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The Hunch


I have always wondered just what a "hunch" is!

Intuition? Inspiration?

Plain dumb luck?

I had several "hunches" during those weeks several years ago and "following" them has made a huge change in my life.

Their validity was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, one day, when I arrived home and walked into our guest bedroom, just as that slimeball, Sammy Kolron, was putting on his pants and my wife was still laying in the bed, staring angrily at me.

But to truly understand all that happened, I need to go back a while and relate all of the events that so completely changed my life.

My name is Ken Dalston. I am a Senior Manager for Kolron Corp., a large manufacturing firm. I have been with them since I finished my tour of duty 8 years ago. I married Em (Emily) 3 months after starting there and my status in the Company (along with my salary) has increased ever since.

That is both a good and a bad thing.

The good is obvious, more status, more disposable income, more perks.

The bad was that Samuel L. Kolron, the founder and owner of the Company, who has treated me like a son and taught me everything I know about the job, had decided I was the right person to tutor his nephew Samuel R. Kolron, in our business. As I understood it, his sister-in-law was widowed and the young man had become a handful, so she imposed on Samuel to help.

Samuel R. or Sammy as he preferred, was a slimeball if there ever was one.

He wasn't in our office three weeks as "Special Assistant" to the CEO before we began to hear rumors that some of the girls in the secretarial pool were being threatened with losing their jobs if he didn't get special favors. Unfortunately, by the time I got to investigate, one girl had left and the others nervously insisted nothing untoward had happened and Samuel (Sr) was clearly doubting anything improper had transpired.

What made it worse for me was that the weasel was hanging around my wife Em for most of the staff Christmas party only a few weeks later. I had warned her about him, but I wasn't worried. Em is so straight that nothing would have happened, but I didn't want him upsetting her either. We almost argued about it that night as Em kept insisting he couldn't be all that bad.

I love Em very much so it follows that I would say she's attractive but I don't know anyone who doesn't feel that way. She keeps herself in excellent shape. Her slim waist and her 34 "B" tits look terrific in a bathing suit and her legs would make any reasonably virile man sit up and take notice. She usually wears her long blond hair in a bun or a ponytail, and that looks terrific, but when she lets it down, she's gorgeous!

Em is a very conservative person and probably could attract a great deal more attention if she decided to. For me, I'd like to spice things up privately between us but, other than that, I count myself a lucky man.

I watched him like a hawk that night at the Christmas celebration while trying to act as a good host for our employees and their families. Samuel (Sr) has always treated me like I was his right hand man and I've always tried to respect that and help where I could.

I didn't see Sammy do anything improper. He danced with Em twice that I saw and seemed quite respectful about it. Later that night at home Em told me he was quite mannerly and "sweet".

I remember some other things about that night as well! Em has always been very conservative in our lovemaking, letting her hair down only when a bit tipsy and she rarely drinks much at all. She didn't seem to have had too much to drink that evening, but she initiated making love by coming to our bed wearing just a brief, almost transparent, nightie.

That is unusual for Em who normally likes a little foreplay, in the dark, consisting of caressing her breasts, perhaps sucking on the nipples a little and light kisses on the neck and shoulders before missionary position sex. Em is a wonderful person and being married to her is important to me so I was prepared to be patient about adding spice to our sex life.

I also didn't pass up a chance to try some things I don't usually get to do. She actually let me eat her pussy for a while before pulling me up and asking me to "get inside her". I really enjoy oral sex, both giving and receiving and would have liked more, but I'll take what I can get.

We encountered Sammy again about three weeks later at our club on New Year's Eve. He had a date who seemed to be an O.K. person and, after exchanging partners for a few dances, even I began to believe he might be a changed man. I remember that Em was again a little worked up that night when we got home.

This time I asked her why and she blushed a little and told me that Sammy was so complimentary, telling her how nice her hair was, how sexy her shoes were, what a great dancer she was and how lucky I was to be her husband and she couldn't help but feel after an evening of such compliments, that she wanted to get home with me for some lovemaking.

