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The Humiliator


Evvie Wilson got out of her car and walked easily through the parking lot of the Mall. Evvie had few friends and it was customary for her to go on errands or shopping by herself. Her Daddy and her late husband had left her very well off financially, so she had no need to work. However since the death of her husband just over six months ago, she had spent her days just existing, it seemed. She felt as if she was just cruising, lost with no direction. She mulled over items in various shops, picking up a new short skirt and a couple of the briefest pairs of panties. She finished up and walked out to her car.

Unbeknownst to her, a man watched her carefully. He noticed that she met no one. Seemed almost to be wandering with no special purpose in mind. He also noticed how terribly attractive she was. At five two she was petite with rather large breasts for her size. Her waist was slim, her hips flared giving the illusion that her breasts were bigger than their 34C would indicate. Long luxuriously brown hair hung past her pert little butt. Her face was almost angelic; large brown eyes, with long lashes and a cute little nose sat above full pouty lips. There was an innocent air about her that was most appealing. Had he not known differently, the man would have guessed her to be much younger than her 25 years.

The rest of that day was uneventful for Evvie. She spent the rest of the day at home, puttzing around the house. She eventually went to bed and drifted off to sleep.

The man from the mall didn't pursue her home that day. He knew where she lived and he had preparations to make for the next day. Once he had his bag of goodies packed he settled in for the night and thought about what the morrow would bring.

The next morning, Evvie dressed in the new short skirt she'd purchased along with a pair of those skimpy panties. She wore a sleeveless tank top with a nice push up bra to accentuate her breasts. She was just going grocery shopping, but she wanted to wear her new clothes anyway. She walked out into the spring air to begin what would be the most intense day in her life.

As Evvie walked toward her car in the grocery store parking lot, she was not aware that she was being watched. In fact, she thought nothing unusual until she caught the flash of white out of the corner of her eye, just before a cloth was clamped over her mouth and nose. The man moved quickly to get her into the car. Picking up the spilled groceries, he jumped into the driver's side of her car and left the lot. If his timing was correct, he had taken his petite little captive during those few minutes when video surveillance was panning another section of the lot. He had planned it all to the split second. Fortunately Evvie had cooperated more than she knew since she picked just the right time to come out of the store.

The man drove straight to his house and into the garage. He knew that she had few friends and that the chances of her being missed by a visit or phone call was remote. Once in the privacy of the garage, he lifted the diminutive beauty into his arms and took her inside the house. He went at once to the basement and laid her unconscious form on the couch. And then he went to work preparing for her surprise when she woke up.

Evvie came slowly awake. She was confused and disoriented. And she had a slight headache. As she tried to move, she realized that her hands were tied over her head. She was in a basement from the look of things. And tied to a bed. She began to become coherent and looked around. The first thing that she realized after finding her hands tied, was that she was naked. Her ankles were tied to the footboard so she was spread eagled.

Evvie noticed a man standing by the door as she raised her head to get a better view of the room. When her eyes met his, he spoke to her very softly.

"Don't say a word. Keep your fucking mouth shut and I won't be forced to hurt you."

There was something about his cold eyes and the tone of his voice that sent a cold shiver down her body. She somehow knew that she should not talk. She nodded her head slightly and said nothing.

He walked over to her and looked down on her nakedness. She had never in her young life felt so naked or so vulnerable. She trembled as she felt his eyes travel over her body. Her tits were standing proud on her chest. Even though they were big they didn't sag to the side when she was on her back. They stood proud and firm, her nipples erect looking like a couple of rubber rivets on top of young mounds of delicious flesh.

She so wanted to ask him what he wanted with her, though she thought she knew exactly what he wanted. She was surprised at her body's reaction to this moment of fear and degradation. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet.

"I'm going to turn you into my slut whore, bitch." He whispered as he leaned in close to her ear. "You're going to do exactly what I tell you to do or you'll be severely punished. Do you understand me, slutpuppy?" he asked.

"Yes." Evvie replied in a small little voice.

He leaned in and licked her neck with the flat of his tongue, dragging it all the way up to her ear.

"Yes, what, slaveslut?" he hissed at her.

"Ye... ye...yes.... Sir." she whimpered.

