tagRomanceThe Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 04

The Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 04


Author's note:

This is, in all its seven parts and their many chapters, one very, very long story. If long stories bother you, I suggest you read something else.

No part of this story is written so as to stand on its own. I strongly suggest that you start with Part 1 and read sequentially—giving up at any point you choose, of course.

All sexual activity portrayed anywhere in this story involves only people at least eighteen years old.


We had overrun the signal for the end of this period, so we cleaned up a little and went out as quickly as we could. I waited in the office, sitting on the couch, and within a minute or so Bella came in. I supposed they might have merely had something that told them when Samantha left, but to my mind this confirmed my theory that they must be monitoring us.

Bella sat down behind the desk, and gestured me to a chair across from her. When I was seated there, she said, "How did it go? Tell me what happened, and how you felt about it. It was very plain, not just to me and to her instructor but to anyone near by, that Samantha enjoyed it a lot, several times over, but I need to hear about it from you."

So I went through it all, through what had happened and my feelings of guilt and inadequacy at not being able to forgive Samantha somewhere deep inside, as shown by my inability to respond to her beauty and her confession to me (and everyone else), how lovable I should be finding her, and would be if she were anyone else who related to me the same way.

As I was finishing up, her phone rang. She said, "Phil, no one should be able to call me now in a normal way, so this is important. Will you please go in the bedroom and close the door, while I take the call?" I did so at once. I just sat in the chair that was there, where we had piled our clothes earlier, and waited.

In just a couple of minutes, Bella knocked on the door. When I got up and opened it, she said, "Phil, there are aspects to this which are as far as we know unprecedented, and we've decided we need to do something which is normally never done and not to be done. Will you please come back in here and sit down again? It will be for only a minute or two." She sat behind the desk, and I in one of the chairs across it.

In a very short time, the outer door opened, and in walked Bruja and Mr. Williams. I immediately realized that he must be her instructor, and since I knew we weren't supposed to discuss with anyone who our instructors were, I saw the beginnings of what Bella had meant.

Bella said to them, "Please sit down there, with Phil. I need to say to you two that for these times we are to be John and Bella, and Phil and Samantha.

"Samantha, John and I have briefly discussed the situation with you two. Will you please summarize, for Phil and me, what you said about what happened this afternoon and how you felt about it?"

She looked at me and replied, "Are you sure you want me to, with Phil here?" When Bella said, "Yes, we need for you to," she looked unsure of herself, but started in.

"I came in to find Phil here. I was only a little surprised, since I had requested him for my partner, but I hadn't really expected him. After all, I'm sure that there are at least a dozen girls who must have asked for him, maybe many more than that. And he was taken aback to see me. He had never considered the possibility.

"And for everything I have to say, you need to understand some background. For no real reason at all, for the past three years I had belittled Phil and harassed him in every way I could. Only recently did I realize that the reason I despised him so was precisely that he treated me, and everyone else, with courtesy and respect, no matter what the provocation. And this was not at all just a matter of the school's rules in this regard. He did it when there was no possibility of his being reproved or punished if he failed. I couldn't help admiring him and being drawn to him, and I didn't want that, but I didn't realize this.

"At any rate, a few weeks ago, something happened to me which opened my eyes to my own behavior—you both were there at the trial!—and I was suddenly conscience-stricken. I realized that I had hurt him badly, over and over, for three solid years, and nothing I could ever do could make up for this, even a little bit. All I could do was go to him and tell him I recognized this and was deeply sorry for it, and ask him to forgive me. And he did!" With that last, she was crying, tears beginning to overflow her eyes. "He did it without question or reservation, not even asking me to do anything to convince him that my change of heart was real. We talked, and it became clear that although he did really forgive me from the heart, I had hurt him so badly that it was very hard for him to interact closely with me. He wasn't willingly pushing me away, but his reaction was always to do that. In passing, after he very awkwardly tried to comfort me in my own pain, as we were discussing this, he said that he doubted that if he had to kiss me or take me to bed he would be able.

