tagErotic HorrorThe Hunting Ground

The Hunting Ground


Nigel Hewitt eased the gear down into third as the car approached the road that passed by the nightclub. The Vauxhall Zafira's powerful headlights cut through the night air in a searching beam illuminating the dark stretch of road ahead. It was the third time Nigel had driven down the road that night but not the last time. This was his happy hunting ground and once the clubs had closed the hunt was on. At 43 Nigel was very much past his prime -- time and lifestyle had taken its toll and he found himself a pot-bellied, balding middle-aged man and worse yet, he was single too. Patricia had left him four years ago, stupid bitch and good riddance too. She said it was his fault their marriage had gone downhill, his drinking and gambling was one thing another was his demands in the bedroom things he coerced or forced her to do and the abuse he heaped on her if she didn't .

Stupid frigid cow, what was wrong with a little roleplay and bondage, what was wrong with water-sports? She would say it was degrading, unhygienic -- always some sort of lame excuse. Nigel didn't understand her attitude, her reluctance to give these things a go. The girls on the online porn site did all this stuff and they loved it. When he'd pointed that out to her she told him he should have gone out with a porn star then. He should have seen it earlier in their marriage -- their relationship -- she just wasn't into sex. Well, not like he was. He'd tried a prostitute once but wasn't happy with the experience, she'd hadn't been cheap to start with but then it was extra to go without a condom, and then afterwards he'd worried about what he might have caught off her -- luckily, he found he was clear when he had a check-up at the doctors. That was the last time he'd tried a prostitute, he didn't like the idea of paying for sex much anyway, but wasn't that the only way a man his age could bed a twentysomething hot chick?

The idea, surprisingly was one he got from reading a newspaper article on unlicensed cab drivers picking up drunken girls late at night and having some hot fun with them when giving them a lift home. It was so perfect he couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it himself. Every weekend after night clubs closed there were plenty of sexy young girls, wearing not much clothes, at least half pissed and desperate for a lift home -- all you had to do was cruise around near a nightclub at closing time and it was a dead cert to pick one up -- or two if you were lucky -- and more often than not weren't these girls fairly promiscuous? and even if they weren't you could grope them or more and the next day they wouldn't remember it or if they did they wouldn't remember what they agreed to not, so if they went to the police they didn't have a leg to stand on.

What these things came down to in court was your word against theirs and if they'd been pissed at the time, dressed like a prostitute and were frequently engaged in casual relationships and one night stands with men, well that was way more cause for reasonable doubt for any jury. In other words it was a win-win situation for Nigel and men like him. You still had to careful Nigel reasoned, not prowl the same nightclub area too often, widen the size of your hunting ground. So Nigel had made a study of all the nightclubs and bars in the city the best ones to hunt near. A top rating hunting ground would have a large nightclub with frequent events, a reputation for drugs (girls on drugs weren't likely to go to the police) and be fairly isolated with poor transport links especially in the early hours. Find hunting grounds like this and you were nearly guaranteed to pick up some lone inebriated girl staggering home who was only too grateful for a lift in a warm car for a stranger. The warmth in the car was another ingredient in a successful hunt and Nigel always turned the heat in the car up once he'd picked up a girl, it made them loosen their clothing and it made them drowsy and easier to manipulate and if they passed out so much the better. The Vauxhall Zafira was prepared too.

Its capacity as a seven seater meant that when the backseats were down there was plenty of space to lie down and have fun. Bedding, pillows and sheets as well as rope, handcuffs, a mouth gag, sex toys and other sexual paraphernalia was piled to one side at the back. Nigel liked to think of himself as a beast and car was his sexual lair -- a web to ensnare his prey. And tonight the hunt was on. Halloween, almost as good as Christmas eve, because it was cold in October and that meant the lure of a ride home in a warm car was all the more alluring to half pissed girl trying to get a taxi the in the bitter cold of the early hours. Nigel anticipated a successful hunt. The nightclub he'd chosen was on the outskirts of the city with plenty of countryside around and that meant dark empty roads, lots of convenient laybys and even better; no CCTV cameras.

