tagMatureThe Hungary Games

The Hungary Games


Author's note: One of my readers, in commenting on a story, told me about the arrangement he had with his girlfriend and her mother, who are in fact from Hungary. I used my imagination to guess how it came to pass. Some of the dialogue in the following story is lifted directly from his account.


My name is Nick. I'm an intern, getting ready to finish medical school next year. Mona and I have been living together for a year. She's 24, and I'm 28. She was born in Hungary, and she moved here with her dad when her parents divorced. In June her mom came to visit for a week. She was going to stay in a hotel, since she can afford it, but Mona insisted she stay with us. I would have preferred the hotel too, so we could fuck once she was gone for the night, but I held my tongue. Besides, with any luck, going without for a week would make Mona even wilder in bed than she usually is.

As it turned out, Mona is not your typical girlfriend's-mom. I wasn't sure what to call her, but she told me just to call her Sári, her first name. She had just celebrated her fiftieth birthday, but she could pass for early 30's. She has beautiful shoulder-length blonde hair. (Mona's black hair and comes almost to her butt, which I find sexy as hell.) When we picked her up at the airport, she was wearing a nicer dress than Mona wore the time we went to the ballet. Sári told us about the guys she'd dated, or just fucked, throughout Europe. I thought she was lying when she said she'd sucked Prince Charles' dick until I realized she was talking about someone way down the line in the Dutch royal family. She joked that she once thought she'd won a Nobel Prize. She'd missed a period after having a threesome with a father and son from the actual Nobel family! Her stories kept me amused throughout the evening, but they did more for Mona. She was turned on and couldn't wait to get naked after Sári went to bed.

As soon as we were in bed, Mona made herself sound subservient. "Would you like your penis cleaned, Prince Nicholas?" she asked from under the covers.

I lowered my voice and said, "Yes. I must have strong penis to defeat my enemies!" Not only could I feel her tongue slathering my dick with saliva, I could see the blanket rising and falling where her head was. She knows not to let me come unless it's the only thing we're going to do, and that wasn't the case. When I was really enjoying it, I put my hands under her chin. She knows that's her sign to get on her back. I threw the covers off as I climbed between her legs. "I see you've brought some fine melons to the royal court," I said, and I licked each of her erect nipples.

"I have a lovely garden as well, your Highness," Mona said, pushing my head.

"You certainly do," I agreed. I sifted through her black pussy hairs with my index finger. She has just enough to be called a bush without being unwieldy. I licked a horizontal line where her lips were starting to open and then spread them so I could lick her. She pushed down hard, which lets me know she likes it. When she started panting, I moved up and slipped my cock between her thighs.

Mona smiled at me and said, "Fuck me, Prince Nick." Without a word, I raised my hips until I could feel her pussy flesh on the head of my dick and slid in with no effort. She'd never been this wet so quickly. She moaned, "Oh, God," before I'd even started thrusting. She put her hands on my butt and urged me to go faster.

"Pull your legs up, young serf," I said, trying to sound authoritative. She did. I used her knees to steady myself so I could see her young pussy lips moving in and out around my dick, but I also got to see her tits shake as I fucked her. "You are so fucking sexy," I panted. I saw a beam of light cross the bed, but I assumed it was a car driving by the window. Mona liked hearing that. The fact that she didn't crush my balls in anger over what I said next is probably only because of how I worded it. "So is Sári. I can see where you get your looks." Apparently not referring to Sári as her mom saved me, and maybe the fact that I was using it to compliment Mona.

It did more than save me. Mona put more effort into grinding her own hips once I said that. She even moved her legs around me and used her knees to push me deeper into her cunt, giving me more ooh's and ahh's. "Is the Prince ready to conquer the land?" she asked.

"He sure is," I said. I stopped thrusting and centered my hips so I could shoot my load deep inside her cunt.

"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!" she shouted. "Fill my garden with fresh seed!"

"Not so loud. Your mom might hear us," I whispered. (Mona lives up to her name!) When I'd finished coming, I rolled off her slowly.

After a few minutes, Mona whispered, "I love you, Nick."

"I love you too, Baby," I answered. She moved onto her side and played lazily with my dick until it was hard again. I could see her long hair flowing past the edge of the pillow. Then she stroked me vigorously until her hand was covered in my cum. I reached over to try to return the favor, but she was already asleep.

