tagAnalThe Hung Games Pt. 03

The Hung Games Pt. 03


(Hey all! More of the Hung Games for you! Hope you enjoy! All feedback strongly encouraged via my profile page here!)


After the fight with Mike I accepted a robe and eschewed a shower just yet to run over and catch one of Luke's fights that was about to begin. I made it just in time to see him strut out onto the field. The first thing that struck me about it all was that the crowd just exploded the second he walked onto the field. I knew my promised was doing very well, and knew that he had cultivated quite a following due to his gorgeous body, handsome face, and of course, above all else, his enormous knee-slapper of a cock, but the magnitude was still surprising.

I watched him approach the bed opposite his next opponent, enjoying the fact that his big bull-nuts were so large you could easily see them from between his legs as he walked, swinging around in their strained sack, bloated and heavy-looking with all their ordinance. He looked like he had filled out a little too. He had always been on the buffer end of things, but it seemed likely the demands of the competition had driven his gorgeous muscles to new heights of glory, the thick corded biceps looked almost permaflexed now and I could see new definition in that already flawless ass of his. Sex is tough on the glutes!

His opponent, Morgana Vistazzi, was a sight to behold as well. Taller than me with jet black hair and deep brown eyes, she was fit and stacked with perky big breasts, I'm guessing about a D-cup, and an unbelievably round ass that I could only look at with envy. Okay, envy and a little lust, but the point is that she was packing a lot more ass than me and rumor had it that this was what she especially knew how to use. But even though she was giving a big smile and wave to the crowd, I could see behind her eyes that she was worried.

Her eyes kept nervously darting to my promised's swinging cock and I could see her tense just slightly every time she did. I would later learn why. But for now, the two joined in bed and got right into a Morgana-controlled foreplay round in which she essentially stalled with a bunch of making out. The two sucked face, kissing each other hungrily in the center of the bed, rolling around, hands caressing taught bodies. My promised was definitely into her ass, and his big mitts kept cupping it firmly.

Lucas called an oral round and lay back to let her suck him. She worked his huge cock with lusty desperation, moving fast to get the whole damn thing tongue-painted and kissed, finally sucking him in to the delight of the crowd. I blushed a little as I watched, wondering if I would look as grotesquely distorted sucking him off, her lips had been curved into a gigantic donut around his thick dick-head, her thick lips pinched down into a thin white line from the strain. Luke was surprisingly kind to her, not face-fucking her or working her deep, just lying back and enjoying, occasionally stroking her hair, letting out an obvious sigh of contentment when she focused her horny efforts onto his massive balls.

For intercourse, she surprisingly chose to take on the missionary position. From what I'd seen and heard, letting my promised have any more control at fucking than he was already going to take was a dangerous and stupid thing to do since he was so dominant.

Her entire face flushed red the second he penetrated her, and she was biting her lower lip in ecstatic joy when he'd slid just half his length into her. By the time he'd bottomed out with a few inches of dick still outside of her, she was visibly squirting in orgasm.

My promised began to swing his hips a bit, feeding her bare cunt that big cock again and again, his balls swaying beneath in their weighty glory. She writhed and squirmed with each deep fuck, arching her back in orgasm. Those big tits of hers were begging for control as they wildly splayed out and Luke obliged them, seizing and mauling the huge pair without breaking fuckstride. His thumb and fingers found and tugged those nipples bringing so loud a cry from her as she came again that they probably heard it three stadiums over.

The ref moved in and now it was Luke's turn to pick. Rearing back from her with his now glistening weapon shining in the sun, Lucas gave the hand sign for anal. My jaw dropped, this was a very unusual move, especially when it looked like if he'd just pressed to continue he'd probably have won in just a few more minutes anyway. But it was all about what I'd learn later.

After Morgana's fight with Luke I went and studied her old fight recordings. The truth of the matter was that Morgana was an anal sex specialist. Opponent-after-opponent would be brought to an explosive ball-drained end with his dick buried between her lush ass-cheeks. It didn't seem to matter what had happened before, all she was doing in every fight was biding her time until she could get he apparently ultra-tight rim around the dick and milk it dry in mere seconds.

