The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 08


"Yes," I pouted, realising if I argued the point he was just as likely to withdraw his offer. "Now can I please have my photos back?"

Uncle Jimmy grinned sheepishly. "Well, I have a slight confession to make on that."

"Uncle Jimmy!" I responded sharply.

He continued to grin. "You see, actually, I don't have the photos and have never seen them."

Angrily I jumped up off his lap and glared at him in disbelief. "I don't believe you."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Well it is actually true. It was your Aunt Shirley who discovered your photos on your camera and deleted them before anyone else could see them. I saw the shocked look on her face at the time and she told me she had deleted some intimate photos of yours. So you see I was just playing a little joke with you."

"A joke!" I screamed in disbelief. I had degraded myself by sitting naked on his lap and he is claiming he hasn't even seen the photos.

Full of righteous indignation I scooped up my towel and stormed out of the lounge and into the bedroom. However the fact that the bedroom I was using while staying with my Uncle belonged to Stan only served to continue my ridicule. Stan had a couple of enlarged photos of himself hung on his walls and wherever I looked he seemed to be staring at my still naked body. Quickly I dressed myself and it felt good to be fully clothed. It had never felt so good to be wearing underwear again.

As soon as I heard my Uncle Jimmy heading out for a drink with his mates I phoned my boyfriend, Bobby, and got him to come around and pick me up. Initially I had intended to stay in with him but now I just felt I had to get out of that house.

Bobby took me out for a soda and could tell I was uptight over something but I just kept brushing him off. How do you possibly even begin to explain that you had danced naked for your cousin and he fingered your pussy, then to aggravate the situation you sit naked on the lap of your horny Uncle. Whenever I thought of it I blushed and shook my head in disbelief. 'Please God. Let it be a nightmare and I will soon wake up.'

Bobby was frustrated by my lack of communication so it was not the greatest evening and he dropped me back at the house early. I had just eaten the pizza my Aunt Shirley had left out for me when she arrived home from her girls evening. After many minutes of small talk I finally plucked up the courage to ask my Aunt about the photos.

To be honest I thought my Uncle Jimmy was lying through his teeth, and he did in fact have my photos but did not want to give them back to me. I was wrong. Aunt Shirley confirmed she found the photos on the camera she had borrowed from my family and had immediately deleted them. I was both relieved and embarrassed. I apologised to my Aunt, but too my surprise she seemed neither shocked nor angry.

"Don't worry, Jen," she tried to reassure me. "We were all teenagers once, and with that comes a natural curiosity in our own bodies. It is much preferable that you take photos of yourself in the privacy of your own bedroom than go out flaunting yourself to males who have only one thing on their mind."

"Thank you Aunt Shirley." I tried to smile confidently as if I fully agreed with her, but deep down I felt sick knowing how I had behaved in front of her own husband and eldest son.

For the whole of the next week the relationship between myself and Uncle Jimmy was frosty with me trying to avoid him as much as I could. I could not believe how he had conned me into undressing and sitting on his lap. It made me so angry every time I thought about it.

He told me to attend cheerleading practice with Sonja during the week but I flatly refused. When I threatened to make a scene in front of my Aunt he backed off, saying he didn't care if I made a fool of myself in the game against Layola University on Saturday. I tersely told him I would no doubt be making a fool of myself anyway, and one additional practice was not going to make one bit of difference.

By the time it got to Friday night I was a bag of nerves, dreading having to travel away with the team and repeat my cheerleading routine yet again. I twisted and turned all night, and to make matters worse we had to be out of bed by 5.30am to meet the bus taking us to the game in New Orleans.

Still half asleep I scrambled onto the bus with my overnight gear. I had asked Uncle Jimmy to give me my cheerleading uniform but he told me he couldn't trust me with it. He was damn right with that. I would more than likely have thrown it out of the window of the bus. As I walked past Stan he gave me a salacious grin and patted the spare seat beside him. I gave him my killer stare and walked past, but then to my annoyance I realised it was the only spare seat on the bus. My brother, Jethro, was sitting with cousin Dirk. I tapped Jethro on the shoulder and asked whether they would change seats, but they had no interest in sitting beside Stan.

