fucked all night. It was all within those pages. Her fuck diary was filled with an erotic pervert's best fantasies come true.

Well if she wanted to play fuck games, Will was going to get in on the action. He put Tori's stuff back in the closet and plotted. Today he would start to play the game he came up with. The pieces were set up. Too think, when he first read the truth he figured he was the world's biggest loser, not even being able to get a blow job from a cock slurping, cum guzzling slut like Tori, now he just wanted his fun.

Tori sat down on the couch next to him. She moved close to him and kissed his cheak. She then began to talk about her day she never actually had going into great details with all of it. It was very well rehearsed. Was it cock Will smelled on her breath though or was that his imagination. Didn't matter. She was wearing a black shirt and green shorts that went down to her knees. She left the house with a purple blouse and yellow shorts. Who did she think she was fooling? This was going to be fun, Will decided.

He was getting very excited. Though he was still hurt by what she did to him, the revenge plan was just making him so horny. It was waking up the old Will who loved to picture lovely celebrity women obeying his every sexual demand around the clock. He was barely aware of the fictional story Tori was telling him.

"...then I went to a restaurant and this waiter was so rude to me..."

Will's cock was hardening underneath his shorts. The front room was hot enough without a functional air conditioner, but his thoughts were making extra heat. She babbled on and on and his cock grew larger and harder.

"...now I told this waiter I wanted no fucking tomatoes on my sandwich and when he comes back with it I see extra tomatoes..."

Will's mind kept returning to the pictures and the words in the fucking diary kept coming to life in his head. He knew he should angrier, like he was when Tori walked in, when he first found the diary, but he got hornier instead. His hands were shaking and his eyes couldn't stop staring at her grapefruit breasts. Her nipples imprinted through the black shirt. He wondered how these next few months, hell, the rest of their lives were going to turn out. He wondered what she done today. For real.

"...then I took off from my mother's house and came straight home. I swear to God Will, the woman can be a cold hearted bitch." Her eyes were now focusing in on his. "How's it at on your end?"

And with that returned the evil smile. It was a roller coaster ride for him. Sometimes he was made and then he was horny at other times.

Tori looked away from those eyes. Her eyes saw his erection and they opened up wide.

"Oh my God," she cried. "You're getting horny on me. I can't believe it."

She was a good actor. She sounded like this had really sickened her. Will wasn't buying it.

"So what if I am. I get horny sometimes." Across the room to his left he saw the closet door open. The closet was just out of Tori's line of sight. "I have needs. My cock needs attention. Baby, come on, just one time, please, suck my dick."

"You're gross. I told you a long time ago. I am a wholesome girl. I don't do things like that. So wipe that smile off your face cause it's not ever happening.

She turned away from him. Tori's blonde hair blew from the turn. She was breathing heavily.

The anger crept into Will's soul. She just would not give her husband what he really wanted, but if it was a stranger, at this point, a cock would be pushed against her tonsils. No giving up though. He pulled down his shorts, tore them down and kicked them across the room with his right leg. His eight inch cock stood up and waited for some attention as he said hello to the world without a clothing prison.

"Suck my dick," he yelled at her. "I want you to take it down your throat."

She turned around. The tears, the fucking tears were rolling once again. "Why are you doing this to me?"

The words stung. They gave him an extra fury. His lips twitched and his body shook with anger.

"Why," he screamed. "I tried being nice and I pretended I didn't know. I thought you would have a taste for cock at this point. I don't count though. I'm pissed now. Why? Why? You wonna know? I know. I know, Tori. Everything. That's why."

"Know what?" But she sounded as if she knew just what WHAT was.

"I know about Pat. I know about the fun little fuck games. I saw your damn pictures. I read the damn log or diary. That filthy fuck diary. Now I want what they got. And a little more for being your husband."

"You know. You looked through my personal things. My private life."

The remark made Will lose a moment of control. He smacked her hard across the cheak. The sound made its way through the room.

