tagRomanceThe Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 01

The Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 01


Author's note:

This is, in all its seven parts and their many chapters, one very, very long story. If long stories bother you, I suggest you read something else.

No part of this story is written so as to stand on its own. I strongly suggest that you start with Part 1 and read sequentially—giving up at any point you choose, of course.

This is Part 2 of 7. It begins a few days after the end of Part 1.

All sexual activity portrayed anywhere in this story involves only people at least eighteen years old.


Part 2. "Here's a pretty kettle of fish!"

    Sergeant Meryll    : Why, look ye, chuck—for many a month I've—I've thought to myself—"There's snug love saving up in that middle-aged bosom for some one, and why not for thee—that's me—so take heart and tell her—that's thee—that thou—that's me—lovest her—thee—and—and—well,I'm a miserable old man, and I've done it—and that's me!" But not a word about Fairfax! The price of thy silence is—

Dame Carruthers  : Meryll's heart?

Sergeant Meryll    : No, Meryll's hand.

Dame Carruthers  : It's the same thing!

Sergeant Meryll    : Is it?

                — W. S. Gilbert, The Yeomen Of the Guard


A few days after the trial, early the next week, Bruja came up to me during supper. "Morris, can you spare a few minutes to talk to me? Please?"

By the end of the trial, I had actually been feeling a little sympathetic toward her. Maggie Brown had told me she believed Bruja's apology, and Bruja had been very, very quiet in classes since then. I think people had been kind of avoiding her, too, because of what she had testified—both her own involvement and about what had been done to her. And she had never before spoken to me as she had just now, seriously, straightforwardly and without a trace of mockery in her tone—except for a couple of times in class very recently, when instructors had told her to respond to something I had said. And I had always tried to be courteous to her, even when she was trying to provoke me, anyway. So naturally I tried to do so now.

"Of course, Bruja. Now? Where do you want to go to talk?"

"We probably do need to talk alone, maybe more than we have time for now. But I have something to say first off, and I think everyone here should hear it.

"Morris, I've treated you badly, ever since the day we met. I don't really remember what got me started, but it definitely wasn't anything you did, even though that's what I've said over and over. I was lying. You've always responded to me as politely and courteously as you possibly could, even though I harassed you and provoked you constantly. As far as I know, you never even bad-mouthed me behind my back, and I think after three years I would know if you did that, and you had every reason to. I'm sorry. I was totally wrong, and I have no excuse for it, none whatever. I admire you tremendously for your behavior.

"I'm sure you'll never want at all to be my friend. I wish that weren't true. I have thrown away any chance I might have had for it. I'm jealous of all these friends you have, a lot of them right here. They are entitled to your friendship, and I'm not. But will you please forgive me for it all, at least? I'm not entitled to that, either. Nothing I can ever do could make up for how I've acted toward you, so if you can't bring yourself to forgive me, I'll understand completely. But I have to ask you."

I wondered what my face looked like. By the end, she had a few tears running down her cheeks. I could never have imagined this happening, no matter what. I didn't know what anyone else's reaction was—except that there wasn't a sound from anyone around us—I was so focused on Bruja's face and words. I pushed back my chair and stood up.

I stepped up to her and took her hands in mine. "Of course I'll forgive you! I know it won't be easy, and I may not do very well at it. Will you please bear with me? But I do mean what I just said."

By this time she was crying in earnest. She said, "Thank you. I know it will be hard, I've treated you so badly for so long, and I know it hurt, I was trying to hurt you. I don't think I could say yes if I were in your place. Oh, thank you!"

I knew what I really needed to do was take hold of her and hug her, both to show in a tangible way that I meant it and to try to comfort her. With any other girl I knew, crying like that because of something I had said, I would have done that instantly, without thinking. I was ashamed to discover that I couldn't bring myself to do it. What could I say to her, that wouldn't be a reminder of everything she had just confessed? I found myself swallowing hard. I finally managed, "Bruja, I really do thank you for this. I know it was unbelievably hard for you, and it means more to me than I can tell you. We do need to talk more later, and that it will be hard for me, too. I don't—I don't know why I can't express myself better, but I really am thankful to you, for everything you said." I did manage to give her hands a little squeeze before I let them go.

