tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Hunt For Monique

The Hunt For Monique


I feel his eyes from across the room, without even having to look at him to know. I sense his hunger filtering inside and around me. I look around the darkened theatre to view the other people, not wanting to look at the dark man who is searching my mind for my deepest desires. Everyone seemed to be fixated on the love scene, where the man has his woman against the wall. Her legs were around the man's neck as he held her up as if she weighed nothing. The man's face was buried deep within her sweet pussy, ravaging and sucking all her sweet juices. My full rounded breasts rise slowly in arousal at this sexual encounter on the screen. I can already feel the stranger in the theatre gazing at my breasts straining against my blouse.

My little pink nipples begin to tingle in desire..not from the sexual scene on screen, but from the intense gaze of the dark stranger.

Without turning my head too much, I slide my gaze to the stranger across from me to get a better look at him. He looked very tall; noticing his long legs and torso. He had broad shoulders, big hands, black hair. Although the theatre was dark, when the screen went white for a moment, his eyes reflected a dark emerald green color. I felt his gaze upon my soft little mouth, then traveling down to my smooth neck. I turned away as the scene changes, not wanting to continue this strange pull his eyes have upon me. As I was watching the movie, I suddenly felt strong hands upon my thighs, I tried to move but my body felt weighed down somehow. The strong hands slowly lifted up my skirt to my upper thighs, exposing the top of my thigh high white silk stockings. My eyes widened in surprise as the strong hands parted my thighs gently yet firmly. Suddenly, I feel a long warm tongue replacing those hands. My legs are lifted upon invisible shoulders and his face buried between my soft thighs. Sharp teeth gently nipped my inner thighs, causing me to take an sharp intake of breath. Unable to move, with a strange weight keeping me still. As my pussy lips are parted with his long fingers, his long tongue suddenly plunges deep inside me to my womb. I moan in helpless desire, as his long wet wide tongue expanded my tiny pussy, greedily lapping at the edges for all the sweet nectar. Over and over, the huge tongue impales my little womanhood, driving deeper and deeper to taste me.
Suddenly, I am able to move again, as I feel my body being thrust back and forth from the force of the impalement. Unable to stop my body's betrayal, I arch my body as my head is thrown back, I climax onto his tongue. Coating and nourishing the stranger with my sweet pussy juices.. His lips suckling my petals into his mouth to greedily steel all my nectar. I cry out again as another spasm racks my body into a huge orgasm. Feeling a lightness overcome me, I pass out from the tremendous orgasm.

A Few moment later, I come to. Confused and dazed, I look around. The movie theatre was now empty, the stranger nowhere in sight. Now remembering about the orgasms that have racked my body, causing me to faint momentarily. I look down to see my skirt back in place, but feeling sticky between my thighs. I part my legs for a moment, causing my little pussy petals to part as well. A warm rush begins to flow down my thighs, coating the insides of them. I frown suddenly as a little discomfort is felt, looking down, I see a little love bite near my tiny pussy. My eyes widen, I then push my skirt back down. As I was about to pick up my purse to leave, a voice in my ear whispers softly " I had to taste you, and now you are mine Monique". I jump up and look around. Seeing no one, I rush out of the theatre to go home.

* * *

My hands tremble as I try sliding the key into the lock of my loft. My eyes wide, face pale, I finally turn the lock, opening the door. I slam the door shut, locking all five deadbolts on my heavy loft door. Leaning back against the door, I close my eyes, trying to gather my thoughts. Walking to the living room, I throw my keys and purse down carelessly. Needing a hot bubble bath to clear my foggy mind, I enter the bathroom, bending down to pour steaming water in my claw footed old bathtub. Pouring a generous amount of pink scented liquid into the running water, for my bubble bath. I watch mesmerized as the water begins to form the bubbles..my feeling as if I am in a trance. I snap out of it to turn the water off. I slide my clothes off my sweat covered body, my full round breasts springing free of its constraints.