"Listen to me," he shouted. "You are my personal slave now. I'm not mad, well not as much and I still love you. But you and I our going to have some fun. I know you suck cock, so suck mine." He was hard as hell now.

"What fun?"

"You'll find out. Oh and you can't refuse. I went to visit Pat and he won't be home for a while. You don't need to know anymore. You have no place to go. And if you find one, I'll post your photos and your diary all over the Internet and I'll E-mail and personally mail copies to all your friends and family. Got it?"

Tori looked confused. She couldn't speak a single word.

"Suck me, Tori."

She still wasn't moving. There was a bright red mark on her cheak now. She was staring at his eight inch cock as if wondering what to do. Will looked into her soft blue eyes, saw the light dash of freckles on her cheaks, one cheak covered with that red mark and for the first time he thought to himself, I married the slut version of Marsha Brady.

The anger was coming back to him too. Tori was not making a move toward his cock. If he had a gun now it be in her whore mouth ready to take the side of her head. He wondered if these feelings of murderous rage and erotic lust played inside all men who had wives that had men to play with during their free time, or was it just that was sick.

Jordan was the man in the closet. He was Will's best friend since kindergarten. He was the man with the camcorder waiting for the action. He was all a part of the plan, as was the camera.

"Suck my dick," he said again. "Suck me like my name is Pat."

Pat he was beginning to feel envy for. A man who didn't even ask for a blow job. It was expected and given. He'd even wondered how it was to be Pat and have all that power over a woman. Will never paid a visit to Pat, never even seen the guy, he lied to Tori earlier just to through her off.

"Suck me." He grabbed her by the back of the head and rubbing. "Those pictures can ruin you. I love you baby, please don't make me ruin you."

Tori pushed Will's hand away from her. She slid off the sofa and got down on her knees. She took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it very slowly up and down. Will's veins in his penis were already twitching. She was squeezing real tight. Tiny amounts of pre-cum were oozing out of his pisshole.

"Is this what you want?" She asked, her voice soft and defeated.


"What else?"

"You'll see. We have a lot of time."

She stroked his cock some more in the perfect silence that came over the house. She did it with both hands, up and down and squeezing as if she were trying to squeeze water from a spunge. She took a sample of pre-cum from his penis head and tasted it to her enjoyment.

Tori began to softly squeeze his balls. She tilted her head up and kissed the head of his penis, slurping some more pre-cum in the process. Will's eyes rolled in his head and a shiver went through his entire body. He turned his head to the left to see if Jordan was taping this. He was. The head of Jordan and the camcorder were slightly sticking out.

She began licking up and down his shaft, getting her tongue filled with his salty flavor. Will felt her tongue exploring his thick veins. She started stroking his cock and licking the tip of his penis like a lollipop at the same time.

"Ooooooh God," Will screamed in excitement.

She took his cock in her mouth. Slow at first. She swirled her magical tongue around his cock, over and over, taking an at a time down her throat at the same time. Will was moving his hands side to side not knowing exactly what to do. Finally he grabbed her blonde hair and start playing with it while she worked. He looked down at his wife who now had all eight inches of his cock stuffed down her throat. She was sucking him up and down, her nose was getting filled with pubic hair every trip down. The faster she went down the more it tickled her.

Will was in his own world. The pain and anger of cheating wife gone completely out of his mind. Her mouth worked so fast, so great. Her tongue was moving all around his shaft, He had a hand on her left tit, squeezing the hell out of the dangling piece of flesh while his other hand played with her hair.

Pre-cum was filling her mouth and she loved it. His cock was rubbing against her tonsils. She was scraping her teeth across his hard flesh. Will almost exploded in her mouth but was barely able to hold back.

Needing to rest for a moment, Will took his cock out of her mouth and rubbed his pre-cum all over her cute little nose and lightly freckled cheaks. Two fingers of his were already sliding in and out of her now exposed asshole. Her green shorts and her panties were hanging off her ass.

He put his cock back in her mouth and moved it side to side in her mouth, then up and down.

"Baby, I wanna fuck your mouth."

