tagInterracial LoveThe Hungry Older Woman!

The Hungry Older Woman!


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Copyright: 2004 all rights reserved.

To my readers. The words used referring to color are meant only to enhance the story. They are in no way to be taken as being bigoted or racist. I have not written a story that way in the past and will not write one like that now. Thank you for your understanding.

As a young entrepreneur, I own four multi-dwelling buildings. Two are just your normal run of the mill tenements. One is located by a campus and is used by some of the college students there. Then I have one in a very nice neighborhood. This one I rent to the older more professional clients.

When Charmaine came to give them a look see, I elected to be the one to give her the five-cent tour, instead of having the real estate agent do it. I like to know who the older patrons are and how they can help me in some way. I have retired accounts, bankers and the like. And they all come thru in a pinch when I need some advice or some minor service performed in their field.

Charmaine was a retired professor. At 60 years old, she still carried herself with that air that most professors have. You know what I mean, that they are smarter than the average person, and must be deferred to in matters of intellect. Well I don't believe in that crap. I didn't finish high school but I am worth more than most of my tenants put together.

As she looked around I couldn't help but give her body a good looking over. For a 60-year-old woman, she had a very nice body. She caught me looking at her as she bent over to inspect a lower cabinet. She was dressed in a business suit, and when she bent over, I could see the tops of her stockings and her black garter belt.

She turned and looked at me. "A gentleman doesn't undress a woman with his eyes. And from your reaction, I can only surmise that your thoughts were in the gutter." I knew that I had a hardon and that it was evident. Hell, she wasn't a bad looking broad for 60.

Charmaine had nice legs. She didn't have the varicose veins that you see in many older women. Instead, her legs were shapely and they had nice definition to then as they disappeared beneath her skirt. Her jacket didn't hide the full set of tits enclosed within her blouse. Shit for an older white woman, she looked damn good!

I gave her a big smile. "Not meaning any disrespect, but you are a very lovely woman. You have maturity and style. You wear class like a second skin. I couldn't help but allow my thoughts to wander as I looked at you. And besides, if a "gentleman" didn't feel stirred looking at you, I would have to say throw the dirt on him cause he's dead."

I turned around and walked out on the patio before she could say another word. I lit up a cigarette and blew out a puff of smoke. I heard her come out but didn't turn around to look at her. "Oh you smoke!" She said it like it was something slimy and dirty. This bitch was getting on my nerves and she hadn't even taken the apartment yet.

"Yea I smoke! But I don't smoke in the apartments. I also drink, gamble and chase women. Look! I didn't go to no fancy ass college! So don't look down your nose at me. I got my money and my start, working my ass off. I own this building and three more like it. Don't let the expensive suit fool you. I grew up in the ghetto. So if you're pissed that my looking at you got me hot, I apologize. But if you look good, you look good! You want the apartment or not?"

At this point, I didn't give a damn whether she took the place or not. There were always others looking for a nice place to live in this city. Charmaine looked at me and then her face broke into a smile. "You don't give a fuck if I take it or not." It wasn't a question she said it as a statement of truth. I liked the way she looked when she smiled.

I looked at her and blew a stream of smoke thru my nose. "You can take it or leave it. After I rent it to you, I won't be the one coming around to collect the rent, so you won't have to see me and I won't have to see you." This time it was Charmaine that looked me up and down. And her eyes stayed on my crotch for a bit longer than they should have.

"Suppose I wanted to see you again? Would you come by and have a drink with me if I asked you to?" I looked at her and I swear, I could see her nipples poking against her blouse thru her bra. The thoughts that went thru my mind caused my dick to once again become hard.

Charmaine smiled as she saw the bulge grow in my pants. And that made me even harder. "Aren't you afraid that I would want more than a drink?" It was a game now. And I wanted to see just how far she was willing to go with it.

"What? A tough talking man like you is afraid to have a drink with an old woman like me? From the bulge in your pants, I would guess that you aren't thinking about a drink at all. What were you thinking when you saw me inside? What had you so interested that it made you hard?"

She had a mischievous smile on her face. This old woman was not afraid to ask hard questions. I took a drag on my cigarette, and then tossed it over the side. I could see that she was breathing just a bit faster than before. Damn! She was getting turned on with this little word play she was having. And I could play with the best of them.