He reached the roundabout about a mile past the nightclub and circled for his next pass slowing the car to take more time before his next sweep. It was 2.50am, the club had finished twenty minutes ago which meant the place would now have emptied, on his last sweep the young clubbers had spilled of the club into the street and were standing in small groups chatting, snogging, arguing, calling for taxis, finishing a drink off from the club -- all the usual sights you saw after closing time at countless pubs and clubs up throughout the country. Within half an hour or so almost would have either gotten taxis or lifts or started to make their own way home on foot. Nigel just had to keep cruising past until he found some quarry. On his fourth pass he slowed the car taking in tonight's menu. Of course, this being Halloween nearly all the young people in some sort of costume, a variety of outfits and guises were present, vampires, zombies, witches, one in a Freddy Krueger outfit, and for some reason quite a few young men were in clown costumes. Bizarre, Nigel thought, then he recalled there was that hit Stephen King film out wasn't there? 'It' wasn't that the film? Stupid name for a horror film. A little way past the club Nigel sighted his first quarry. Their forms illuminated in the darkness by the Vauxhall's searching headlights. They had their backs to him as they walked. Two girls, with curvy asses in short skirts and equally skimpy tops, they both had thick manes of hair, one jet black the other peroxide blonde. Both wore calf high- heeled boots. Nigel slowed the car to a crawl to match their walking speed and lowered the window letting in a blast of cold night air. Seeing them in profile the girls were both clearly stunners, their faces were powdered white with Halloween make up with heavy dark mascara around their eyes. One had blue lipstick the other ruby red. Neither were particularly busty but the outfits made the most of what they had, pushing up their boobs to create more cleavage. Even from several feet away, Nigel caught the smell of alcohol from them.

'Hey girls,' how's it going?' he said, doing his best to sound casual and friendly.

They both looked at him suspiciously. The blonde spoke up. 'We're fine, thanks, how are you?'

Nigel noted they were still walking. 'I'm good thanks, I guess you girls were at the club tonight yeah? I like your costumes by the way.'

'Thanks,' the blonde said, then shared a look with her friend who muttered something and they both laughed.

A good sign, Nigel thought. So far so good, he let his smile widen as if sharing their joke whatever it was -- it was best to show he was good humoured. 'You girls got far to walk? It's freezing tonight isn't it?'

'You can say that again, we're going to Bushy if it's any of your business.' The blonde said, some of the friendliness gone in her tone.

'Bushy? That's a couple of miles away. I'm going that way, I can give you a lift if you like.'

'Really? You a taxi then?' The blonde said after sharing another glance with her giggling friend.

'No, no, I'm not. You don't have to pay me. I'm just being friendly, you know,' he grinned . At this the blonde stopped walking and so did her friend. Nigel braked. He sensed victory.

The blonde leaned down, giving Nigel a great view of her cleavage. 'Yeah, I think I know, a friendly guy who just happens to be driving about nightclubs at three in the morning,' she said coldly. 'I know your game pal, I saw you driving past the club twice, so how about you take your friendly offer to give us a lift and shove it up your ass you fucking perv!'

'Hey,' Nigel said, dropping his friendly act. 'There's no need to be like that.'

'I think there is,' she spat. 'I know your type, now fuck off back to the hole you crawled out from.' This insult provoked more giggles from her friend. They started walking again and Nigel took his bake off so the car rolled forward. This was a fail, but he wasn't going to let these bitches get away with speaking to him like that.

'You're a fucking bitch you know that, a dumb ugly slut of a bitch,' Nigel yelled at her . The blonde smiled sourly at him. 'How original, now I know what a nice friendly guy you are. I tell you what friendly guy, I'm going to count to ten if you aren't out of here by then, I'm going to key your car.' And giving weight to her threat she took out a bunch of keys from her handbag.

'You fucking evil bitch, Nigel spluttered. 'You goddamn whore of a cunt, you . . . .'

'one, two, three . . . ' the blonde intoned looking ahead and speaking in a calm disinterested tone.

'You know bitches like you need to be taught a lesson, you need to be . . .'

Seven, eight . . .'

'Fuck you!' Nigel shouted and sped away before she could make good her threat.

As the car sped off the two girls were swallowed up into the night. Nigel was angry, he felt humiliated by the encounter and the hard on he'd had when he saw them in the cars headlights had swiftly died. That blonde bitch had spoilt his mood. Now he'd have to try and get in the right frame of mind all over again. He decided he'd drive on another five minutes then turn and go back to do another sweep of the club.

He had not driven far when the car's headlights lit up another female form. This one was alone. Always a better bet, Nigel thought. She was in a witch's outfit, the dress tight against her body accentuating a wonderful round ass, under which were two shapely legs in clad in thigh high boots. She held a broomstick on one hand and perched on her head to complete the outfit was a pointed witch's hat.

