The Humiliation of My Wife

byMr Creator©

Grabbing both clamps at the same time, he began turning the screws equally. After several turns, I could see it was beginning to have an effect on Sally. Her face was showing signs of strain and soon became a mask of pain. I could see it was taking all of her control to not pull away or yell stop. Her whole body began to flinch with each new rotation of the screw, and she began to tremble and make some low mewling sounds. "Uunngghhhh, mmmmmm, aaahhhhhh." Her nipples were being horribly compressed and were now a very dark shade of purple. When it was obvious she was in intense pain, I asked the man to stop. He quickly stepped back and surveyed his handiwork.

What a site she was. Her entire upper body was a dark shade of red, she was breathing rapidly, her face in a constant grimace of pain and her tortured nipples a dark shade of purple as they proudly stood out from my wife's tits, held together by a delicate gold chain.

"I want to make sure the clamps will stay on so would you mind grabbing the chain and follow me?" I asked the clerk. Without waiting for a response I began walking away to another section of the store. He quickly grabbed the chain hanging between my wife's breasts and pulled on it as he endeavored to follow after me. Of course, with each yank of the chain, a new wave of pain would course out of her nipples and throughout her body. My wife scrambled to keep up with the young man, like an obedient puppy dog, not wanting there to be any distance between them so there would be no tension on the chain. After being led around the store like a dog by the clerk, I finally came to a stop in front of another display case.

Releasing the chain, the young man walked over and asked, "Is there anything else I can help you with sir?"

"Well, my wife has never had anything in her ass before, so I'd like to acquire some butt plugs for her to wear." Turning to my wife I ordered, "Slut, I want you to turn around and bend over at the waist." When she had done so, much to the delight of our young clerk, I then ordered, "reach back and lift up your skirt and then pull down your panties." With obvious distress my wife reached back and lifted up the tiny skirt until it was on her back and her entire ass was displayed to this stranger. Since she was only wearing a tiny little g-string, both globes were proudly on display. Again with shaking hands she grabbed the sides of her underwear and began rolling them down her legs until they reached her ankles. And as a final touch, I ordered "Reach back and spread your ass-cheeks apart. I want this man to get a good look at your asshole so he'll be able to tell me what sizes I need." With utter humiliation, Sally reached back and spread her ass-cheeks apart.

Now my wife's parts were completely on display for this total stranger. Her asshole and cleanly shaven pussy were completely exposed and again it was very obvious that this treatment was turning my wife on. Her cunt glistened with moisture and several rivulets of juice were running down her leg as we watched.

"So, what size do you think would be a good starter size?" I asked the clerk.

He reluctantly looked away from my wife's exposed charms and peered into the display case we were standing next to. He reached in and pulled out a plug, which at its thickest point, was roughly 2 inches in diameter.

"Excellent choice. Don't you think so, Slut?" I asked my wife. Remaining in position, she craned her head around and tried to see what the clerk was holding.

She quietly replied, "Yes sir."

"Great, we'll take it, and I'll also take this one and this one." I pulled two more plugs out of the case, each a little bigger than the last. The middle sized one was roughly two and 3/4 inches in diameter and the largest one was fully 3½ inches wide.

"OK, Slut, you can stand up now and get dressed. But I want you to leave your tits out of your bra, and just fasten the blouse over top. And don't take those clamps off." I could see the look of dismay on my wife's face as she had been sincerely hoping she could have removed the clamps which were causing her excruciating pain.

I quickly grabbed several more items from around the store and then paid for the lot of them, before returning to my wife. "Let's head back to the car now, Slut", I ordered. She quickly followed after me, anxious to get out of that store before I made her do more humiliating things. With each step she took, her raw, clamped exposed nipples would rub against the fabric of her tight blouse, causing more sensations of pain. By the time we reached the car, she was a wreck.

