tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Humiliator Ch. 02

The Humiliator Ch. 02


This is not a stand-alone story. You should read part one to gain the full impact of this part. Even though the response to part one was not as good as I would have expected, here is part two. Your constructive comments and votes are appreciated.


Evvie had passed out as she orgasmed while sucking her captor's cock. She awoke slowly to find herself lying on a bed, still naked but unbound. She could hear the shower running and decided he was in the bathroom. She luxuriated in the warmth of the bed noticing how sore she was from her ordeal earlier in the day. It was Friday evening now and she wondered how long she'd be subjected to this inhuman treatment by an obvious psycho. She didn't have to wonder long.

Coming through the door into the bedroom the man was stark naked briskly rubbing a towel through his hair. She sat up and looked at him. Once more she went red in the face as she looked down at his cock. It was formidable when it was flaccid. She still wondered how she was able to take it completely down her throat. The thought sent a warm rush to her pussy.

"Go take a shower. We're going out to get something to eat." He said.

She got slowly up from the bed and walked into the steamy bathroom. Stepping into the shower, she turned the hot water on as hot as she could stand it. The steamy spray made her muscles relax and in no time she was feeling better. She cleansed herself thoroughly and then toweled off. She felt somewhat self-conscious as she walked back into the bedroom naked. He was sitting in an easy chair waiting for her.

He nodded toward the bed and she saw some clothes laid out for her. As she picked up each garment, she noticed that they were all the right size. She turned to look at him, still somewhat afraid to speak.

"Oh," he muttered. "I know way more about you than you might imagine."

"May I speak, Sir?" she asked.

He nodded his head.

"Am I allowed to ask where we're going?" she asked.

"Lamond's." he said quietly.

She thought about that as she dressed. Lamond's was one of the most expensive restaurants in town, but well worth it. The food was excellent, the clientele wonderful and the service was superb. She finished dressing and turned to look at herself in the mirror. She was wearing an understated black dress that was a little shorter than she normally wore. It was spaghetti-strapped leaving her arms bare. He even had her bra size right. Though she'd never thought about wearing one that pushed her big tits up and together. That part was somewhat embarrassing. And those heels were something else. All in all, she had to admit she looked pretty nice.


She sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Here's the deal. I'm going to take you out in public and you are to behave like a lady. You will address me as Sam in public. You will be happy and make no attempt to get away. We will be a typical couple out for dinner. And by the way, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm from the agency."

A light dawned in Evvie's head. She now knew exactly who he was and why he was here. Butterflies welled up in her tummy.

"I will make no attempt to humiliate you in a public place. However, you may be required to do some interesting things before, during and after dinner. Any questions?"

"No, Sir." She said quietly.

There was a honk outside and he stood up.

"Let's go. And be on your best behavior. It'll play well for you later tonight."

She slid her hand onto his arm and nodded that she understood. Evvie was awash with new emotions. Sam, if that was his real name, was actually treating her decently. She wondered what plans he had for her once they were back here and alone. She suspected it would be quite perverse and she experienced a glow of warmth between her legs.

The evening at Lamond's was mostly uneventful. At one point he ordered her to the women's bathroom to remove her panties and bring them back to him at the table. As she walked across the room toward the table she felt like every eye in the place was on her and they all knew her little pussy was now bare. However, the rest of the evening passed with nothing more happening than her becoming more and more aroused.

When they returned to his home, he stopped her once they were in the front door.

"Strip." He ordered her. She began to take her clothing off. When she was nude she stood before him waiting his further instructions. He stepped up to her and snapped a collar around her neck. Then he attached a leash to the collar.

"You're going to be my slutpuppy for the rest of the weekend. Now down on your hands and knees and lead us to the bedroom, whore." He ordered.

A perverse thrill ran through her as she dropped to her hands and knees and began to crawl toward the bedroom. Her pert little ass swayed provocatively as she crawled. As they passed a dresser in the hallway, he picked up a riding crop. He snapped the crop against her left ass cheek. She yelped and picked up her pace. He continued to slap her ass cheeks alternating between the two as she crawled. Each time the crop slapped her, she yelped like a hurt puppy. By the time they got to the bedroom, Sam had a raging erection. He dropped the end of the leash around the knob on the footboard of the bed and ordered her to wait for him. He quickly stripped and then walked over in front of her kneeling form.

