The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 06


I had been chatting and laughing with Bobby for over 15 minutes when my bedroom door swung open and a very unhappy looking Aunt Shirley stood in the doorway.

"I thought I told you to get changed into your pyjamas and join us for supper."

Oops. In my excitement to catch up with Bobby I had totally forgotten my Aunt's request.

"Put that phone away before I flush it down the toilet," my Aunt angrily continued.
I wanted to argue the point but given this was the second time I had angered my Aunt on my first day staying with them I decided I would be better off to bite my tongue. I hastily said bye to Bobby and snapped my phone shut.

"Your mother was right. You have become too big for your boots, and you have just earned yourself a spanking."

My mouth dropped open in disbelief. "A spanking? Please, no, Aunt Shirley. I promise I will do as I am told from now on," I desperately pleaded.

"I am afraid it is too late for that now, Missy. A spanking will remind you of the behaviour we expect from you while you are staying in this house."

I groaned in disbelief. This couldn't be happening to me. Silently I followed my Aunt down the hallway to the dining room where a light supper had been served. I felt really bad as my Aunt had obviously gone to a lot of trouble. Uncle Jimmy and Billy had just finished and left to watch TV. I sat down at the table and began to eat. My Aunt had disappeared into the kitchen and when she returned she sat down opposite me. I was too ashamed to look at her, but when I heard the noise of something thumping on the table I glanced up. I wished I hadn't because the noise was made by Aunt Shirley placing the wooden spoon in the middle of the table. At that point I entirely lost my appetite.

"Stand up," she directed.

I had only just sat down, but quickly obeyed, nervously standing up beside my dining chair.

"Take off your pyjama bottoms and hand them to me."

"Nooo," I groaned. "I have no panties on underneath. Please can't you spank me over my pyjamas."

I was so aware that my Uncle Jimmy and Billy were just sitting around the corner in the lounge. However my Aunt was not about to be swayed by my pleas.


A tear rolled down my cheek as I lowered my pyjama bottoms, stepped out of them, and handed them to my Aunt.

"Now sit down at the table and eat your supper."

Not wanting to offend my Aunt anymore, I somehow managed to digest most of my supper under her watchful eye. The fabric of the dining chair felt rough against the skin of my bare buttocks, a constant reminder of my semi-nakedness. I could not believe I was sitting at the table of my Uncle and Aunt, naked from the waist down. It was so humiliating.

Just as I was finishing my supper Billy walked out of the lounge and through the dining room to the kitchen. I cringed and held my breath, but fortunately Billy didn't glance down towards my seated figure. However my luck ran out when he returned a few moments later with two beers in his hands.

"What the f....?" he blurted out, not believing his eyes.

"You hush up now, Billy. I don't want to hear foul language coming out of your mouth."

"Sorry Maw," he quickly apologised, but his eyes were riveted on my bare buttocks exposed at the back of the chair.

Slowly he made his way through the dining room to the lounge, his eyes not leaving me until he disappeared through the archway. My cheeks were blushing bright red with embarrassment. I could hear an excited murmur of conversation between Billy and his father and I had no doubt what it was about.

Sure enough within a minute my Uncle Jimmy sauntered out of the lounge and stood in the archway. He tried to act casual and asked Aunt Shirley a question, but there was no doubting the real reason he was standing there. He could not resist the temptation to ogle my semi-nudity. I just sat there with my eyes closed, willing him to disappear.

After what seemed forever he obviously decided he had seen enough of his young niece's bare buttocks and he returned back to the lounge. When I opened my eyes Aunt Shirley was holding the wooden spoon as if she wanted to pass it to me. I frowned back at her, confused.

"Take it."

I reached out and took the wooden spoon in my hand.

"I don't understand?" I queried.

"Look, Jen. This is your first day here and I want to cut you some slack. You have behaved very poorly, but I do believe that deep down you are not a naughty girl. I know that your Uncle Jimmy can be a little trying at times but he is just a harmless big softy, and I do want all of us to get on well for the next two weeks."

I was not sure I believed my Aunt that Uncle Jimmy was just a big softy, however I was not about to argue the point as I could not believe my luck.

I jumped up and gave my Aunt Shirley a big hug, still holding the wooden spoon in my hand. "Thank you. I promise I will...."