After seating ourselves, I ordered Sally to undo her blouse. Once done, I took a good look at the effect the clamps had on my wife' poor nipples. Deciding that she had probably had enough, and since she had been very obedient in the store, I reached up, loosened the screws in the clamps, and pulled them off of her tortured tits.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh" my wife shrieked as the blood rushed back to her abused nipples in a flood of pain. When the waves of pain had passed, I informed my wife, as we pulled away from the curb, that she was to leave her tits out for the remainder of the drive home.

It was dark by the time we pulled into our driveway, so there was little fear that anyone would see my wife's naked breasts, as she ran to the door, waiting to be let in. Once inside, she quickly stripped off her clothes and ran to the living room to get in the position now very familiar to her for every time I return home.

I walked over to her, and reaching into the bag I carried, pulled out one of the extra things I had purchased while at the store. It was a studded collar designed to be worn about the neck. It looked almost identical to a dog's collar. I informed Sally "you will be expected to put this collar on the moment you return home and will keep it on, unless I tell you otherwise. This will be the only piece of clothing you will be allowed to wear while in this house." I reached down and fastened the collar in place. What a beautiful contrast it was to her milky white skin.

"We had a chance to try out one of our new toys tonight, I think it only fair that we try out the other one", I informed her. Grabbing a handful of hair, I again pulled her to her feet and dragged her over to the dining room table. Pushing her face down on the table I ordered, "reach back and spread your ass-cheeks apart, Slut. Spread those legs apart further. You'd better relax or this is really going to hurt."

Opening a jar of Vaseline, which was also purchased from the store, I put a dollop on the tip of the smallest plug. I took a moment to admire the view before me. My lovely wife holding her ass-cheeks apart for me, exposing that virgin ass and her very wet cunt. Already juice was beginning to flow down her legs in anticipation of what was to come.

"Now tell me Slut, have you ever had anything in your asshole before?"

"No sir."

"Are you scared?"

"Yes sir."

"You don't want me to ram this plug up your ass, do you?"

"No sir."

"Well like it or not, you'd better get used to it, because you're going to be wearing one a lot from now on in," I informed her.

A pitiful "yes sir."

Placing the tip of the plug against her sphincter, I began to slowly push and rotate it, inching it in slowly. I could tell Sally was worried by how tense she was, which unfortunately made it very difficult to insert the plug. "You'd better relax your ass slut, or I'm going to stop being gentle, and ram this thing up there as hard as I can," I warned her.

I could see my wife was trying to relax by taking some deep breaths to control her breathing. As I pushed on the plug I could feel the difference in her sphincter, as she began to relax. Inch by inch I worked that plug into her ass. The deeper I went, the wider her asshole was stretched as I neared the thickest part of the plug.

I continued to rotate the plug and would pull it out a bit before pushing it back in again, a little further each time. "Unngghhh, ooowww, ooohhhhh." My wife was grunting now with each thrust into her ass as she desperately tried to relax enough to allow passage for the plug. I knew my wife was in a lot of pain by now from the sounds she was making and also by the fact that her knuckles were bone white from gripping her ass-cheeks so hard.

The sounds she was making and the sight of her asshole being spread so wide for the first time ever were having a positive effect on me as well. My cock was rock hard and was desperately straining to get out of my pants.

With only another 2 inches to go, I began to push harder on the plug forcing it in with greater force. My wife was now crying out in pain with each thrust, but dutifully held her position. At this point I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to get the plug into her fast so I could have some release of my own. The pain from the final inch was excruciating for Sally as I savagely thrust it in with all my might, finally getting the fattest part of the plug past her sphincter. A pitiful wail of pain exploded from my wife as her asshole was stretched the farthest it had ever been stretched in her entire life. Despite the awful pain, my wife was also getting turned on by all this. Her cunt was soaking wet and streams of juice were coating her entire upper legs.

Without wasting another second, I quickly shucked my pants and underwear, grabbed my cock, and buried it deep inside her in one thrust. At that, Sally's head came up off the table, with her mouth forming a silent 'O'. The stimulation in her ass and cunt were causing an overload for Sally's senses. I was being none to gentle, and savagely thrust into her cunt with wild abandon. Each time I thrust into her, my body would also push the plug deeper into her ass so it felt like she was getting fucked in both holes at the same time.

