The Hutt


"Breoor!" Jabba the Hutt snarls. "Gatoo te meersok Leia!" directing the Gamorrean guards to prepare the Princess. Bib Fortuna overhears the command, his cranial tails quiver with excitement. The guards snort an acknowledgment and hustle away.

Leia is in the cave cell when Fortuna arrives. She is chained to the rocks with her hands above her head. Her ankles are shackled about thirty glekks apart. Her Boushh disguise is torn from the capture, but remarkably her hair is perfect. She wrestles with the shackles, the outline of her body is revealed with every move.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way" Fortuna sneers as two Gamorrean guards grunt and squeal through the bars on the cave door. A cranial tail unwinds and quivers in her face. Ptooi! and a big glob of spit hits the tail. "Works for me either way" he whispers as the saliva drips.

Leia's screams echo through the caves until she realizes no one can help her. One tail starts at her neck and slowly works down as she struggles against the chains, down the middle as she wrestles, lower, against her writhing body. "This is going to be good" he says and the two Gamorreans grunt in agreement. Two tails grab her tunic and rip it down the front.

"Wait! I can help you! We can overthrow Jabba!" Leia whispers to Fortuna.

"First things first" he replies as the two tails start exploring.

"Okay" she purrs as she licks her lips. One of his tails rises up to her mouth. She licks a blue dribble, then she begins swirling her tongue around the quivering tip, sucking and drawing it into her mouth. She is running her lips over the end, stopping to bat it with her tongue. Chomp! He quickly pulls it out of her mouth, she has missed him by a milliglekk! More screams, then a tail covers her mouth. She can't bite through the armored skin.

"Nice try Princess!" he snarls. One tail grabs the tunic and rips it off, the other yanks the trousers down to her knees. She squirms in the shackles, her nearly naked body writhing against the cave wall. The tails are all over her now, stroking and pawing, slipping over, then inside her undergarments. The two tails reach around the back and fumble with the hook. They fumble some more, then fumble some more, then some more, finally freeing it. The tails work their way around to the front and pull at the top. Tatooine gravity does the rest. The guards jaws drop. The cave air is cold.

The tails wander down her writhing body then tuck around her bottom undergarment, they linger for a moment. Yank! Down they go as she squirms, straining to pull her knees together. The two Gamorreans squeal with excitement as they clamber to get a better view. The tails start exploring again. One comes back a little moist, bringing a sneer to Fortuna's lips.

Leia was frustrated. It had been thirteen parsecs since she was last with a human, or humanoid for that matter.

Fortuna brings one tail up to Leia's face. It starts vibrating. The other is brought up, it starts vibrating too. Leia gasps as the two tails start again at her neck and work slowly down. One tail stops, circles then clenches tightly while the other keeps moving down, lower, another gasp marks the spot.

Leia begins feeling a force she had not felt for a long time. She fights against the feeling but the force is strong within her. She lets herself go, tipping her head back and closing her eyes. The vibrations reach down into her soul and the writhing turns from pain to pleasure. She couldn't help but moan out loud to the onslaught of sensations. Closer, closer right up to the edge, then crashing over it, her body convulsing with wave after wave of pleasure. The tail stops vibrating as she gasps and shudders.

Chest heaving, she opens her eyes to see Fortuna smiling with his tail still down there. It starts vibrating again and she is on her way. Another crescendo and crashing waves. She pants and gasps as the waves subside.

Leia hears howls of laughter from somewhere else in the caves. "Bastards!" she says to herself, "How can they be so cruel?"

Fortuna's engorged tail prompts another gasp. Slow strokes at first, then quickening to a fast pace. It didn't take very long and he was at the edge. Over the top, he lets go with spurts of blue goop. The tail shudders and convulses with pleasure. "Next!" he snarls as the other tail throbs its way into the sloppy blue mess. Stroking, slowly then faster, he gets there quickly, gobs of blue goo shoot out as the other tail goes over the edge. He pulls back, tails twitching. A large blue glop runs down the inside of Leias leg.

"Now you're ready for Jabba" he sneers. Ptooi! Another glob of spit falls short as he strides out of the cave.