"Are you sure that you want to know that? I'm not the kind of guy to beat around the bush when I am asked a straight forward question." Charmaine placed her hands on her hips and this caused her jacket to open. Yep! Her nipples were hard and poking thru her blouse.

"Young man! I don't ask questions that I don't want the answers to. So are you gonna answer, or was all that tough talk just that?" I smiled at her and lit another cigarette. Her face gave a slight frown as I lit up. I took a deep drag, held the smoke and looking at her blew it out.

"When you were bent over like that, I saw the tops of your stockings and your garter belt. You got nice legs and thighs. No veins showing thru like some of the other white women I've seen. I was imagining sliding that skirt up to your waist, pulling your panties aside and sliding my hard dick up into you."

Charmaine's smile grew even wider. "And I suppose, would you have fucked me hard and fast until you came?" I took another drag, then tossed the cigarette over the side. I walked up to her until I stood directly in front of her. I could almost feel her tits brushing against me, but I didn't let us touch.

"No!" I was talking directly in her face and knew that she could smell the smoke on my breath. But she didn't flinch. Instead her eyes bore directly into mine. "I would have held your hips and slid it in and out slowly. Letting you feel all 8 inches. Only when you started to match my rhythm and your body let me know that you wanted more would I increase the tempo."

Charmaine's breathing grew even more ragged. "What else would you have done to me?" I looked into her eyes and saw the smoldering lust that was building there. She wanted to get off on my telling her. She wanted me to talk her into cumming.

"I would have told you to reach down and stroke my hard cock while it fucked you. To stroke your clit and tell me how it felt. I would spread your cheeks open so I could see your tight asshole while my dick throbbed inside you. But I would have told you not to cum until I wanted you to."

Charmaine closed her eyes and her body gave a shudder. Her voice came out almost breathlessly. "Would you talk dirty to me? Call me names?" Charmaine pressed in closer causing her tits to touch my shirt. I heard her soft gasp as those covered nipples touched me.

"I would have called you my hot white bitch. Told you to take all my hard cock up your hungry cunt. That you had never had a black cock like mine before. I would tell you all the different ways I was gonna fuck you. How you would suck all your juice from my cock when I took it out. How I would fuck every hole."

Charmaine was making soft whimpering sounds in her throat. And she was slowly rubbing her tits against me as she swayed. "I should take you inside right now. Make you get on your knees and suck my cock. Make you play with that wet pussy like a bitch in heat. Would you like that you hungry whore?"

Charmaine had her eyes closed but her breathing was coming in gasps. She opened her lips and her pink tongue slipped out and licked them. This made her lipstick shine and caused my dick to throb. She was pressed against me hard enough to feel it and she groaned.

I knew that no one could see us on the balcony. This corner apartment faced the sea and the water was rough enough so that there were no boats out in the bay. "You want to show me your cunt, don't you? You want me to show you my hard cock. Make you suck it like a cock hungry slut. Don't you bitch?"

Charmaine nodded her head slowly but wouldn't open her eyes to look at me. I smiled. This bitch was ripe to be fucked. "If I take it out and show you, I'm gonna make you suck it. And I don't mean lick it like some refined lady licking an ice cream cone. I'm gonna fuck your mouth and you'll take it until I cum. And you had better swallow every drop."

Charmaine's mouth was moving and she was whispering words so soft I could barely make them out. "You'll suck it like a gutter slut. You'll smear your nice lipstick up and down my black shaft and let your spit coat it. I'll hold you by your hair and fuck you till you gag. But you'll take all of it won't you, you cock hungry slut?"

Her voice grew a bit louder. This time I could hear her words. "Please? Please?" My hands reached up and I grasped her nipples. Squeezing gently I pulled them causing her to gasp louder. "Look at me and tell me what you want Charmaine. Tell me what you want me to do to you. Tell me that you're a nasty bitch in need of my hard cock."

Her eyes opened and she looked directly at me. "Please take me inside?" I didn't know whether she wanted to leave or just leave the balcony. I slid the door closed after we stepped in and locked it. But Charmaine had stopped a few feet inside the door and didn't turn around to face me.