He reached down and unsnapped the hooks holding her ankle cuffs to the footboard. Then repeated the process with her wrists. Grabbing her wrist, he pulled her to her feet and led her across the room. Evvie followed feeling like a little girl being taken to the principal's office. He proceeded to reattach her wrists to chains hanging down from the ceiling so that she was stretched with her hands above her head. He did not reattach her ankles. After stringing her up he walked across to a wall and selected a paddle. Evvie watched with detached curiosity. When he turned to face her, he held a paddle about two and a half feet long and about two inches wide. It was some flexible material covered with leather.

Standing in front of her, he reached down with one hand and squeezed her left breast. As his hand closed onto her breast, she whimpered with lust. His hand came loose and his thumb and forefinger caught her left nipple and pinched. She moaned softly. He repeated the process with the right breast and nipple.

Evvie continued to be amazed at her reaction to this degrading manhandling she was being subjected to. Her body was so hot. Her nipples hard and erect, her pussy literally leaking juices. When she thought about it, she became embarrassed by the desires coursing through her body. Her reactions were not lost on her captor.

Stepping back from her lovely form, the man swung the paddle and slapped it against the palm of one hand. A loud smack resounded in the quiet basement. Evvie jumped against her bonds. Before she could recover the man flicked his wrist and the paddle came upward and slapped the underside of her left tit. A fiery pain shot through the underside of her tit and she screamed loudly. The man waited a few seconds then flicked his wrist once more and the paddle snapped against the underside of her right tit. Evvie was shaking from the fear that was welling up inside her. She'd never been spanked as a child and she was beside herself with fear. Truth be known he wasn't hitting her that hard. But the combination of fear and unfamiliar desire had her in a complete turmoil. She scrunched her eyes shut and waited for the next blow. It was a long time coming. Then suddenly a white-hot pain erupted in her left nipple. Her scream burst from her mouth with an agonizing howl. As the pain subsided she sobbed quietly. Then she heard the swish of the paddle just before her right nipples was seared like her left had been. She howled again with the pain of the smack. As the pain subsided, Evvie became acutely aware of her own smell. She was so turned on that her pussy was gushing juices down her thighs. She couldn't believe this was happening.

The next snap of the paddle was across her left ass cheek. It stung hotly and she screamed again, although this time the scream was not quite as intense as it had been before. The man continued to rain slaps of the paddle across one cheek or the other for several minutes. He listened intently to the telltale screams coming from his young pretty victim. When the utterances from her became more lustful he would intensify the slap to her ass. When she was screaming more with pain, he ease off and bring her back letting her lust and desires take her over. She was completely unaware that she was being played like this. He continued to alternate his strokes from one cheek to the other, and then added the back of each thigh. After a while she was reduced to a whimpering wanton slut so hot and hungry for a man's cock that she would literally do anything she was told just as long as she knew she'd be fucked. He had her exactly where he wanted her.

He walked around and stood in front of her, looking down into her tear filled eyes. He cupped her chin in his hand and leaned in and kissed her hard and deep. She opened her mouth and moaned as his tongue found hers. She sucked at his mouth like a starving woman. He broke the kiss and stepped back.

"I'm going to let you down." He said flatly. "When I do, you are to do exactly as you're told. Nod if you understand."

She looked at him, still emotionally torn between what she knew she should say and what she wanted to say. She knew this was wrong. He'd abducted her, after all. However, she surmised, if she cooperated with him perhaps things would be easier for her. She nodded her head.

"Good." He began to unhook her wrists. He took hold of her wrist and moved it behind her head. Then he repeated the process with the other wrist. She stood as she was placed and waited to see what her next fate would be. He left her standing and walked across the room and stood next to a straight-backed chair. He faced her and began to undress.

Evvie stood as she was and watched. She was determined to look at his face. She felt the blood rushing to her face as she inadvertently lowered her eyes to his chest. She found herself thinking that this was the chest of a man that you wanted to just bury your face in. Her eyes snapped up to his once again. When he was down to his shorts, he slowly hooked his thumbs in the waistband and lowered them. When he stood up, she glanced down at his erect cock. She let out an audible gasp. Granted she was rather naïve but she had never seen another cock other than her husband's. And his had not been this big. She immediately felt herself flush to her very core as she snapped her eyes up to his again. He chuckled to himself as he noticed her reaction.