Angrily I made my way back to the spare seat and plonked myself down. I looked away from Stan to try and give him a clear message that I had no interest in communicating with him. For the first part of the journey he took the hint, but then he couldn't resist himself.

"I had a great time last Saturday," he whispered into my ear.

I totally ignored him.

"You looked so damn hot naked."

He actually had the gall to briefly lick my ear.

"Shut the fuck up!" I responded, fighting to keep my voice down so I could not be overheard. "And keep your filthy tongue to yourself."

"I cannot believe how wet you were," he continued undaunted. "I think I can still smell your juices on my finger." Slowly he ran his fingers under his nose.

I couldn't take anymore. I stormed down the aisle of the bus to where Jethro and Dirk were seated. I grabbed Dirk by the shoulder and virtually pulled him out of his seat.

"If you don't change seats with me right now there is going to be a murder on this bus."

Dirk could see I was upset and graciously gave up his seat. At least the rest of the trip to New Orleans was completed in relative peace, especially as a dozed off to sleep.

I awoke to the noise of the basketball team excitedly disembarking from the bus. We were parked outside the hotel we were staying the night after the game. It was only three blocks from the stadium. The plan was to book into our rooms before the game rather than trying to organise it afterwards. Uncle Jimmy was busy distributing the keys, and it became clear there were two people allocated to each room.

"Who am I sharing a room with?" I pointedly asked my Uncle.

He made a show of scanning his list of names. "Well, dang it. Looks like you are sharing a room with me."

My mouth dropped open. "No way."

However before I could protest any further he grabbed my overnight bag along with his and proceeded through the front entrance. I stood my ground but when I looked around I realised I was the only one left standing on the sidewalk and even the bus was pulling away. Groaning with despair I had no choice other than to hastily follow my Uncle through the entrance and up the stairs. I was somewhat relieved when I saw our room did at least have two single beds. Even so I cringed at the thought of having to share a room with my Uncle.

We still had a couple of hours to kill before we needed to walk to the stadium so I decided to freshen up by taking a shower, then doing a little sightseeing of beautiful New Orleans. I ensured I locked the door of the bathroom before stripping off and enjoying a very relaxing shower. However when I went to exit the shower I realised to my horror that the towels were not in the bathroom. It was then I remembered seeing them folded on the end of my bed.

I knocked on the bathroom door and asked Uncle Jimmy to fetch my towel, but after repeated requests I got no response. When I opened the door and took a peek I realised he was on the phone and had his back to me. After debating what to do I decided to make a dash, grab my towel and return to the bathroom, hopefully all before my Uncle turned around.

I should have known better. I had no sooner stepped out of the bathroom when Uncle Jimmy finished his phone call and turned around. I froze like a deer in the headlights, unsure whether to continue or retreat.

"Well. What an unexpected pleasure. My darling little niece has decided she wants to show off her assets to her admiring Uncle."

"I haven't got a towel," I mumbled like an idiot, pointing to where they were folded on the bed.

"Really?" my Uncle raised his eyebrow as if sceptical of my response. All the time his eyes roved over my body.

I could not believe I was just standing there, not even thinking to cover myself up. I was dumbfounded at how all my commonsense and total sanity seemed to go out the window whenever my naked body was on display to others. Was I some sort of perverted exhibitionist, just like Sonja had inferred? Blocking out these thoughts I forced my mind to start functioning rationally again.

Quickly I walked to the bed and picked up a towel and wrapped it around myself. Uncle Jimmy threw the plastic bag containing my cheerleader uniform down on the bed beside where I was standing.

"Here, you might as well put this on now, and then wear your coat over the top. It will save you getting changed at the stadium."

I had to admit it was very tempting as I did not relish the thought of having to get undressed in the opposing cheerleaders' locker room, especially given my experience last time at Nicholls State. Picking up the bag I began to retreat to the bathroom.

"Come on Jen. Don't be an idiot. Haven't I seen you naked enough times in recent days for you to stop being so damn bashful?"

I spun around and stared at him dumbfounded. Only a voyeuristic, perverse male could arrive at that logic. However I was beyond wanting to argue the point with him. All week I had just been telling myself I just needed to get through this weekend somehow and hope by some miracle our team wins its game.