I had to work an evening shift the next night, so Mona and Sári went clubbing that evening. The night after that, Sári and a male friend were at opening night for the city's opera house. At dinner, Mona told me Sári had accidentally walked in on us the first night. I knew I'd closed the door, but the beam of light was from the hallway, not the window. Sári asked her if I satisfied her. When she said yes, Sári said she figured from what she'd seen, and also from parts of the conversation she'd overheard. Mona didn't seem to find the conversation awkward. I did. What came next was beyond awkward. Sári thought I had a nice ass, and she could tell from watching my ass while we fucked that I was good at varying my technique. "And when I told her you said she was beautiful, she almost blushed."

"I can't imagine why," I said facetiously.

"Then she asked me if you wanted to make love to her."

My jaw dropped. Should I even answer? If I said yes, I'd never get to fuck Mona again. If I said no, it was obvious that it would get back to Sári, she'd be hurt, and I still might never get to fuck Mona again. I put it off for a moment. "Did she really say 'make love'?"

"Not quite. She used a Hungarian expression that translates roughly as 'vigorous intercourse.' It's not considered a euphemism like 'make love,' but it's a little nicer than 'screw.' Anyway, I said she should ask you herself."

I spat out my beer. "You're okay with that?"

"Well, I told you about the boating trip that my dorm and the men's dorm went on in college, and I remember how turned on you were when I got to the part about slipping away to give Jozef a blow job."

"That was hearing about it. I wasn't watching you while you did it, and you weren't involved with me at the time."

"So I shouldn't be okay with it?"

"'Shouldn't' is a strong word. Let's just say, most women wouldn't be."

"Anyway, since you liked hearing about me and Jozef, I figured I'd enjoy watching you and Sári."

I thought about Sári's ample bust and some of her descriptions of her encounters. I didn't think about what a 50-year-old pussy might look like, but I imagined a platinum-blonde bush covered in my cum. "Okay, I'll wait until she asks. You know, in case she changes her mind." It was a little white lie. If Mona was okay with this, I'd be a fool to pass it up, but for her own sake, I didn't want to look too eager.

When I came home the next night, Sári announced that her third husband Hiro had invited us to the opening of his new restaurant as his guests. He's Japanese, but the cuisine was Tirolean. Sári recommended the mutton, explaining that Hiro had developed his own recipe when they were married. She was wearing a heavy fur coat. When she gave it to the coat check girl, I saw a blouse that revealed much of the same breasts I'd been thinking about ever since Mona told me about their conversation. When they went to the bathroom together, I looked at Sári's skirt, and there didn't appear to be any panty lines. Her hips were barely as big as Mona's, and Mona's aren't the kind that busybody aunts typically describe as suited for birthing. When they came back, Mona whispered in my ear, "Like what you saw?" She seemed genuinely pleased when I nodded. We had a conversation that was pleasant enough, but I didn't remember any of it because I kept waiting for Sári to embarrass us by propositioning me. Happily, she practiced greater discretion in public than in private.

When we got home, Mona got me into the kitchen and asked why there was a purchase at an adult book store on her credit card statement. I looked at the date and explained that she'd sent me out to a specific liquor store that night for a particular wine that she likes, but their machine wasn't working, so they'd worked out an arrangement with the store next door. She remembered the incident, and she was satisfied. She later explained that she already knew, and this was just to keep me occupied for a few minutes.

Once the conversation was over, Sári came out of the guest room. "Nick, dahling, would you take my coat for me?" she asked.

"Of course, Sári," I answered. She unbuttoned it and allowed me to open it. All she had on underneath was a sheer red bra and a matching thong! The thong separated a bush that could best be described as full, but not long. It was blonde, but closer to the shade women get from being on the beach. She turned around to give me a 360-degree view. Her slight belly was only apparent from the sides, but her magnificent ass distracted me from it. I noted where the strings on both garments tied, or more importantly, untied.

Mona asked, "Isn't there something else you wanted from Nick, Mother?"

"Yes. Nick, dear, would you like to make love with me?"

"As long as Mona doesn't mind giving me up for the evening, I'd be happy to."