I came up behind her and pressed into her back. I knew that she could feel my throbbing shaft pressed against her soft ass. "Do you wish to leave, Charmaine?" She slowly shook her head from side to side. And I felt her press back ever so slightly.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and felt her shiver. Then I slipped them around until I cupped her tits. I pressed against her ass harder. "Do you feel my hard cock you hungry whore? Do you want it? Do you want to suck it like some gutter slut?"

As I talked to her my fingers found her hard nipples. I grasped them and began to slowly pinch and pull them causing her to gasp. But instead of trying to pull away, she ground her ass harder against me. Charmaine slowly nodded her head up and down.

"You will have to tell me what you want Charmaine. Tell me that you want to be my old white whore. That you want to suck my hard black cock! If you suck it real good, I'll give you the fuckin of your life. I'll do things to you that none of your refined faggot men ever did. No man ever talked to you the way I have. And it has that pussy throbbing so hard you can almost cum just from me talking to you. Can't you cunt!"

I had been whispering the words in her ear. My hands had slipped down her skirt and I was slowly raising it. She wore her panties over her garter belt. "I bet if I slip my hand down in your panties, your pussy will be soaking wet. Do I need to find out?" I had her skirt up above her waist, as my hand slide inside the waistband of her panty. "Tell me you want it whore!" My fingers stopped just above her cunt. "And you wish to become my hungry whore?"

Charmaine was breathing deeply. The breath rushing thru clenched teeth. "I want it." I licked her ear and she moaned softly. She was grinding her ass against my hard throbbing dick. My hand slid down a bit further. "Oh yes! Please?" Her body was slowly swaying back and forth against my hard dick.

"Tell me what you want you cheap gutter slut. Tell me you want to be my old white whore. That you want my big black cock! Say it and I'll make you cum. I'll let you suck me right here. I'll put you on your knees, just like a common street whore. That's how you want me to take you isn't it? Say it and that's what I'll do to you."

My fingers stroked against her silken hair. Charmaine shuddered even harder. She sucked in air. "I want. I want to be your cheap whore. I want to suck your big black cock like some gutter tramp bitch. I want to be used like the hungry slut I am. Please? Make me do it. I want to do it."

I slid my fingers up and down her slit. Charmaine's body bucked hard. "Oh! Oh! You're really gonna do it. Make me suck your cock. Treat me like a whore. Make me swallow your hot cum." I didn't bother to speak to her I just let my fingers talk to her cunt. And she loved the conversation.

I took my wet fingers from her dripping cunt and pushed them up to her mouth. My fingers pushed between her lips. "Suck it bitch! Suck your cunt juice from my fingers. Taste your nasty cunt." Charmaine let out a soft moan as she opened her mouth. Then she sucked my fingers greedily.

I used my hands on her shoulders to turn her to me. Her eyes were closed and she held her head down. I pushed her head up and told her to open her eyes and look at me. Her eyes fluttered. Then she opened her eyes and looked at me. I could see it in her eyes. She wanted this more than anything. But she needed for me to make her do this. For me to take away her will so she could not blame herself.

"If you want it, you will have to take it out. And you will get down on your knees to do it. You will have to ask me if you can suck it. Make up your mind now Charmaine. Either you want this or you don't. But if you do it, then you are my slut. And I will fuck you whenever I want; however I want. And you will just take it like the slut you want me to treat you like."

Her face showed the turmoil that she was going thru. She wanted this but she was afraid. Up until now, it was just words. But if she did this, then she had crossed the line. And looking into my eyes, she understood that I would do exactly what I told her I would do.

For a few seconds, I thought that I had pushed her too hard too fast. She would bolt and run from the room never to come back again. Forever living out a fantasy of what may have taken place. I could read it in her eyes. I had read it in other eyes at other times. Some did and some ran. Which would she do?

I was about to tell her to turn around and go, when she gave a deep sigh. Then, she placed her hands on my waist and slowly eased down to her knees. Her trembling white manicured fingers reached for my zipper. And she lifted her eyes to look up at me.

