tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Huntress

The Huntress


Jared moved quickly through the snow, his numb limbs struggling with the weight of his armor. He could hear them pursuing, not far behind now. Every step was agony, his leather boots frosted with snow and ice from the day's of pursuit.

He knew that his time was almost over, he'd known it since the ambush on the caravans. His men had been no match for the onslaught. Within moment's the majority had either thrown down their weapons or fled the scene. Only a handful, including himself, had fought their foe until finally overwhelmed and wounded at which point they'd fled.

One by one they had been taken, hunted like wild animals. Jared was the last of his brethren, the only one strong enough to have made it this far. He had come so close to the border, so close to the civilized world, the difference between life and death. Instead they'd caught up, the savages who knew these wild forests and deathly landscapes.

He slowed his escape, coming to a halt in a large clearing and drawing his sword from it's scabbard. The long blade shone with the reflected light of the setting sun, heavy in his hand. His numb and exhausted limbs struggled to maintain balance. The trees surrounded him, dark and foreboding, hiding his foes from view.

He couldn't see them but he knew they were there, watching him, assessing him. Long blonde curls clung to his face, plastered there by his sweat and the melting snowfall. His blue eye's shone with the anger that burned inside of him, daring his attackers to approach. Finally they came.

They approached him from five front's, emerging from the forest as sleek as wild cats. Their lithe, lean bodies on display, baring almost no armor. They were all beautiful and deadly. He'd heard stories of these Huntresses. Born in the wild and raised for combat. They preyed on both the weak and strong, testing their abilities. Many men had fallen, underestimating their prowess or falling to the lure of their bodies.

Jared stood as still as a statue. He could feel the warmth of his blood rushing to his manhood as he watched the women approach. His desire for their beauty was almost too much, only his desire for his life won out.

"You've done well." One of the women called out to him. "For a man that is."

She stood only five strides from him, her dark skin a stark contrast against the snow. She was tall, almost as tall as him, clad in only undergarments that scarcely concealed her modesty. A long cloak hung from her shoulders and thin knee high boots protected her feet from the snow. She stared at him, her dark eye's two deep pools, drinking him in.

"Take him." She ordered, her full lips forming a cruel smile.

One of the women sprung at Jared from behind. Too slow, she fell to his blade, it's sharp edge tearing through her body. Another lunged forward to avenge her fallen comrade, her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail revealing a beautiful face shattered by anger. She was fast, darting at Jared with two medium length daggers.

Jared stepped backwards and parried her attacks, momentarily distracted by her cleavage that bulged before her. His blade spun in a wide arc, countering her own momentum and pushing her back. The whistle of a blade to his left caught his attention just in time for him to evade a vicious strike from another one of the women. His shoulder hit the ground hard as he rolled to the right, coming up quickly on his firm, strong legs.

Jared turned to face his latest foe. A short woman with flowing red hair and large green eyes, naked apart from a thick cloak that billowed behind her in the breeze. His gaze was instantly drawn to her generously sized breast's, the small pink nipples hard and pointed. She snaked forward gracefully, the hair between her legs more entrancing than the long thin blade in her hand.

Her sword slashed at his face, missing by a tiny amount as Jared's survival instincts kicked back in. Once again nothing but his own blade mattered, the sharp steal he held in his hand, not the flesh between his legs. He pivoted, bringing his sword around in a two handed slash to crash against the reds slim blade, knocking her off her feet.

She lay on her back, staring at him wide eye'd in terror. Her chest heaved as she gulped in air, her leg's kicking at the snow in a desperate attempt to put some distance between them. The two remaining women stepped between the fallen girl and Jared, watched closely by the dark woman who stood off to the side.

The blonde charged at him first, her two blades whirling only to be knocked aside by Jared. Her companion was on him a moment later, a short axe in hand. Jared watched her advance, drinking in the situation. She was the smallest of the five with black hair cut short to her shoulders. She wore a vest of chainmail leaving her arms and below her waist completely bare. Jared stared at the dark bush between her legs admiringly before bringing his blade up in a cruel attack, taking her between them, cleaving her almost in half.

"Enough!" The dark woman ordered.

Jared turned to face her. Her eye's smoldered with an intense fury. They had under estimated him and two of her friends had paid a dear price.

