tagFetishThe Humiliation of Brenda Powers

The Humiliation of Brenda Powers


It was the first time that the family had all got together for quite a while. Surprisingly it had been cousin Sara's idea. Surprising because there had been a rift in the family ever since their grandmother had died leaving almost all of her estate to her favourite son - Brenda's father. The last thing anyone expected now, after nearly ten years of endless bickering and back biting between the two branches of the family, was an invitation to a summer picnic.

Brenda looked across the field where Sara was busy fussing around the makeshift trestle tables, pouring wine and passing round sandwiches to her sister and two other cousins. It was in the middle of nowhere, just a grassy slope on a tiny side road some distance out of town. Sara had said that it was time they all grew up and tried to get along with each other; what better way than a family picnic? For some reason though, only Brenda seemed to have turned up from her side of the family. She was deeply suspicious. She knew Sara from old and there was no great love lost between them, not least she suspected, because Sara was jealous. Jealous not just of the money Brenda had inherited, or of the well paid job she held in the city, or of the fact that she had been the prettiest and most admired cheerleader at school, but because Brenda was a size ten and very attractive; and she was never short of male attention. Sara on the other hand had not been dealt such a fortunate hand, her plain features not helped by a penchant for fast foods and excessive drinking. In short she was over-weight and without a man.

Brenda wandered over to the gathering and said 'hi' to each of her cousins, their partners and her Uncle and Aunty, Sara's parents. Finally she sat down next to her other cousins Mary and Gina.

"Hi Brenda."

"Hi guys. Any idea why my parents couldn't make it? Or for that matter John and Sue and the rest?"

"We were just talking about that, Sara thinks there may have been some confusion over the date."

"Well not for me there wasn't. She did say the fifteenth."

"Not sure. Anyway, what news from the dark side," enquired Mary – a clear reference to Brenda's side of the family. "Met any new guys recently?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well each time we see you have someone different in tow? Who you seeing this week?"

"I've been with the same guy now for nearly three years now. You make it sound like I'm some sort of..."

"She didn't mean it did you Gina?" interrupted Gina

"No of course not," said Gina, "I just meant..."

"I know what you meant. How about we keep things nice just for once."

"I was just asking."

"Well if you must know, he's called Bobby."

"Why didn't you bring him?"

"He's working away this weekend. Probably just as well hey? Save him getting a hard time from you lot!"

"I thought we were keeping it nice?" Sara joined in. "Jim was looking forward to meeting him weren't you Jim?"

"You bet" I replied..

"You knew he couldn't make it this weekend Sara, I told you on the phone," said Brenda.

"No matter. Maybe we can fix you up with Jim here instead?"

"Sounds cool to me!" I replied. I had had thing for Brenda for years. Although I was officially going out with Sara's sister Jess, it was no secret that I still had the hots for Brenda.

Brenda and I had been to the same school but she was a few years younger than me. I had watched her in fascination, almost obsessively, from the day she first arrived at our high school – just a gangly, shy, prepubescent school girl - to the time when she finally blossomed into the first throes of womanhood. But my feelings were unrequited and I had to content myself with lusting from afar. Now at age 33, she was in her prime, gorgeous, radiant and full of self confidence. For the umpteenth time I studied her body closely. She was around five foot eight inches or so tall, very lithe and with a pretty face framed by a thick main of long wavy hair. At first glance she looked to be a blonde, but on closer inspection she clearly wore highlights. I knew for a fact that her natural colour was somewhat different. There was really only one way of finding out for sure but so far my only insight had been a glimpse of her underarm hair some years ago.

"No thanks," replied Brenda, "Jim's a pervert; he's been spying on me ever since I was a kid." She turned to glare at me.

"Now that really isn't nice," said Mary, "and rich coming from you."


"You know meaning what Brenda."

"Go on then say it!" she taunted.

"You're a spoilt brat!"

"Yes," joined in Gina, "you think you're too good for the likes of us. Went with all the best looking guys at school. Only go out with your posh friends in town. Rich boyfriend..."

"That's not true."

"Which bit exactly? That Bobby for example, too ashamed to bring him here to meet the rest of your family aren't you?"

"You know that's not the reason."

"We know you need teaching a lesson. What you think Jim? Got any ideas?"

