The Humiliation of My Wife

byMr Creator©

The first few times we went out in public with my wife dressed this way was a real thrill for me, and for Sally as well. As we would walk through the mall, I'd observe the looks the men, and sometimes women, gave my wife. She was utterly humiliated being made to parade through the busy mall dressed this way. Wearing a small see-through blouse with a dark lacy bra on underneath, and a black skirt which was skin-tight and barely went below the bottoms of her ass cheeks. This was topped off with 4 inch heels, which caused my wife's hips to sway almost obscenely.

I know she saw the looks of pure lust on the men, and the looks of hatred and contempt from the women. Her face was a constant red and her nipples were rock hard, which, of course, made the whole picture even more obscene.

After these episodes, I could hardly wait to get my wife home and fuck the shit out of her. She was always very wet and horny as well. The sex after these times was always intense and ended up with both of us having very satisfying orgasms.

I also began instituting some new rules at home. One of the first was, while we were in a role playing situation, that she was not to speak unless she was spoken to first. If she had to ask a question, she was to get my attention and wait for me to give her permission to speak. Several days after that rule was introduced, I returned home from work and informed Sally that, "From now on Slut, you will no longer be allowed to wear clothing in the house unless I give you permission. Upon entering the home, you will immediately remove all of your clothing and remain that way until you are required to go out again. Is that clear?"

A quick nod of the head.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Or do you need to have your ass and pussy beaten again?" I demanded.

Quickly realizing what I meant, she immediately began removing all of her clothing until she stood naked in front of me. The sight of that beautiful naked body was starting to have an effect on me. I figured now was as good a time as any to introduce another rule to Sally.

"Also, whenever I enter the home I will expect you to present yourself in an appropriate manner. You will wait for me in the living room and will be on your knees facing the door. You will be sitting upright on your heels with your hands clasped behind your back and your knees spread as wide apart as they will go. You will not move from this position unless I tell you too. Understood?"

A nod of her head.

"Assume the position, Slut," I ordered.

She quickly dropped to her knees in front of me and clasped her hands behind her back as she sat back on her heels.

"Spread those legs further than that, Cunt. I want everything to be on display. Wider than that. Do I need to beat that pussy again to get you to obey?" I quickly barked as she tried to comply with my demands.

Still not feeling that she was as wide apart as she could go, and believing that a lesson was probably in order, I ordered her to stay put and not to move. I went into the kitchen and began rummaging through several of the drawers until I found what I was looking for. I took out a long handled wooden spoon which I thought would be perfect for what I had in mind.

Returning to my wife, I informed her that she was going to be punished for not complying with my demand right away and for not doing it correctly. She immediately began to plead with me that she was sorry and that she would never do it again and that I should give her a second chance. I cut off her pleas sharply by saying, "Enough, Slut. Your punishment is going to be worse now for speaking without permission. Or have you forgotten that rule too, Cunt?" I sneered.

She quickly shook her head no, but remained silent. I could see the pained look on her face as she realized that she had screwed up and was now going to get a worse punishment than she would have if she had only remained silent. Her shoulders visibly slumped as she resolved herself to take whatever punishment I dished out and do it in a manner which wouldn't disappoint me any further.

I then stood beside Sally and ordered her to start playing with her tits and nipples. Her face flushed a deep red as she began to fondle her breast and roll her nipples in her fingertips. Soon those bullets were rock hard and sticking out at least 3/4 of an inch.

"Pinch your nipples. Hard." She began to squeeze the nipples between her thumbs and index fingers bringing a grimace of pain to her face. "Harder than that, Slut." She increased the pressure and I could see the tips beginning to turn a dark color. After several more seconds, I allowed her to release her now sore nipples. I then ordered, "Place your hands under your tits and hold them up for me like you wanted them inspected." She quickly complied.

Without any warning, I brought the wooden spoon down hard upon her distended right nipple. A howl of pain erupted from my wife as she doubled over in agony. I immediately grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked hard on it bringing her head back up. "You will remain in place, or the punishment is going to get worse. This is your last warning. Do not disappoint me again," I chided.