Sári began unbuttoning my shirt. "Give you up? My dear, she plans to watch us!" Mona helped by unbuckling my belt. I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor.

"Where would you like to-" I paused for a moment. I was going to say, "do it," but Sári was so elegant that I wanted a nicer expression. "To receive me?" I bent down to remove my shoes, followed by my pants and socks. If she wasn't naked yet, I didn't want to appear too eager by taking off my shirt or underwear.

"On a bed, of course! Lovemaking should always be on a bed if there's one available."

"Really? From the way Mona translated the expression, I thought someplace that's deliberately uncomfortable would be more suitable."

Once I had my pants and shoes off, Sári led me to the guest room and stood in front of the bed. She put her arms out. I wrapped mine around her to hug her, and the hug turned into an open-mouth kiss. I ran my hands over her back until I found the place where the bra was tied. It took both hands, but I was able to untie it. I held one string in each hand and pulled them with me when we broke our embrace. Once the bra was removed, Sári lifted both breasts. They were larger than Mona's. I had her turn around. I kissed her neck and reached around to lift and caress her breasts. They were firmer than I expected for a woman of 50. They were sexy enough on their own, but imagining that they had once fed Mona turned me on even more. I moved my right hand down across her stomach until I could feel her pussy hairs and traced the fabric up and down. When my index finger was at the waist, she put her right hand over mine and used her left hand to pull the fabric a couple millimeters away. She released my hand. I let it slide down, and now her pussy was exposed to my touch. I still hadn't seen it up close, but I could feel her folds. They didn't have the elasticity of youth, but feeling how puffy they'd become made my dick hard. She turned to the right, forcing my index finger to enter her. "Play with your lover, Nick," she said. I ran my finger in circles inside her, then pulled it up to find her clit. My middle finger replaced my index finger in her pussy. She ground her hips into my crotch. "You're a lucky woman, Mona," she said. "Most men his age would have been naked ten minutes ago. Nick takes his time."

"Believe me, I know it," Mona said.

"Does that mean you're ready?" I asked.

"Ready for you to be naked," Sári answered. She turned around and tugged on my underwear until my dick sprang free. She put her arms around me and said, "And also to finish undressing me."

"Not much left to do, is there?" I answered. Sári shook her head and pulled my hands toward her, but only halfway. Left to decide what to do next, I ran the side of my hand between her legs and caressed her pussy some more. I pulled on the thong till it was down to her knees and held her to me. She lifted and lowered her hips to make my dick slide in the space in front of her thighs but made no effort to do anything with it as it got harder.

"Ever been with someone my age?" she asked.

"No, but I'm looking forward to it," I answered. "Get on the bed." While she did that, I took my shirt off. She had separated her legs only a little. I tugged her thong until she was as naked as I was. I'd never seen a "mature" pussy in person, but I wanted to do it right. I climbed over her and kissed her chin. I kissed and sucked on each breast and continued to make a line down to her bare pussy. Her flesh felt just as soft to the touch as my young girlfriend's. Just as I thought when I felt her, she had more folds, which I always like to see. Her pubic hair was wiry and just long enough that I could feel it on my chin while I kissed a circle around the edge. It felt good, how I imagine a day's worth of beard stubble feels to a woman. I separated her lips and licked a line between them. I could smell her arousal. It was different than I'd experienced with women my own age, but I liked it just as much. I licked the same circumference that I'd kissed a few seconds ago. This time instead of licking up in the pussy cleavage, I licked a line across, getting some of every fold and a quarter-inch of her inner flesh on each side for good measure. I put my hands on her hips and licked a little deeper. I pulled out, licked a five-pointed star across her pussy and dove back in as deep as I could get. Sári was bucking her hips the way Mona usually does when I'm fucking her. The comparison inspired me to go in and out as if my tongue were a dick. Sári really liked the way the tip of my tongue felt on her forward wall, so much that she raised her hips involuntarily. I moved my hands underneath so that I could hold her ass when she came back down.

I looked up and saw Sári rubbing her own tits the way I sometimes do to a woman when I fuck her from behind. She looked down and made eye contact with me. She gave me a look that said, "Fuck me now." I wasn't ready yet. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go again and moved it around in as wide a circle I could make. She held her legs around my neck, and I could feel her shaking. When she finished, she said, "Now I remember why I like younger men!"