"Morris, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. We can arrange to talk, later, but thank you for your time, and your answer, now. Enjoy your meal with your friends." She gave me kind of a shaky smile through her tears, then turned and walked away, wiping her face and her eyes as she went.

I turned back to eating. At least three girls tried to ask me questions at the same time. I swallowed and said, "I can't talk about it. I don't know why, but I feel so mixed up I don't know what to say. Except," I added as I realized what one of the questions had been, "yes, I know she meant every word. And every tear. I just don't know whether I can handle it, or how." And no, I don't know why all the questions were from girls, except that there were more of them right around me.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say one more word during supper, but everything is kind of a blur in my memory.

When the signal sounded, we went back to Jenny's room, where we had been studying. I was in so much turmoil that I know I was a dead loss, to myself and everyone else. And the rest of that week and more, my class work suffered, enough that most of my instructors made comments. Daily. I was quiet and withdrawn, and I couldn't seem to help it.

In fact, the one class that I seemed to handle normally was gym. As long as it didn't involve much real thought, anyway. Some of the games did, and those I might as well not have played. I was a dead drag on my teammates, when we had teams, in those cases. Where the activity was merely physical, my reflexes seemed to take over, and I think I may have played better than I normally could. And for some reason the sex game went very well, for me.

By this time, it was obvious that it had succeeded somewhat in its announced objective. Not everyone, but most of us were fitter and running faster and longer. I think some people were eating less or smarter, and really a lot more of us were out running mornings or evenings or both, or doing other serious training. One day, Molly was my partner. I still caught her easily, but it took longer than I had expected, and I was running faster myself. And when the clothes came off, I was startled at how much less fat she looked and felt. After not much more than a month? She saw my surprise and said, "Not quite the same fat girl you expected, Phil? I doubt you'll ever have to chase me within a few feet of the finish line and tackle me, but I've outrun a few who didn't expect me to. Not that you need to chase me down in gym if you want me, you know." She actually was much more the cuddly, pleasant armful she had always looked like with clothes on, and we enjoyed ourselves. She muffled her own screams with no prompting from me. It was a wonderful encounter, as were the others that day.

Whenever I passed Bruja, we would at least nod and smile, usually saying hi as well. I hoped I was managing to smile, anyway. I was certainly trying. Her smiles were still shy and uncertain, except a few times when we had a chance to actually stop and say hello and chat for a moment. Then, when I actually greeted her and asked courteously how things were going, her smile turned into a real one.


Monday morning, they gathered us for an announcement. They explained to us that one week later would be the beginning of the hands-on sex ed session. This week, incidentally, was the girls' period week, so that would be over before the beginning.

They explained how it would work. Of course, we all knew some of it already, but in general it seemed they tried to keep the details to themselves until we actually needed to start preparing.

First off, they told us that we could, if we wished, submit requests for instructor and for partner. This was to be done that day before curfew, through the school's computer network. They pointed out that it was impossible for most of us to have our requests honored. For example, if two girls requested one boy and he requested a third girl, two of them would not receive their requests, no matter what, and it might be that none would. As for instructors, much of the staff was taking part, not just the instructional staff, and not just instructional staff teaching seniors. Our classes were mostly not very big, but they normally included at least a dozen students, and almost all instructors taught more than one class.

We knew this process from the other side, as it were. Each year, there had been a week at about this time when students were assigned independent research papers or the like, or classes were combined or otherwise rearranged, for the whole week. We had always speculated about where the instructors were, and especially sophomore and junior years the betting was on their being sex ed instructors. It seemed we had been right. Not knowing how it would be done, we hadn't known whether instruction would be one on one, but the announcement cleared that up.