"You know he wants to fuck you don't you?" said Sara, "always has."

Brenda's temper flared: "you filthy bitch!" She instinctively slapped her cousin across the face.

"How dare you!" shouted Sara as Mary and Gina came to her rescue. "Grab hold of her you two."

Suddenly all the talking stopped in total unison everyone at the tables turned and stared. They knew it was coming, for this is what they had all been planning for nearly a month now. But now it was finally happening there was a shocked silence. I was riveted to the spot – the entire scene unfolding around me as if I were watching a movie. But this was real, and I was a central actor in the drama.

"Let's see what's so special about Brenda then." Gina grabbed at her hair and started dragging her backwards. "Come over here guys and take a good close look at your cousin!" Gina waved over the rest of the family.

"Now we finally get our pay back for all the humiliation we've been caused from your side of the family year after year. Time to humiliate you, up close and personal!"

"Yeh," continued Sara, "very personal," carefully emphasising the 'very'.

"What are you going to do?" yelled Brenda. She was suddenly very frightened.

"Strip you naked and put you on display to the whole family!"

"Ugh?" she said incredulously. "You can't be serious..."

As the rest of the family crowded round, Mary, Sara and Gina dragged Brenda over to an empty table, set aside from the rest, and held her firm.

"Where shall we start then?"

"How about her titties?" Suggested Mary

"Yes, let's take a look shall we? Mary, help me pull down her top so we can get her tits out."

Brenda was not the classic hourglass shape. Today she wore a slinky white sundress, buttoned all the way up the front, which only served to emphasise her unique physique. Although she was very slim, with lovely long legs, her ass was ever-so-slightly disproportionally large in relation to her hips and in particular her breasts. She was extremely embarrassed about the size of her breasts and tried vainly to compensate for what nature had given her by other means. What nobody actually knew of course, excepting her boyfriends, was just how flat chested she really was. It was also a huge source of intrigue for me, for tiny, girly breasts were a real turn on and I longed to study them.

By now, Sara and Mary were positioned on either side of Brenda, holding her firmly by the arms. Before she had time to react, they both lunged at the shoulder straps of her pretty sundress and pulled sideways. The straps immediately broke and the shiny row of silver buttons running down the centre of her dress start to pop one by one. The family audience gasped. As the fifth button flew off, the two now unsupported flaps of fabric covering her chest flopped open to reveal a small white cotton bra. From a distance, it looked like her breasts where quite a respectable size.

With cries of protest, Brenda struggled furiously and tried to lift up her hands to cover her modesty. She was not strong enough.

"Just a nice handful," someone commented.

"Looks can be deceiving you know," responded Sara as she reached round from behind and ripped off her bra. "In case you didn't know everyone, Brenda has to wear padded bras," said Sara in a loud voice. Now you can see why!" Turning to Brenda: "I've always wondered just how tiny your tits really are!" With that she tossed Brenda's thick, foam filled bra into the crowd.

Brenda now stood before them with her breasts on display, rigid with fear and embarrassment. She could see some of the men busy turning her bra inside out and inspecting the foam inserts with curiosity. With the protective shield of her 'falsies' now ripped away, she tried to bend low to avoid the intense staring. The girls immediately pulled her back up and thrust her chest forward. Everyone could now clearly see just how tiny her breasts were. In fact they were really no more than the prepubescent swellings you might expect for a girl a third her age. Her areolas were equally small – barely three quarters of an inch in diameter. They looked like they had just started to develop and were slowly turning from baby pink to a more exotic shade of brown. At the centre, her nipples were ripening nicely; in contrast to her flat chest, they were surprisingly thick and prominent.

"Wow she's just like a small girl! Hardly anything at all!" said one of the women laughing.

"Wouldn't mind sucking on those little rubbery teats though," I shouted.

"So which bit of Brenda would you like to see next Jim?" asked Sara.

"Her ass?" suggested Gina. "You know you've always wanted to."

"Err yes," I stammered. "I really would, I really would..." My mouth started to salivate in excitement and anticipation.

"OK then, this is going to be your lucky day. Bend her over girls! Make Jim's dream finally come true."

