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The Hypno Psych Ch. 01


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This is Part 1 of an ongoing series about celebrities. Feedback is greatly appreciated, and so is a good vote. Thanks for reading.


“Oh god…don’t…stop…(gasp)…god that feels…” ahem. Sorry, what was I thinking? Let me start over. Hi, I’m Simon, Simon Shadow. My 28-year old roommate, 4 days older than me, and myself, live in Melbourne, Australia. I went through all of Year 12, love dogs and collecting movies. But who am I? I am a hypnopsych. A new field of medical research has been discovered in which hypnotherapy is combined with psychology to bring out the subconscious thoughts of patients. It took me 7 years of study after high school, but I eventually topped in the field and the offers came rolling in. That’s how it started…

“Hey bud, welcome home. You want a beer?” my best buddy Case (Casey) shouted out to me as he heard the lock click on our apartment door.

“No thanks mate, it’s 11 o’clock in the morning.” I replied, laughing to myself. That Case, he’d drink at a funeral if he could. “Hey, what’s all this mail?” I called out to him.

“Oh yeah, the postie came by personally to deliver all that,” he answered as he walked into the kitchen in an Adidas singlet and Jim Beam boxer shorts, clutching a VB beer. “He said he did his regular round and then had to come back again just to deliver our mail. I think they’re job offers for you, man. I know you said you did good on your scores, but judging by this, you didn’t tell me the full story.”

“I just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, that’s all.” I said, blushing slightly. “Look at all these places. I had no idea that there were this many practices in Australia, let alone Melbourne.”

As Casey was rummaging through all of them, trying to find the biggest and best practise for me to work at, I spotted an envelope that just seemed to stand out. Maybe it was the formal calligraphy or the stamp of a sunset, but I seemed drawn to it. After opening it, the letter read…

“Dear Simon, congratulations on your fantastic score. We here at Startacular have found an increasing need for stars to be calmed, unstressed and to talk. We would like you to work for us as a hypnopsych, in an office we have already set up, supplying you with a secretary, $200 K net, and dental. To accept our offer, please dial the number at the bottom of this letter. Richard D”

As if in a daze, I walked over to the telephone and dialled the provided number. A recorded voice came on the line, and it seemed almost muffled.

“Simon, thank you for accepting our offer. A driver will be by to pick you up tomorrow, and with him will be the keys to your new silver BMW convertible. You won’t regret this.”

“Dude, what are you doing? You have offers from every psych and hypno place in Melbourne and you are gabbin’ away on the phone. What’s with you? Come on.” Casey was saying to me, and about half of it actually sank in.

“I just accepted a job with Startacular as a hypnopsych. Give me a hand throwing these other offers into the bin.” I said, almost robotically.

“Hello? Earth to dude? You did what? You’re bullshitting me, right? Startacular…the agency that handles every big name in Hollywood and beyond? THE Startacular?” Casey began frantically rambling off questions.

For the rest of the day, after having a light lunch and watching Baywatch with Casey, we began running through some more than desirable situations that this could bring about. “Yeah right,” I thought “they’ll just be falling over their feet for me. Oh well, I can always dream, can’t I? Speaking of which…”

The Next Morning

As I walked outside the front door, a bulky looking black guy, probably about 6’4” and 250 lbs, smiled at me, his white teeth sparkling in the sunshine. “Mr. Shadow? I’m Jack, I’ll be your driver for as long as you see fit.” Then the most amazing shock came to me. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it…there was a limo right behind him! He opened the door and I hopped into the second limo of my life, the first being for my Y12 formal. Half an hour into the drive, after playing with all the gadgets, the limousine came to a stop.

I stepped out, and in front of me was a 5 ½ star hotel, the most popular one in Melbourne. “What am I doing here” I asked Jack. With no reply, he merely handed me a key card with my name on it and a barcode, pointing me inside.

Completely baffled, I walked in and asked reception what I was supposed to do with my key card. “Oh, you’re Mr. Shadow. It is a pleasure to meet you. Mr. D called earlier to tell us that you would be arriving. Just step into the elevator and you will know what to do from there.” The friendly clerk informed me.