Soon I began to feel that familiar tingling in my balls signaling that I was close to cumming. I could tell Sally was also close to cumming by the sounds she was making - little grunting sounds, and she was pushing back against me with each thrust so that I would go deeper and push harder against the plug in her ass. Grabbing a thick handful of her hair, I pulled her head back causing her to arch her back painfully, and used her hair to pull Sally's body back against me with each thrust. Pulling on her hair, I was now slamming into her cunt with all my might, until I could hold out no longer. Just before the first spurt, I quickly pulled out, yanked her head around and buried my cock deep into her mouth, forcing it down her throat. She instantly began to gag, and that sensation was enough to push me over the edge. Holding her head firmly in place with my cock lodged deeply in her throat, I let go a torrent of cum. Not even giving her a chance to breathe I began shooting spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. The sensation was awesome as she gagged and coughed on my sperm, some of it leaking out of her nose and mouth.

When I had finally finished cumming in my wife's throat, I reluctantly removed my cock from her mouth. She was practically in tears by now, as she hadn't been able to breathe for a while, and as a result, was nearly in a panic. With deep breaths she tried to calm down and swallow the remains of my sperm in her mouth. Releasing my hold on her hair, I informed her that she could stand up now and sent her off to the shower to clean up. I informed her, however, that she would not be allowed to remove the plug for a while yet. With a crestfallen look on her face, she awkwardly made her way to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Chapter 4

After that night, I began to insert the plug into my wife's ass whenever the urge overcame me. I might be sitting watching TV and would suddenly call her to my side. Ordering her to bend over in front of me, I would take the plug and work it into her asshole. Over time she became pretty good at relaxing and was able to take the plug with only a little pain. What she found difficult was trying to get around the house with the plug still inserted. I began to extend the amount of time the plug was in, forcing Sally to get used to the intruder.

One day I decided it was time to take the plug wearing to the next level. When she was on her way out one afternoon to get the groceries, I stopped her at the door and called her to my side. With a puzzled look on her face, she walked over into the living room where I was seated, and stood quietly beside my chair waiting for me to speak. Without a word, I held up the butt plug I had hidden at my side, and with a big grin on my face, waited to see my wife's reaction.

It was priceless. She knew right away my intentions, and you could see the thought of it terrified her. There was an absolutely horrified look on her face as she slowly shook her head no, but remembering her training, never said a word.

"Assume the position," I ordered. With a crest-fallen look she walked over in front of me, turned her back to me, spread her legs wide, bent over at the waist and then reached back and lifted her tight skirt up and pulled her panties down and off her legs. I never tire of seeing my wife bent over in front of me with her legs spread wide displaying that beautifully shaved pussy and tight asshole. It always causes my cock to harden almost instantly.

Scooping a small dollop of Vaseline out of the jar on the table beside me, and smearing it on the tip of the plug, I brought it to her sphincter and began pushing forcefully. This time around I wanted it to be hard and painful so that as she wandered around the grocery store, the pain from her asshole would be a constant reminder of what had just happened and would cause her to walk somewhat more gingerly, even with the plug still in her.

Pushing more aggressively that I had ever done before, Sally was soon wailing in pain as I savagely began working it into her asshole. Each brutal jab in was followed by an almost complete removal of the plug, only to be thrust once more into her. This continual stretching and then relaxing of her ass was causing absolute havoc for my wife. Her asshole was in agony, but the pain and humiliation of having this done to her was also turning her on again. The familiar odor of her arousal was soon evident as was the wetness which soon followed.

After several more vicious thrusts, the fattest part of the plug finally broke through her sphincter, causing a horrible howl of pain from Sally. With a hard slap to her ass, I told Sally to get up and put her underwear back on. She awkwardly stood and, after putting her underwear back on, looked to me for further instructions, praying I wouldn't utter the words that followed.

