tagBDSMThe Hunt... Pt. 02

The Hunt... Pt. 02


He literally growled at her hiding there in the closet. In one swift movement he reached inside the closet and grabbed her by the throat lifting her up. As soon as she was free of the closet he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to the bedroom throwing her onto the bed. He quickly fastened her wrists and ankles to the bed. There would be no more running for her.

He stood back and watched as her chest rose with her labored breathing, her eyes began to show fear. Now the fun could begin. She had her Hitachi plugged in beside the bed and he grabbed it switching it onto high. He shoved it into her cunt with force and began to take orgasm after orgasm from her. She writhed in the restraints and screamed at the top of her lungs. He just watched as the fluids poured out of her. He grew bored with this and threw the wand aside, pouncing on her cunt. He began to lick, suck and bite her until she began to lose her mind.

After a while he decided to give her a short break giving her water to replenish the fluids that were now all over the cover on the bed. She was a squirter. Part of his mind fuck was to let her think the worst was over. Not even close.

He unhooked the restraints carefully and turned her over onto her stomach attaching only her arms this time. He began to strike her with the floggers in a relaxing florentine pattern. She took a deep breath and began to moan. Next came the single tail whip. She loved this one and knew it would leave marks for weeks to come, a beautiful reminder of their time together. Out of nowhere came the dreaded thwack of first the cane and then the paddle. She tried to get away from the pain, only driving him to strike her harder and longer.

When he was done striking her he ordered her on her knees ass in the air. She obeyed immediately. She could feel him crawl up behind her and place his large thick cock against her hot wet little cunt. Not having sex in over a year had been torture. Her mind was more than ready, but could her body handle him? He plunged deep into her cunt ramming her over and over. She felt as though she was being ripped apart. It was glorious. He pulled out and she felt the cool lube drip down her ass. She was terrified, could her body accommodate his size?

He was kind for a moment, taking his time entering her ass. But once he was seated inside of her the kindness was gone as he grunted and growled pounding her over and over. He was so forceful she had a hard time staying on her knees and actually fell down a few times. The last time she collapsed he laid on top of her and whispered in her ear "Who's whore are you?". To which she breathlessly replied, "I am your whore, Sir".

Once again he released the restraints and flipped her over. He wanted to look into her eyes for this next part. He grabbed her by the throat cutting off her air. She had the most beautiful, terrified look on her face. She had asked for the darkness, she was going to get it. He choked her right up to the point that she would pass out and then pulled back. He did this over and over until she was looking up at him like he controlled her very life. This is what he wanted. Complete control. He kept watching her as he held her throat and entered her again very roughly. He pounded her little cunt over and over as hard as he could. There was a moment he was waiting for. He knew they would get there and wanted to make sure he did not miss it. Then it came, he saw it in her face, felt it in her body language, complete and utter surrender.

He had won. He hunt was complete. He had captured and conquered his prey. Now the only thing left was to take her to the darkness with him. The ultimate mind fuck. He slowly pulled out and lifted himself off of the bed. He bent over her and attached the restraints first to both wrists and then to her ankles. He checked her breathing and made sure she was safe. Then he covered her eyes with a blindfold and left the room. He had a camera on her to make sure she was safe, but she did not know this. He watched her as she whimpered and squirmed. Damn, the little slut was turned on. She kept circling her hips as if trying to relieve the pressure in her greedy little cunt. Perhaps he had found someone to play with his dark side? He let her lie there alone for almost an hour as she became more and more frustrated. He slowly and quietly entered the room and approached the bed. He bent over her and grabbed both of her nipples twisting and pulling them roughly. She fucking moaned. She liked this. Her cunt was dripping wet and pulsing with each breath she took.

The play went on for hours, with him alternating between all three of her greedy little holes. She even loved the skull fucking he gave her. The more depraved he got the more turned on she got.

When it was over, as agreed he bathed her tending to the cuts and bruises. She was literally black and blue all over. He wrapped her in a warm blanket and placed her on the bed having removed the wet top cover. He brought her some juice to replace the fluids and crawled into bed with her. Their arrangement called for no emotional complications, other than a growing friendship. They had discussed aftercare and he had decided he would spend the weekend in the cabin with her. He was so much larger than she was and he curled up behind her and held her while she fell asleep.

It was a gloriously dark and demonic weekend. For the first time in her life she was completely sated. She knew they may never play again and this was ok. The weekend was perfect and just what she needed.

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