With a show of petulance I flicked the towel onto the floor and emptied the contents of the bag containing the cheerleader uniform on the bed. It seemed even smaller than I remembered. Ignoring my Uncle's blatant staring I pulled on the thong that barely covered my pubes and left my buttocks exposed. I then pulled on the bra-type top and fastened the skirt around my waist.

My Uncle smirked and when I glanced in the mirror I saw why. I had fastened the skirt so far up my waist that the crotch of my thong and the bottom of my buttocks were still exposed. I had to loosen off the skirt and fiddle around with it until I at least looked partially decent.

I wanted to put my coat on right away but Uncle Jimmy insisted I wait until they were ready to leave otherwise I would get too hot. Again I didn't want to argue the point so I wore just my cheerleader uniform for the next hour. It was not as bad as being naked, but it was still embarrassing knowing that each time I bent over slightly my bare buttocks were exposed to my Uncle's eyes. He even had me running chores for him like making coffee or fetching him a soda.

To get the soda I had to go to the vending machine down the hallway. I peeked out the door to ensure no one was around and then walked quickly to fetch the soda. As I bent to pick up the soda from the bottom of the vending machine I heard a door close. I quickly stood bolt upright and turned around to see an elderly couple walking towards me.

"Disgusting little tramp," the woman muttered to her husband as they walked past me. Her husband grunted in agreement, but as he walked past he gave me a sly little wink.

Quickly I scuttled back to the hotel room and gave Uncle Jimmy his soda. I know it was dumb of me to run around after him like some servant girl, but I kept telling myself it was preferable to having a major confrontation with him.

Finally it was time to leave for the stadium so I put on my coat and sneakers and joined all the boys outside for the walk to the stadium. Up until now I had done a good job keeping the nerves at bay, but now the butterflies began to flutter in my stomach.

At the stadium I watched nervously as the teams warmed up and then gaped in awe as the Loyola cheerleaders went through their routines. They were amazing, which made me dread half time even more as that is when I was scheduled to do my cheerleading in front of the loyal band of fans that had travelled to watch our team play.

As the game was about to start I took my position down on the coaches' bench. The first half flew by in a whirl. As usual our team had not played well and were 15 points down at the half time break.

The Assistant Coach prodded me with his elbow. "Come on Princess. You are on. Time to trust your stuff. And don't forget to distract those innocent Loyola boys."

I groaned in anxiety. "I don't want to make a fool of myself again, Coach."

But before he could respond I heard the first few beats blasting out the speakers of Cyndi Lauper and 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. Desperately I wrenched off my coat and raced across the stadium floor to where our supporters were seated. Like a drunken giraffe I threw myself into my routine but only succeeded in tripping myself up and sprawling on the stadium floor. Briefly I lay there stunned, then pulled myself to my feet and picked up my pom poms. Frantically I tried to get myself back in sync with the song but I couldn't think what I should be doing so I just threw my body around in a series of uncoordinated moves, hoping desperately that no one would notice how bad I was.

It was then that I realised the whole stadium was erupting in a chorus of laughter, whistles and clapping. I thought the noise was in reaction to the Loyola cheerleaders, but as I glanced briefly up at the spectators in the packed stadium I realised all the attention was directed at me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Uncle Jimmy pick up something off the stadium floor and put it in his sweat shirt pocket.

In a moment of sheer horror I realised what it was. I quickly glanced down to confirm my worse fears. When I had tripped myself up and sprawled on the floor I had lost my skirt. It was so skimpy I had not noticed. I was now dancing in front of a few thousand spectators wearing only my thong panties that hid almost nothing. The chorus of approval, no doubt coming mainly from the males in the audience, just kept on coming.

A part of me wanted to shrivel up and die with humiliation. But another part of my psyche willed me to keep dancing. I knew I was being sinful displaying myself in this way but I made myself continue. I noticed the Loyola boys were returning from their locker room so I deliberately danced over towards them. Their mouths dropped open when they noticed the semi-nude cheerleader dancing in front of them.

I have to shamefully admit that I was even brazen enough to bend over at the waist so that my bare buttocks were pointed right at them. I also knew the crotch of my thong was not hiding much else of me.