She let loose of me, and I sat up again. I looked to the side to see if Mona was still okay with what we were doing. She was naked from the waist down and was masturbating furiously. I told her, "You'll get your turn later," and she smiled. I looked back to Sári, and she nodded quickly as if to beg. I moved back and placed my cock at the opening.

Sári grunted something in Hungarian, and Mona told me, "She says to fuck her already."

Thanks to our foreplay, I had no trouble sliding my dick inside Sári's cunt. She clenched her muscles around me with such perfect control that I was able to pull back but not out. We swayed back and forth and side to side while we fucked. It was a relief to just fuck as hard as I wanted and not worry about whether I was going to slip out. For a while I went back to sucking on those beautiful tits again. "Oh, yeah, yeah. Make love to me, Nick." I looked aside to see if hearing that phrase bothered Mona. She was still masturbating, but now she'd taken her shirt off and her tits were bouncing up and down while she did it.

Seeing two sets of tits and two pussies made me even harder. Thirty-plus years of fucking had given her amazing control of her body. I was able to make myself last a good twenty minutes before I felt my balls filling up, and I could feel the cum shooting through me even more clearly because of the constriction. I was able to warn her, "I'm coming, Sári!"

"Give it to me, Nicholas! I want something live going into my womb."

Just like when she'd said "make love," I looked to see Mona's reaction. "Do it," she urged between strokes in and out of her pussy. "Shit! Yes! Fill me up! Fuck my cunt!" She must have felt it at that moment, because she lowered her voice. "Yeahhhh!" She pulled me down on top of her. "Did I mention I'm in ivarzás?" she panted.

Before I could ask, Mona said, "Estrus. She means she's on the fertile-"

I was holding still so I could give Sári what she wanted, so I was able to take my attention away and interrupt Mona. "I know. I'm a doctor, remember?"

I'd barely finished coming when she rolled us over. She lifted herself on her elbows and shook her tits. "You liked these, didn't you?" she asked. I nodded. She moved up, letting all but the head of my cock slip out, and lowering her left tit directly over my mouth. I put my arms around her and licked it and sucked it for all I was worth. When she was satisfied, or maybe she sensed that I was, she switched to the right tit. By the time I let go, I was hard again. She moved her hips back and swallowed my cock with her pussy lips. "That's it," she moaned. "Make love with your mother-in-law. You know Mona's okay with it." I didn't even look; Mona was screaming her approval and even encouragement. I started moving my hips, and I could feel her pubic bone rubbing the top of my shaft. I felt a small part of my sac touch her thigh, and it made me harder than I'd been all night. "Yeah, you're so big and thick. Any minute now you're going to fill me with your sticky semen and live sperm." She clenched my dick, and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. We had a long, open kiss as I filled her womb a second time. For the next ten minutes, she lay on top of me, and we rubbed and kissed each other. I didn't even think about Mona in that time. Sári had let go of me, and she rolled off. She looked to Mona and said, "It's your turn now."

Mona took my hand and we went to bed. I tried to fuck her, but I let out a yelp the first time she touched my hips. "Sorry, I guess I'm just sore from the ride Sári gave me."

"That's okay," she said with a smile. She wrapped her hand around my dick and was able to jack me off. "I'll get my turn in the morning. I still can't believe you didn't balk at what she said after you entered her."

"Remind me what she said."

"She said, 'Make life with your mother-in-law.'"

"Life? I thought she said love. What does 'make life' mean?"

Mona put her hand on her belly and brought it forward. "It means making a new life! She gets off on the thought of having another baby at her age."

We went to sleep. In the morning, Mona got her turn as promised. I tried not to think about Sári out of respect for Mona, but all I could think of was Mona watching and masturbating while I fucked her mom. I sucked on Mona's nipples the way I had with Sári's, and I looked down where our crotches met. I marveled at the elasticity of her pussy as my dick went in and out, and her pussy returned immediately to its previous condition. When I looked back into Mona's eyes, I remembered her translating her mother's utterance. Wondering where Mona was in her cycle, I imagined a baby forming in her womb, and the feeling overcame me. "I love you, Mona. Oh, God, I love you."

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