Nigel slowed the car and wound down the window. 'Hey, how's it going?' he said, back in casual friendly mode.

She looked at him and smiled, 'I'm fine, thanks, apart from having tits frozen off out here.'

'Maybe I can help,' Nigel said. 'Can I give you lift?'

'Oh, yes please,' she gushed, coming over to the car.

Fucking jackpot, Nigel thought, leaning over and opening the passenger door for her.

She removed her witches hat as she clambered in revealing a cascade of thick hair suitably dyed green. Her outfit was revealing with a low cut black top showing a copious amount of cleavage. She had great tits, Nigel noted. With her came the pleasant smell of perfume mingled with alcohol.

She shut the passenger door and pulled the seat belt across her marvellous chest, flashing him a friendly smile as she fastened her seatbelt.

'Nice outfit,' Nigel complimented as he pulled out and accelerated.

'Thanks, I'm so glad you were passing by, I don't think I could have lasted much longer out there.'

'No problem, glad to be able to help.' Nigel said. This was more like it. 'Were you at that club tonight, then?'

'Sure was, and you know what I didn't pull a single guy tonight, can you believe it? I mean there was a cute guy there I liked but it turned out he had a girlfriend, she didn't half give me daggers when she saw me trying to come on to her man.'

Nigel laughed, 'hazards to going clubbing right?'

'Too right, it's nice in warm in here,' she observed. 'My hands are still cold though.'

'You'll warm up soon. What's your name by the way?'

'Oh, it's Sabrina,' she said lightly.

'That's a nice name. I'm Chris,' Nigel said.

'Pleased to meet you, Chris -- and even more pleased you saved my ass from freezing.'

'Your witch's outfit -- is that why you chose it, you know that kids programme Sabrina the teenage witch?'

She laughed, 'Oh yes, I got that a lot in school. But I'm no longer a teenager so I'm just Sabrina the witch.'

'At Halloween,' Nigel said finishing her sentence.

'No, all year round,' she said lightly flashing him a smile in the darkness.

'What, you saying you're a real witch?'

'Uh huh. You're not gonna tell me you're a Christian and kick me out of the car, Chris, now are you?'

'No, certainly not,' Nigel said. Brilliant she was one of those hippy pagan types -- they were really in drugs, sex and promiscuity, besides all that superstitious crap. He wondered how old she was, it was difficult to gauge with the makeup and in the darkness of the car. 'If you don't mind me asking, Sabrina, how old are you?'

'How personal of you, Chris -- just teasing -- I'm twenty-eight. You?'

'Me? I'm thirty-three,' Nigel lied.

'Chris, honey, can ask you something? You'll probably think it a bit forward of me, being as we just met, but my hands are still freezing. I used to have a boyfriend who'd let me warm them between his thighs. Would that be ok.'

'Well, I suppose, how you gonna reach with both your hands?'

'I won't. I'll warm one hand between my thighs and the other between yours.'

'Ok, go on then,' Nigel said, keeping his eyes on the empty stretch of road ahead. He felt her cool hand delve between his thighs right up the crotch area.

'That's not too distracting for you is it?'

'No, I'm good with it.' Nigel said, wondering how long it would be before she realised is cock was rock hard.

'You're lovely and warm. I can feel your heat seeping into my hand.'

'How's your other hand?' Nigel asked. He was suffering from mixed emotions on the one hand he felt like going with the flow, on the other hand she was clearly the one making the moves and in control of the situation when it should have been the other way around. There was, consequently, a small alarm bell ringing in the back on his mind. But Nigel was reassured by the fact she was into all that pagan shit and therefore her sexual forwardness tallied.

'My other hand's just fine, quite snug and warm.'

'You didn't tell me where you want me to drive you to.' Nigel said -- and the with the realisation of that fact those alarm bells grew a little louder. Still, those insults that the blonde bitch threw at him earlier had really rankled and him getting off with this hot bitch seemed like karma.

'Don't worry, keep driving and I'll let you know when to let me out,' she said softly, her hand rubbing against his bulge. 'You know the only problem of warming my hands this way with that old boyfriend of mine was it had the side effect of making us both really, really, horny.'

'I get that,' Nigel said. He was feeling impatient now he wanted to find out if this bitch was going to deliver or just being a massive prick teaser.

'Honey, I'm really pretty horny right now. How about you?'

'Uh, yeah, can't you tell -- with your hand I mean?'

'Well then, if you could be a darling and slide your seat back a bit, I'll thank you properly for picking me up,' and it make sure there was no misunderstanding she moved her hand from between his thighs and unzipped his flies.