"I had already requested him as my partner, and I was pretty sure it was too late to undo that. And, as I said, it seemed so unlikely that my request would be honored that I didn't even mention the possibility to him.

"Anyway, that's all background. I was of two minds about even trying, given his feelings. He insisted that we needed to try, and since most of the assignment involved his acting to please me—making love in a full sense, not just meaning sexual intercourse only—it seemed that we could accomplish that much. And he did so, determinedly, out of duty and entirely for my enjoyment. I could feel him forcing himself to kiss and caress me, especially at the beginning. I think it was a little like getting an untamed horse used to wearing a saddle, as things went on and the strangeness went away, it got easier and better, but it still wasn't very good for him.

"So we kissed, and he touched me wonderfully, I never imagined anything so wonderful as everything he did! I was able to come the first time just from his hands, and then he used his tongue to bring me there twice more. And it wasn't any skill you might have taught him," looking at Bella, "though I'm sure you did, but it was his caring and gentleness, when he was feeling all wrong about it.

"But he still wasn't ready for sex himself, and that was part of the assignment. I think Phil would have just let that go and told you he couldn't. But I had heard things from girls at home, especially from a few friends on this last break, that if you had a boy who wasn't ready to go, the thing to do was to take him in your mouth and suck on him until he was.

"I warned Phil that I was going to do this, and that I really had nothing more to go on than what I just told you. Well, it turned out that this had been done to him, he didn't give me details but I'm guessing a lot," and she turned to me here, "and I really want to hear more about that sometime. Please.

"But anyway, he gave me some practical guidelines, and I tried it. And in terms of getting him ready, it looked pretty good. He wasn't nearly as ready as any of the boys who screwed me in gym class, but he was big enough and erect, just not really hard enough. But he came in, and we tried and tried. I came twice during this part, and if it wasn't as good as earlier, I think that's because we couldn't quite get in sync. So finally he just came out, ready to give up, it was frustrating him terribly! And I insisted on sucking on him some more, and we finally succeeded. I know, that's not the way the assignment went, but he needed not to be so frustrated, and I needed to be able to help him

"But what you've got to understand is that this isn't his fault, it's all mine. He's not holding back to punish me or anything like that, he would willingly have come in and screwed me right away after the first time he ate me, if only he could have. It's because I hurt and abused him so long! You need to not mark him down, with any other woman in the world he would have been fine! You can fail me for this course if you need to fail someone, but if Phil doesn't pass I will go to whoever is in charge and scream and scream at them as long as I need to!"

She was crying in earnest, and I got up and pulled her up and held her, pushing her head down on my shoulder, letting her cry. I said to them, "I know you're going to ask me next, and I may as well say my part now. Bruja—Samantha, I mean, I hope you can put up with my telling them before you're really done.

"As far as the outward facts go, pretty much everything she said is entirely correct. But all the stuff at the end is as wrong as it can be. I'm not intentionally withholding forgiveness, I want with all my heart to be on the best terms with her that anyone ever could be. But somewhere inside my body and brain, there's something that's not willing to let go. Wrong as that is. You heard me a moment ago, I can't even remember to call her by her first name, unless I stop and think hard about it first!

"Yes, what she said about the past three years is true, but she humbled herself to come and confess it all and ask for forgiveness, not just privately to me, but in front of my friends and everyone sitting anywhere near in the cafeteria. She's right, if she wanted to find a way to repay me, she couldn't ever do it, but she did what she could to make it right, and I said I forgive her. How did she put it? Without question or reservation? That's exactly right. But I can't seem to make myself live up to it. And it's not—Samantha's fault at all. She went way beyond what the assignment called for, trying. It's my fault, pure and simple. Don't you dare blame her."

There was a time when no one said anything. Samantha's crying was running down, but I still held her.

