The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 08


Somehow I managed to keep going until the song finally faded away. I stood there, breathless, awkward, and unsure what to do. Why was it that when I got in these humiliating situations that I struggled to think with a clear head?

"Get some more beers from the refrigerator for the boys," Uncle Jimmy requested of me.

Almost thankful of something to do I fetched more beers for the boys and handed them around. As I passed the bottles to each of the boys I had to step over legs and bodies. It was almost as if they were making it as awkward as possible for me. A couple of boys even deliberately moved so they rubbed up against my exposed buttocks. By the time I had completed the task I was blushing bright red.

I grabbed myself a beer and went to sit down on a spare corner of my bed but Uncle Jimmy beckoned me over in the same manner as his son had.

"I want you to give the boys a bit more of a treat." He spoke quietly but the room had gone dead quiet again so everyone could overhear what he said.

I frown. "What do you mean?" I asked apprehensively.

Uncle Jimmy's response was to take my bottle of beer from me and hand it to Billy who was seated beside him with a huge grin on his face.

"Put your hands in the air?" Uncle Jimmy requested.

Without thinking why, I lifted my arms above my head. Before I could even think of reacting Uncle Jimmy gripped hold of the bra top of the cheerleader's uniform and removed it straight over my head.

Like an idiot I just stood there dumbfounded, my arms raised above my head and my breasts fully exposed. It was not until the room erupted into cheers that I was spurned to action, letting out a scream, lowering my arms and covering my breasts.

Cyndi Lauper again starting to blast out of the ghetto blaster. I just stood there, unable to move.

"Dance, dance, dance!" the boys began chanting.

I was mortified. I looked over at my brother, Jethro, thinking he would be horrified at what was happening to his little sister. To my utter shock he was chanting along with the other boys.

I knew the commonsense thing to do would be to retreat to the safety of the bathroom and change back into the dress I had been wearing before I stupidly changed into the cheerleader uniform. But the boys kept chanting, and Cyndi Lauper was telling me that girls just wanna do it. Somehow I don't think she was meaning that girls just wanna dance almost naked in a room full of boys plus one lecherous Uncle. But that is what I did!

Slowly lowering my hands I let my full breasts bounce free. To my dismay my nipples were as hard as diamonds. Forcing myself to ignore the total humiliation I began to strut my stuff again. The boys cheered loudly as my breasts cascaded up and down to the rhythm of my movement. I was so embarrassed I had my eyes closed, which was a bad mistake as I tripped over someone's feet and sprawled straight over Billy's lap. He roared with laughter and clearly thought all his birthday's had come at once. I desperately tried to stand up but he held me there and spanked my bottom hard half a dozen times before letting me up.

Shocked I rubbed my buttocks. I could not believe he had the gall to do that to me. But I should not have been surprised. He is after all the son of my Uncle Jimmy.

Cyndi Lauper was still playing so I continued dancing again, but this time I forced myself to keep my eyes open. After what seemed an eternity the dreaded song finally finished. I quickly scooped up my bra top and skirt and clasping them in front of my breasts I turned towards the bathroom. However I had only taken one step when Uncle Jimmy extended his leg out straight, halting my progress.

"Where are you disappearing to, Jen?" my Uncle enquired.

I turned to look at him. "I am done," I responded breathlessly. "Don't you think I have been humiliated enough?"

"There is one more task left, my darling niece, then you are home free. Your cheerleader days are all done."

"I am not dancing naked!" I quickly snapped back.

"No. You won't be dancing, as entertaining as it is."

There were groans of disapproval from the room full of boys. Relief briefly flooded over me, but I was rightfully suspicious of my Uncle Jimmy.

Uncle Jimmy reached up and tried to take my bra top and skirt from me. I resisted but with a swift jerk he prised them free. I kept my arms in front of my breasts.

"Put your arms down by your side," Uncle Jimmy requested.

I didn't move but when he asked a second time I slowly let my arms fall to my side. My erect nipples sprung forward.

Uncle Jimmy then reached out and gripped the waistband of my thong panties. I immediately reacted by grabbing hold of the waistband myself.

"What are you doing?' I asked indignantly. "You said I would not have to be naked."

"No, Jen," my Uncle corrected me. "I said you would not have to dance naked. I didn't say you would not have to be naked."

There were murmurings of approval from the boys. I am sure this was exceeding even their wildest wet dreams.

"Now let go of your panties," Uncle Jimmy demanded.

"I don't want to be naked," I pouted.

"Let go of your panties," Uncle Jimmy insisted, undeterred by my comment.

"No!" I resisted stubbornly.

"Jen! Remove your hands now and put them by your side."

The room was so silent you could have heard a pin drop. I glanced around the room at the expectant faces of all the boys. I felt so utterly humiliated to have all eyes riveted on me.