Slowly, I slide my body into the steaming bubble bath. The deep old tub consumming my little 5'2 frame. I lay my head back against the soft bath pillow, as bubbles cover my little pink nipples as they bob above the water when I arch. I feel my body slowly begin to relax from the shock of the event in the theatre. In a way, not believing that it happened at all. Hearing my thoughts course through my mind "God..am I that tired and over worked? Maybe it was all a dream". My body begins to absorb the heat of the water, as I raise my hands above my head, relaxing in the silken bubble bath. My long black lashes lower suddenly, causing shadows upon my silky golden skin. Suddenly a dark purple mist enters the bathroom from beneath my closed door.

Slowly...ever so slowly..it creeps towards the bath tub, then up the sides. The dark purple mist then begins to take form...the shape of a very tall, broad shouldered male. Black hair gleaming in the candlelight, dark emerald eyes begin to glow softly with hunger as his gaze falls upon the voluptuous little woman in the bathtub. He has studied her for a long time, each day his hunger for her grows. Until it has consummed his very being.. His jeweled eyes trail down to her delicate collar bone to the rise and fall of her full round breasts, guessing them to be a 38D size. Suddenly a growl courses through him as her little pink nipples rise up from the water in a breath. So pink, wet and delicate, his mouth waters to suckle them in primal desire.

Slowly, his body creeps towards his intended mate. His lips tentatively reach the side of her smooth neck. His long tongue leaps out to lick her soft skin, tasting her unique taste. Resisting his dominant nature to just take, he controls the dark side of himself. His tongue runs up her smooth neck, to lick every inch, right up to her chin. Slowly his sensual mouth hovers above hers, their breaths mingling. He descends upon her, capturing his soft dewy lips with his. Moaning softly, Monique is caught up in another spell of seduction. Strong passionate lips command her to surrender to him. His tongue traces the contours of her luscious lips, tasting and memorizing each crevice. of her. Big strong hands suddenly cup her full breasts, as he devours her small sweet lips. His thumbs splaying over her wet little nipples, bring them to hardness.

As his hungry mouth drew closer to her little hard berries, his warmth breath just above the tasty tips. Monique's eyes flew open wide, gasping in fear, she struggled to get out of the tub. Strong hands captured her by her little waist, hauled her from the water to be crushed against his chest.

"W...Who are you?" Monique asked in a frightened voice. Her body crushed to this massive man's body.

"I have searched eternity for you, Monique. Era upon Era, throughout time, I have been on the hunt for you. My elusive wife. I have come to take you back with me. You were lost to me centuries ago, but I have never lost hope of finding you. You are mine, my Monique. I am your husband Darius. Lord Darius Montague. You will never escape me again, my beauty, ever.". He then smiled menacingly.

"I am ...what?" This cannot be happening, why does he think I am his wife? I am not married, nor do I ever remember being married I have had dreams where I am trapped between worlds, and a deep sense of nostalgia...but this?....."

Deep in her thoughts, Monique never realized that Darius read her thoughts. "Aye Monique, you are mine. Do you remember at the theatre this evening? I tasted your sweet nectar.....the nectar that belongs to me". As he said this, Darius's big hand dipped to cup Monique's tiny pussy, still glistening wet from the bath.

Snapping out of her shock, Monique's shimmering hazel eyes snap with fire, as anger overtakes her fear. Tears of anger leak down her cheeks as hand connects with Darius's handsome face. Smack!!

His shock turns to anger as he growls deep within his massive chest, gripping both her small hands within one of his. His face leans down to capture her succulent lips in a punishing and brutal kiss. Anger and lust combine to create this electrical current between the two alpha souls. Darius takes easy strides with his long muscular legs, to take her to the bedroom. As they neared the bed, Monique lashes out to try and escape his hold. Her hand connecting with his shoulder instead, her sharp nails cutting him slightly. Instead of making him angry, this mark fuels his furious hunger for her. As he reaches the side of her massive bed, Darius sets his wife upon the wide headboard. Placing her hands upon the wall, Darius commands invisible restraints to hold Monique's hands still. Her dark auburn hair dripping wet from the bath still, her golden body slick with the water, her eyes snap fire at him. Her fear no longer present, having been replaced by hot anger at his intrusion upon her life.

