The Hunger Ch. 12


"OK, you got me on that one," I said. "I'm not really into the big cock thing. Jim is about the biggest I have had and sometimes he is more than I can handle. Part of it has to do with my size. I guess I have a short pussy. I like girth, the feeling of being stretched, but a lot of length doesn't do much for me. I've been with a body builder recently and he was bigger than average, but not huge."

"That's the funny thing about the fantasy. Normally I could care less about the size of guy's dick too, as long as he knows what to do with it. As you know, there haven't really been any men in my life that live up to that. Its just part of the fantasy man thing I guess."

"I'll keep an eye out for you." I said and then chuckled.

"Ohhh, I've already found someone that qualifies, at least if what some of my friends have said is true."

"Then why haven't you gone after him?" I asked.

"Come on Kim, this is me that you are talking about. Can you really see me stalking some guy because he has a big dick?"

"Perhaps not," I replied. "Maybe I'll just have to set it up for you."

"You wouldn't!" she exclaimed. I just smiled back at her in response.

"OK, moving right along. Next?"

"Number Six. Have you ever seen a strap on dildo?"

"Uhhhh... yes," I chuckled.

"The idea of a woman fucking me with one is a real turn on. Sometimes in my fantasies it's one of those double headed dildos, but usually it's a strap on. I guess it's the idea of a beautiful woman with a cock that is such a turn on for me, the ying and yang thing. The duality, or whatever you want to call it. I know it's sorta silly but it sure makes me squishy. Usually it's me that is being fucked, but sometimes I'm doing it."

"That can be arranged, maybe later."

"You are kidding me right? You have one?"

"Uhhh yea, I have one harness and a couple of dildos that go with it."

"You are simply unbelievable, you know that?" I just smiled as she leaned in and kissed me.


She suddenly grew quiet and contemplative. She looked me in the eyes and said, "This is another one of those that is sorta between your two categories of fantasies. I guess it depends on the circumstances and person or people involved. To be honest, it's pretty scary."

"OK, well let's talk it out. Maybe it's not as scary as you think."

"Well, you know about my 'help' thing. You sort of stumbled on that on your own and figured it. I am, by the way, eternally grateful to you for that. I guess that was part of my fantasy world before and I hadn't realized it had rolled over into real life too. In my fantasy it goes way beyond being 'helped.' In it my lover takes over complete control of my sex life. I guess I need to explain that some more. I've read some of the BDSM stories online and in my fantasy I never really see myself as some sort of ultra submissive slave. My form of submission is limited mostly to the bedroom and is purely sexual and not a total change in my lifestyle. I don't really see any dungeons or leather masked Doms in my future."

"There's something called the 'Nine Levels of Submission' on the web. Remind me to show it to you later. I think you might find it interesting," I broke in and offered my commentary. "What sort of things do you see yourself performing in this fantasy?" I asked, interested to see where this might lead.

"Mainly I see myself serving my Mistress sexually. It's almost always a woman that I serve. I do whatever pleases her, whatever she wants me to do to serve her. Sometimes I serve her friends as well. I'm usually spanked or denied orgasms if I do not perform up to her standards. Sometimes I'm even spanked as a reward which is something I have never really understood, at least not on a rational level."

"Has anyone ever spanked you?"

"Not really," she replied. "I had a boyfriend once that swatted me a few times when he was fucking me doggy style. It was OK. It mainly just tingled and caused my ass to glow a little, but that was it. He just did it that one time."

"OK, go on. What else happens in your fantasy?"

"I read a story one time where the sub had nipple clamps used on her. The idea of something like that really gets me excited. I guess you could call it sensual torture. Sometimes my Mistress asks me to have myself pierced or tattooed as a sign of devotion to her. That's really scary to me, but it always gets my motor running. I kinda see that as some sort of ultimate act of devotion. Modifying my body, I mean. Ohhhh, there is one other thing too. I'm always required to wear sexy lingerie that she chooses for me. That's usually what I wear around the house when we are into one of our scenes. She likes corsets a lot but I have a wide selection of lingerie for her to choose from."

"Anything else?" I inquired.