The daily schedules were to be rearranged for the week. After breakfast, we were to have sessions all morning with our assigned instructors. After lunch, we would have a session with our partners, putting into practice what we had been taught. Then there would be a meeting to discuss with our instructors what had happened. Following that would be a break, or possibly another session with instructor or partner, as the instructor felt appropriate. Then there would be supper, followed by unstructured time, intended to be spent with our partners.

The most surprising change to schedule and procedure was that, beginning with the first session of the following week, the opposite-sex wings were no longer off limits after curfew. If we were in those wings during the time before supper, the time after supper, or during the night—any time visitation was legal—it was to be with our partners in their rooms. Check-in and check-out procedures were to be the same, just expanded. By the signal announcing serving for breakfast, we were to be back in our own wings, or in public areas where appropriate. During curfew times, we were to be in our own wings or our partners' rooms, not anywhere else, except for visits to the lavatory or travel between the wings of course. Lavatories in each wing were now open to both sexes, during appropriate hours, but we were cautioned that abuse of this would bring severe consequences. "Abuse" was not defined. And this was all to continue through the rest of the year—though with partners of our own choosing, incidental or long term, after the week. We were warned that, once the week was over, normal class work would resume, and that visitation privileges, both visitor and host privileges, would be suspended if it appeared that personal interaction was preventing us from keeping up with our classes.

There were a lot of other details, but those were the main ones.

I got my requests in early, since I had had advance warning. For instructor, I requested Mrs. Lanigan. For partner, I did not name any names. I merely asked that my partner be reasonably attractive physically, and in particular not seriously fat. I thought that if I requested anyone in particular, it would eventually come out somehow and some people would have hurt feelings.

With this prospect facing us, a week away, I think all of us were rather distracted. Our instructors did their best not to allow us to ignore our work, but probably more sloppy work was done during that week than at any other time. To date, anyway.

Since it was the girls' period week, I was expecting a lot of frustration on my own part. Not only no game in gym, but no extracurricular activity. We got together to study as usual after gym and showers, and to my surprise Moira and Rosa joined us. They didn't bring any study materials, so it seemed they had been clued in and asked to come. I apparently was the only clueless one.

Jenny spoke to us all. "We were all resigned to not having any chance at Phil, but someone who shall remain nameless made a suggestion. We're going to discuss it now, and probably act on it, before we turn to studying. In one way, it will be frustrating for everyone but Phil, but in another way at least some of us expect it to provide a little reassurance and enjoyment of a different sort. Not to mention entertainment.

"Here's the plan. During this time, and during each of the two periods after supper, some willing girl from this group will perform oral sex on Phil. Suck his cock, in a word. We've had a little introduction to this already. After this session, we'll do it in the last twenty minutes of the period. Moira and Rosa, if it's your turn or if you want to watch, you'll have to pay attention to the clock. If it's your turn, and you're not here on time, I assure you that someone else will be eager to do your job for you, and it will still count as your turn.

"As hostess and scheduler, I'm going to take the first turn right now. The next part is optional, but I prefer to do it." She quickly took off her blouse and bra. "Your attire is up to you, as long as you don't waste too much time on it, except that given the whole reason we're having to resort to this, please keep your panties on. Only, now that I say that, it seems reasonable to add one more option here. If you would prefer anal sex to oral, I'm sure Phil would be willing—"

"No he would not!" I interrupted her fairly loudly. Firmly, at least. I went on more quietly, "You should have checked this whole thing with me first. Yes, I'll enjoy it, and yes, I'm aroused just looking at your breasts and thinking about it. But it seems presumptuous of you. Anyway, I've managed to avoid having any of my gym partners be forfeits, and that's been fine with me, I've caught them all. Even if a couple didn't try very hard to escape. I expect that I'm going to be introduced to anal sex sometime next week, and if so I'll do it, and I hope I'll enjoy it and that my partner somehow will as well. But for this week, it's out! If I find after next week that I like it, and if any of you feel the same then, we'll discuss it then. That's assuming that you haven't all found better partners, of course."