Thanks Sammy! I'd say I owed you one, but I still had a "hunch" you are up to something.

I will however file my wife's comments into my mind for future reference.

About mid-January Samuel (Sr) told me that he had set up an account with ChemTech, with Sammy as lead. He had pretty much handed this to his nephew as a "done deal" but apparently Sammy had asked his uncle if I could accompany him to do the close. After examining the documents I could see that we could have done it over the phone, but Sammy was keen to go and Samuel wanted his nephew to get out into the field.

I hate mid-range trips. I don't mind flying, in fact I like it, but this deal was only a little more than a 100 miles away with no significant air service and so the best way was to drive. I hate that much driving in one day. I actually go just a little further down the road from there, quite regularly, but I don't do the "down and back" in one day!

It was about then, on thinking about Sammy's request that I accompany him, that I had my next "hunch".

I had suggested we drive separately but both uncle and nephew wanted us to have more time to discuss business. Not wanting to be drawn into that arrangement, I called a friend with a firm that is both my, and our Company's, biggest client. (The one I mentioned earlier that is just down the road.) I had him call our office with an urgent request that I get down to see to a "problem", which necessitated that I leave a day earlier, promising to meet Sammy at his client's office the next day.

Samuel and Sammy were a bit put out, but in front of the uncle, I pointed out that it's all well and good to work at securing new clients, but primary in business success, is taking care of existing customers. Samuel agreed and I was off the hook, at least for the drive.

Aside from the fact that it was my biggest, most lucrative account, I like to go to Blackton because Herb and Molly Green own and operate a small motel and dining room where I get first class service and fine food and they were close to my client's corporate offices. Herb was the toughest soldier I ever encountered during my service time, but there, in their motel, he was the kindest, most soft-spoken guy you could want to know.

We had become close friends when we were under fire together and still enjoyed touching base as often as possible. I had actually loaned them $10,000 to help them get started with their business and they paid me back in less than three years and have continued repaying me with friendship and excellent service ever since.

Just as I was checking out the next day to go to meet Sammy, I had my second "hunch" and asked Herb to do me a small favor. When I told him of my concern, he smiled and agreed immediately asking that I just leave it to him and he would take care of it.

I drove the 25 miles to meet with Sammy and his new client that afternoon and I have to admit Sammy did well. He had clearly done his homework and as we went through the documents, he seemed to communicate well about each of them without notes. He did take an unusually long time to get it done but the client was pleased and the deal was closed.

Sammy insisted we go out to get some dinner and celebrate. After I called home to leave a message for Em that we were finished and would get an early start for home next morning, then called Samuel to say what a great job Sammy had done, we went to a rather shady looking local club that he knew of.

I recall that I was intending to be careful about how much I drank as I wanted to keep my promise to Em to get an early start in the morning and to be truthful, I still wasn't sure about Sammy.

The evening started off well, in spite of our somewhat sordid environment, but somewhere along the line I lost track and I passed the point of no return, finding myself quite drunk.

I don't remember much. It seemed like an erotic nightmare with some flashes of scenes involving multiple naked women. I remember seeing two women having sex together. I had flashes of me getting a blowjob and of trying to fuck the ass off someone. When I woke it was almost 5:00 AM, I was in some sleazy motel and I was a mess.

Sammy was nowhere in sight, in fact, I was alone.

Although it was much harder to do that morning, I have always been able to get myself together after too much the night before. After getting rid of the clothes I wore that night and taking a lengthy shower, I forced down some solid food and headed for home, wondering what it was Sammy was up to.

When I arrived I decided to say nothing to anyone at work about the night Sammy and I had together as I was sure Sammy had done me in and was expecting me to attack him.

One thing I knew I would not be doing for a while at least, was having sex with my wife. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into or more correctly, what Sammy had got me into, but I wasn't taking any chances.

Em hugged and kissed me when I arrived but it just wasn't the same. I'm not sure what it was that was different, but something was and again, on one of those "hunches", I decided not to discuss the previous evening with Em just then either.

