tagBDSMThe Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 01

The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 01


Author's note: This story has been written at the request of Jen. She does exist, lives in Louisiana, and Uncle Jimmy also really exists. However his shenanigans are purely the figment of Jen's very fertile imagination and the author's wayward sexual deviancy. Jen wants a slow build up in the story, so what Jen wants, she gets.

I need to point out that this story is based in Louisiana, but written by the author who lives in New Zealand which is a million miles, give or take, from where the story is based. So for you purists I apologise if the settings around college basketball are not entirely authentic. Also my barbs about life in Louisiana are just meant to wind up the real life Jen so don't take it personally if you come from that beautiful Southern State.

This is Jen's story............

Chapter One

Where do I begin? I guess it would be polite to introduce myself first. My name is Jen. It is Jennifer to be more correct, but everybody just calls me Jen. I am a really good girl and there is no way I should have got myself mixed up in a story like this. It is just not right or fair. I am sure you will agree when you read my story.

I am 18 years of age and live in Louisiana with my parents, as well as my brother, Jethro and sister, Trixie. I don't want to sound conceited, but I think I am quite pretty. My boyfriend certainly thinks so. He tells me I look a lot like the singer, Taylor Swift, which makes me blush. But I guess I can see the likeness, except I am a brunette. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say I have a nice figure and lovely firm breasts. I am a 24B bra cup.

Now I know there are a lot of ignorant people out there who think girls in Louisiana spend much of their time jumping into bed with their cousins, getting pregnant, bringing up a brood of kids in a shack on the bayou, and just spending the evenings playing the banjo and drinking moonshine. Personally I blame the movie, Deliverance.

However let me assure you I am far from this insulting Southern belle stereotype. I attend the local college where my grades consistently place me as one of the best students in my classes. I have plans to get accepted at a top University, get a degree, and really make something of myself. Very few of my extended family have been to University, but I want to be different. Not that I want to belittle my family. My Ma and Pa are really supportive of me, and I get on really well with my Uncles and Aunts. That is with the exception of my Uncle Jimmy!

Uncle Jimmy is in his early forties and is married to my Ma's younger sister, Shirley. Forgive me if I speak plainly, but I just don't like Uncle Jimmy, and I never trusted him. Aunt Shirley met Uncle Jimmy when he was a hotshot basketball player at college. He was one of Louisiana's best outside shooters, regularly slotting three pointers. The NBA scouts were reportedly interested. Then he popped his knee, got Aunt Shirley pregnant, and his basketball ambitions went sliding away. Since then he has always resented our side of the family, as if him getting Aunt Shirley pregnant was somehow a big conspiracy on the part of our family to end his basketball dreams.

Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Shirley now have two boys, and while they are fairly good at basketball, they have struggled academically and the oldest was lucky not to be expelled when found with a small quantity of drugs. I think he was only saved because Uncle Jimmy is now the coach of the college basketball team.

The fact that myself and my brother and sister have always been well behaved and are doing well academically seems to get right up Uncle Jimmy's nose. Especially as my proud parents seem to constantly tell everyone who will listen how wonderful we are. I love my parents, but they can be a bit over the top with their praise.

However of all the people in our extended family that Uncle Jimmy resents it seems, for whatever reason, that I am at the top of his list. When we are at a family gathering Uncle Jimmy is always his usual charming and courteous self. My cousins all think he is the neatest guy, as he is the closest we have to a celebrity in our unassuming, proudly working class family. There are occasions, however, at our family gatherings when I have looked over at Uncle Jimmy and found him staring at me and even occasionally gives me a sneaky wink. It gives me the creeps big time.

On the odd occasions the two of us are alone anywhere he makes comments that are designed to put me down and often have sexual overtones. When I react he just laughs and is even more scornful of me. I find him downright crass, and I think I have good reason to. Last summer at a college basketball fundraiser he chatted up two of my female college friends, who are less than half his age, and offered them a ride home afterwards. Aunt Shirley was on holiday in New Orleans with my mother at the time. He persuaded my two friends to stop off at his house on the way and after drinking alcohol they ended up nude in his spa. My friends have sworn me to secrecy over the incident, and swear that nothing else happened, however when I pressed them on the subject they seemed hesitant and had trouble looking me in the eyes. I am not so sure.