"May I? May I suck your big cock? Please? I want to suck it. Feel it in my mouth. Taste it. I'll be your white whore, your bitch. Just let me put it in my mouth." I looked down at this refined woman. On her knees begging me to allow her to suck my hard dick. I wanted to tease her. Make her beg even more. But my need was as great as hers was.

"Take it out slut! Show me what you can do with your mouth. If you're good then I will fuck you." Charmaine's fingers shook as she worked the zipper. Then she fumbled around and grasped the shaft. Her eyes grew wide as she realized the size of it. Her hand shook as she took it out.

"It's so big! So big and so black! The head is purple and shiny." She spoke as if in a trance and her hands touched it tenderly. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair. Pulling her forward, I spoke to her. "Admire it later. Open your mouth you dirty whore and suck it." I didn't wait but pushed it between her lips.

Charmaine opened her lipstick-covered lips and the head slipped in. But I wanted her to know that I would control this action, so I pushed even more in. she gagged once but I withdrew it just a bit. I began to slowly fuck her mouth. And she quickly responded. Damn, but her mouth felt soft. And she knew her way around a cock.

"Damn bitch! You suck this dick better than some black bitches do." I was holding her by her hair as I slowly pumped my dick in and out of her mouth. And she was making loud slurping and sucking noises as she twisted and turned her head. I knew that as good as it felt, I was gonna make this whore work before I came.

"You like it don't you cunt? That's it! Suck it! Work it like the whore you are. You're my cum-slut now you worthless old bitch! You want that don't you? Look at how hungry you suck this hard thick cock. Rub your pussy slut! Finger that old cunt. I bet you lay in bed at night thinking about getting fucked like this. Damn! Damn, your so fuckin good at sucking cock."

I took my hands out her hair but she never let up. She was moaning and mewing and her mouth moved back and forth like a piston. Her hands were moving in her panty and I knew that she was rubbing her clit and fingering herself like a wild woman in heat.

Charmaine must have sucked my dick like that for about 15 minutes. She was good. Damn, she was good! And I had to really concentrate to hold off. But the time came when I could hold off no longer. "I'm gonna cum you cock suckin whore. You had better drink ever drop."

I cupped the back of her head and held her in place as my dick began to throb and swell. I pulled back a bit and felt the explosion begin. Like a tidal wave it flowed down my shaft and burst into her mouth. And she gulped and gagged but tried to swallow ever drop. Some of it slid along the shaft and dripped down her chin.

I felt her sucking hard, trying to drain me of every drop. She wanted it all. Suddenly she began to shake and buck her hips. I smiled, watching her close her eyes as her own orgasm took control of her. My dick slid from her slack lips. She knelt with her mouth open, thin strings of my cum still connected to the tip of my dick.

Her fingers pushed deep inside her cunt. She just knelt there shaking as the orgasm took her. I watched mesmerized. Then after a few seconds, which seemed like minutes, her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at me and smiled. Her tongue slid out from between her lips and she licked them clean.

"Was I good enough? Did I do it right?" She looked up at me like a child seeking praise for a job well done. I helped her to her feet. I pulled her to me hard and she gasped in surprise. My lips crushed down on hers and she resisted for just a few seconds. Then like I knew she would, she melted against me.

I let her go and held her at arm's length. "You were good, but I'm gonna make you better. When I finish with you, you will become a true cum slut. That's what you want isn't it Charmaine?" She looked at me and I could see the deep longing and the doubt in her eyes. Did I really mean the words I was saying to her?

"Pull your skirt up." Charmaine blinked, then with both hands slid her skirt up to her waist. I reached between her thighs and slid my hand against the soft material. Her panty was soaked. "Take them off." She stepped back and I watched as she slowly slid the panty off her hips and down her legs. Damn but she looked good.

She left them on the floor and stood there, her skirt still bunched around her waist. I turned her around and leaned her against the kitchen island. Getting behind her I grasped my still hard dick and slowly slid it up into her pussy. Charmaine gasped as the head pushed in, then moaned as I slowly pushed all of it up into her. I gave her several slow strokes, making sure that she got all she could take.

I pulled out and told her to turn around. Charmaine turned and looked down at my juice-covered dick. I used her panty to wipe it clean, then handed them back to her. "If you still want the apartment, I will come by tonight with the lease for you to sign."

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