"Get your ass over here, bitch." He ordered. She dropped her hands and hurried to where he sat with his legs spread wide. She immediately fell to her knees between them and placed her hands behind her head again.

"Hmmpf. At least you're learning how to respect your new Master, slut." He said.

"May I speak?" she asked softly.

"Speak, bitchpuppy." He said as he began to fondle her tits.

"Please, Sir." She whimpered. "I'm so hot. Please I need to cum. Please, I'll do anything you want me to do, but please let me cum now." Her face went bright red again as she begged him to let her cum. She'd never ever imagined herself in this situation, but she was so hot she didn't care. She only knew that she had to cum or she'd go crazy.

He was acutely aware of her situation and he had every intention of using it to his advantage. He looked at her deeply and she flushed again.

"Part your knees and finger your cunt. I'll let you cum if you put on a real good show for me, slut. Now finger fuck that hot little cunt for me."

She spread her knees and snaked her hand between her hot wet thighs. As she pushed her finger into her cleft, he reached forward and began to pinch and pull her nipples again. She had been so close to the edge for so long that as soon as her finger touched her clit and his hands twisted her nipples she climaxed like a volcano. Hot sweet juices erupted from her pussy as it spasmed over and over again. Low guttural sounds emitted from her throat as she pushed herself even further over the edge. Screaming and writhing, Evvie climaxed with the most powerful climax of her young life. Her whole hand was covered with her juices. She literally collapsed into a quivering mass of well-fucked flesh. She lay on the floor as little after tremors shook her body.

The man watched her silently smiling to himself at this display of pure degradation and lust. This was turning out better than he had expected. He let her lay there for several minutes so she could recover. Then he got to his feet. Reaching down he tangled his hand in her hair and pulled her to her feet. Her hands went up to his as he pulled on her hair. Squealing like a wounded animal, she struggled to her feet.

"You are one perverted cunt, you know that, slut?" he hissed at her.

Looking up at him, she went red again from her tits to the top of her head.

"Say it, bitch." He said as he backhanded her tits with his free hand.

Whimpering, she lowered her eyes.

"I'm a ... a perverted cunt, Sir." She sobbed.

He pulled her against his body and tilted her head back, planting his mouth on hers. She reacted instantly with the most passionate intense kiss she could muster. It was as if his energy flowed from his mouth into her wracked exhausted body. She felt herself reviving with each passing second. She pressed her diminutive body against his, feeling his big cock pressing against her smooth sexy tummy.

"Please, Sir." She whined. "Please, fuck me. I need your cock so badly."

He, however, wasn't near done with her.

"Not yet, slut. You have to earn my cock if you want to feel it slamming your hot little pussy."

Keeping his grip on her hair he dragged her stumbling to the bed. He say down on the edge of the bed and pulled her to her knees. She yelped as her knees hit the hardwood floor.

Evvie was beside herself, alternately ashamed of her lustful perverted reaction to her rapist and so hot from how he was treating her that she would do absolutely anything he wanted as long as she got fucked.

Sliding back onto the bed a bit he bent one knee and his foot was now suspended in the air.

"Show me that you've been conquered, you worthless slut. Kiss and lick my foot. Do a good job and you'll earn your way closer to getting my cock. You DO want my cock, don't you, slutpuppy?"

Reaching out and taking his size 11 foot in her tiny hands, she scooted closer to him. Snaking her little tongue out, she pressed her pretty face against his instep and kissed.

"Yes, Sir. You've reduced me to a wanton slut and I'll do anything you want me to do, as long as I get your cock in the end."

"Suck my toes. You'll get my cock, slut, if you're a good girl and do as you're told."

Evvie had never had any body part in her mouth. Her later husband wasn't one for oral sex. She slowly lowered her pretty face to his big toe. Her little pink tongue came out and licked the tip of his big toe. Then she slid her little mouth over it. Sucking and licking she held the toe in her mouth, looking up at him with a look of pure contentment. The man wiggled his toe in her mouth and she moaned. She continued to treat each toe separately to it's own tongue bath. There was something degrading about this, but also highly erotic. She couldn't believe she was doing this so easily. But the craving to submit had peaked and she had given herself to her rapist. If he killed her when he was done, at least, she surmised, she'd go out having experienced what she'd been dreaming of for so long.