In another part of the caves Han Solo also struggles against his shackles. He is laid face down on a table, bent over at the waist, with his ankles chained to the table legs, his outstretched arms chained to the other end of the table, pants down to his knees, he is still partly blinded by the carbonite.

Han hears screams turn to moans from somewhere else in the caves. "Bastards!" he says to himself, "How can they be so cruel!"

Chewbacca growls from across the cave as he strains against his shackles. Two Gamorrean guards roll 20 sided dice. "Squeeee!" and the winner shuffles over to the table. He climbs up on a stool and flips up his furry loincloth. Han braces himself when the guard grabs him by the hips. With a grunt, he runs it home. Han is shocked! The Gamorrean's unit is so small it doesn't go in! The fur is actually tickling him. He starts with a chuckle as the guard humps away. His chuckles turned to outright laughter as the tickling continues. Chewbacca manages a chuckle too. There is a line of guards out the cave door.

Leia awakens in a different cave, she is chained to the floor. She looks down at the outfit they have given her, a skimpy metal bikini, and blurts out "Oh come on!"

A rock door rumbles open and Jabba the Hutt slimes into the cave, Salacious B. Crumb the lizard-monkey scrambles behind him. The door rumbles closed as Jabba blurts out "Jabba geehah Gamorrea!" Leia understands she must choose between Jabba and the guards. She hangs her head as she chooses to submit to Jabba, imagining the Gammorean treatment would be much worse.

Crumb cackles with glee and moves to unshackle her. She stands and reaches behind her back, with a flip she releases the hook. Crumb's jaw drops. This cave is even colder. She holds out the top at arms length. Clank! as it hits the cave floor. "Forcesakes" she mumbles to herself.

"Kattee!" says Jabba. Crumb makes a spinning gesture with his finger. Jabba's slime covered eyebrows arch when Leia turns around and slowly pulls her metal bikini bottom down to her ankles. Clang! as they join the top on the floor. Jabba chuckles and Crumb cackles.

"Gnah!" Jabba says as a giant tongue unfurls. "Gnah!" again more firmly as the tip makes a beckoning gesture. She slowly moves to climb up on the tongue. There is slime everywhere as she tries to mount it. She grabs for a lump on Jabbas face to pull herself up but it pops and puss comes pouring out. She grabs another lump and straddles his tongue. "Thorthuna?" Jabba sputters.

She begins to give Jabba a tongue dance. She had once seen a hologram of an Alderaanean stripper and she tries to remember the moves. "Ooh!" she says as the tip of the tongue runs up her behind. "Mmmmmmm" Jabba licks a few more times for good measure. Leia is riding Jabba's tongue like a wild Tauntaun, it starts quivering.

"Whoa!" Leia is beginning to feel that force again. She tips her head back again and closes her eyes, she can't stop the feelings of pleasure. The wave is beginning to crest again, closer, closer, then over the top as she writhes around in pleasure. Jabba chuckles as she shudders and gasps. Crumb is dancing around, cackling with glee.

Still panting, Leia slides off and notices something sticking out from Jabba's slime covered folds of skin. She recoils in fear as it is growing and already way too big for her to take on.

"Gnoh!" Jabba blubbers as she tries to back away "Gnoh!" Leia thinks that is the Hutt word for hand, Crumb confirms by making a stroking gesture.

She reaches over and starts rubbing. It is completely covered in slime and still growing as she massages it with her hand. Pretty soon it is large enough that she can just reach around it with both hands and she starts stroking. It is still growing, now big enough that she has to stroke it by wrapping her arms around it. She has her arms wrapped around, pulled against her bare chest with slime everywhere as she works up and down. Jabba is grunting with pleasure. It has grown longer now and she has to wrap her legs around the base in order to hang on. Jabba's tongue reaches out and starts licking the tip while Leia clenches with arms and legs, shinnying up and down.

"Greeeeaaahhh!! Greeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!" Jabba convulses with spasms of pleasure. There is nothing coming out! Leia is shocked! Jabba is a female Hutt! Jabba gives her a slimy wink. Crumb dances and cackles with delight. Leia slides off and pulls on her skimpy metal bikini.

There is a guard at the cave door reporting that a strange visitor has asked to see Jabba.

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