That's why she'd really already lost the second Lucas had stepped onto the field, the reason she'd looked so worried, and that tension (her ass) was understandable. His dick was simply going to be too big for her to control at all. She was well trained and had taken hefty members on the field before, sure, but even soft my promised was wrist-thick and she knew that was going to get worse when he hardened.

There was a time when I thought my promised was being kind by calling for an anal round, perhaps giving her a chance with her speciality, or trying to let her show her fans her best before she was done. But I'd know the falsehood of that in time; my promised was a huge Dominateur. For him, it was important not just to break this bitch, but to do it on her terms so she'd know how much she was owned by him.

Morgana looked sick as she turned and offered up her ass to him. Luke playfully spanked her left butt cheek, the audience giving a little "whoop" at its jiggle, and then he brought his cock against the right, the crack of that wet shaft against taut flesh echoed in the stadium. Then he was at her ass, sawing his humongous shaft between her cheeks a few times before aiming his head and plunging in.

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK FUCK! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" she screamed as he gaped her wider than a human ass had any business being.

Women around me all cringed and many of the men, it was insane to see such a massive prick splitting such a tiny space so wide. Morgana bent her head and sucked her teeth into one of the pillows, literally tearing the fabric as he kept pushing in. Tears streamed down her face and I knew she already wanted to surrender, but wasn't letting herself. Fuck-fighters are a prideful bunch and that's sometimes very bad for us.

Luke pulled her ass back, reaming deeper and deeper into its tight depths, gritting his teeth at a pressure that was clearly tough on him too. Most of the way inside he hit some sort of inner limit, her eyes shot wide and she collapsed forward again, thrashing around a bit. To her credit I saw her move her hips, weakly trying to fuck him back with her talented ass, but it was just no use. Lucas pulled his hips back now, clearly having trouble moving, even with the well-lubricated shaft still drenched in cunt-sauce.

He moved back in for a second stroke, a little faster this time, and pulled out again. Morgana's howl was spine-chilling. Then, without warning, he got a foot up next to her head and really kicked it into high gear, sawing his epic length into her again and again, big bulky balls whacking into her asscheeks with audible force. I had to give it to poor little Morgana, even though she clearly had nothing to bring to this fight, even though her big tits were swinging up to smack her own chin in a humiliating display, even though her face was stained with tears like a tantruming child's she hung on for far longer than I thought I could under such an onslaught.

I thought she might hold on until she passed out, but finally she raised her hand in submission. My promised withdrew, but didn't let her straighten up just yet, using his hands to part her cheeks and show the crowd the now ankle-thick gape of her over-used butt. He hadn't just won the fight and knocked her out of the tourney, the bull-hung bastard had literally ruined her. It would be weeks before she could assfuck anyone again for sure, and even then a part of me doubted she would ever really be the same. In a cruel, taunting display he gave her right ass cheek another big spank and then kissed it, striding for the showers with her still collapsed in a sweaty, weeping yet very satisfied-looking pile on the bed.

I waited long enough to watch her leave, and while I had sympathy, I also couldn't help but giggle at the incredible bow-legged stance she needed to use in order to leave.

Later that night, I lay in my wonderful fluffy bathrobe and sipped wine looking out of the window at my extraordinary view. The Hotels tended to spare no expense for the rooms they comped fuck-fighters... it was good for business and good for the soul to let the world's hottest people stay for free. Plus we fuck-fighters are such an insatiable bunch, you never knew when a manager or bellhop or maid was going to get what would be the ride of their lives.

Had it only been three weeks? It was insane to think so little time had passed, yet I'd learned so much and changed so much. In most ways, I was a bit more jaded than I had been as the young girl who sucked her coach's brains out on that high school field, but at the same time I was awakened to a whole new world of my vast potential, and the incredible things I had yet to encounter in the fuck-fighting circuit.

I'll never forget how different it was my first fight.

