tagRomanceThe Hunter Ch. 02

The Hunter Ch. 02

byGrey Eagle 286©

This is a continuation of the story The Hunter. It takes place in north central Florida, near the Orange Springs Trading Post in the mid 1830s near the end of the Second Seminole Indian War.


Patrick Murphy rolled over and looked at his beautiful young wife in the pale light of the moon. She slept beside him, her golden hair spread across her pillow. God! She was beautiful. She looked so soft and sweet. He knew that under that serene beauty lay a really strong willed person. Oh! They had never had a cross word between them in the year of their marriage.

She was in no way a nag or any thing other than a loving wife. However she had no problem telling him how she felt about any subject. She never did this in front of any other person if it was about anything of importance. She waited until they were alone together. Then she would hold both his hands and look directly in his eyes and tell him exactly what she thought.

He always listened very carefully to what she had to say. Her grasp of the problems around the plantation was amazing. Her reasoning about most things was clear and often included things he had failed to consider.

After hearing her out it was his habit to ask questions of her and talk over the differences, if any, between his idea and the way she thought the problem should be solved. The discussion was always calm and not at all antagonistic. They always reached an agreement on the best way to proceed.

When the problem was resolved she always let go of his hands and moved her hands around his neck to pull his head down for a kiss. This kiss was always warm and loving and often led to a quiet romp in their big bed.

He saw her eyes flutter and then open. A smile grew on her face as she saw him watching her. "Good morning, my darling Patrick." She reached for him and they moved together, their hands feeling each other's bodies. Her little hand went unerringly for his erection. She knew it would be there. It always was.

He pulled down the bodice of her nightgown, baring a lovely breast topped with a long dark pink nipple. The tip of his tongue flipped it back and forth. His lips closed around it and suckled at it. Her eyes drifted closed as she basked in the feeling of love and adoration she felt from this man. She felt him lift the skirt of her gown upward to bare her lower body to his attentions. His hand caressed her flat little belly then moved down to rub through the fine yellow hair on her mound.

She murmured, "Please, Dear, Please kiss me there for a while, then I want you inside me."

"Yes, Sweet girl, that is exactly how I love to start my day."

" And finish it too!"

He had always been told that ladies didn't talk about sexual matters. "Cinda had evidently never heard that rumor. She didn't hesitate to sweetly tell him exactly how she wanted him to make love to her. She would move his lips or hands where she wanted them to touch her. She asked if she was doing things the way he liked it best.

She jerked involuntarily as she felt his fingers part her nether lips and wiggle their way inside her. He was moving down between her wide spread legs. The fingers continued to move inside her as she felt his lips enclose the hood covering her clitoris. His tongue pushed the hood back and his lips grasped the little nub. He rubbed the underside of his tongue across it. She shivered at the sensations that caused. Then he was still. She wanted that feeling again and she held his head in place with her hands and wiggled her pelvis against his tongue. The unbridled passion of their first lovemaking was gone but the enthusiasm was still there as was the all-encompassing joy they each received from their coupling.

They were still learning new ways to please each other. Pat was always surprised at the willingness, actual eagerness, of this prim and quite proper young lady to try new things in the bedroom. She was receptive to any new idea he might have. She even had a few ideas of her own they had tried and enjoyed. Having kept his distance from girls and women for most of his life he had no idea of how frank and descriptive the conversations were between females. 'Cinda was an excellent listener. She listened to the slave women talk about sex and if she heard something interesting she would try it.

She absolutely loved Pat's cock. She worshiped and adored it. She loved to kiss it and take it in her mouth. She had heard about how the black women would swallow their lover's cocks taking all of it down their throats. She had tried it with Pat and he had loved it.

She loved it when he used his mouth to pleasure her. His lips and tongue were simply wondrous. She had never even imagined that the love acts could be so pleasurable.

She was addicted to their lovemaking; they did it every day at least once and often several times. It had slacked off from the four or five times a day they had wanted when they were first married.

She wanted to let him keep loving her pussy with his mouth but she knew there were things they had planned for the day. She reached down and pulled him up over her. She guided him into her. She had had several orgasms already and experienced another one as he began to move inside of her. She knew that if she worked her inner muscles she could give him such intense pleasure he would climax sooner.

She rotated her hips to give him different angles for his shaft to slip in and out. Soon he was panting and sweating and moaning. He said he was getting close to cumming, and then she felt the wonderful sensation of his sperm spurting inside her. She loved the feeling when her vagina became very slippery with his semen for the last few strokes before his cock became soft. She held him tightly to her. She was filled with love for him.