There were no objections. She tightened her lips around his cock and prepared for him. Will stood up and grabbed the back of her head with both hands and began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth like he would normally do to her pussy. He looked to his left and motioned Jordan out of the closet with his right hands.

Slowly Jordan got out of the closet to get a better shot. The camera was held to his face, his hands were unmoving.

"Get a close-up of my cock fucking her mouth," he told Jordan.

Tori glanced at Jordan with her eyes, but didn't argue at all. She let the cock fuck her mouth, she let the camcorder record it all.

He fucked her face harder for the camera. His balls were slapping her chin. Tori was grabbing Will by the back of his legs, making the impact stronger. He took his cock out of her mouth with no warning and slowly let it slide up her face and give her left eye a tap.

"Suck me again. I'm tired of doing the work."

She obdiently obeyed his commands to his delight. She took three inches of his cock into her mouth and jerked him off while she licked and slobbered on it. She'd stop every fifteen seconds and rub his cock all over her lips so that she could taste the pre-cum, then put it back in her mouth and start over again.

Will and Jordan were sharing a laugh while she sucked the cock.

"I can't wait to see this on tape," Jordan said.

"Stop," he cried out suddenly. He felt he was about to cum and he wasn't quite ready to cum yet.

He let the cock slowly out of his mouth and even slower he took off her black shirt and her bra. He massaged her grapefruit titties and sucked on her pointy nipples for the camera. He sat back on the couch and rubbed his saliva covered cock all over her breasts.

"Hold'em together tight. I'm going to tit fuck you now."

She did as told. He began to fuck her tits now. Tori licked the tip of his penis each time it passed through and showed itself to her mouth. She spit on it and rubbed the saliva all over the shaft as the cock slid through her breasts faster and faster. This was the most excitement Will had ever experienced in his life.

Tori's breasts were so perfect in every way. Will could feel her heart beat with his cock as it touched her silky breasts. Her nipples were pointing right his face. Then he felt it.

"OH SHIT," he yelled. "I'm explode all over you Tori."

"Cum all over her," Jordan yelled back.

"Yeah babe, cum all over my fucking face," Tori shouted too.

The sound of her mouth with approval was music to his ears.

Tori looked down as Will's cock slid between her breasts twice more. Then it jerked and shot up. The first blast caught Tori in the eye.

Jordan got a closer look of the explosion with the camera.

The second shot got in her mouth. Tori swollowed it all. The third and fourth hit her in the nose. Cum leaked out of her nostrils like she had a nose bleed. The rest he rubbed all over her breasts.

Will got on his feet and almost stumbled. He told Jordan to shut the camera off. Then he looked at Tori and said, "This is day one of many like it. This is day one of your humilation. I have a lot more planned." He took the camcorder from Jordan.

"Okay," she said.

"If you obey, you're repuation is saved and the pictures are yours. If not you lose everything."


"Don't move."

With that Tori felt Jordan sliding her shorts down her legs and then she felt him biting off her panties. Will was smiling as he watched from behind the camera which now was back on. He start recording. Jordan hammered his six inch cock in and out of Tori's asshole, fucking her doggie style. He recorded the cock as it made its way in and out of her asshole for two minutes, then got the look of pain and passion on her face at the other side. She moaned loud having her first orgasm of the day. Her cum was leaking out of her pussy like crazy. Her breasts rolled around and around as Jordan hammered her ass. She had another orgasm, then another and another. Her body was shaking violently.

"Fuck her good, Jordan."

"Oh yeah, fuck me Jordan," Tori cried out.

He grabbed her breasts and sped up the pace. Will was enjoying this more then getting his cock sucked by his wife for the first time. Who better to share your wife with than your best friend, the kid he shared cookies with as a kid. Sharing really was caring.

"Oh, shit," he said. "I'm going to cum baby." He pumped in and out of her ass a few more times. He slid his cock and nice and slow and walked around to her awaiting face. Tori stayed out. Will got a better camera angle. He could see blood and shit covering Jordan's dick.

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