The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 02


I tried to keep one arm placed in front of my chest, while the other kept hold of the bottom of my skirt, continuously trying to pull in down so my knickers were not exposed. After what seemed an eternity I made it across the stadium floor and stood in front of Uncle Jimmy and Sonja. Both were obviously amused at my discomfort.

Uncle Jimmy let his eyes wander lazily over my body, before turning to Sonja.

"What do you reckon? Is it a good fit on Jen or not? You don't think it is too big?"

I gasped. "Are you crazy?"

Sonja seemed to consider the question. "I am not sure. It is so hard to see if she keeps her arms in front of her."

I gave her the look of death. 'You absolute bitch', I thought.

"Put your hands down, for heavens sake, Jen," Uncle Jimmy scolded me like a little child.

I felt like I was eight years old, not eighteen. Reluctantly I let my arms fall to my side.

Uncle Jimmy and Sonja once again looked me up and down.

"I suppose it is pretty good fit," Sonja finally admitted reluctantly.

"Yes, I like it," Uncle Jimmy concurred. "Especially the way her nipples poke out like that."

Mortified, I quickly brought both arms up across my chest.

"There is no way I am going to waltz around in front of a crowded stadium wearing this outfit. It is positively indecent, and you know it. Our own cheerleader's outfits are not as miniscule as this, so there is no reason why I should be forced to wear it. I will be ridiculed!" I pleaded. "Please Uncle Jimmy. Not this. You have had your fun, now it is time to stop."

Uncle Jimmy's response was to give me a lopsided grin. "Jen, my darling niece, my fun hasn't even begun."

I suddenly felt very petrified.

"Now. We have wasted far too much time on this," he continued. "I have a team of basketballers to coach, and Sonja you have a budding cheerleader you have to hammer into shape in 3 weeks." Uncle Jimmy looked back at me. "What are you waiting for, girl? Go and get changed into your gym gear, unless you want to keep showing off that cute little body of yours."

I knew the whole situation was out of control. Well certainly out of my control. But I didn't seem to have much choice, and not wanting to stand there receiving more ridicule I quickly made my way back to the men's locker room. I was about to get unchanged when I heard a noise and froze. One of the players emerged from the toilet and started washing his hands in the basin. When he noticed my reflection in the mirror he turned to stare.

"Don't mind me," he grinned. "I promise I won't look."

"Do I look totally stupid?" I retorted.

He tried to look hurt. "Aw, come on. You can trust me."

"Get the fuck out of here," I spat. I was shocked at my own language but my nerves were stretched to breaking point.

Fortunately he decided it was time to quit, but not before mumbling 'and fuck you too' as a parting shot as he exited the locker room.

I was very thankful to finally be able to strip off my ridiculously skimpy purple and yellow cheerleaders outfit, and dreaded the thought that I would ever have to put it on again. I hastily put my bra back on, followed by my white tee shirt, shorts and sneakers. I now wished I had put something more substantial in my bag as gym clothing, but in reality it is so damn hot and sticky in Louisiana at this time of year I would have died if I had put on any additional clothing. I was so painfully shy of my body that I still felt exposed in my tee shirt and shorts, but at least it was a heck of a lot better than what I had just been forced to wear.

By the time I exited the locker room Uncle Jimmy had his team fully focused on the basketball drills and apart from some furtive glances I was able to make my way to the far end of the stadium without any jeers or sneers. Sonja was standing there waiting for me, her toe tapping the floor impatiently.

"Bout time girl. We got plenty of work to do. You done any cheerleading before?"


"Nothing at all?"


"Gawd bloody almighty. I hope you learn quick."

I couldn't believe Sonja was treating me with such contempt, given we were the same age. 'What a tramp' I thought to myself.

Sonja then proceeded to inform me that given the short amount of time we were just going to focus on one dance routine, so I better listen good and do as she said. She then turned on the little ghetto blaster she had brought with her. 'Girls just wanna have fun' by Cyndi Lauper screeched out of the speakers.

"This is your song, girl. I hope ya like it."

"Well I don't," I groaned.

"Too bloody bad. We gonna have some fun, so it is such a fitting song."

We spent the next hour with Cyndi Lauper blasting in my ears while going through a set of pathetic dance routines that to me seems to consist of a whole lot of pointless writhing, twirling and jumping. Making matters worse was the fact that within fifteen minutes I was struggling due to a gross lack of fitness. It came as a shock to me how unfit I was. Reluctantly Sonja stopped every ten minutes to let me get my breath back. She hardly raised a sweat, even though she was working out along with me. Her flexibility was also amazing, being able to raise her leg above her head. I on the other hand had about as much flexibility as a popsicle stick. I was actually pretty pathetic.

At the end of the hour I was just about dead. Uncle Jimmy wandered down to check up on us while his boys packed away the balls and other gear. Uncle Jimmy asked Sonja how I had gone.

"Frankly she is hopeless, Mr Stovac. She is an absolute greenhorn and totally unfit."

I wanted to jump to my own defence but I was too exhausted to bother.

Uncle Jimmy looked me up and down, yet again. "I can see how unfit she is."

I looked down at myself and realised what he was referring to. My tee shirt was soaked with sweat. My bra was clearly visible through the thin fabric. I wondered if my continuous embarrassment was every going to end.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to do this, Mr Stovac?" Sonja enquired of Uncle Jimmy. "As good as I am, it is asking too much to have her ready in three weeks."

"Yes, I am sure. She is going to be our cheerleader in three weeks, ready or not." Uncle Jimmy turned to me. "You need to get yourself fit, girl. Get your nose out of those books, stop playing that damn violin so much, and get some exercise. At the beginning of each practice I am going to give you a fitness test and I expect to see improvement or else I'll stick you over my knee and give that firm little bum of yours a damn good spank."

I opened my mouth in outrage, but had no energy to have another verbal battle with my oaf of an uncle. Instead I turned and stormed off. I could hear the both of them sniggering in the background.

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