Cyndi Lauper finally finished pounding out her song and I trotted back to the coaches' bench, the noise of the spectators still ringing out around the stadium and did not die down until I was seated.

As the second half started I slumped forward on the bench, exhausted, embarrassed and exhilarated. Hell, I had so many emotions swirling around I didn't know what I was feeling. When my eyes focused on the crotch of my panties I realised there was another emotion I need to add to that list. I was aroused! There was no mistaking the very distinctive round wet spot. I groaned when I realised my brazen display of bending at the waist in front of the Loyola team would have given them full view of my dampness.

For the rest of the game I sat there in only my thong and bra top. Uncle Jimmy was on the sideline coaching the team and still had my skirt thrust in his pocket. Needless to say I kept my legs firmly clamped together. I wasn't really focusing on the game until I realised the Assistant Coach beside me was getting very animated. I glanced up at the scoreboard and noticed we were only 2 behind. Suddenly I was very interested in the game and began yelling encouragement like I never had before.

Incredibly our team sunk a 3 pointer from well out with less than ten seconds to go to win the match. Forgetting I wasn't wearing a skirt, I jumped up from the bench and danced for joy with the rest of the team. I was finally free of my Uncle's shackles.

When the commotion died down Uncle Jimmy gave me back my skirt and I put it on before we left the stadium. However I walked all the way back to the hotel without putting my coat on. As you could image I got a lot of stares from people passing by which was embarrassing and I knew I was being naughty.

Following quick showers we all went out for a meal together. Incredibly I was quite the little celebrity with the team, and I have to be honest and admit I lapped up the attention. The boys were convinced that my cheerleading routine definitely distracted the opposition and was a key reason for their two narrow wins.

My whole life had been turned on its head in the past weeks since I lost my original bet with Uncle Jimmy and ended up being their cheerleader. I was no longer sure what to make of all the emotional experiences that I was being bombarded with. But at that moment I was enjoying being the centre of attention.

After dinner Uncle Jimmy purchased some beers and we all returned to mine and Uncle Jimmy's hotel room to continue our celebrations. The room was crowded with a dozen boys, Uncle Jimmy and I. Everyone was in high spirits. I even downed a couple of beers which is very unusual for me as I don't normally drink alcohol.

When my cousin, Billy, went into the bathroom to use the toilet he noticed I had rinsed out my cheerleaders uniform and hung it over the towel rail to dry.

When he came out he said it would be a great idea if I put my cheerleaders uniform on again and gave them all a special dance.

"Not damn likely," I quickly retorted. "My cheerleading days are well over."

"Aw come on, Jen. One last time," one of the other boys requested and soon the whole room had joined in expressing the same sentiment.

"No way!" I added.

But as the boys persisted it wore my resistance down. For some dumb reason I wanted to please them even though I knew deep down it was not a smart thing to do and I would surely end up being humiliated.

Despite this, commonsense went out the window and the room erupted in a chorus of cheering as I went into the bathroom to get changed. Nervously I donned the skimpy outfit one last time and exited the bathroom. Conversation ceased and all eyes were on me. Someone had fetched a ghetto blaster and soon the far too familiar voice of Cyndi Lauper pounded out.

Awkwardly I tried to do my dance routine but the room was awfully cramped and I had little room to move around. I felt so self conscious with everyone being so close to me. I was bumping up against people's knees.

"It looks much better without your skirt on," Uncle Jimmy smirked.

All the boys cheered in agreement. Like a fool I just stood there, unsure of how to react. Stan was sitting on one of beds right in front of me.

"Come here," he beckoned me with his finger.

The room went quiet. I hesitated as I knew he was intent on degrading me, but when he continued to beckon me I found myself shuffling over until I was standing in front of him. With no consideration of how I felt Stan just reached out and unfastened my skirt and pulled it away from me.

Brazenly he then spanked my bare buttock. "Now dance."

Someone restarted Cyndi Lauper again. Awkwardly I tried to focus on my dancing again. I felt so demeaned, dancing in only my bra top and thong, in my hotel room, in front of Uncle Jimmy and a room fall of boys that included my own brother.

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