Finally, Bella said, "This shows why we're all here talking together. This is never done. And in fact, I ask you both not to tell any of your peers that we've done it. But when there are problems with the assignments, especially this first one, almost always part of it is that each is being selfish, demanding that the other partner meet unrealistic standards, insisting that it's all the other partner's fault. Sometimes only one, but almost always both.

"We all know that Phil is capable of normal arousal and intercourse, in fact quite a lot of it. And he's having trouble accepting it from Samantha. This isn't his fault, in the sense that he's deliberately refusing to cooperate. Samantha, you may be right as far as the causes of this all go, but by asking his forgiveness and accepting it, you have given up the right to claim that you are to blame. Phil has absolved you from any further blame, as far as he himself goes. And, frankly, we don't care who is to blame, or whether anyone is. Is that clear to both of you?

"The question is what to do about the situation. One possible answer is to just let it go for the moment. Phil, at least, is well ahead of the planned lessons for the moment, and Samantha, you went beyond them too. You both, but particularly Samantha, need some instruction in fellatio, which comes later—but for the moment what you know was obviously enough for this afternoon. Our congratulations on getting through the immediate problem, though at some point you are going to have to go back and get the issue of intercourse settled between you. In a sense, Phil could provide instruction on that pretty well. Samantha, you've performed it in gym class, but not in a way that would be satisfactory in a long-term relationship. And Phil, you do seem to be recovering the ability to function, so that we might just be able to let time have its way in this. You aren't having the kind of trouble you had initially with simply kissing and holding Samantha, after all. You're still standing there holding her, after all this time! Whether you've noticed it or not!" Samantha and I stared at each other for a moment. I didn't let go.

"Be that as it may, we need to work on moving things along better. I'm afraid that we are preempting your time before supper, and your supper time as well. That, by the way, is rare but certainly not unheard of, when the instructors feel that either additional instruction, verbal or practical, or additional practice together is needed. You will get supper, but not at suppertime. And we'll take care of that and of notifying all those who need to pass you through.

"John and I did not get to discuss the next thing I'm about to suggest, so if he has serious objections this may change. But I'd rather not take the time for us to discuss it apart from you.

"Part of the problem appears to be that Phil responds differently to Samantha than he does to other girls, or to me for that matter. He has described to me a game, um, imposed on him by some of his girl friends, which involved their arousing him sexually when he didn't know who was doing it. I believe that this may help him, for he will know that some of the time Samantha is stimulating him, but not when. John, this is going to have to be among the three of us, and you are going to have to put up with watching and not participating, except in an administrative role. And Samantha, none of this, particularly the original game, is to go beyond the four of us. It was said to me, as his instructor, in confidence.

"It was played with around half a dozen girls and Phil. He was told to remove his clothes and lie down, and he was blindfolded. The girls arranged to draw lots for order of turns, without his knowing that order. Then, in turn, each girl attempted by means of oral stimulation, hands also allowed, to bring him to orgasm, each turn lasting—was it two minutes, Phil?" I nodded. "We may want to allow three, but I think we'll start with two. He was to resist. If a girl failed to bring him to orgasm, she had to remove an item of clothing. And he was to guess which she was, and if he was correct, she lost another item.

"They took strict turns, but that's not feasible with only two. If, say, I were first and he guessed me, I would lose blouse and bra both, which would be very detectable on my second turn, so that he would know he had been correct the first time. Or, if he were wrong, Samantha would be in her bra the next time, and he would instantly know that it was Samantha. From then on he would know who was who, without fail.

"So John, you will be timekeeper, but you will also by lot determine whose turn is next. And, for generally the same reasons, you will keep track of who has officially lost which items of clothing, and we will remove items only when both of us have lost them, or at the end of the game. The game ends when either one of us succeeds in bringing Phil to orgasm, or when both of us have lost all items of clothing. Phil, should you come, you must keep the blindfold on until final clothes which were officially lost have been removed.