Once in the elevator, I noticed that next to the top two floor numbers, 39 and 40, was my name, one specifying my office, and one specifying my place of residence. “They didn’t say anything about a place of residence…hey, whatever tickles their fancy” I said to no one in particular. My first stop was at my office, just to see where I would be working for who-knows-how-long.

Stepping off, I was confronted with a large oval room, a tiger-skin rug decorating its floor in front of a huge fireplace. A pretty blonde, wearing casual business attire was speaking quite politely to someone on the other end of her headset phone, behind a mahogany wood desk. After thanking them for their call, and informing the other speaker that she understood, the receptionist hung up and for the second time today, I was confronted with a magnificently white-toothed smile.

“Mr. Shadow…It’s a pleasure t…” she began, but I cut her off.

“Please, call me Simon. Everyone seems to be calling me Mr. Shadow”

She giggled and continued with “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Simon” emphasising my name, “Go right on in, your first client is waiting.”

I found this quite weird, but continued on my journey. I came to a door, with a gold plated nameplate on it, with my name written, and my title as a Hypnopsych. Still dazed, I opened the door and entered, and to my shock, there was Party-Of-Five-Wild-Things-Three-To-Tango star, Neve Campbell. I was sure I could feel the luxurious carpet where my jaw had dropped on the sensitive skin where I had just shaved that morning. She was pacing back and forth, holding a smoke up, and tapping her smoking elbow with her other fingers.

“You’re finally here” she practically shouted at me, sitting down rapidly, and then getting back up again just as quickly to continue her pacing. I sat down in my black leather reclining chair with a headrest. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror to make sure I looked okay, and I wasn’t sweating like hell from being nervous. I have to admit, I looked quite good considering, with my sandy blonde hair gelled forward, standing at 6’2”, fairly well built, with some hidden-by-clothes love handles. My blue business shirt was well accompanied by a yellow silk tie and my black slacks.

“Umm…hello Ms. Campbell, what seems to be the problem?” I inquired, the question seeming the obvious one at the time.

“Well, it’s like this…what’s your name again?”

“I’m Simon, Simon Shadow.” I replied.

“Right, well Simon, it’s like this, I’ve been asked to star in Cruel Intentions III and I don’t know if I can handle it. There is a…lesbian kiss.” She said to me.

“Is this a problem? Didn’t you and Denise do the same thing in Wild Things?” I asked as she butted out her cigarette, and seemed to relax slightly, sitting on the chair directly opposite me.

“That’s just it, Simon. Before that kiss, I never had lesbian thoughts, but now…I’m just now sure whether I am straight or lesbian. I can’t believe I’m dealing with this now…at my age” she replied as I finally noticed how she was dressed. A leather jacket covered her top, left unzipped, revealing a black silk dress that ended a few inches above the knee. Suddenly, her legs were uncrossed and recrossed to the other side, revealing just enough skin not to reveal her underwear. I was then reminded of the many fantasies that she satisfied, and my cock began to throb in my pants.

“Well, did you ever have any experiences like this growing up?” I inquired professionally, secretly hoping that the answer was…

“Yeah, of course, but that was just at drunken frat parties. Experimentation was the name of the game” she said to me, a gleam appearing in her eye, “did you ever experiment, Simon?”

Before I could respond, a foot began trailing it’s way up my thigh from under the desk. Looking across the table, she licked her lips seductively, massaging my crotch with her foot. By this stage, I was becoming quite hard. I’m still not sure how, but she managed to unbutton and unzip my slacks with her toes, continuing the massage with one less article of clothing separating her foot from my 7 inch cock.

Without another word, she walked around my desk, leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You know, there is one way you could help me answer my problem”. Dropping to her knees, she removed my slacks and boxers, allowing my erection to spring free, missing her face by a mere inch. “Mmmm…tiger seems to be very eager doesn’t he?” I had no other choice but to sit there and nod dumbly.