Sammy seemed a little embarrassed and uneasy when I arrived at the office the next day but after I said nothing, he seemed to relax and enjoy the congratulatory comments from everyone there. To Samuel's great delight, I told it as though Sammy had done it all.

Samuel did say that he appreciated me supporting Sammy and that he hoped I was not too offended when he didn't stay to celebrate with me. Hmmm. He was there for most of what I could remember, but I smiled and said I didn't mind at all.

Em asked about the trip after dinner the following night, which is also strange. She often asks, but usually when I get home, not a day later.

She asked where we had dinner and where I had stayed and I told her I had returned to Blackton to the same place I had stayed the night before. I didn't know where Sammy went after dinner.

That afternoon I went to our doctor and told him straight out what happened. He set about testing for STD's and also took some blood to see if there was any trace of what had caused me to lose control.

There didn't appear to be any trace of drugs but the doctor said I should have come in as soon as possible after the fact, that there may have been drugs and I had passed them out of my system.

Two weeks later his nurse/secretary called me at work to say that they were about 99.99% sure I was not infected with an STD.

Through all that time it had been all too easy to avoid sex with Em. She seemed more than a little distant and, although that suited me, it also troubled me. It was obvious something was bothering her but I wasn't ready to deal with it just then and let it go. I really didn't have a plan because I wasn't really sure what had happened and, although I suspected Sammy had been in touch with Em, I had no idea what he had told her, so I waited.

Now that I was reasonably sure I wasn't infected, I decided to resume relations with Em and that clearly confirmed we had a problem. As I said, she rarely initiated lovemaking, but even more rarely, refused it and that week she did it twice and after abstinence of about 3 weeks in total. I was sure Sammy was involved but I didn't know exactly how.

The following Friday Em called my office to ask if I would be home in time for dinner, which again was unusual. When I asked what was going on, she said she had been unwell that week and was now feeling better and looking forward to me getting home. It being Friday, I said I would leave early and be home at 5:00.

At about 4:15 I left the office and arrived in my driveway at 4:55 to find another car, which I thought I recognized as Sammy's. As I walked, almost ran, past it, I could hear it "cooling" and touched the hood to find it warm. Given the temperature had fallen to near freezing that day, he must have arrived in the last few moments.

I went into the house expecting to find Sammy and Em in the kitchen or living room but when I didn't see them there I began to panic. I ran up the stairs to our bedroom and felt immense relief when they weren't there either. In confusion I stopped and in the quiet I could hear noises coming from the guest room next door. I went down the hall and through the door to find a shocked and apparently petrified Sammy just putting his pants on and Em dressed in a kind of hostess gown, buttoned up to the neck, sitting up in the bed.

Tears came to my eyes and I shook my head.

"Em, if you wanted out of the marriage, why not just say so?" I snarled.

"Don't you put this on me you cheater!" was her angry response.

I turned as Sammy ran through the door and past me. As I heard him run down the stairs, I turned back to Em and said, "I'm obviously not the one who is cheating here Em." Then I went back to our bedroom, took my suitcase from the closet and began to pack some clothes, a plan beginning to form in my mind. One thing was for sure, I needed to deal with my issues with Em and Sammy, but I needed to have Samuel see what an asshole his nephew was and deal with him permanently.

"What are you doing? You're not just going to walk away from this!" Em shouted.

I could see now that she was wearing her underwear under her hostess gown as it had opened a little as she entered the room. Clearly Sammy didn't get any just then and from the look of things, Sammy was surprised to see me.

I think Em may have done a number on him.

"I'm not walking away Em. I've been driven away. Surely you didn't expect me to put up with your fucking around. Did you somehow think I wanted to watch?"

"What's good for the husband is good for the wife!" she paraphrased. "I feel that if you can screw around, so can I!"

I continued to pack my clothes as I said, "Em, I have no idea where you got the idea that I am "screwing around" as you put it, unless your "fuck buddy" told you and why you would believe him over me, I have no idea. I wouldn't have picked you as a cheater in the first place Em but I'm even more shocked that you don't have better taste than him."