Nigel didn't know what to say so he simply complied, sliding the car seat back as far he could without making it difficult for his feet to work the pedals.

Sabrina, unclasped her seat belt. 'Honey could you lift up your butt a little please?' Nigel lifted himself off the seat and he felt her hands gripping the sides of his jeans and tugging them down along with his underpants, freeing his erection. He sat back down, the sensation of leather upholstery cool on his naked bottom.

'Should, uh, I pull over somewhere?' he asked, his voice tremulous with anticipation.

'No keep driving,' Sabrina commanded. 'And drive faster. I Iike men who drive fast.'

As Nigel pressed his foot on the accelerator, Sabrina leant over, placing her head in his lap and engulfed his hardened member in the warm pit of her mouth. Nigel gasped at the exquisite pleasure as she used her mouth and tongue to lick, suck and caress his cock. She would slowly bob her head then lift her head so his cock was free from her mouth, the wetness of her saliva cool on the sensitive skin, then she dropped her head down so his cock plunged into her mouth almost to the base.

'Christ, almighty,' Nigel gasped as he fought to keep control of his steering. He tried to slow down, fearful he might have an accident but Sabrina sensing the cars deceleration would lift her head from his cock, and only resume the blowjob when he accelerated.

The trees and undergrowth on either side of the road flashed by and Nigel had to brake to navigate a corner. In his lap Sabrina bobbed her head with increasing speed, a rhythmic motion leading to his climax. God, but she was good. He placed a hand on her head his fingers sinking into the green mass of hair. Faster she moved, her wet soft mouth clamped firmly on his cock. He felt the pressure build in his balls as the urge to ejaculate grew in intensity. 'Oh, God, of fuck!' he cried as dam burst and his come gushed into Sabrina's mouth and down her throat. She stilled her head to allow him to empty himself into her. As the last spasm of Nigel's cock died, Sabrina licked around the head cleaning the member of any residual come. She sat up in her seat. 'You can pull over at the next layby, honey,' she said.

'That was amazing,' Nigel said, glad he could finally get a break from driving, for a few moments he was sure he was going to lose control of the car.

The next layby soon came up and Nigel pulled into and brought the car to a halt. Without preamble Sabrina pulled off her tight-fitting top revealing her large naked breasts in the soft light from the dash board. Nigel took in the sight and with the car's engine cut, the silence in the air was strange.

'Well, aren't you going to invite me to check out the back of the car?'

'uh, yeah. Sorry, I was just . . .' he trailed off.

'C'mon Romeo, I want to see how good this car's suspension is,' she said kissing him on the cheek before clambering between the driver and passenger seat into the back of the car. The other seats were already down. Nigel followed suit but it was awkward as his jeans were still half off from the blowjob. By the time he'd struggled over into the dark space behind the front seats Sabrina had already removed one of her thigh boots and was in the process of taking off the other. Nigel pulled at his shoes and then jeans eager to be naked but aware in the race to strip off Sabrina would win. That was no surprise, as she'd been one step ahead since he'd picked her up. Once the struggle to remove his clothes was over he sat looking across at her in the near dark. He could hear her breathing.

'I have some bedding, just behind you,' he said.

She reached and found it. 'You think of everything don't you. A proper gentleman.'

Nigel wasn't sure if she was being genuinely polite or if the words weren't loaded with sarcasm.

''Well, no need to be uncomfortable,' he said, helping her spread out the sheets and placing the pillows to form a crude bed.

She took his hands and placed them on her breasts, they felt cool and soft to the touch and she guided his hands over the contours, making him pinch her hardening nipples between his fingers. He moved closed to her and in the dark they kissed. Her mouth tasted of his come, but he found that a turn on and was aware his cock was as hard as it had been when she sucked him off. She placed her arms around him drawing her to him, her legs parted and her feet and calves enclosed his torso as her hips closed on his. He could feel the heat from her pussy on his cock before contact. Then pleasure, indescribable pleasure as the soft lips of her warm moist pussy swallowed the head and shaft of his cock. Her hips lowered, her thighs tight around his waist as she impaled herself more fully on his erection. Her full rounded breasts pressed hard against his chest as she bucked and rode him her body moving with a lustful intensity Nigel had not encountered with any other woman. Then, so suddenly, Nigel was momentarily alarmed she was off him. Before he could ask what was wrong she spoke commandingly. 'Turn over -- on all fours.'

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