"No... oh one more thing. In the fantasy, my Mistress has total control over my orgasms. They usually have to be earned or as a reward for good behavior unless she is just playing with me. Sometimes I'm forced to cum over and over again until it's almost a kind of torture. She has all sorts of toys and machines designed to produce orgasms. Sometimes she will bring me right to the edge of cumming and make me stay there for extended periods of time until she finally gives me permission to have an orgasm."

"That sounds interesting," I commented.

"Ya think?" Heather quipped.

"Yes, I do." I could see the lust in her eyes. She was aroused by exposing her fantasies to me. I decided to tease her just a little before having my way with her.

"Any more?"

"Well, none that I would call fantasies really, more like arousing images or what ifs."

"Such as?"

She smiled, "Such as the idea of spending a weekend running around naked in a nudist camp. That one has had me almost dripping for the last day. It's scary, but such a turn on. The rest are like I said, just images, not full flown fantasies. Things that turn me on but aren't really something I have developed a full blown fantasy about. They are things like 3-somes, 2 guys and me, and me with a couple. Let's see what else, the idea of a lover peeing on me when we are taking a shower together, dual penetration... you know a cock in my ass and pussy at the same time. That one is a sort of a spin off of the group fantasy. There are probably a couple of other things that come to mind right now. I'll mention them to you as they do. They'll be my little vignettes to share with you over the weekend. OK?"

"Sounds good to me," I replied. "Do you think you could get us a refill on our wine?"

"Yea sure." She hopped out of bed and grabbed our glasses. As she did, I swatted her gorgeous ass sharply. She turned to me and her eyes were positively glowing.

"Hurry up winch," I said. She smiled broadly and turned and trotted off to the kitchen.

She wasn't the only one that was aroused by her fantasies. Oh my gosh! I knew there was a lot hidden in her, but I really had no idea how much. I was shocked and was left wondering how much more may still be there. It would be last time I underestimated Ms. Heather. I was convinced that I had in fact found a sexual soul mate. Now, if the rest our relationship would just work out as well. While I was still unsure of the potential of a long term relationship with her, I certainly wasn't ruling it out.

While she was gone, I quickly grabbed a couple of toys and prepared for her return. It was time to start checking off a few items on her list. I certainly wasn't planning on diving into a full blown Dom/sub scene with her, but I thought I could certainly add a few items from her fantasy to the activities I was planning. I was ready to step up the sex play several notches until she cried uncle. The gloves were coming off to some degree. Like I said, I wasn't going to make the mistake of underestimating either her libido or her capability for uninhibited sexual exploration again.

When she returned, I took the wine from her, took a sip and then set it down. I pulled her into a scorching, aggressive kiss. I wanted to make sure she understood it was time to play on my terms and she got that message clearly.

Her eyes grew wide when she saw me pick up the strap on. I had the large Nexus mounted on it. I had her stand by the bed and instructed her on how to attach the straps. She listened to me, enthralled. She was even more enthralled when she watched as I slipped my end of the Nexus into my pussy and then had her tighten the straps. I had pulled out a bottle of lube with the toys, but one quick feel of her pussy convinced me that it would not be needed. She was very wet, drenched. I kissed her again before guiding her back to the bed. I moved between her spread thighs, her knees were bent, feet planted on the sheet, and her pelvis was rotated up, ready to receive me. It was obvious to me, upon looking in her eyes, that foreplay was not going to be needed.

I took the Nexus in my hand and slid it back and worth between her spread labia, lubricating the head and shaft while teasing her and raising her level of arousal. She began squirming in response to the stroking of the dildo, attempting to rub her clit against it. I could see her growing level of frustration and desire.

"Ready?" I asked, seeing the growing glow of arousal on her face.

"Yes, please," she almost growled.

"Please what?" I asked, teasing again.

"Please fuck me. Please shove your cock in my cunt and fuck the living daylights out of me. Pleeeeeasseee." I had reduced her to begging and pleading for what we both wanted and needed and I derived more than a little pleasure from this development. The fact that she was so vocal in her desire was also a welcome change in her.

I slid the head of the dildo just inside the portal of her pussy and stopped there. She wanted more and I could see it in her eyes but I wasn't ready to give in to her yet. To be honest, my urge was to drive the dildo as deep into her as I was capable. I was using every ounce of my own discipline to keep from doing so.