Mentally I had undressed her many times. The thought of what might lie hidden between those lovely, rounded, firm butt cheeks had kept me focused on more than one occasion when I needed some release. In short, I would wank to my imaginings of what Brenda looked like naked, displaying her colourful hairy genitals and tiny breasts to me. She was the ultimate sex object and I longed to know her intimate secrets.

Gina and Mary took Brenda firmly by the shoulders and forced her down over the picnic table whilst Sara and Jess grabbed hold of her ankles. Brenda fought them like a caged animal, kicking out and trying to throw off the girls with very ounce of her being.

"Get off me you shits!" she yelled, "you'll all pay for this!"

"Your turn Jim," called Sara, "pull up her dress... quickly! She's fighting like a bitch!"

So it was finally going to happen. I crept up behind Brenda and taking hold of the hem of her dress, slowly drew it up - first exposing her shapely calves, then her knees and finally the back of her upper thighs. The light tanning on her legs turning paler the higher I went.

Then, suddenly, I came face to face with her beautiful panty covered ass. She was wearing simple, white cotton briefs. not an expensive lacy thong as I am sure some of the girls were expecting. Even more of surprise, they were not pure white. Rather they were slightly discoloured and a bit threadbare, almost transparent, where they were stretched taught over the centre of her generous buttocks. And there, showing through behind the flimsy fabric, I could just make out the dark cleft of her ass crack. My stomach turned over with excitement and lust.

The small family crowd now leaned in to see the action up close.

"Pull 'em down Jim. Pull her panties right down and show everyone her bare ass."

"Get off me you bastards!" screamed Brenda. But no-one was listening.

"Pull her legs open a bit more ladies..." I instructed. With a huge effort Gina and Mary started to drag her feet apart as I gathered up the folds of her sundress and pulled them right up over the soft bulge of her hips. I noticed how soft and pale her skin was. In another time and place I might have caressed and kissed and stoked it - but not today. I was totally caught up in the raw heat of the moment and needed to see her naked, right there, right now. No time to waste. I wanted to rip her off panties and gorge myself on the spectacle of her naked body! With my left hand still holding the scrunched up material against her the small of her back, I clumsily hooked the fingers of my right deep under the waistband of her grubby coloured panties and yanked them down as hard as I could. All at once, revealed in front of everyone, was Brenda's beautiful naked bottom. Her panties lay caught around her ankles, the inner gusset turned inside out for everyone to see.

I studied it for a moment and could clearly see the telltale signs of white slime and a slight smudge of brown where the material had been drawn up tight against her asshole. It was not very pleasant. I reached down to thread them off over her feet.

"Throw them back here Jim so we can have a sniff." I gathered up the smelly looking garment and threw it behind me to one of the husbands.

With Brenda's ankles now unrestrained by her underwear, Gina and Mary were able to spread her legs slightly further apart.

"Hold her firm girls," I said as I sank down on my knees and pressed my face against her the warm flesh of her ass cheeks. They were wonderfully smooth and reasonably blemish free, save the angry red wheals caused by elastic of her underwear and a random smattering of tiny pink spots near her crack. The exposed faces of that deep valley between her cheeks were tinged with yellow.

I was immediately aware of her scent, but it was not the sweet fragrance of perfume – rather the unmistakable, musty odour of something else. It was a hot day, and I could now clearly see that the whole area around the cleft of her buttocks was coated in dampness. It was the smell of Brenda's very sweaty ass crack.

"Enjoying yourself Jim?" called Sara

"It stinks down here," I replied

"Better let some fresh air in then," suggested Jess. "Pull open her butt cheeks."

This was the moment, I could hardly believe it. And it was actually my girlfriend who was inviting me to do it.

Brenda started to wriggle furiously. "Get away, leave off me!"

I slapped her butt cheeks hard and watched them wobble tantalisingly in front of me. Another wave of stale, musty air wafted across my nostrils.

"Ow!" She screamed at the top of her voice!"

Whilst he girls struggled to hold Brenda down, I placed the palm of my hands firmly at the centre of each of her big pale buttocks and gently pushed them apart. I was immediately overwhelmed by the smell, almost a stink. But it wasn't the smell of shit.

"Get off me, stop it, what are you doing..." cried Brenda.

"Jim wants to inspect your butt hole darling," answered Jess. "He's always wanted to. He's told me many times. He's got a thing for assholes don't you Jim?"