On one occasion earlier this year when Uncle Jimmy and I were alone in the backyard of my house he got up to his usual trick of trying to put me down with his comments, and I angrily reacted by telling him that I knew what he had done with my friends and he should be ashamed of himself. However far from feeling contrite, it just spurned Uncle Jimmy on.

He just gave me one of his infuriating winks, before whispering, "And you know what, Jen, your friends had very tasty bodies. Such firm titties and tight little butts."

I looked at him in aghast.

"But you know what, Jen," he grinned, "I bet you have a body that could put them to shame. Why don't you come around for a spa so I can find out?"

I stormed off in disgust. Uncle Jimmy yelled out that he was only kidding me and not to take him so seriously.

At this point I have to confess that I am still a virgin at 18. It is not that I am a real prude or deeply religious, or anything like that. I just don't believe a girl should jump into bed with just any boy who comes along. Most of my female friends have slept with their boyfriends, but that is a choice they made and I don't really care. I know some of the boys, and even my own friends, believe I am a bit of a stuck up bitch who thinks she is superior to them. I am just not into partying and sucking up to jocks around college like my friends do.

In truth my confident, outspoken demeanour actually hides a young lady who is in many ways insecure and shy. I am especially bashful when it comes to my own body. Even though I know I have a nice figure I should be proud of I am frightfully awkward when it comes to displaying it in public. I am reluctant to wear short dresses, even though I know I have long slender legs that a lot of girls would die for. When I go swimming I feel exposed even when wearing my modest bikini that is not very revealing. Most of the time I keep my towel wrapped around me. I don't like it when I notice men staring at my breasts, especially if I think my nipples might be protruding through whatever fabric I am wearing. I therefore always wear a bra, even when I am relaxing around home.

I have had a number of boyfriends, but mostly they have been short term relationships. Mostly they dump me when they find I am strictly off limits for any sort of sexual activity, even the mildest foreplay. I don't like it when they put their hand on my leg, or try to cop a feel of my firm titties. I know I am a well developed young woman who should take a more enlightened and adventurous stance towards the opposite sex, but there is a mental block and shyness I cannot overcome.

I do have a new boyfriend, Bobby, who I have been dating for almost three months. Finally I feel I have met someone who seems to genuinely like me, and is not just lusting after my body. Bobby plays in the college orchestra with me. I play the violin while he plays the saxophone. He is in some respects a little geeky, but I like him a lot. He is very polite and respectful, and is never crude. He is also very funny and has the ability to pick me up when my spirits are down. For the very first time in my life I have a relationship with a boy that I feel committed to making work.

As I mentioned, Uncle Jimmy is now the Head Coach of our boys college basketball team. He is no longer the six feet and five inch supreme athlete he use to be, with too much beer and junk food being the main contributor to his expanded waistline. However he is still recognised as one of the finest basketballers the college has ever produced, and has been the Head Coach for the past five years. His success record as Coach has not been great. Our team have never even got close to qualifying for the State Championships, but after each season Uncle Jimmy somehow persuades the College board that he is rebuilding and next year will see bigger and brighter things.

Uncle Jimmy's two redneck boys, Billy and Stan, are both in the college team, along with my older brother, Jethro, as well as another cousin of mine, Dirk. It is a bit of a family affair. Often I have to drop my brother off to basketball practice, and then I go off to my orchestra rehearsal before coming back to the stadium to pick up Jethro. Normally they have not finished practice so I take a seat in the small grandstand and patiently wait. This means that even though I try to avoid my Uncle Jimmy like the plague, we inevitably end up having contact with each other at the stadium. After the practice my cousin, Dirk, and Jethro usually come and sit beside me in the grandstand to cool down and drink their fluids. Billy and Stan seem to share their dislike of me with their father, so they rarely join us. That suits me fine as they are jerks just like their Dad. The girls they date are always tarts who wear high heels, skirts that are too short, and boobs almost hanging out of their tops. In short, those girls have no class, which means they are well paired up with Uncle Jimmy's boys.