I could see the crestfallen look on her face as she realized that she had disappointed me again. With shaking hands she bravely assumed the position and again held her breasts out to me. This time I brought the spoon down hard upon her left nipple. Again the same howl of pain, but this time, to her credit, Sally managed to stay in position. I began randomly applying strokes to both breasts evenly reddening the entire surface including the nipples.

After several minutes of this I stopped and inspected my handiwork. My wife was silently crying, but she did not move from the position I had placed her in. Her tits were a deep red with several spots showing early signs of bruising. I informed her that her punishment was not yet over. The beating of her tits was for speaking without permission and what was to come next was for not complying with my original demand quickly enough.

Looking at her exposed pussy I could see it was already soaked. Despite the intense pain I had just put my wife through, her pussy and legs were soaked and there was a wet spot on the carpet under her cunt. Again, confirmation that my wife got off on the pain.

I cautioned her again, "If you move again, your punishment will be doubled. Now get your hands behind your back and keep them there." Once they were in place, I moved the spoon down to her exposed cunt and began rubbing it around, getting the spoon wet with her juices. I could see the pleading look in her eyes and see that she wanted to beg me not to do it, but remembering her lessons, she remained silent. At first, I just lightly tapped it, not wanting her to know when it would strike.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, WHACK. Immediately following that strike, my wife's eyes nearly bugged right out of her head, as she reeled from the pain. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" her back arching as she fought to stay in position. She began panting, almost as a dog would.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, WHACK. A second time on her exposed pussy lips. Again her back arched and mouth opened in a pitiful wail. Despite the intense pain, her pussy was flowing with juices and her clit was so hard that it was poking out like a little penis. Her breathing began picking up in pace as the pain pulsed from her cunt throughout her body.

WHACK, WHACK. Two blows back to back. It was almost too much for my wife. Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out. Her hips began moving as if they had a mind of their own. A slow rocking back and forth which quickly began to pick up speed.

Tap, tap, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Three in quick succession. The stimulation to her erect clit and swollen pussy lips was too much for Sally. Her back arched once again and her body went rigid as she began to orgasm. Her hands were clasped so tightly behind her back that her knuckles were bone white as she fought to stay in position while having an intense orgasm. As the orgasm pulsed through my wife's body, I continued the assault on her now swollen and thoroughly drenched cunt.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Each new smack pushed her farther over the edge. Her eyes had rolled so far into the back of her head that all you could see was white. Her body was arched back almost to the point that she was lying down on her feet and yet she somehow managed to maintain her position with her legs spread wide open and her hands clasped tightly behind her back. Her breathing was ragged, to the point of sounding like she was hyperventilating. Shocks appeared to ripple throughout her body and it was evident that she had lost control. I began to worry that she might actually lose consciousness or worse.

Once I stopped beating her pussy, she slowly began to come down from the heights she'd been on. Her breathing began to slow, her body relax and she began to focus again on her immediate surroundings. She looked an absolute mess. Her hair was soaked from sweat, and was plastered to her head. Her skin was blotchy and flushed, her breasts a dark red with purple welts forming, her cunt was swollen and red, and there was a giant wet spot on the carpet under her. And yet, in my eyes, my wife never looked lovelier than she did at this moment.

That had to be the most intense orgasm my wife had ever experienced. I stepped back for a few minutes to inspect my handiwork. I liked the way her body looked after taking the punishment and specially the way it responded to the pain. I knew it certainly wouldn't be the last time I did that.

There was just one thing that seemed to be off about her appearance. After several more seconds of thought I realized what it was. She had too much cunt hair. It obstructed the view of my handiwork. "From now on, Slut, you will shave that cunt of yours and keep it bare. Failure to do so will of course result in punishment. I will conduct spot inspections, so be sure to be vigilant."

A quick nod of her head. I'm sure punishment was the last thing she wanted right now.