I nodded, I was too excited even speak. Now that the first shock of the smell had passed, I realised that it wasn't totally unpleasant after all. In fact I started to I understand that it was actually turning me on even more. It was Brenda's own personal smell, the odour of her genitals and it was the core of her sex. I let my nose delve into her widening crack and breathed in deeply. It was foul and heady all at the same time. I could see nothing. My eyes were screwed up tightly as I enjoyed the stink of her sweaty ass.

Now it was time to feast my eyes! I rocked back on my haunches and allowed my gaze to trace the inner line of her crack right from the first reddish dimple at the base of her spine, down towards her anus. I was fascinated by the colouring and texture of her skin. In particular, the lower inner walls of her butt cheeks were discoloured, a dirty yellow colour, as if over the years the skin colour had been tainted by the smearing from continually wiping her ass. At the deepest point, the valley of her crack was quite shiny, the yellow transforming into mottled hues of red and pale purple, peppered with more tiny spots. Then, in an instant, I was staring at the outer edges of her anus. The colours broadened out into a neatly formed triangle of murky brown which identified the beginnings of her genital area. Where the brown smudged into the pale white of her buttocks, there was more evidence of yellow staining.

I now allowed myself the final luxury of studying Brenda's anus. I could see every little detail with total clarity. Ultimately, this secret hole was the source of her most pungent smells. I stared hard. There, inches away was the deeply puckered rim of her shit hole! The radiating ridges of her sphincter were well defined and the entire area was coated with a translucent cream coloured substance. It was much larger in diameter than I had expected and not pink, but a vivid, dusky purple colour. Her hole was slightly open and I could see a trickle of slime oozing out. Where it had lodged in some of the deeper creases, the cream had turned into an opaque white paste peppered with tiny flecks of brown. Remnants of Brenda's last shit. A fine sliver of pink toilet tissue was stuck firm in the goo. The whole spectacle was disgusting and exciting all at the same time. I couldn't begin to imagine the utter humiliation of letting anyone see this – not even your most intimate sexual partner, let alone members of your family or a male friend. It was so totally degrading.

"You filthy, horrible despicable pervert..." Brenda's voice cracked and her violent protests started to turn to sobs as I started to stretch open her anus for a closer look in her actual hole.

"We're not going to hurt you Bren, Jim just wants to look inside your butt hole."

"Please no, no..." she sobbed. Her voice trailed away and she stopped the struggling, resigned now to the fact that she could not stop them – and in any case it was already too late. Everyone was looking at her totally exposed ass, worst still, Jim was examining her not-so-clean asshole. She had not showered since her last visit to the bathroom and knew it was probably a little ripe.

"Go on Jim, push your nose right in there – you know you want to."

So caught up in the moment, and ignoring completely the perverted spectacle I was clearly making of myself, I plunged my nose hard into the centre of Brenda's slimy anus - my face wedged firmly between her butt cheeks. I instantly found myself suffocating in the overpowering stench. It felt like minutes later, although it was probably only around 30 seconds, that Jess pulled my head back. The end of my nose was now covered in a thin film of Brenda's anal mucus.

"Better come up for air Jim." It was Jess. "You can have too much of a good thing you know."

"Yeh, come out Jim, give the rest of us a look see," said Brenda's uncle. I haven't seen Brenda naked since I wiped her ass when she was a baby." His wife looked horrified.

I stood up and turned round just in time to see Uncle Bob crawl up behind me.

"There Bob, take a good look."

By now Brenda's sobbing was uncontrollable. "No Uncle Bob, please don't look at me like this..."

As I took a step back, Bob took my place and stared intently between Brenda's legs. His jaw dropped. "Wow Brenda baby, your asshole stinks!"

"Time for the photo shoot boys," interrupted Sara. "Help me get Brenda up on the table."

Now all the fight had gone from her, the four girls and Bob lifted Brenda up onto the table by her legs and shoulders and set her down on her knees. Bob then took off her sandals. Grasping her firmly by the ankles, he slowly spread her knees open as wide as he could. At the same time he appeared to be examining the yellowy soles of her feet. He clearly had a foot fetish as well as a perversion for seeing his niece butt naked.

Gina and Mary pushed down Brenda's head into a makeshift pillow they had created from a folded a towel and told her to stop crying.

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