With a sigh of resignation I forced my fingers to ungrip my panty waistband, but my hands still rested on the side of my panties so I could quickly grab them again.

"Down by your side, Jen," my Uncle insisted.

With my heart pounding so hard in my chest I thought I would faint, I slowly lowered my hands so they rested by my side.

"Good girl," Uncle Jimmy smiled.

With excruciating slowness he began to lower my panties, ensuring I was feeling every single moment of humiliation. As he lowered them over my hips my pubic hair sprung into view. The boys that were in front of me groaned with pleasure. A couple of them even readjusted their legs in an obvious sign their penises were erect and uncomfortable. I am sure I have never blushed so much in my life.

My panties continued their slow descent down my thighs then over my calves until they fell to my ankles. Uncle Jimmy tapped my leg to indicate to me to lift it so he could remove them totally. Once free he lifted the panties up and held them in front of him.

"Tut, tut," he clicked his tongue. "Who has been a naughty girl?"

He held the panties higher where everyone could see them and then stretched the crotch wide. I huge wet spot was clearly evident. I hung my head in shame. The boys murmured excitedly amongst themselves. I am sure they were awestruck by my shameful behaviour.

"Right, Jen. One last task to keep the boys happy."

I could not bring myself to look at my Uncle and continued to stare at my feet.

"I want you to go around to every boy in the room, get over their lap, and allow them to spank you. And make sure you keep your legs open so they can get a good look at that pretty pussy of yours. From the amount of juices in your panties I am sure your lips will be like a Southern rose in full bloom."

Uncle Jimmy's request was met with wild cheers of approval. Several boys excitedly requested to be first.

I was sure I was going to die with humiliation. The worse part was that I knew Uncle Jimmy's last comment was true. For some totally perverse reason that I could not even begin to understand I was so aroused I could actually feel some of my juices beginning to trickle down my inner thigh. And even worse every boy in the room would see it when I bent over their lap.

I was so overcome with emotion I couldn't move, but then I felt someone prodding me forward and the next second a hand was reaching up and pulling me down onto their lap. I flopped over helplessly. I yelped, more in surprise than pain, as a series of spanks rained down on my helpless buttocks.

Before I knew it I was rolled off one lap and onto the next.

"I hope you have got those legs open, Jen," asked Uncle Jimmy.

They weren't so I forced my legs apart.

"Oh my god. Look at all her sticky juices," the boy exclaimed excitedly.

All the boys scrambled over each other to take a look.

"Fuck me! That is unbelievable," one of them exclaimed.

From then on every boy made a big deal of ensuring I had my legs open when I draped my naked body over their lap. Several brazenly ran their fingers through my juices, even brushing against my swollen labia which sent jolts of electricity through my body.

I felt even worse when I had to drape over the knee of my cousin, Dirk. I had hoped he would wave me by, but his strong hand pulled me down over his lap and he even ensured I had my legs open.

When he finally let me up I realised I was staring at my brother, Jethro, who was positioned next. I pleaded with my eyes for him not to make his own sister endure the humiliation of being naked over her brother's lap. Jethro hesitated in a moment of indecision, but the other boys egged him on. Jethro then grabbed me aggressively and pulled me over his lap. The spanking he administered was worse than any of the other boys and when he finally let me go I had a tear rolling down my cheek.

The final boy was Stan, who was seated beside his Dad. He gave me a wicked sneer that was so reminiscent of Uncle Jimmy that it made me shudder. Stan patted his knee and I helplessly draped myself over his lap.

"Open wider, little cousin," Stan requested.

I opened my legs wider.

"Wider," he persisted.

I obeyed, despite the immense humiliation. My legs were now at least three feet apart. Stan then took his time spanking me, alternating between each of my now tender buttocks. I thought he was finally finished when I felt his hand rest on my inner thigh, then slowly move upwards towards my vagina.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "I am going to finish off what I started last weekend."

"Please don't!" I quietly pleaded.

Stan ignored my plea and his fingers brushed against my sensitive labia. I bit my lip to stifle a gasp. I could hear all the other boys moving closer to get a better view. They could sense something intense was going to happen. Desperately I tried to close my legs but Stan forced me to open them wide again. His thumb then slowly encircled my clit. I had never been touched like that before in my life and the pleasurable sensation totally took my breath away. I began gasping.

At that point Stan slid at least three fingers into my well lubricated vagina and it felt as if I had been swept away by a tidal wave of pure pleasure. I could hear myself screaming as I arched my back and experienced the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my 18 years.

I was vaguely aware of sliding off Stan's lap and a couple of people helping me onto my bed. When I opened my eyes awhile later the room was empty apart from my Uncle Jimmy. I was still lying there naked. No one had made any attempt to cover me.

Uncle Jimmy looked over at me, grinning. "You sure you want to give up your cheerleading?"

"I might reconsider," I responded drowsily.


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