tagLoving WivesThe Humilations of Tori Ch. 3

The Humilations of Tori Ch. 3

byBold Sacrament©

Jordan lay next to his wife. Outside the birds were singing in the tree outside his bedroom. He could see the two birds in their nest from his window. He really hated the birds.

"Fucken birds," he moaned to his wife.

Linda was her name. Her and Jordan have been married for three years at this point. Linda was still very much in love with Jordon, however, Jordan was growing tired of waking up to the same face and fucking the same pussy. His experience with Tori was a refreshment. Acting like a man on a day too hot, Will needed more.

"There just birds dear. Let them be."

Jordan wasn't paying attention to his wife. It wasn't that he hated Linda. He still liked her, a little, it's just that he could make a lot more money with Tori. Linda just couldn't make him any damn money at all. She had dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a round face. Her pupils were as big as pennies and her teeth were white but also a bit too large. She had one breast bigger than the other too. You can't tell when she wears clothes, but when you have her naked, fucking her hot clit, looking down at those bouncing breasts, you could clearly see that the right tit was bigger than the left tit. And neither was that big anyway. They reminded Jordan of McDonald's cheeseburgers.

"I love you, honey," Linda told him.

"Of course you do."

Jordan would have left early this morning if not for his plan. While thinking he discovered his wife wasn't useless after all. She could still do one last thing for him, and when that was over with it was bye, bye, baby.

"Do you have any fantasies sweetie?"

Linda looked at him for a long time. She smiled at him with her abnormally big teeth. Her lips were thick, that was the best thing about her mouth.

"I want to have a lot of money one day," she said in a happy, distant voice. "Live on my own island and a big mansion that goes all the way up to the sky. I want to take an elevator to the moon in that mansion."

Jordan sucked his anger and his aggravation in deep. "Not those kind of fantasies. I mean sex fantasies."

She blinked repeatedly for a couple of seconds. Jordan knew that meant she was embarrassed by the question. He watched her thick legs from under the sheet squirm back and forth. Really embarrassed, he decided.

Linda was only wearing a bra while she lay in bed and always had. She had no panties on under them sheets. Knowing this, Jordan reached under the sheet and reached around. When he found what he was looking for, he brought it to Linda's exposed pussy and inserted it in. He began swirling it around and around.

More confused now, Linda asked Jordan what he was doing.

"I am fucking you with a small cucumber. Now tell me, have you any sexual fantasies?"

"OOOOOOOH! OOOuch." Linda was licking them thick lips of hers. They felt so good wrapped around his cock. Blow jobs were the main reason for their marriage. A truth Linda couldn't even deny, even though she did every day of her married life.

"You like this," he asked Linda.

"OOOh yeah. I love it."

The cucumber was about seven inches long and two inches thick. Not exactly small, but it was the smallest one he could find at the grocery store.

"Tell me your fantasies," he said again. Jordan forced the cucumber deeper. Three inches were now in, four more to go.

"OOOOOh baby, this feels so good."

"I'll stop if you don't tell me," he said happy to know she had a weakness.

As if to prove to her that the silence was bad for her, he took the cucumber out of her vagina.

"No please Jordie, don't stop."

"Will you talk?"

"Yes, oh God yes. Just please, put it back in."

Jordan inserted the cucumber back in her vagina. She was soaking wet now and the cucumber slid right in. At five inches he stopped and began twirling it around inside of her.

"OOOOh shit. It's so fucking big. I've always wanted a big, fat cock stuffed deep in my pussy."

"I'm not big enough," Jordan asked a bit curious.

In all her passion she could tell no lie. "You are but I dreamed of bigger."

Jordan wasn't hurt by this remark. He was very happy with the way things were going. Besides, he would choose money over a big dick any day.

He slid the cucumber as far down as it would go. He left it there, still turning around in circles.

"I love it Jordie. OOOOH please fuck me. Now. I need you so badly."

"That's not what you said a minute ago. And don't call me Jordie. It sounds fruity." He was having fun with this. "Tell me more."

"I've always wanted to fuck two men at once. Ever since junior high I've dreamed of it."

"You are a sick bitch. I love it." He began to fuck her pussy with the cucumber. "Please dear, don't stop on my account.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhh!"