"Sure knock him like you've been doing all along. Try to take the credit for all his hard work. Well Ken, he did more than just "tell" me. How do you explain this? Sammy told me you were screwing around on me weeks ago when he left you in Bellville and when I told him I didn't believe him, he got this from a friend of his and gave it to me last Monday."

She handed me a photo of myself, with my partially erect cock about to be taken into the mouth of a rather well endowed, naked woman, both of us with surprised looks in our faces. The photo however was taken in a semi dark room and was a little grainy.

Plain dumb luck!

It gave me all I needed.

Plausible deniability!

"I don't know who this is Em, but it's not me. Where and when was this supposed to have been taken?"

I threw the photo at her and it fluttered to the floor.

A flicker of doubt crossed Em's face but she recovered quickly and said, "It's printed right on the photo. It was taken on January 21st at 7:19PM. You were in Bellville celebrating the sale Sammy made that you tried to take credit for!"

I stopped packing and turned to face her. "Em I'm too upset to remember where I was at that time, but as I recall, after we closed the sale I drove back to Blackton where I stayed the night before, at Green's Motel. It's about 25 miles away from Bellville. And Em, there's no need to go through all this charade. I'm leaving! You can call your fuckbuddy or whatever it is you cheaters are calling yourselves these days and tell him to come back I won't bother you any more. When I'm calmed down from this I'll call you and we can settle our affairs then."

For a moment my conscience almost did me in. The look of fear on Em's face almost made me take her in my arms and tell her everything would be O.K. but I didn't. I had allowed myself to be outmaneuvered by that asshole and right now, in spite of the fact that he had drugged me and framed me that night, he had worked Em to the point where she believed he was a "goody two shoes" and I was a lying cheater who had tried to take credit for his "sale".

"Ken, you know that's you in that picture and so do I" She hesitated for a moment, then added, "I . . . I . . . I didn't have sex with Sammy. I set it up so you would think I did it to get back at you for having sex with that woman." She said in a shaky voice.

"I don't want you to leave. I don't want a divorce. I just want you to stop this and stop bothering the girls in the secretarial pool." she continued as she picked up the picture.

The secretarial pool! That asshole told her it was me doing what he had done. I brushed past her and picked up my briefcase and began searching through it.

"What are you doing?"

"I need to be sure myself of the facts Em. That's not me in the picture." I said.

After a brief search, I took out my card file and pulled out the card for Green's Motel and Restaurant, Blackton. I thrust the card at her. "Call them yourself Em and ask them to fax a copy of the motel bill. I'm sure I stayed there that night!"

As I had put myself on defense by doing this, Em regained some of her confidence that she was indeed right in accusing me, but now it would be unfair if she didn't follow through.

She called the number on the phone and said we were trying to fill in an expense claim and would they please fax a copy of the receipt for my recent stay there. After a brief pause, she thanked the person on the other end and hung up.

"I don't think this will prove anything." She said, some of her confidence returning, "You could have returned there after you left that woman."

This began to appear like it might not work as well as I had thought. I started to zip up my suitcase as I said, "I don't know which hurts more Em, you fucking that slimeball or your insistence on believing him and not me."

For the second time that night, fear was written all over her face. As I picked up my bag and headed for the door, the phone rang with the distinct signal that it was a fax. Em ran to the fax machine and after what seemed an eternity, she lifted the pages as they slowly emerged from the printer. With my chest pounding so loudly I was sure the neighbors could hear it, I watched as tears formed in her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

She looked up, her face showing she was devastated and said, "What have I done? Oh God Ken, I'm so sorry. Please, please forgive me." as she handed me the fax.

"God bless Herb", I thought to myself as I looked over the sheets. Nice touch!

The printout clearly showed a check out time on the morning of the 22nd, which I had expected but included, that I didn't expect, was a list of meal chits including dinner on the night of the 21st , rang in at 7:35 PM, about 15 minutes after I was supposed to be having my picture taken in Bellville about 25 miles away.

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