This whole scene certainly had an effect on me as well. My cock was rock hard and painfully trying to poke a hole through my pants. I quickly undressed, grabbed a handful of my wife's hair and began walking towards the dining room table. My wife had to quickly scramble to her feet to avoid being dragged by her hair. Once there, I pushed her head down until she was bent over the edge of the table with her ass sticking out and her bruised tits mashed into the table top.

"Spread your legs wide whore. Now reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart." In this position her ass was beautifully on display and her newly beaten pussy was now clearly visible. Her swollen pussy lips and legs glistened with the moisture from her cunt. Without another word I placed the tip of my cock at her cunt and buried it to the hilt on the first thrust.

"Unngghh," my wife grunted as my balls slapped against her badly beaten pussy. Knowing I wouldn't be able to hold out for long, I began jack-hammering into her cunt as hard as I could. For each thrust I would pull all the way out and then bury it to the hilt, until my cock bumped painfully against her cervix, and my balls would slap her poor abused pussy lips and clit. Each time I buried my cock in Sally, her body would be pushed forward on the table causing her bruised and beaten tits to rub back and forth on the table's surface.

A steady rhythm built up with my wife grunting in pain with each thrust. Soon I could feel the pressure beginning to build in my balls and just before the first spurt, I whipped my cock out of her pussy, grabbed her hair and pulled her head to my cock. She remained, however, in the position I had left her. She was still bent over at the waist clasping the cheeks of her ass and spreading them apart. Remembering her training, the moment I grabbed a handful of her hair, she opened her mouth and obediently awaited my next move.

The first spurt hit her on the right cheek, causing her to flinch, but she dutifully remained in position. Then it seemed as if the floodgates had opened. As stream after stream of cum erupted from my cock and began coating her face in a thick coat of white semen. When my cock finally finished spasming, I reluctantly released my hold on my wife's hair and took a step back to admire my handiwork.

What a sight she was!!! She was still bent over at the waist with her hands behind her holding her ass-cheeks apart, and her face and hair was covered in a thick coat of sperm. After letting her stand like that for several more moments, I calmly ordered, "On your knees, Slut, and clean that cum off your face."

She quickly released her hold on her ass and dropped to her knees in front of me and began scooping the gobs of cum off her face and licking her fingers clean.

"What a cum-hungry slut you've become. Look at you. You can't get enough of my cum. That's it, Slut, don't miss a drop." I continued to verbally humiliate her until she had it all cleaned up. "Alright Slut, get up and go get a shower. And shave that cunt while you're in there."

She quickly stood and scampered off towards the bathroom. My mind continued to fill with thoughts and ideas of things I could do with my submissive wife.

Chapter 3

My wife quickly learned and adapted to the new rules of the house. The moment she entered the house, she immediately undressed and always made sure her pussy was smoothly shaven. It only took a couple of spot inspections those first few days, in which stubble had been discovered, to quickly hammer home the lesson. After receiving a very painful spanking on her ass, pussy and tits, my wife never made that mistake again.

Every day when I returned home from work, I found my wife kneeling at the entrance to the living room, in the position I had described. Her hands were clasped behind her back, and her knees were spread as wide as they could go. I tell you, after a hard day of work, there's no sight better than your beautiful submissive wife kneeling naked in front of you displaying all of her charms for your inspection.

It was then, after we began to settle into a routine, that I decided it was time to spice things up a little, and add some variety to the mix. I didn't want to let my wife become complacent so I devised a plan to add some more humiliation to her life.

One evening after work, I informed my wife that we were going out. She assumed it would be another trip to the mall where I would show off her body by parading her up and down the main hall. When I didn't take the usual turnoff towards the mall, I could see my wife's face begin to cloud with uncertainty and, I think, a little fear.

She definitely knew something was wrong when I continued driving until we entered a seedier part of town, and I eventually pulled the car up in front of a XXX sex shop. Getting out of the car I could see Sally was very hesitant and was definitely afraid of what I might have planned for her.