"Please fuck me," she groaned. "Give me more, give me all of it." I was somewhat amazed at how vocal she had become. I admit that I have always enjoyed a lover that is as vocal in their pleasure as I am in my own.

I slowly, ever so slowly, slid the dildo in deeper. She cooed in pleasure when she felt base of the dildo come to rest against her vulva. I just stayed there, buried in her quim and let her absorb the fullness. She was obviously frustrated and impatient. She was rocking her hips up into me, trying to fuck herself on the dildo and rub her clit against the nubby surface of the base. If I didn't know better, the contorted look on her flushed face would have made me think she was in anguish.

I finally gave in and began to slowly thrust into her. She moaned loudly as she felt the cock begin to piston into the grasping tunnel of her cunt. I could tell that it wasn't the hard, pounding fuck that she needed, but it gave her some degree of relief. I would get there eventually, but I wanted to ramp up slowly and draw out fucking her as long as possible. To do so required no small degree of control on my own part. Part of me would have loved nothing more than to pound into her beautiful, wet pussy. 'I'm making a sacrifice for the greater good,' I laughed to myself.

Our eyes met again and I again saw the hunger in them. She was aroused and the primal part of her brain had taken over. Desire had taken over control from reason. She was feeling what I had come to refer to as 'The Hunger.' I knew that feeling and was able to use it to exercise the type of control that I new she needed. The increased movement also provided much needed pleasure to my own pussy and clit.

So far, I had positioned myself so that I was sitting back on my haunches or supporting myself over her on my arms. I lowered myself down until out bellies met and began to hump into her, the dildo moving only with small thrusts. This also put more pressure on our clits as the nubby pad on the Nexus rubbed across our engorged clits. It was almost as if we were tribbing, with the addition of the dildo and clit pads. The feel of skin on skin, her belly and thighs against my own, only added to the sensations.

My position, and the difference in our heights, left her breasts right in front of me. I couldn't resist dropping my head and taking one of her Hershey kiss nipples between my lips. Heather cooed at the additional contact. I had found that her nipples always were a good indication of her level of arousal, almost like a thermometer. Right then, they indicated that she was scorching hot. On an impulse I bit down on her nipple, harder than usual and more than a nibble. Her loud groan and the quiver that ran through her body told me that the roughness was not unwelcome. Deciding to experiment, I repeated the process on the other nipple. Her reaction was similar, if not even more intense. When I looked up at her face, I could see the fire in her eyes. I decided to check off another item from her fantasy list.

I had hidden a set of nipple clamps under the pillow earlier as an after thought. I retrieved them and when Heather saw them her eyes went wide. I think her reaction to seeing them was a mixture of fear and pure lust, something I knew to be a very potent combination. I sat back on my haunches again, thus freeing my hands.

"Want to try these?" I asked?

"Mmmmm, yeah, I guess," she replied. Again, I could sense the mixed feelings in her response.

The clamps that I had chosen were adjustable and from my own experiments with them I knew that the kind of sensation could be varied according to the intensity desired. I was going to take it slow with her and see how she responded. Heather squirmed a little when I let the cool jaws of the clamp settle down on the base of her nipple but I didn't see a great deal of distress in her face. I think she was anticipating more pain than I administered. She had the same reaction to the second one. I slowly increased the tension on the clamps, alternating back and forth between them. If anything, her reaction was one of surprise. She was getting into the feeling of pressure and mixed pleasure/pain. The fact that I was continuing to fuck her at a moderate pace throughout her ordeal probably added to that.

"More please?" she pleaded through clinched lips.

I moved one clamp from the meaty base of her nipple to the sensitive tip and she howled as it bit down. Her body heaved up off the bed as the pain coursed from her nipple. I repeated the process on the other nipple and she again responded similarly. She never uttered a single word in protest but rather seemed to just absorb the new sensation. I knew from experience that her nipples would soon transition from pain to throbbing and I watched as she went through that process.

She finally opened her eyes, met mine, and said, "So fucking intense. Please fuck me, fuck me hard, deep, make me cum, please."

The clamps had pushed Heather to her plateau level again. I saw it in her face and the way her body quivered. Her unique buildup to orgasm was becoming a familiar phenomenon to me. My own needs were pushing me to fulfill her request as well. I decided it was time to give us both what we both so urgently needed.