"Had enough you whore?" Jared demanded, hoping to lure her into a reckless attack.

She didn't answer. Instead she marched forward, drawing two slim curved blades. Jared brought his own blade up in defense as she leapt towards him, her speed surprising him. Their blades clashed together again and again as they danced in the clearing. One false move and Jared knew he was dead.

The dark woman rolled away from him, her cloak snapping as she rose. Jared pressed the attack, only to be met by another assault from her. His arms ached beyond comprehension. Exhaustion had him. The fight alone would have been enough to tire him, combined with the fact he had been on the run for days meant he was beyond saving. He staggered towards her, the last of his energy completely drained. His strike went wide and he collapsed into the snow.

It was over for him. He could hear the woman's footsteps crunching towards him in the snow. He attempted to stand but was brought down by the weight of the heavy metal plate he wore over his chest. The blow caught him in the back of his head, heavy, crushing the light out of him.

Part Two

Jared woke chained and half naked. His eyes darted, searching his surroundings for a sign of where he lay. He wasn't familiar with his surroundings. His wrists and ankles were chained tight to four posts and his back ached against the hard surface.

Torches burned dimly against the stone walls that surrounded him. The room was empty, windowless, a cell. Fear gripped him as he remembered the encounter in the woods. The beautiful women he'd fought and slain. The dark woman who had defeated him finally. It was then that he realized his fate. They'd kept him alive to seek their vengeance slowly.

"You're awake." A females soft voice said.

Jared looked in it's direction, noticing the red haired woman he'd knocked to the ground sat against one of the walls. She stared at him, her green eye's never looking away. She stood up from where she sat, her cloak pulled tight around her, covering her body.

"Where am I?" He demanded, his voice croaking from the lack of water.

"All in good time my love." She purred. "Soon all shall be revealed."

She stepped beside where he was chained, her eyes searching his muscular body. Her hand reached out to touch his chest, her fingers gliding softly against his flesh, running down over his stomach towards where his undergarments remained.

Jared stared up at the woman, captivates by her beauty. Her long red hair tumbled in curls over her shoulders. Her large eye's were a deep shade of green, standing out against her pale skin. Her pink lips were pursed in concentration as she ran her fingers along his stomach and towards his crotch.

"I've never experienced a man before." She whispered, rubbing his cock through the fabric of his undergarments.

Despite himself he could feel himself growing hard at her touch. He fought the rush of blood but lost the battle. He knew better than to fall to the Huntresses charms. Stories said they'd often hunt men down and use them to breed, killing the men when they were finished.

"You cannot have me!" Jared growled defiantly.

"Oh really?" She asked, giving his cock a squeeze. "I think your body has other ideas in mind."

She leant over him, bringing her lips down around one of his nipples. The warmth of her mouth caused Jared to gasp loudly. Her lips kissed his chest, her tongue dancing against his flesh. Her fingers found their way under his undergarments to wrap around his hard shaft.

"What is going on?" A voice boomed. The red haired girl snapped up right in a heart beat, spinning to face the voice. Jared craned his neck to see what was happening, his heart sinking at the sight of the dark woman standing in the open doorway at the end of the room.

"I was just about to come and find you." The red haired woman tried to explain.

"Yes, you looked as though you were." The dark woman scolded. "Now stand aside Paige."

The red haired woman, Paige, moved away from him. Jared watched as the dark woman entered the room, trailed closely by the blonde woman he'd encountered. They wore similar cloaks to the one that Paige wore, concealing their beautiful bodies.

"Come to finish me off have you whore?" Jared asked as the dark woman came to stand beside him.

She reached beneath her cloak, pulling out a short knife. Jared's heart thundered in his chest at the sight of it. She lowered it toward him slowly, pressing the cold tip against his flesh, tracing the same path towards his crotch that Paige had earlier. He waited for the pain, expecting it to come at any moment but instead was shocked as he felt his undergarments cut from him.

"You look surprised." The dark woman said coldly. "We aren't done with you yet, oh no that would be far to easy for you."

Jared watched as her cloak slid from her naked body revealing the smooth dark skin beneath. Her full bosom heaved with every breath she took. Her body was tight and muscular, beautiful but deadly. She climbed on top of the hard surface on which he lay and straddled his waist. He could feel the warmth of her against his erect manhood and struggled with the desire within him.