"Not quite so fast," my Aunt interrupted.

I stepped back, again confused. I was aware I was more exposed now I was standing up and prayed that neither my Uncle nor Billy would come back into the dining room.

"I am not going to punish you, but I believe you need a stern reminder that you have let yourself down tonight. You can decide how stern that reminder should be."

"I don't understand?"

My Aunt was making no sense.

"Take the wooden spoon with you into your bedroom and administer your own punishment. You decide what you deserve. When you are finished, return the spoon to me. I will be in the kitchen washing up."

I stared vacantly at my Aunt Shirley, trying to ensure I had heard her correctly.

"You want me to spank myself?" I said it in a manner that made it sound like I had never heard anything so outlandish, which was close to the truth.

My Aunt nodded at me condescendingly, like I was a child who was having trouble understanding something very basic. I waited for her to say something else, but she just continued to smile sweetly.

"You want me to take this wooden spoon, go into the bedroom, and spank myself?"

Again the condescending nod.

"How many times?" I continued, still struggling to believe what my Aunt was asking.

"You decide," she shrugged. "You decide how stern your reminder needs to be."

With that Aunt Shirley excused herself from the table, picked up the supper plates, and walked through to the kitchen, leaving me standing there, bewildered. I was tossing up whether to follow my Aunt into the kitchen to seek further clarification of what she expected me to do. But I was aware I was standing there, naked from the waist down, with two voyeuristic males close by in the next room. I quickly decided my best option was to high tail it into the relative safety of the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom I closed the door and just stood, dumbfounded, in the middle of my room. I looked down and stared at the wooden spoon I was holding in my hand as if I was expecting it to take on a life of its own. I was still struggling to absorb what my Aunt was asking of me. To be truthful, a part of me wondered if she was finally being driven bonkers by living with Uncle Jimmy. But I knew deep down that was not true. Aunt Shirley had some weird ideas, but so did my Ma and the two of them were sisters so it is hardly surprising.

Finally I rationalised that if I was ever going to get back in Aunt Shirley's good books I had better do as she requested, even though I found it incredibly humiliating to be told to go into my bedroom and spank myself. I knelt down and rested my upper body on the bed so that my buttocks were sticking out. Gingerly I swung the wooden spoon and it smacked into my left buttock. It didn't hurt at all as I wasn't swinging it hard.

I repeated the dose until I had given myself six smacks, then stood up satisfied I had given myself a stern reminder as requested by my Aunt. But when I saw my reflection in the mirror I realised my cheeks were not even slightly pink. I knew I was not fooling anyone. I hadn't even given myself a gentle reminder, let alone a stern one. I assumed my kneeling position over my bed again, and this time I swung the wooden spoon much harder. It connected with such a sting that it made me gasp. Before I could think about it I repeated the dose several more times. I was going to stop at six, but something drove me on and I did not stop until I got to twenty. By that time I actually had small tears running down my cheeks. I could not believe I had actually made myself cry.

But that was not all I had done to myself. I realised I had a warmth radiating through me that was more to do with arousal than any punishment I had administered to myself. I opened my knees wide, arched my back and stuck my buttocks out as far as I could. I then proceeded to crack the wooden spoon down hard on my buttocks another dozen times at least. It should have hurt me, but all I could feel was the increasing warmth of my arousal. I knew my labia were wet and swollen and I could even feel my juices starting to run down one leg.

I reached the hand that was carrying the wooden spoon between my legs, and began lightly spanking my pussy. The feeling was exquisite. I rapidly tapped the end of the wooden spoon against my clit and could feel my orgasm building like flood waters pushing against a dam.

Turning the spoon around in my hand I used the handle to stroke across my labia. My juices were flowing and I felt so perverse. Suddenly the dam broke and my orgasm flooded my whole body with a shudder that I hoped would never end.

Unfortunately, like all orgasms, it did ebb away leaving me weak and gasping for breath. When I came to my senses I quickly jumped to my feet, realising I was in the unlocked bedroom of my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Billy and they could easily have walked in on my shameful act. Remembering that my Aunt had told me I had to return the wooden spoon to her when I had finished I picked it up off the floor and gingerly opened the bedroom door. I half expected to find someone listening at the door, but to my relief no one was there.