Evvie knelt submissively where he had placed her. Her lust was raging again having been put in this humiliated situation. It seemed the more perverse ways he debased her, the hotter she became.

Sam walked over to her and ordered her to look up at him. As she raised her eyes, they fell first on his big hard cock. Then slowly made their way up to his eyes.

"Your next training session will begin shortly. Meanwhile, you may do whatever you wish, but do not cum. I'll be back for you shortly."

She quivered as she listened. He turned his back on her and went into the bathroom. She heard the shower running again as she knelt like an obedient little puppy and waited. She refused to touch herself while he was gone. She'd spent too many hours playing with her pussy, and now that she had a man to do it for her she refrained from doing it herself. He returned a few minutes later, dripping and smelling clean and fresh.

"Follow." He said as if he were speaking to a dog. She followed him and as he lay down she crawled onto the bed beside him.

"A good little bitch doggie knows how to please her Master. There's more to arousing a man than stimulating his cock. And I'm going to teach you how to please me, slutpuppy."

"Hmm, yes, Master." She whimpered.

Grabbing her by a tangle of hair at the back of his head he pulled her up toward his chest. She kept her eyes on his as she scrambled on her knees to where he wanted her to be. He laid her face to the side by his right nipple. He had some hair on his chest, but he wasn't covered with it. She looked at him, waiting instructions.

"Lick my nipple, dog bitch!" he ordered.

Her tongue snaked out and licked at his nipple, wetting the hair around it. It felt funny to her to be licking at a man's nipple. No man she'd ever been with had made her do this, in fact, she'd never even thought about it.

"You like your nipples played with, don't you, slut?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir." She answered between licks. She could actually feel his nipple hardening under her tongue.

"So do men, even though most won't admit it. Now lick and suck." He forced her head over so her mouth was on top of his hairy nipple then pulled her hard against his flesh. She opened her mouth and engulfed his nubby fleshy knob. She sucked like a baby at its mother teat.

He pulled her open-mouthed to his other nipple. She let her wet tongue slide across his chest, through the hair and then popped his other nipple into her mouth. Even though this was something new and foreign to her, it was beginning to turn her on. It had always be the man who worked her tits and nipples over with his mouth. Now she had to do the same thing and it did, indeed, feel odd. As she sucked, he raised his free hand over his head. He let her nurse his nipples several minutes moving her back and forth between them.

Then he tugged at her hair pulling her face away from his skin and moved her pretty flushed face toward his armpit. He dragged her inches from his skin up and through his armpit. She could smell his scent as her nose passed so close to his flesh. He smelled like the soap he'd used in his shower and like a man. She felt her pussy tighten as she took in the scent. He pressed her lips to his skin just below his elbow.

She moaned softly as she licked and sucked his flesh. Then he pulled her slowly downward, letting her trail her wet saliva over his skin. When she was positioned close to his armpit he pressed her in harder against his flesh. She was alternately appalled and excited. In a second her face was planted open-mouthed right in the center of his hot armpit. She not only could smell him now but she could taste him. He apparently trimmed the hair there because it was short and not too thick. She licked her tongue across the flesh and mewled, as she tasted him. He moved her head up and down with short movements of his hand. In seconds she had tasted the expanse of his armpit. It was both exhilarating and a bit demeaning to be licking a man there and moreover enjoying it. He let her tongue play on with flesh for several minutes and then dragged her face to the other side, changing hands in her hair as he did. As she neared his other armpit, he raised his arm and she was greeted with a fresher stronger smell of him. She inhaled deeply. He DID smell good. She pressed her face into the center of his armpit, licking like she was starving. He let her lick and suck several more minutes before moving her on to other body parts.

Dragging her angelic face down his side he introduced her to his naval. She literally fucked his belly button with her tongue all the while looking up at him like a contented puppy. She was actually enjoying this, although it wasn't without some embarrassment. Occasionally, as he allowed her to lick and suck at his male flesh, he'd reach down with his free hand and tweak her nipples or squeeze a tit. The combination of her being so slutty and him playing with her tits kept her in a constant state of arousal.