My poor Aunt Shirley has tried really hard to be a good mother to her two boys, but I think she has been too soft on them and the overbearing bad influence of their father has made them what they are today. My Ma is always lecturing her younger sister, Shirley, on how to raise a family successfully, but alas I think it has fallen on deaf ears.

Last week the conductor of our orchestra had asked Uncle Jimmy if he could change the times his team practiced over the next four weeks so the orchestra could make use of the stadium. We were scheduled to have a concert in there in a month's time so it was important we got a chance to rehearse in the venue before the big night of our concert. However Uncle Jimmy flatly refused to co-operate and even though we complained to the College Dean he was reluctant to stand up to Uncle Jimmy. Because Uncle Jimmy is family I felt terribly embarrassed about this. The conductor had asked me if I could talk to him and try to persuade him to change his mind, but I told him it would make no difference as we did not get on at all well.

It was while waiting in the grandstand for my brother, Jethro, to finish his basketball practice that my life began to slowly unravel in a very big way. As usual, I had been to orchestra rehearsal. My relationship with Bobby was beginning to blossom and for once I was motivated to impress him. So before leaving home with Jethro I put on a light summer dress that my Ma and Pa had given me as a present a couple of years ago. I had hardly ever worn as it was a lightweight fabric and shorter than I felt comfortable in. The few times I had worn it in public I felt a constant need to either put my hands in front of my boobs or pull down the hem because it had drifted up above mid thigh. However on this day I was determined to make a really positive impression on Bobby, who would also be at orchestra rehearsal. So putting my reservations aside I wore my dress. I did wear a bra though, even though the dress had a boob tube elastic top that was meant to be worn without a bra.

I think it did make an impression on Bobby as I caught him looking at me a couple of times during rehearsal, and after we finished he told me how pretty I looked. I couldn't help blushing. I wanted to stay and talk to him but I was already running late to pick up my brother.

As usual, when I arrived at the stadium the basketball practice was still underway. Time deadlines meant nothing to Uncle Jimmy. It made little difference to him that people had to wait. I had been in a buoyant mood when I arrived, but soon became annoyed as I had rushed away from chatting with Bobby and was now sitting around waiting for basketball practice to finish.

By the time they finally finished I was smouldering, and found it difficult to be civil to Jethro and my cousin, Dirk, when they sat down beside me on the grandstand to cool down and drink what seemed to be a few gallons of water. I noticed Uncle Jimmy had glanced up at me a couple of times but I immediately looked away. He even gave me a little wave on one occasion, but I refused to acknowledge him. His refusal to let the orchestra rehearse in the stadium was the last straw. I didn't care if I never talked to him again. I was therefore utterly dismayed when, after practice, Uncle Jimmy strolled off the court and up the stairs of the grandstand until he was standing beside where Jethro, Dirk and I were seated.

"Hello Jen. Long time no see."

I ignored him, hoping he would leave.

"You didn't have to dress up in that nice pretty dress just to impress me," he smirked, and the boys had the audacity to laugh at his crassness.

"Not likely," I bit back.

Uncle Jimmy decided he had had enough of winding me up so turned his attention to Jethro and Dirk.

"Good practice tonight boys. I think we are going to really put it together this Saturday."

"Really! I have heard that before." I could not resist a sarcastic interjection.

Uncle Jimmy looked at me with utter contempt, before turning his attention back to the boys.

"I have a really good feeling about this game. The way we are going I am confident we are going to beat the pants off McNeese State."

I just about fell off my seat. We hadn't beaten McNeese State since Neanderthal man stood up and walked. And certainly hadn't even got close in the five years Uncle Jimmy had been coaching. To make matters worse Jethro and Dirk nodded their heads excitedly, obviously agreeing with their Neanderthal coach.

I should have kept my mouth shut, but I just couldn't resist having a go at what I saw as Uncle Jimmy's total stupidly.

"You have got to be bloody kidding me. You couldn't beat McNeese in a spitting contest, let alone on the basketball court." It was my turn to have the contempt in my voice. "You are such a pack of dreamers."

I stood up to leave but Uncle Jimmy was blocking my way out.

"We need to leave," I snapped. "Some of us have lives outside of basketball."