Robert Thorne was a worthy adversary. In fact, I think in hindsight he really deserved to win that fight. He was better prepared, more experienced, I get the sense he'd trained harder and he might have even wanted it more. It wasn't his fault that genetics had endowed me with an awe-inspiring rack, a massive resistance to the draining toll of climax, and above all, a guide who had been testing the limits of my endurance and skill for years.

But oh Robert was hot. The boy was tall, at least as tall as Luke if not an inch or two more-so. He was built big, his skin taut and shiny around huge biceps, shoulders that were so cut they looked like bunches of bananas, thick quads that could have probably withstood an earthquake, and caves of chiseled limestone. His face was handsome, maybe a little cold for my tastes, but pretty to look at with startling blue eyes, almost violet in the right light. He had big huge hands with appetizer-plate palms and long elegant fingers whose dexterity belied their strength.

His cock was a thing of beauty too. The fat fucker hung down at least six inches, slightly curving over the jut of his massive balls. Those big ass-slappers were like beef-steak tomatoes, a medium-low sack slinging them around with purpose and menace. He reminded me of Luke, not just in that he had a gorgeous body and massive cock, but also in his swaggering confident attitude. I think everything coach was trying to warn my promised about was embodied in this young stud.

The crowd was more tepid to start out. As I wandered out onto the field, trembling a little from excitement and anxiety and cold my nipples were like divining rods pointing right at my fuckable target across the arena. They were polite, but we were just another two of the nearly fifteen thousand untested competitors. Leg one of the fuck-fight tourney is often known as "the purge" in which competitors meet in arena throughout the world for a week or more until the first seven-thousand plus lose their right to be present.

Much of the populace doesn't even bother to tune in until the first four or five legs are done with. The tournament lasts 13 legs in total, but since it's single elimination the numbers cut dramatically each time and only those who consistently win every time get to move on. Obviously there's a lot of luck too... some poor inexperienced or poorly equipped athletes get put up against who will be the winners in their first round. I didn't get to see it, but I've heard my promised's first round was over in less than five minutes because the girl who made the mistake of blowing him choked herself out.

I was surprised at just how perfect the bed mattress felt when I crawled my way onto it, it had softer quadrants and firmer ones, the whole thing being about the size of four normal king-sized beds. Robert's flawless face looked a bit stunned at the sight of me, and I flushed with the realization the ripped, hung stud was having trouble getting his eyes off of my swinging tits enough to get his head in the game. I knew my megaton melons were going to be an advantage, but this was my first inkling of just how far they would get me. I was truly something novel.

The coin-toss went and he'd won it. He used his foreplay round to make out with me, rolling me all over the bed with a shocking amount of passion, his huge body at sometimes compressing me right into the mattress as he sucked and kissed at my thick lower lip, at others I was on top, grinding my horny young clit up and down those washboard abs as I fought to stick my tongue down his throat. For a few moments, this thing wasn't even a fuck-fight, just a couple of horny stupid kids making out and having fun. I could feel his dangerous dong growing beneath my ass-cheeks as the thrill excited him and I doubled-down on dragging my tits up and down his chiseled pecs as we kissed. I wanted him to feel every part of me, to know my raw sexual power, to crumble beneath it.

For the oral round I elected to have him eat me out. I chose a dominant position for it since I was trying to emphasize my superior power, letting my glistening juices drip down onto him while I basically sat on his face. He used his strong arms to support me a bit, big hands mauling and squeezing my ass-cheeks lewdly as he made himself into the perfect cunt-eating chair for me. He was good, and even though the oral round came up short he'd definitely gotten me through a few orgasms by the time the ref gave him the out.

He picked his first intercourse round, slapping that huge foot of meat on my clit a few times, making me squeal with delight before sliding on inside. While I'd had bigger, he definitely was hitting all the right spots as he slid inside, getting yet another 'gasm from me before he was even all in. My cunt swallowed his cock whole and the horny girl was still trying to get more, I involuntarily kegelled on him, like I was trying to draw that huge prong in deeper somehow, it was thrilling to feel the weight of his balls resting on my ass when he got all the way in.