" Your life is no longer just your own, you are mine, as I am yours. I need to feed upon your sweet little pussy as if it were my dying breath. Ever since that night 300 years ago, when we first met. I took your virginity my long hard piercing tongue, tasting your blood and sweet nectar all at once. Strengthening my spirit with your purity. I need you now as I needed you long ago". With those words, he bend his head, part her soft thighs with his massvie hands, impaled her tiny pussy with his long hard tongue, reaching her womb. Monique's head bends back..as her body arching involuntarily into his powerful mouth. His lips parting her sweet little pink petals, as he devours her with hunger and ferocity. Darius circled her engorged clit with the tip of his long tongue, gathering all the cream around her glistening slit. Darius' massive hands grip her hips hard, pulling her body to his hungry mouth, as lips sucks hard on her little clit..he then nips her little creamy bud, causing it to bleed. Crying out with pain in the throes of passion, Darius suckles upon her bleeding clit, devouring her mixed juices of blood and sweet nectar. Darting his tongue gently over her little clit, he slowly heals the cut he made on her little clit. Healing her instintantly, knowing he hand to brand her with their mixed blood, otherwise she would be lost to him forever this time. Raising her hips in extacy, Monique throws back her body as a tightening overtakes her body, orgasming into his mouth, torrents of her sweet cum filling his eager and hungry mouth. Moaning into her little pussy, causing her little clit to vibrate, bringing forth another huge orgasm, this time causing little stars behind her eyes to blind her.

Placing a massive hand on her smooth stomach, he reassures her that he does not intend to harm her, only to ravish her. Monique's eyes open dreamily, glazed over by passion and magic. She whispers "please.." Hearing her silent plea, he releases the bond of her hands against the wall. Slowly her arms lower to his massive shoulders. Darius then picks her up, holding her against his chest, leans down to lay her on the cool bed. Backing away slowly, still afraid of this big man, lifts her chin defiantly. Chuckling menacingly, Darius gathers her thighs in his massive hands, parts her slowly. Moving between her white thighs, his dark body moving between, trapping her. Lifting her hips with the command of his mind, his hands reach up to cup her beautiful firm breasts. His vibrant emerald eyes hold her mesmerizing hazel ones, his big cock slides slowly but firmly deep inside her tiny pussy. Her little pink petals hugging his hardening cock, as he rams all the way to her womb. Monique's eyes fly open as the pleasure-pain of his invasion shocks her to reality. Sensing she will fight him again, his mind wills her arms to raise up above her head to rest against the headboard. causing her body to arch up and her soft breasts to thrust out for his touch.

As Darius' 10 inch cock begins to stretch her tiny pussy, the inner walls hugging him like a vice grip. Feeling his beloved's body beginning to relax, Darius releases her hands from the headboard, as he grips her waist in his firm hold. Thrusting back and forth slowly at first, he begins to pick up the tempo. Monique's body begins to raise of the bed with the force of his massive cock filling her completely, pumping her little body until he begins to jack hammer in a frenzy, from ages of pent up rage, desire and need for this beautiful woman of his. Moaning helplessly, Monique raises her hips off the bed, as his massive cock thrusts deeper, impaling her. Reaching underneath, Darius grips her smooth round ass in his hands, bringing her closer to his cock, as he throws his head back, growling in primal desire. Darius begins to thrust harder and harder, having to hold onto her round ass so as not to throw her off the bed with the force of his fucking into her.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwllllll...filling her warm womb with his hot milk, branding her his forever....Over filling her womb with his hot seed, their mixed cum leaks onto her thighs from the abundance of cream of their wild joining.

Exhausted from the force of their mating, Monique falls into a light slumber. Gathering her in his arms, Darius lays her on his chest, covering her with a blanket. Closing his eyes to rest also, Darius feels as though he has triumphed over all the obstacles of ever finding her again. Knowing that this was his last chance of finding her otherwise surrenduring to eternal death from the curse......of never being able to be with her for eternity and bringing her back to their time period....Not understanding why they did not disappear back into their era after pouring his seed into her as to break the curse, Darious remains still, savoring this moment, not knowing what will happen next.....His last thought before drifting off to sleep, is of never letting this little woman go, a tear falls down his face.....