She lifted his head and gently kissed his lips. "Pat, I love you so much, I want to lie here and cuddle and snuggle with you all day long but you did promise to take me hunting today. I have never been hunting with you."

He looked out the window, "We have an hour or so left until first light. Hurry and get dressed. Are you going to wear those pants today? That will be exciting for me. It will be cold today, wrap up."

"Yes I am, I am going to put my hair up under my hat and try to look like a boy. I don't think I can move through the woods like an Indian in my big skirts."

"You are right about that my love. We won't be doing too much sneaking through the woods but I think it will work better with you in pants. I will be the only one to see you anyway."

"How does this look?"

"Damn, girl! You make a real cute boy. I have never thought about buggering a boy before but I would love to screw you my lad."

"No way, mister." She said in her deepest voice, and then giggled.

"Why don't you slip a robe over your boy outfit and we will go get breakfast before we leave?"

After breakfast they walked out on the back porch with Pat carrying their two rifles. He checked the saddles and gear on the horses. He checked the rifles again and slipped them in their holsters. He put his pistol bag around his neck and ran his belt through the loop in the bag. He dismissed the groom and when the groom was gone he helped 'Cinda out of her robe and into a long man's riding coat.

He put one on himself against the cold dampness of the morning. He helped his wife onto her horse and mounted up himself. He gathered up the lead for the packhorse and they walked the horses out the long drive. They kicked the horses into a trot for a while then slowed to a walk for a while. Pat wanted to try their luck in a field that was only a couple miles down the 'Old Mail Road'. It had been planted in turnips earlier in the fall but had been harvested. The deer had been feeding there every morning for the last few days. He watched for sign in the sandy road. There were fields on both sides of the road in this area. The field on the east side of the road belonged to the Murphy Place, their home. The fields on the other side were fallow and had not been used in several years. The Indians also harvested part of his crop with their permission. They didn't take much and they had allowed for it when they planted.

Pat saw the tracks he had been looking for and pointed them out to 'Cinda. He pulled his mount next to hers and leaned over and whispered, "Look a large buck crossed this morning after a herd of does. I think I know where the will lying up.

They turned around and rode slowly back along the road until they passed the end of the windrow of trees between fields

He took 'Cinda's rifle and pulled the hammer back to half cocked position. The percussion cap was firmly in place. Her Lady's Model Hawken rifle was deadly in her hands. Pat was amazed by how accurate she was with the new rifle he bought for her. She could break four out of four 4-inch wooden discs at 100 yards. The discs were cut from a 4-inch diameter log.

She could reload very fast too. Only her beauty surpassed her physical abilities and her intelligence as far as he was concerned. He was raised to believe that females were not very intelligent and were weak simpering idiots. He realized that his wife was none of the above and was perfectly capable of doing anything he could do where great strength was not involved. He was not really sure she wasn't a lot stronger than she let on.

When they were past the windrow between fields he turned off the road and rode parallel to the row of trees then he motioned for her to dismount. He moved the animals into the woods and tethered the horses. He took her hand and led her quietly along the edge of field. He paused and pulled her to him; he whispered, "I'm going to scout the field. Wait here." He disappeared into the woods. Moments later he was back. He placed his lips against her ear, "The big buck is over in the field.

He took her hand again and put it on his arm. He pointed down and mouthed the words, 'walk softly'. He led her slowly into the woods. She tried to step where he stepped. He moved slowly and deliberately for perhaps fifty yards. He stopped and only his head slowly moved, then it stopped. He turned and grinned at her. He mouthed 'I love you.' He moved a few more feet. He reached back and slowly pulled her up along side of him.

They stood very still. Pat's hand gripped her hand and she glanced at his eyes to see where he was looking. She looked where he was looking and saw a doe standing on the edge of the field on the other side looking around. It took one short step and looked around again. Another doe appeared as if by magic next to the first one. The first doe moved slowly into the field, still watching everything carefully. A yearling buck ran out across the field. One of the does followed him.

Several more does eased out of the woods and moved out into the field. They started feeding on the bright green turnip leaves. There were soon about twenty or more does and a few small yearling bucks feeding within easy rifle shot of the two hunters.

Pat squeezed her hand again and she saw a buck standing at the edge of the woods, He watched the does feeding and slowly eased out into the open field.

"Cinda had her rifle resting on her arm. She slowly eased the butt of the Hawken rifle to her shoulder. Pat slowly placed his head so his lips were at her ear. "Not yet. Wait a little." He moved her slowly so she was able to use a sapling tree as a rest for her rifle.