I sped up the pace of my thrusts. While I was not real experienced in the use of a strap on, I was quickly getting the knack of it. I increased the length of my thrusts until the head was just inside her clasping labia and then drove back as deep as I could. While the Nexus was not nearly as massive as "Big Jim," it seemed to doing the trick, based on Heather's reaction. It was certainly doing the job for me.

"Fuck me, fuck me, so good, so fuckin' good," Heather chanted. I was again amazed at the transformation in my shy lover. Perhaps it was her earlier revelations, or some other key that I had managed to unlock in her psyche that had produced this in her. I was definitely not in the proper frame of mind to analyze it at that time. My own pleasure had shut down that part of my brain.

"I need to cum, need it so bad," she groaned with a tone that I had never heard from her. Her voice almost dripped with lust. Her words were almost a whisper, barely heard above the wet squelching of the dildo in her wet pussy.

I reached down with one hand and gave the chain connecting the clamps a gentle tug, then a firmer one. She cried out as the sensation from her nipples was elevated to a new level.

"Cum, cum for me, cum hard," I told her. As always, my words had a predictable response and she screamed her release as I continued to fuck her spasming pussy. I could feel the resistance, as her body thrashed through her orgasm and her pussy gripped the dildo.

Her orgasm pushed my own arousal upwards and I focused on the sensations flowing from my own nether regions as I strived for my own eventual release. Heather didn't seem to miss a beat as her orgasm concluded. She was still on her plateau and I vaguely recall thinking that I may be about to find out about her potential for multiple orgasms.

My own orgasm was fast approaching and the short stubby dildo in me was applying just the right amount of pressure on my G-spot. In addition, I had found just the right movement of my hips to apply the most glorious amount of contact on my clit. The muscles in my thighs and ass burned with the intensity of the workout I was giving them. I began to repeatedly clench the length of the dildo inside me with my PC muscles and that added sensation was just enough to push me over the edge.

"Cum with me, cum Heather," I gasped as lightning began to flow through my body. I somehow managed to reach down and remove the clamps from her nipples. The blood rushing back into her nipples, as well as my verbal encouragement, produced a howl from her and pushed her over into her second explosion. Her hips pushed up into mine, which caused my side of the Nexus to press hard against my G-spot which in turn added to the myriad of sensations bombarding my overloaded brain. I collapsed on top of her and our joined bodies thrashed and writhed together through our mutual orgasm.

Our breathing was ragged and shallow as we floated together in the after glow. My body still trembled as the after shocks rumbled through me. I felt Heather quivering and knew she was experiencing something similar. Finally our breathing slowed and we settled into a quiet cuddle, with my smaller body still covering hers, and our sweaty skin sliding ever so slightly against each other. There was an overlying sense of contentment and joy as I lay there with her. I was only slightly aware of the presence of the dildo that still joined us. I reflected on the fact that that was an interesting benefit of the dildo. It didn't get soft and fall out while we luxuriated in our post-coital reverie.

Finally, the pressure on my bladder, and its content of re-cycled wine, overcame the joy I felt. I had to make a move. Heather sighed softly as the dildo slid from her pussy. I looked down at her and gave her a quick peck and said, "Be right back."

As I got up I noticed a large wet spot on the sheet, not surprising, I thought. I went to the bathroom, the Nexus still jutting lewdly from my hips. I could still feel the burn in the muscles of my lower extremities from the exertion they had just gone through. First things first, I thought and loosened the straps and removed the harness. The resulting feeling of emptiness as the dildo wetly slid from me almost made me gasp after I had been filled for so long. I deposited the harness by the sink to be cleaned later and went about taking care of more pressing matters. I grabbed a towel afterwards and returned to the bedroom.

My sweet darling Heather was asleep. Exhaustion had claimed her. It occurred to me that she hadn't gotten any sleep the previous night and must be exhausted after a full day and then our energetic love making. I moved her slightly and she didn't even stir. I covered the wet spot with the towel and curled in behind her, cuddling to her back side. The feeling of her body pressed against mine was wonderful. I wasn't able to dwell on it long before I joined her in contented slumber.

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