As we entered the deserted shop, I could almost hear my wife breath a sigh of relief. She had never been in one of these stores before, and I know it made her very uncomfortable being here, worrying if someone we know might see her. At first I just casually strolled around the store looking at all the merchandise for sale, silently planning my next move. After several minutes, the bored looking clerk, a young man in his early twenties, strolled over towards us and asked, "Is there anything I can help you with, folks?"

I smiled a broad smile, and replied "Well actually there is. You see, my wife here," gesturing towards Sally, "is sometimes a very bad girl and needs to be punished." The moment I said that, I could hear my wife behind me gasp and knew she was turning several shades of red. That comment woke our drowsy clerk up. He eyed my wife with a new appreciation.

Licking his lips he replied, "Certainly sir, what can I get for you?"

"Well to start with, my wife has really sensitive nipples and when they get aroused, they stick out at least 3/4 of an inch." Sally turned a darker shade of red, but her nipples betrayed her. As I continued to humiliate her, her arousal became obvious as those tell-tale nipples hardened and threatened to poke a hole in her sheer, nearly transparent blouse. "I'm looking for a set of nipple clamps that can handle nipples her size. I want them to be adjustable, so if she's really being a naughty slut, I can tighten them, and I also want them linked by a chain, so she can be led around like a little doggie." Sally could only look at the floor now, she was so embarrassed. But her breathing had quickened and her nipples were as hard as I've seen them.

"Certainly sir. Right this way we have an excellent variety of clamps available." The man led the way to a display case on the back wall. "Might I suggest this pair?" he inquired, holding up a gold set that looked like two miniature vises with a screw in each for tightening, and they were attached together by an elegant gold chain.

"Hmmmm" I pretended to think about it for a few seconds. "I'm just not sure. Could you hold them up to my wife's tits so I can see what they look like?" I asked.

"Uhhh......sssssure", the clerk stuttered. With obvious shaking hands, the young man lifted the clamps up and held them in front of my wife's now hard nipples.

I took a step back and appeared to study the picture for a bit, before I replied, "I'm still not sure if they'll look right. Slut, undo your blouse and pull your tits out of your bra for me." I purposefully emphasized the word 'slut', and looked at her very pointedly. Her head snapped up and she looked at me with a shocked look on her face. She was about to say something in protest, when she saw the look I was giving her, and realized that if she didn't comply, the punishment she'd receive would only be worse for her.

With a resigned look on her face, Sally hesitantly raised her hands and began undoing the buttons on her blouse. When it came time to removing her tits from her bra, she again looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes, but she was only met with a stony gaze. Realizing that I would not accept anything else, her shoulders slumped, and with visibly shaking hands reached into her bra and removed both of her breasts.

There my wife stood, in the middle of a public store, in front of a complete stranger, with both of her beautiful tits hanging out for him to see. It was obvious to him, as well, how aroused my wife was, as her nipples were very hard and were jutting well out from her tits.

"OK, can you hold them up against my wife's tits again? I should be able to tell if they'll look good or not", I asked the clerk.

He again held the clamps up, but got a little more bold this time and actually held them against my wife's bare breasts. After a few more moments, I asked "Can you please put them on her? I want to make sure they'll fit and won't fall off."

Not only did my wife have a shocked look on her face, but so did the clerk. But not wanting to miss the opportunity, he hesitantly reached for my wife's left nipple, and gently attached the clamp. Once secured in place, he did the same for the right nipple and then stepped back. I have to say my wife looked stunning at that moment. Displaying her tits to a perfect stranger and then allowing that stranger to attach a set of nipple clamps to them, made her absolutely glow. She was still a deep shade of red and obviously found this humiliating, but was also getting intensely turned on by all of this, and it was showing. She was absolutely radiant in her beauty.

Enjoying the moment and not yet ready to have it end, I then asked the clerk, "Could you please tighten the clamps for me. I want to make sure they can go tight enough for my purposes, and I'd like to see if they have the right effect on my wife's nipples." The man again stepped forward and with obvious signs of nervousness but also arousal, which was evident by the tent threatening to poke through his pants, reached for my wife's tits.

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