Giving it a light squeeze, she began to lightly lick my balls, sending shivers up and down my spine. Her hand began a quick pace as she sucked one of my balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, and maintaining eye contact the whole time. I could not have been more turned on if either one of us tried. Here was Neve Campbell, sucking my balls for all she’s worth, not to mention the fantastic hand job she was giving me with her silky soft hands, and I still hadn’t cum yet. It was a miracle.

Then it stopped. I didn’t even have time to worry, because she then started to kiss the head of my cock and drag her fingernails tantalizingly over my balls. After about 30 seconds of light kissing, in one swift motion, she managed to deep throat my entire dick. The sensation of her warm, wet mouth, her massaging tongue, the suction she was applying, and the sensation of having my balls tickled was enough to drive me over the edge and before I knew it…”Oh Neve, I’m going to cum. Let me cum in your mouth” And with that, she deep throated me and jacked me off with her tongue, using it like a hand as my hot jizz sprayed out at least 5 times, each time forcing me to pump my hips into Neve’s mouth.

Looking up from this, she opened her mouth and showed me the full mouthful, and then closing her mouth, she swallowed the entire lot, opening her mouth afterwards to prove it. Then she noticed a little dribble of it had leaked out onto her chin, so she scooped it up with her finger and licked it off, looking almost childlike in the satisfaction it gave her.

Standing up, she pulled me to my feet, and sat back on my desk, unbuttoning my shirt. But before I let her do that, I pushed her leather jacket off of her shoulders, and began kissing her neck as I pushed her dress below her breasts, delighted in the discovery that she was not wearing a bra. I never was any good with those. Flicking her nipples, and kissing her lightly on the lips, slowly separating her mouth with mine, my other hand managed to pull her dress up to her waist. Reaching back down to remove her panties, I found that she must just not like underwear at all. I smiled to myself as she began to suck on my nipples while unbuttoning and removing my shirt.

Hopping down onto my knees, I was confronted with a neatly shaven, small patch of pubic hair just above her puffy lips, the light glistening off of them from all of the moisture she was producing. Kissing my way up one thigh, and then the other, my finger began exploring the inner folds and depths of Neve Campbell’s beautiful cunt.

Simultaneously, I dipped my finger into the juicy honey pot, and began lightly flicking my tongue over her enlarged and very sensitive clit. Reaching my finger up and stroking her G-spot, my lips acted like a suction cup and brought all of the blood into her clit, allowing the sensitivity to increase tremendously. She grabbed the back of my head and began thrusting her hips at me, moaning over and over, her words intangible.

Finally, one of her thrusts was a bit too hard and my tongue and finger slipped away from her sweet pussy. I stood up, and wasting no time, she grabbed my cock, and tried to slip it in. I stopped her, and teased her lips and clit with the head of my cock, pushing just a little bit in, and the withdrawing. When I felt that neither of us could take much more, I rammed it home in one hard thrust, being well lubricated from the head jobs just given.

The feeling was indescribable, pounding away at Neve Campbell’s hot, juicy cunt, watching as my cock pushed and pulled its way in and out. Never has a pussy been this, hot, wet, tight, and velvety all at the same time. Lifting her off of the desk with my hands under her gorgeous butt, I lowered her to the ground, where I could get more leverage to fuck her as fast as I could.

She began screaming my name, and I could only pray that the walls were soundproof, which I later found out, were. “Harder…faster…oh god…don’t…stop…(gasp)…god that feels…SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!” she screamed as she reached her climax. Her cunt milking me for all I had, I emptied my second load of the day deep inside her, watching the expression on her face as we both came down from that height of sexual pleasure. Going limp inside her, I decided to withdraw and get dressed in case someone came in. Gods knows how it would look if I got caught butt naked, fucking my first patient. As she straightened out her dress, she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for helping her make a decision. I watched her tight arse wiggle its way out my door when I noticed a note on my desk. I must have missed it in all the commotion.

“Simon, enjoy the new apartment. Your friend, Casey, is free to stay with you whenever you please. Here is the key. Richard D.” And sticky-taped to the note was a key.

I walked into the elevator for the second time that day and went up to my penthouse. Then the doors opened…

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