Shifting his position to maintain his hold on her hair, he moved her mouth past his cock and balls and onto his inner thigh. She licked at sucked at the hairy flesh there. He let her lick and kiss his inner thighs for some time.

Suddenly he pulled her head up and back so she was looking at him.

"I'm going to release your head." He stated. "Guidance will come in the form of verbal commands now." He explained.

She figured his was going to make her suck his toes again and was a bit surprised when he flipped him self over in the bed. Lying on his tummy, propped up on his shoulders with his legs spread, he looked back at her.

"Ever heard the expression 'kiss my ass', bitchpuppy?"

"Yes, Sir." She said in a small submissive voice. She thought she knew what he was about to tell her.

"Kiss my ass, cunt!" he ordered.

She had never even in her most depraved fantasies thought about that,either. Nonetheless, she leaned in and planted a kiss on one ass cheek.

"Nice sweet submissive kisses, slut, and don't stop until I tell you to."

She leaned in once more and began planting soft kisses to his ass cheeks. She kissed one a few times then moved to the other. She found this new task she was being forced to perform most degrading and she wondered why she felt so hot doing it. It was as if she actually felt like a doggie playing with her Master. She was dumbfounded at the ways he came up with to both humiliate her and make her so very hot. She didn't have to wait long to find out what she'd be doing next.

"Now, fuck whore. Tell me who owns you?" he demanded.

"My Master owns me, Sir."

"Who's your Master, cuntslave?"

"You are, Sir."

"Who's your Daddy, little bitch?"

"You're my Daddy, Sir." She felt so perverted answering his questions out loud like this. She'd never been one to verbalize during or about sex, let alone saying something out loud this perverse.

"What are you, cuntslave?"

"I'm a slave, Sir. A worthless whore to use as you see fit. A slut for you to use for your pleasure."

"Press that pretty little bitch face between the cheeks of my ass and prove to me you're the cuntslut you want to be."

She squealed at the thought of putting her pretty face in such a nasty place. But she knew she had little choice in the matter. She leaned toward his ass crack ever so slowly. He was enjoying her anguish and made no move to speed her movements.

As her face got closer to his ass crack, she could smell him. Once again, it was not an unpleasant smell. But still, the idea of doing what he'd ordered her to do was almost more than she could take. She very slowly pressed her face between his cheeks until she could go no further. Here she was, on her hands and knees with her pretty face pressed between the ass cheeks of a man she barely knew. And she was so thrilled by the perversity of it that she was almost ready to cum.

He reached his hand back and caught her hair again. He moved her up and down his crack, exposing her to his hot ass. The hot breath of her moans driving him nuts.

He released her head and ordered her to lick up and down the hot crevice. She groaned as she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue put pressing against his skin. Then, moving her head up and down, she licked the crack as ordered. She grazed her tongue lightly over his asshole, trying to have a little contact with it as she could. He could tell by her moans that she was actually turned on by all this. He wondered how turned on she'd be when he gave her that critical order that was sure to come.

"Stop!" he ordered.

She pulled her face out from between his cheeks.

"Now, spread my cheeks wide apart." She placed her hands on each cheek and then spread them apart.

"Now take a nice long look at my asshole, slut!" he commanded.

Ever so slowly she looked between his spread cheeks and gazed at his asshole. She'd never seen one before and had to admit it wasn't the most arousing thing she'd ever seen.

"Now, press your nose against it."

"Wha... What?" she exclaimed.

"Press your nose against my asshole and be quick about it or I'll whip you like you can't possibly imagine, then make you do it all over again."

She had been lost in her own dream that she was with someone who cared about her instead of a man who'd captured her and raped her. His ranting brought her back to reality quickly. She'd do as he said or suffer another worse whipping.

Letting a sob slip out, she decided it was the lesser of two evils.

"Yes, Master." She whimpered.

She pressed her face in towards his asshole and closed her eyes as she did. At least she didn't want to look at what she was being forced to do.