The buck was magnificent, with a huge rack of antlers. The buck would quickly raise his head and look around while he chewed. Then the massive head would drop and he would eat more leaves. He was slowly working his way nearer and nearer to the center of the field. "Cinda trembled. She felt Pat's large warm hand gently grasp her shoulder. She smiled without taking her eyes off the buck. Pat whispered softly, "When he turns a little more to either side try a heart shot."

The buck suddenly turned his head and looked back to the place he had exited the brush. Another buck walked out. The first buck turned to watch. "Cinda's rifle slammed back against her shoulder as it fired. Pat's rifle cracked a second after hers and a doe dropped. 'Cinda tried to move but Pat held her still as they watched the big buck run across the field with it's white tail held high. Then the front legs sort of folded up and he went down. Pat kissed his wife's cheek and softly said, "Good shot girl. He is dead. Reload."

"Let's go see."

"No, reload first." They each pulled their powder horn around and placed the spout in the muzzle then pressed the lever on the spout, dropping a measured charge of powder down the barrel, and then replaced the horn. A lard soaked patch was removed from the little patch box on the stock of the rifle and placed on the muzzle. A lead ball was retrieved for their possibles bags and placed on top of the patch, pressing it down hard to start it down the barrel. The ramrod was slipped from it's place beneath the barrel and was used to force the ball, now surrounded by the patch, down the barrel of the rifle until it was firmly pressed against the powder resting in the bottom of the barrel. After replacing the ramrod they got little tin cap boxes from their bags. The hammer was pulled back to the half-cocked position. Then a small brass cap was picked from the box and fitted over the nipple under the hammer. The hammer was eased down over the cap.

"Honey, we will just cuddle here for a while and be sure no one else heard the shot and came to see what was going on. He's not going anywhere. "Kiss me."

"Is that all you ever think about?"

"Yes, when ever you are near me or I think about you. Which is most of the time, so I guess that IS all I think about."

"Oh! Pat, I think about you and your kisses all the time too. I think about the other things we love to do too. Then I have to force myself to think about things I hate to do or I don't get anything done because I'm dreaming about you. I love you so."

"Ummmmm! Sweetie you make me warm when you talk like that. Let's go get the horses and get these deer loaded up and take them home." They walked to the buck and Pat showed Lucenda the bullet hole just behind the place the front leg joined the body. "Nice shot girl, no one could do better." He led he over to the doe and they found the bullet hole in the same spot on the doe. "Oh!" 'Cinda said, "Your shot was good too."

"I guess, but that is what I am supposed to do. It is much better when you do it because no one but me knows you are as good a shot as I am. I am damned proud of my darling wife."

"Cinda helped Pat load the Buck on the pack horse. Then they moved to the doe and Pat lifted it by himself and put it on the animal. He lashed the carcasses down well and they started home. Pat spurred his horse up along 'Cinda's horse and told her to tie the reigns together and hang them over the saddle. Then he plucked her off her horse and held her cuddled in front of him as they rode. He pulled the blanket from behind his saddle and wrapped her in it. She was warm and cozy as they moved down the road. She smiled up at him and grinned. "You know you are cuddled up with a young man don't you? You'll have everyone talking."

"I'll put you back on your horse if you want. You are not going to fool anyone anyway."

"No Darling, I am very cozy right here. I got a letter from my friend who lives in Maryland a few days ago; she wanted to know how we stood the heat in Florida. That was the morning we had ice in the washbasin."

"We just have to suffer with this heat as best we can my sweet wife. The heat must be the reason you can see your breath."

"Honey it's warmer than it was when we started out this morning. I thought my teeth chattering would scare the deer away until we snuggled together."

Pat kissed her little nose; it was the only thing he could find that wasn't wrapped in the blanket. "Well there is the house, I see smoke from all the chimneys so it ought to be toasty warm. You run up and change and I'll see the deer are tended to. I want the Nigra's to save the antlers to hang in the den."

"Cinda's maid rushed out with a heavy robe to put around her mistress. She bundled her up and they hurried in the house. Several hands took the horses and led them off. Pat took their equipment in the house.

The first thing he did was to pull the loads in both rifles and clean the barrels of the weapons with boiling water, he oiled them and set them aside to reload later. He liked to be sure the barrels were completely dry inside. A drop of water could cause a misfire.

The boiling water dried quickly but on a really cold day it paid to be sure. He liked to run an oily cloth patch down the barrel while it was hot from the water. It seemed to do better than just relying on the lard in the bullet patch to oil the barrel.

"Suh, de missus wants you should see her in de bed now." grinned 'Cinda's maid.

"Thank you Polly."

He smiled as he ran up the stairs.

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