Then he was fucking me! He pulled out until just his head was in and slammed back in, expertly timing his strokes even as they sped up faster and faster, the formerly dormant balls now swaying and swinging to spank into my ass with every deep plow. I tried to keep my eyes open for the ref, but I was having trouble focusing, every few strokes I'd shudder and shake my way through another howling orgasm. This was the first time I realized the extent that fuck-fighters fucked for keeps. I'd been on dates before of course, and men liked to fumble around and get off, and I was used to most of them cumming super early at the sight or feel of my tits anyway. I had never been fucked even this long, and certainly not this vigorously.

He gave a sudden double-tap stroke on one of his next plunges in, leaning his body somehow so that in addition to the deep g-spot orgasm I was getting from his sawing cock, he also pressured my clit, giving me what may have been my first cluster climax ever. I thrashed around at that, sweat beading on my brow, eyes squinching shut. When I opened them again I realized with horror that I was looking at the back of the ref's head, he'd stepped in during the longer-than-normal orgasm and I'd been too busy cumming to notice.

Robert elected to capitalize on his seized momentum to continue this intercourse round, changing position slightly by grabbing my flexible legs and putting my ankles next to my ears. Now I was doubled-up, cunt for-shortened into a proper fuck sleeve for a lesser man. But this stallion was no lesser man and as he began to tear back into me with deep deep fuckstrokes it literally took my breath away. I know it was just the sensation and shock, but some part of me felt like he was somehow literally punching the air from my lungs with his dick, that's how deep it felt.

He pounded and slamfucked and ramjammed into me again and again for what felt like hours. In truth, it WAS a long round, the random timer seemed to have frowned upon me and I would later learn I'd endured this second position for a full forty-three minutes, though I'll never completely understand how I made it so long. The sensations were overwhelming, my thoroughly skewered cunt was bursting out explosive gouts of thick fuckfluid with his every hammer-stroke against my cervix. In some ways the fact that he was punching my cervix was the only thing that saved me, that deep pain was a distraction that kept me from going more over the edge than I already would have.

The other thing that saved me was my mouth. This was my first discovery of the aggressive dirty-talk fuck-fighters throw at one another. Some of it is to arouse their opponents of course, but I now realized another part was about keeping distracted enough from the over-the-top feelings so you could still have a chance of winning.

"Is that the best you can do you fucking foot-long stud? I've been eating bigger cocks than yours since I outgrew into my first double-D cup. Do you see how fucking big my massive tits are now you hung asshole? Do you? Even a big dick like yours isn't worthy of being between these huge pillowy pleasure sacks! I'll bet you beat yourself off to sleep looking at posters of girls smaller than me!"

He growled and spanked my ass as he redoubled his efforts, I'd clearly gotten to him a bit. "Whatever bitch, my big fucking cock puts all bitches to sleep, no matter how big their tits might be! Just because you've got enough bra meat to suffocate a whale doesn't mean this dick isn't gonna break you!"

But his time was up. I'd just given the ref a high sign and bid him to stand on the ground next to the bed. He didn't know what I was up to until I'd leaned back under his cock. His big fat balls were resting on my lips, the rest of his shaft lining up perfect for me to slap my huge tits around him, sucking and licking first his left nut hungrily, then the right, slowly titwanking him as I worked. It was definitely getting to him and he groaned and almost sobbed as my vice of soft flesh wrung his dick out like a washboard. I suckled and slurped, letting the big sweaty nuts smear my own slobber all over my face as his hips began to buck involuntarily, only helping my efforts when they began to tighten near climax.

My hands were a blur by the time it happened, my huge tits heavily smacking against hips on the upstrokes and reaching all the way to his head on the other side. I moaned with a mouthful of nut meat as I felt the first pulse, his huge cock concussing as it blasted down my legs. He began to draw himself back as more cum lept out of that pulsing prick, putting a big nasty shot in my belly-button, filling it, another two streaked each of my tits, he deposited a lovely pearl necklace (though the cum pooled in the center, so it was more of an opal pendant, really) and finally exacted revenge by planting a few big wet salvos onto my face.

I grinned, basking in the victory of my first fight when his cock rose and fell fast, slapping me hard right between the eyes, I blinked and snorted, he did it again and sneered down at me.

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