With no prompting from him, she moved back to his big toe. Taking it and sucking hard, she opened her mouth and took the toe next to it into her mouth.

The man was watching intently. He was still amazed at the depth of this young woman's debauchery. She now had three of his toes in her mouth. She was licking and sucking like a pro. He wasn't really into having his feet worshipped, but was into the perversion of the act. Now her mouth was stretched unnaturally as she crammed all five of his toes into her mouth. The sight was oddly erotic. He pushed his foot forward slightly and she gagged on the intrusion. He began to make short movements with his foot, fucking her mouth with it. She gagged and retched each time he pushed into her. But she never stopped.

Tiring of this game, the man pulled his foot out of her mouth.

"Have you ever sucked a man's cock, slut?" he asked.

"No, Sir."

"What!" he demanded. "You've been married and never sucked your husband's cock?"

"No, Sir. He didn't believe in anything but the missionary position."

"No wonder you so damn horny. You've never had a man take you like the fuck bitch you are, have you?"

"No." she whimpered.

"Get down on your hands and knees and get you pretty little bitch face over here." He ordered as he spread his legs.

Evvie dropped to her hands and knees and crawled forward the few inches it took so that her face was scant inches from his scrotum. He reached down and placed his hand in her hair at the back of her head and pulled her pretty innocent face into his ball sack. Evvie pulled back as her pert little nose encountered the smooth hairless flesh of his scrotum. He pulled on her head harder and forced her face into the sack. She held her breath.

"Smell me, you worthless cunt." He ordered. Evvie stubbornly held her breath. He held her tight against him, one of his big balls on either side of her nose. She could only hold out so long. Suddenly she opened her mouth and gulped in a huge lungful of air. His manly scent inundated her sense. She'd never been this close to a man's privates before. His scent was both intoxicating and scary. She breathed in again and smelled him even more acutely. She whimpered with her growing lust. She was rapidly losing the fight. She knew within a few short minutes that she give in and do exactly what she was told to do. He rubbed her face around his ball sack making her inhale his essence. He then pushed her face underneath his sack to his perineum. She felt the sensitive flesh there and continued to breathe his scent. She was growing more and more perversely excited by the second. He jerked her face up and held her poised over his cock. The big head was leaking precum, which he smeared over her lips.

She looked up at him her lips shiny with his precum and then slowly parted her lips and licked him off tasting a man for the first time in her life. She quivered from the sheer lusty nature of the act. It was so out of character for her to act so wanton.

"Open, slut!"

She looked at him and a tear formed in one eye and ran down her cheek.

"I don't know how.... I don't know what to do." She whimpered.

"Damn, slut, do I have to teach you everything? Open your mouth and lick the head. When I push it into your mouth, close your lips, watch the teeth and lick and suck."

She parted her lips and snaked out her tongue and licked across the broad head of his cock the taste of his precum now very prevalent in her mouth. Her pussy juiced its wetness as she closed her lips on to the shaft.

It was the most degraded thing she'd ever done. Prim and proper Evvie naked on her knees with a man's cock in her mouth. She shuddered visibly as she sucked like a whore. He reached for the back of her head again and pulled her forward. More of his cock was forced into her open waiting mouth. She sucked harder tasting his precum. He powered his cock into her mouth to the back of her throat. She gagged as it touched the very entrance to her throat. He pulled back leaving only the head between her lips. She raised her eyes to his as he pulled her forward again. Her lips were shiny and stretched around his girth. It made her look totally whorish. This time when he reached the entrance to her throat he pushed just a little harder. As the big head wedged against her gullet, she choked and gagged. He pulled back once more. Then very slowly he pushed into her lovely face once more. When he reached the entrance to her throat this time, he pushed in and wedged the head into her throat again and held her there. The head was trying to wedge its girth into her much smaller throat effectively blocking her throat. The situation prevented her from breathing. She fought the panic for several seconds but his hand on her head held her in place. She couldn't breathe and the head was inscrutably pressing deeper and deeper. She held up her hands to try to let him know she was in trouble. He ignored her. Tears started leaking from her eyes as the pain and panic of the situation increased.

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