Uncle Jimmy stood his ground and just glared at me. I held his gaze, refusing to be overawed by him.

"So you think we don't have a chance, Miss bloody know it all. Do you want have a little bet on it?"

"I am not interested in your damn bets. Now get out of my way,' I retorted.

He partially stepped out of the way and I angrily brushed past him. True to character he made sure there was only enough room for me to squeeze past him, so that my breasts rubbed against him as I passed by.

"Not even if the bet involves your beloved orchestra?" he responded just as I was descending the stairs.

I stopped in my tracks and turned back to glare at him. "What about the orchestra?"

"If you are so confident we are going to lose, let's have a little side bet on the orchestra, honey."

"I am not your honey," I snarled. "And I don't bet."

"Suit yourself, honey." He turned away from me and starting speaking to his oldest boy, Stan, who had wandered up to watch the verbal altercation between his father and his stuck up cousin.

I stood there with my hands on my hips, infuriated yet again by my Uncle Jimmy.

"What bet?"

Uncle Jimmy ignored me.

"What is the bet? I repeated, louder this time.

Slowly Uncle Jimmy turned back to me. "I thought you weren't interested....honey,"

"I asked you not to call me honey. What is the bet?"

"If we lose against McNeese on Saturday then I will agree to let your orchestra use the stadium for rehearsals over the next four weeks."

"At the times our conductor has asked for?" I questioned warily.

"Yes, at the times that arse-wipe conductor wants."

I continued to glare at him, trying to figure what he was up to.

"What is the catch?"

"O, yee of little faith," Uncle Jimmy shook his head as if disappointed by my line of questioning. "There is no catch. If we lose then your orchestra has access to the stadium, when you need it, until your big concert. Think of the big heroine you will be. Rushing in to save the day. That babyfaced boyfriend of yours will be kissing your feet."

I refused to be baited by his put-down of my boyfriend, Bobby. I was much too focused on the audacious bet he was offering me, which seemed too good to be believable.

"I cannot believe you are making that bet with me in all seriousness. I have witnesses here who have heard what you say, so there is no weaselling out when your team gets its butt kicked."

"Come off it Jen," my brother, Jethro, interjected. "You are supposed to be supporting our team, not making us sound like a bunch of losers."

I wanted to point out to my brother that they were, in fact, a bunch of losers when it came to basketball, but not even in my riled state could I be that cruel.

"You know what I mean, Jethro. McNeese are a really good team and there is no way you can beat them on Saturday." I tried to appease my brother's hurt ego.

I turned my attention back to Uncle Jimmy. "So you are sincerely telling me there is absolutely no catch. You lose, and the orchestra is in."

"Yep. I am a man of my word, regardless of what you might think of me."

"And, what if you win?" I asked tentatively.

"But I thought you said there was no way in hell my team of losers could beat McNeese on Saturday?"

"There isn't," I retorted. "But I cannot help but be curious as to what the bet is, if, by some absolute miracle, you do beat McNeese because half of their team break a leg during the game."

Uncle Jimmy gazed at me as he seemed to ponder what the other side of the bet would entail. As he stared at me his eyes wandered down my body and focused on my long legs poking out from underneath my too-short dress. I had been so riled up that I had totally forgotten I was wearing my lightweight summer dress. I suddenly felt very self conscious. It was as if his eyes could see right through the fabric of my clothing and view my nakedness underneath. Despite myself I began to blush, bringing one arm up in front of my titties and the other in front of my pelvis. This caused Uncle Jimmy to give me a rye smile. He knew he had me flustered.

"Well?" I asked impatiently, trying to draw his attention away from my body.

"If, by some absolute miracle we do beat McNeese...."

"Yes?" I wished he would just get on with whatever he had to say.

"If by some absolute miracle we do beat McNeese," he repeated, "You will have to travel with us to all our away games this season and be our honorary cheerleader."

"What!" I literally screamed. "Are you stark raving mad."

I looked around at the small crowd of boys who had all gathered around me to watch the verbal slugfest between their Coach and his niece. They all seemed to be enjoying the show. My brother was looking a little sheepish, but made no attempt to leap to my defence.

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