I was still naked from the waist down and briefly debated whether my Aunt Shirley would be angry with me if I put my pyjama pants back on. But the matter was settled when I realised that Aunt Shirley still had them with her. Quickly I shuffled down the hall and past the archway where Uncle Jimmy and Billy were sitting watching sport on TV. Aunt Shirley was in the kitchen. She had finished cleaning up and was baking cookies. The delicious aroma briefly took me back to my childhood.

My Aunt continued her cooking, but did look over and smile at me. I shuffled over beside her and shyly held out the wooden spoon.

"All done?" Aunt Shirley enquired in a tone that sounded like she was asking me if I had done my homework. She did not take the spoon from me.

"Yes," I blushed.

"Well turn around and let me have a look at your handiwork."

Slowly I turned around, feeling humiliated that I was being asked to display my buttocks to her.

"Lift up your pyjama top so I can get a good look."

I obliged, gathering my top up and holding it in a bunch just below my boobs.

"Wow!" My Aunt actually sounded impressed. "You have definitely given yourself a good reminder. Well done, Jen."

I blushed. If only she knew the truth that most of the spanking was caused by my intense arousal.

"Okay. You can get yourself off to bed now."

I turned and gave Aunt Shirley a kiss on the cheek and went to head off to the bedroom.

"Jen," my Aunt called out. "Aren't you going to give me my wooden spoon back? Or do you want to keep it as a reminder."

Bashfully I returned to my Aunt's side and handed her the wooden spoon. It was only then that I realised it was still damp and sticky from my own juices. I was mortified as my Aunt held it in her hand. For a dreadful moment I thought she was going to use it to stir the cookie mixture in the bowl, but fortunately she dropped it in the sink, seemingly not noticing the wet stains.

"Don't forget to say goodnight to your Uncle Jimmy and Billy?" my Aunt reminded me as I turned to leave for the second time.

I wanted to remind my Aunt that I was naked from the waist down and not exactly dressed to be wandering around the house, however I bit my tongue least I upset her again. Tentatively I stuck my head around the corner of the archway where I could see my Uncle and cousin watching television.

"I am off to bed. Goodnight." I tried to sound chirpy.

Billy ignored me, but Uncle Jimmy turned and I could see from the look on his face that he could tell I was shielding myself from view.

"Come and give your good ole Uncle a kiss," he smirked.

"I would rather not," I quickly retorted.

"Come on, Jen. Just a quick peck. You don't want to get in my bad books now, do you?"

He was right. I didn't. I wanted to keep very much in his good books so that I could successfully negotiate my way out of being the team's cheerleader on their away games.

"If I give you a kiss, will you promise to let me off our deal about me being your cheerleader? It is so demeaning."

To my relief Uncle Jimmy appeared to give it consideration.

"I am prepared to do you a deal," he finally responded.

"What sort of deal?" I responded suspiciously.

"Jen. You are becoming tiresome. I will tell you in good time what the deal will be. Now are you going to give me kiss, or would you rather look at the new photos I have in my album?"

With his final comment he broke out in a devilish grin. I just about fainted. Somehow I had almost managed to push all thoughts of the lurid photos of my female anatomy to the back of my mind, convincing myself that they had been deleted before anyone realised they were there. Now I realised how stupid I was to think this could have happened. I knew now for sure that Uncle Jimmy had possession of my photos.

"Do I get my kiss?" he prompted.

Our banter had finally caught Billy's attention and he turned to stare at me curiously. I realised I had dug myself a very big hole. I just wished I could jump into it and disappear.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped away around the archway and walked towards the two of them. Nervously I gripped the front of my pyjama top and tried to pull it down in front of my pubes, but I knew it was too short to hide much. Blushing like crazy I leaned over the chair and gave Uncle Jimmy a quick kiss. I knew my buttocks would be revealed to Billy but there was nothing I could do.

"Your bum is bright red," he giggled like an idiot. "Did Ma give you a damn good spanking?"

"No!" I retorted, and marched out of the lounge indignantly, knowing that all eyes were on the bouncing red cheeks of my buttocks.

Their sniggers echoed in my ears.

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