As her eyes open slowly, as if from a dream, Monique looks at the face that meets her gaze as she awakens. Not knowing why this happened between the two of them, she realizes that she never wants to end this. Looking at his face as he slumbers, she looks down at his body. Massive chest covered in dark hair, down to a smooth stomach with muscles. Her eyes run back up his body to see a dried tear upon his cheek. As she raises back up to kiss the place where his tear has dried, a flash in her mind overtakes her........

Oh Darius, I do want you, but my father has forbidden us to be together. I love you so much, and tonight I shall give myself to you. .....I dont care what your father says, you are mine Monique, always remember that. He cannot stop us...I love you too my Princess......

Eyes widening, Monique sits in shock as memories flood her senses, as their past is infringed upon her mind.....He was right....I...we...were in love...then my father hid me away from him.

Looking down at his body, her eyes begin to worship him. Her heart heavy with emotion from long ago memories splashed upon her mind. Laying her head on his abdomen, she feels the warm skin of this man under her cheek. Raising up a bit, Monique begins to kiss his smooth abs, tenderly and lovingly. Feeling braver, her lips kiss lower as her hands remove the sheet from his body. Eyes open wide as Darius's massive cock springs up with a life of its own. Gently, gripping his cock with her small hand, Monique leans down to gently circle the tip with her little wet pink tongue. Tasting his precum upon her lips, she slowly takes the head of his cock inside her hot mouth, as her fingers grip the base of him. Licking and suckling his big shaft into her mouth, she feels it stretching her lips with the size of him. Taking him from her mouth, Monique slowly runs her warm tongue down his cock to the base, tasting him totally, licking up and down his massive member. Her smooth fingers gently grip his love sacs, cupping them gently into her hands, as her tongue runs up and down his cock lovingly.

Waking from his slumber to feel a pair of warm lips on his massive cock, Darius moans in surprise as his long lost wife gently suckles on his cock. Monique's eyes widden even more as she watches his cock grow even more in his desire, Looking up into his beautifully vibrant eyes, Darius tenderly runs his fingers through Monique's lustrous dark auburn hair, as she lowers her luscious mouth onto his cock again, this time taking more of him inside her mouth. Lowering her eyes back to his massive member, Monique continues to devour him hungrily, lapping up the pre cum on the big tip of him. Darius begins to buck his hips wildly as she pumps his cock into her mouth, wanting him so badly.

Feeling close to exploding, Darius grips Monique's shoulders with his big hands. Pulling her up, her takes her lips into a deep and possessive hold. Hunger, and volatile with lust for her, Darius rips off the sheet she had upon her. Feeling equal desire, Monique straddles this beautiful man of hers, lowering herself upon his massive cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arching her body, head thrown back, she slowly sinks herself onto him all the way. "Oh Darius, I dont know why, but I remembered us. How we were forbidden to love each other, but I want you so much. Brand me yours again I love you!"

Spurred on by her words, he begins to thrust harder and faster inside her with renewed vigor and stealth. " I told you, you were mine, my Princess Monique. I love you also, more than anything can ever describe. You will always be my wife..my love..and my jewel." Gripping her hips with his fingers, they dig into her soft flesh as he fills his wife with his massive cock..faster...deeper..harder...her beautiful breasts bouncing in front of his face. He leans up to gently take one into his mouth, his teeth pulling them, causing it to leak sweet milk. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Delicious sweet milk, all mine. I will take all your essences and devour them, my lovely Monique"...he warned her as he continued to impale and stretch her little pussy...

Suddenly, Monique's mouth opens in a gasp as stars fill behind her eyes, her body overcome with the tidal wave of an ogasm. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she cries out as she cums upon his massive cock, but he still pummels her insides, branding her his for eternity. As he nears his point of no return, his cock grows more. Suddenly, his hot seed sprays out from his cock, spurting deep inside his beloved's womb, overflowing her body. As their bodies fuse together, a brilliant blue light fills the room, capturing them both in its grip, taking them both back into their time. Forever bonding them, letting no man tear them asunder.......

The End......for now..

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