"Now off with you to get the groceries. You are not to remove the plug under any circumstances. The pain in your ass and the discomfort from the plug will serve as constant reminders to you of what a dirty slut you are. Now go!" I ordered.

With a face beet red from the recent activities and the verbal scolding, she awkwardly shuffled towards the door, wincing in pain with each step, as the plug rubbed against her tender sphincter.

These types of episodes increased over time, as I forced her to wear the plug outside more often and for greater periods of time. However, not wanting my wife to become complacent, and also wishing to push the boundaries further and further, I am always looking for new ways to humiliate my wife.

On my way home from work one evening, I had a brilliant flash of inspiration. Thinking back to the episode in the sex shop, and remembering how turned on we were from the night, I figured it was time to humiliate my wife again in front of a complete stranger. Before arriving home I had it all planned out in my mind. Just before pulling into the driveway, I quickly made a call to the local pizza shop and ordered up some supper for delivery. This way I knew I had roughly 30 minutes to enact my plan.

Of course, as I entered through the front door, I could see my wife was in her usual position. She was kneeling on the floor at the entrance to the living room, totally naked except for her collar, hands clasped behind her back and her legs spread wide open. Without uttering a word, I walked right past her into the living room, took off my pants and then ordered, "Get over here, Slut, and lay down on your back on the couch." She quickly scrambled up off her knees and ran to the couch and then lay down on it on her back.

"Now rotate around so your ass is against the back of the couch with your feet up in the air over the top. That's it, hang your head over the edge." She was sitting on the couch, except that her head was where her feet should be, and her feet were where her head would normally be. In this position, with her head hanging down over the edge of the couch, her mouth was in a perfect position to fuck it, just as if it was a pussy or ass. As well her beautiful tits and bare pussy were perfectly displayed and readily available should I wish to play with them while her mouth is being fucked.


"Open wide whore," I sneered and immediately pressed my cock against her lips. I had never fucked her mouth in this position before, but I found it very erotic, and highly stimulating. Her face was completely hidden to me, as I began sawing back and forth in her mouth. I imagined what it must be like for Sally, hanging upside down, and having no control over the one thrusting hard into her mouth. With each thrust of my body, my balls would slap against her face and nose.

In this position, Sally's throat was made very accessible, and it wasn't long before I felt that familiar feeling of my cock sliding into her throat. She immediately began to gag, which always served to turn me on further and push me to higher limits. You could see her throat swell as my cock forced its way down.

I reached down and grasped a nipple in each hand, and using my thumb and forefinger, began to squeeze and twist the nipples. I would ease off on the pressure every time I'd pull my cock out of her throat, to listen to her gasp for breath, and whimper from the pain. Then when I'd thrust back into her throat causing her to gag once again, I'd wrench and twist her nipples horribly to hear her try to scream while choking on my cock. The muffled sounds that Sally was making was turning me on even more and made me want to do it harder and faster. After abusing her nipples for a bit, I decided to turn my attention to her now damp cunt. Taking my belt out of my pants, I folded it in half, and without warning her, whipped it down hard right on her exposed pussy lips.

Her entire body went rigid, and Sally let out a pitiful wail muffled by my cock stuffed in her mouth. It's probably a good thing my cock was down her throat, because her scream would have been deafening. I began to alternate my blows between her nipples and her exposed cunt and thighs. This way she didn't know which part of her body was going to get hit next. I'd try to time the blows to coincide with when I jammed my cock into her throat. The combination of gagging and screaming around my cock was very stimulating and soon had me ready to blow my load.

Realizing that supper would be arriving soon, I quickened my pace until I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. With a few final thrusts into her throat, I quickly pulled out and began systematically cumming all over Sally's face. I had built up quite the load at this point and when I had finally finished, she had a nice thick coat of white cum covering her entire face and even some in her hair. It was probably the most I'd ever cum to that point.

Every time I cum on my wife's face, she would always scoop it off with her fingers and lick them clean. This time, I had other plans.

"Don't touch the cum, Slut. I want you to leave it on your face. I think it's appropriate make up for a whore like you, don't you think?" I asked.

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