"You belong to us now." She said, slapping him across the face. "You are our's to do with as we will." She continued, slapping him again.

Jared's face burned from the impact. He stared up at the woman, a mixture of hatred and desire burning within him. She returned his stare, her dark eye's emotionless. She pushed herself from him and climbed off the surface, pulling her cloak back around her body.

"Paige, see to it that our captive is pleasured." The dark woman said as she moved to leave the room. "However in punishment, use only your mouth. Vexan, see to it that she behaves herself."

The two women watched as the door slammed shut. For a while they waited in silence, neither daring to move. Jared looked to Paige and saw her staring hungrily at him. He watched as she moved towards him slowly, as her cloak fell from her shoulders revealing the beauty beneath. Her large breasts bounced with every step, her nipples erect in the cool of the room.

She climbed onto the hard surface and knelt beside him. Once again her lips brushed his nipples, kissing his chest softly. Slowly her soft lips worked their way down his chest and over his toned stomach, her red hair trailing behind. Her lips worked across his waist, finding their way to his hard cock.

Jared's breath caught as her tongue traced it's way up his hard shaft, circling the head slowly. Her tongue flicked against the head playfully followed by her lips kissing tenderly, opening to take his length in her mouth. He looked down toward her, beneath her red hair he could feel his cock slowly entering her mouth. Her head rocked back and forth as she slowly took him deeper.

The warmth of her felt amazing to him. Her lips were half way down his shaft, her tongue gliding wetly against his hard flesh. Electricity flowed through him as the pleasure finally won. A moan escaped Jared's lips as his seed spilt from his manhood and into Paige's mouth, flooding her throat with his taste. The red haired woman did not retreat, instead she engulfed every last bit of him.

"Until next time my love." Paige muttered, climbing from the surface and turning to leave the room.

Jared watched her go, admiring her tight behind. He lay there, his cock glistening with a mixture of his own cum and Paige's saliva.

"You really are an interesting man." Vexan said.

Jared turned his head to face her. He'd completely forgotten about the blonde woman who had been assigned to ensure that Paige behaved herself. She leant casually against the wall watching him. Almost as tall as the dark woman with long blonde hair still pulled back and blue eyes, not quite as beautiful as Paige but attractive nonetheless.

"So what happens to me now?" Jared asked.

"For now you belong to Alexindre, she won you when she defeated you in combat." Vexan began. "You proved yourself to be worthy, that is why you still live."

"And what does Alexindre plan to do with me?" Jared asked, thinking about the dark woman.

Vexan smiled at him. "She will no doubt enter you into the Royal Tournament. She does not breed with those she deems to be weak."

"The Royal Tournament?" Jared asked, dreading to know the answer.

"Every year male warriors are entered into the tournament to fight for their lives. They are given a chance to prove their prowess in combat and given an opportunity to prove themselves to the Huntresses who own them. Survive that and Alexindre will take you to her bed."

Jared's heart sunk at the realization that he would soon be forced to fight other captives. He had no desire to become some pawn for the Huntresses to use in their sick games. He also had no choice.

"Don't look so glum." Vexan said. "I witnessed how well you fought when you were starved and exhausted. I look forward to seeing how well you fight when you are prepared. I must admit, the thought does excite me."

Vexan slid her hand beneath her cloak, moaning softly as she did. Her cloak hung open, revealing part of her naked body to Jared who watched as Vexan's fingers moved slowly, massaging the warmth between her legs. He felt his cock stiffen at the sight, transfixed on the motion of her fingers.

She noticed his erection and her massaging intensified. Her wetness ran down the inside of her thighs as she watched his length harden. There was a hunger in her blue eye's as she stepped towards him.

"Help me escape and I promise you will never have to touch yourself again." Jared whispered.

Vexan laughed, her voice soft and without mocking unlike Alexindre's.

"A fine offer I must admit." She replied. "But Paige's touch is enough for me. Beside's, I have you at my disposal until the tournament which gives me plenty of time to enjoy what you have to offer."

She smiled down at him and leant forward, kissing his lips. Jared's lips parted at her touch and their tongues met briefly before she pulled away, laughing softly. He watched her go in frustration, her cloak billowing behind her.

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