"What does that mean?" Jordan moved the cucumber much quicker. "What kind of fantasy is Oh, Oh, Oh? I never heard of it."

"Oh God Jordan, I'm going to cum."

"Good for your cupcake." He let her scream before he spoke again. Her loud screaming was the second reason he married her. She was quite loud and all that noise made Jordan feel real big. Now, finally there would be money coming from that mouth.

When her screaming seized she spoke. "No more of these games. I need you to fuck me."

"One question before we get into that." He smiled at his wife. He explored her body and his smile died when he saw her breasts. "Two actually."

"Anything," she moaned. Both her hands were under the sheets playing around the cucumber that was fucking the shit out of her.

"Ever dream of fucking another woman?"

Thinking about another woman's tongue sliding her tongue all around inside her made Linda hotter. It was a fantasy she once lived. When she was twenty she had let her aunt eat her pussy. She remembers that day like it was yesterday. And always wanted it to happen again.

"Yes," she said. Keeping her aunt's exploration a secret. Her and Jordan were dating seriously at the time.

"Would you do it for me? Eat out another woman? Lick her pussy? Her ass? Would you do that for me on camera?"

She thought for a moment. "With who?"

Jordan pulled out the cucumber and tossed across the bed from under the sheets. "With Tori. Will's wife. We're making movie and we want you involved. What do you say?"

Over come with lust the way she was, Linda could not refuse. "Yes, I will. If it's all right with her."

"Don't worry, it will be."

Now he had his wife in on it. She could hardly wait to see her getting tongued and sucked on by another woman. He desperately wanted to see her mouth around Will's cock. With these kind of scenes this movie would make them plenty of money. And if Will could convince Big Ralph to fuck Tori, the tape would have so much quality every porn company and sex site on the Internet would want it.

"Fuck me," Linda said to his surprise. She was still in the room. He hated that about her.

"No, want don't you suck on my cock and got on with our days."

Linda was really hurt by the remark but didn't run away crying, though she did have tears in her eyes. She just took the sheet off Jordan's body and pulled his cock out of his boxers. She licked him up and down for about thirty seconds, then took his cock in her mouth.

"You trully our the best," Jordan said. His hands were rubbing her face and hair. He loved the way her lips looked wrapped around his cock. There would be parts of that look in the movie.

Her head moved quicker. His entire six inches was being sucked into his mouth. Her tongue moved well across his cock as it came in and out of her mouth and Jordan loved the way his eyes were looking into his.

Linda let the cock out of her mouth. Fuck me, she mouthed to him. Her hand was still wrapped around his cock, jerking it up and down.

Finally Jordan gave into his wife. "Would you like to take a ride on my cock babe?"

She shook her head happily.

"Well, just make it a quick one."

She slowly positioned herself over his cock. Jordan was lifting a finger to help her out. He was just sitting back and relaxing. Linda lowered her cunt hole and felt a surge go through her body when she felt his cock enter her.

"This feels so good," she moaned to Jordan. She rode his cock face to the ceiling. She massaged her own breasts through her bra. Her body was moving quickly. She felt great passion. Her body felt tingly all over. She came and came and came all over Jordan's dick.

"I feel your pussy dripping on my dick," Jordan said in the mist of her orgasm. "Hurry up, would you? I have to leave."

The pleasure departed quickly after that. She sat there riding his cock for one more minute. She was on the verge of tears.

"Finally," Jordan said in triumph. "Linda, got off my cock and suck my cum down your throat. I gotta cum real bad."

Linda got off Jordan's cock and got between his legs. She was almost crying now. She slurped his cock into her mouth and began jerking out his cum. Only seconds later she began cumming, shooting his load down her throat. Linda unhappily sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock, then licked him clean. She let his semen rest in her mouth, then opened her mouth to show Jordan it was there. She hoped this would make Jordan horny.

It only made him disgusted. The sight of her big teeth drenched with thick cum was just nasty.

"Don't do that woman. You have horse teeth."

With that she swallowed his cum in three long gulps. It was bitter and went down slowly.

Jordan got off the bed, had thoughts of kissing Linda, but realized her mouth was full of cum, so he simply got dressed and prepared for the rest of his day. It was going to be a busy one.

Linda bawled in her bed, shoved her face into a pillow and cried for an hour, the taste of cum in her mouth the whole time.

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