"All right," Jenny said with apparent reluctance. "If it's out, it's out. But we all have studying we need to do, so right now, you get those pants off and lie down on that bed. Move!"

I decided that I'd better not argue further, so I moved. As I said, I was already pretty aroused, both by the sight of her and by the whole preceding discussion. She came over to me with the apparent intention of starting right in, but I grabbed her and said, "No you don't!" and pulled her over into a kiss. She resisted for a moment, but then joined in. I caressed her breasts for a few moments, as she deepened the kiss, and then said, "OK, now you may go ahead." She looked at me as though she were about to argue, or maybe only as though she wondered why I was suddenly so unmanageable, but then she went to it.

I said, "I'm assuming that this time, I'm not trying to hold back." She didn't interrupt what she was doing to clear her mouth and say anything, but she did kind of nod at that. I worked to tighten up and move ahead, and after a while I was thrusting deeper into her mouth sometimes. It felt so good! But it really wasn't very long before I came, and she kept sucking and swallowing until I was finished.

She stood up and said, "Since you were so determined to kiss me before, you can do it again now, for a minute!" So I pulled her into my lap, and kissed and fondled, probably not for a full minute but long enough. I could tell that she was aroused herself, enough that I thought she was wondering whether this was such a good idea after all. From my point of view, it was a rousing success, especially given the alternative.

Moira and Rosa each paused by me for a kiss before they went out, and we turned decisively to studying. I did tell Jenny, "I hope you've got your schedule ready."

"The next couple, for tonight, yes. At that point we need to make sure who all is in. Enough had said yes before this that we didn't need to take a vote or anything, we only need to know whether anyone wants to opt out. Now, I don't understand this step in this derivation, so will some math whiz please explain it to me?"

We studied until the clock said the ten-minute warning would be sounding very soon. I grabbed Jenny and kissed her, fondling her breasts a little. "That's to remind you that you need to get dressed before we go eat." A couple of the others laughed. She did cover up. A few of these girls, I was really not sure why they bothered with bras all the time. My tastes ran to lean and lithe, and to my sadness that often goes with smallish breast sizes, but somehow almost all of these girls were that basic type. Moira had more bosom, one of the reasons I'd drooled over her for a couple of years. Rosa wasn't just lean but skinny, and with no breasts detectable when she was dressed. And Ellen was a little more generous all round, while still being extremely athletic, with very nice breasts but nothing that would ruin her balance at all. I didn't know whether to hope that one of them would be my partner next week, or someone new and unexpected. I had screwed quite a lot of girls in gym, in the course of the game, but there were still a lot of others who were at least moderately pretty and with good figures.

Then again, I suddenly realized, the girls probably wore bras because they were part of the uniforms they were assigned, and they were told to. After all, I too was wearing clothes that were provided, the same ones (barring size) as every other male student in my class, allowing for different outfits for different situations.


Early that week, I sought Bruja out and arranged to meet her to talk. We agreed on the study period before supper. We both wanted to avoid audience or interruptions, so we met in her room, room 32. We met outside the girls' wing, and when Ms. Miller checked me in she looked a little surprised and curious, but she made no comments.

Bruja said, by way of welcome, "Thank you again for being willing to do this. It means a lot to me."

"What you said to me means a lot, too. And I have to ask you to forgive me, too. I'm finding it harder than I would have dreamed to let it all go, it seems. When you were standing there in tears—. Um. With anyone else, I would have at least offered a hug and a shoulder to cry on, and somehow I just couldn't. I truly do forgive you, please believe me! But it seems something in there doesn't. To my shame. I can only say it's against my will. Can I at least offer the hug, now, to show I'm in earnest?"

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