"Get those eyes open, slut." He yelled.

Her eyes snapped open just as she felt his asshole with her nose. As she touched his asshole with her nose, he moved back against her just a bit. He turned and looked over his shoulder at her. She held her nose tightly against his asshole and looked at him with her sad dreadful eyes. She was holding her breath but she knew he'd make her stay where she was until she had no choice but to breathe in his scent again. When she could go no longer without breathing, she sucked in a quick mouthful of air. As she did, the essence of his ass washed over her senses.

She was whimpering softly as she held her position. Then he uttered the words she dreaded most. He told her to suck his asshole. Sobbing quietly, she moved her mouth to his asshole and planted her lips around it. She sucked. And as she did, she could feel him alternately clenching and unclenching his hole. It was weird because it felt alive in her mouth. She sucked and sucked feeling like she had finally reached the depths of her own depravity. Loud suction noises came from her lips as she sucked. After several minutes of letting her suck him, he ordered her to stick her tongue inside him. She retched slightly at the thought, but didn't remove her lips. She pushed her tongue against his opening and felt it give a little. She began to move her tongue against it and then back it away. Each time she did this, she felt her tongue go a little deeper into him. Suddenly a thought struck her fevered brain. It was like she was fucking his ass with her tongue.

Sam was being a quiet as he could. She was doing quite a job on his ass and he didn't want her to know how much he enjoyed it.

"Keep eating my ass, fucker." He moaned at her. "You're the best little ass suck I've ever had. Nobody needs to teach you a thing, do they? You act like you've been doing this all your life."

His off handed compliment both thrilled her and appalled her. She felt a glow of sexual warmth that she was pleasing him and a shame that she could so easily become exactly what he said she was... a slut.

Sam had reached his end. He ordered her to stop and as she pulled her face out of his ass, he flipped over on his back.

"Sit on it, slut." He commanded.

His big cock was as hard as it ever had been and she crawled up to straddle his hips and slowly lowered herself onto his cock. She was so small and he was so big that she had to go slower than she'd liked at this moment. When she had the head in she lowered herself very slowly allowing her tight diminutive pussy to get used to this monster. But Sam was in no mood to wait. He reached up and placed his hands at her waist and pulled her down onto his cock with a good deal of force. Her hips slammed down and she was suddenly completely impaled. She gasped as the sudden invasion all but took her breath away. Tears sprung from her eyes as she felt him go deeper into her than any man ever had. He reached up and caught her big tits in his hands and began bouncing her up and down in his cock by her tits. Each time he hit bottom, she grunted heatedly.

"Tell me how much you love being treated like a slut, Evvie." He demanded. She placed her hands behind her head and let him bounce her body on his cock.

"I love.... uugh...being. ...Uugh.... your... uugh... slut.... aww.... Sir. I'll ... ugg ...

be a ... Hmmpf ... good ... little... argh...slut... for you. Sir." She was sobbing and squealing as she bounced on his cock. It didn't take long for them to cum. She shrieked with lust as her orgasm overtook her. It washed over her in waves of delicious perversion. She was so hot that her pussy literally exploded around his cock. She was shooting copious amounts of juices, soaking his cock and balls with her fluid. Seconds later Sam's own eruption filled her with his hot cum. She collapsed onto his chest as the last of his seed shoot deep inside her cunt.

Sam had experienced a lot of things, some pretty perverted, but he'd never had a woman ejaculate before. He was more and more convinced that this was one hot little bitch.

She sighed contentedly as she lay on his chest.

"You came like a fountain, slut." He murmured.

"Yes, Sir." She said demurely.

Sliding his hands up her sides and under her arms he lifted her into a sitting position again. Even slackening, his cock felt huge inside her. He lifted her up until his cock plopped out of her cunt, and then held her there as their mixed juices leaked out of her well-fucked pussy. She looked down to see the sloppy mess that covered his cock and balls.

"Lick it all up like a good little doggie bitch." He said to her.

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened as she heard his words. She disengaged herself from his grip and slid down between his legs. He was making her lick up their juices in this final act of total depravity. She wasn't sure she could do it, but she knew she had to make an effort or she'd be whipped.

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