"Phil, at that point you must choose one of us and go into the bedroom and make love to her.

"Are there any questions?"

"I guess that if I don't get any say when my harem, as you call them, propose something like this, then I certainly don't when my instructor does. Is that it? I don't get to object?"

"If you have any real, specific objections to raise, I'll listen and possibly make modifications. If you are just complaining, then you're correct."

"No. I just wanted to make sure that was how it was." I took off my clothes and lay down on the couch.

From a drawer, Bella took some cloth item which she used to blindfold me. She said, "Samantha and I need to confer for a moment." There was the sound of the inner door opening and closing. After maybe two minutes, it opened and closed again. Bella's voice said, "John, please make your first assignment. Remember just to point." There was a bit of noise, probably of whatever item he was using to make a random choice, and very soon someone bent over me and began licking and sucking and stroking. I could feel her breasts, through clothes, against me.

When John's voice said, "Time!" she withdrew. I guessed and said, "Bella?" In maybe fifteen seconds, the process repeated itself. This time, I guessed and said, "Samantha?"

The third time, I could indeed feel that the girl—the woman—was in a bra but no blouse. By this time, I was erect and starting to become hard. I quickly lost track of how many turns passed by, and I could not detect any differences in technique or body that might give me clues. I had expected Bella to have more definite and practiced technique, but this didn't seem to be the case. The bras were soon removed, and that was the last difference of that type. Presumably, shoes and socks were coming off, but unless I cheated and used my hands I didn't think I would know even when shorts were missing.

I was finding it harder and harder to hold back, whichever of them was which. I worked to relax and simply enjoy the process, but I was thrusting involuntarily much of the time. This didn't faze either of them. My guesses were just guesses. I thought that they must have gone to three-minute turns, but if so, no one said a word about it.

And then, once again, someone began sucking, but proceeded to take me fully in, the end going down into her throat. As I found myself thrusting and thrusting, she made gulping sounds, and then I came, spurting and spurting into her throat as she swallowed. It seemed to go on and on, and I know I was grunting and moaning as I came. Finally she pulled back off. I said with certainty, "Bella!" and reached up and yanked off the blindfold. And there, straightening up and back from me, was Samantha, looking radiantly happy and joyful, her eyes glowing. There were some little dribbles around her mouth, and a couple down on her breast, gooey saliva mixed with semen. She swallowed and then said, "Oh, Phil, you did come for me! Even though you were trying not to!" She was just amazingly beautiful. As I looked at her, as she said that, somehow it felt as if something frozen, somewhere in my chest, melted and drained away. OK, it wasn't really much like that, but I don't have a better way to try to describe it.

Behind her, Bella was taking off her panties. Samantha was in hers, and made no move to remove them. Bella told me, "Phil, you were supposed to wait to take the blindfold off." She looked at the two of us and added, "Maybe it's better that you didn't, though."

She came over to stand in front of me, next to Samantha. She said, "Which of us are you going to take into the bedroom, then?"

They were both amazingly beautiful and tempting. Somehow I hadn't previously noticed, with all their clothes on, that they were almost twins, in height and figure.

The fact that I had just come and was rapidly deflating didn't change my enjoyment from looking at them. I still somewhat resented being made into a game piece without being consulted, though. I told Bella, "I'm going to have to try out the options for a couple of minutes before I can choose." She looked puzzled, but I ignored this, as I caught her to me, arms around her waist, and began kissing her.

For a few seconds she resisted, trying to say something which was too muffled by my mouth to be understood, protesting I think. But then she was kissing me back with enthusiasm and passion. Shortly, my hands moved to her breasts, cupping and rubbing. She whimpered urgently and thrust her pelvis against mine. I moved a hand down there, forcing her back enough to go between her legs. She gasped, and her hips retreated from my hand, but then her thighs squeezed tight around me. Her hips moved up and down, tightening, as I fingered her. She was so wet it felt like she should be dripping. And in another moment, she came.

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