tagMind ControlThe Hypnotist Ch. 01

The Hypnotist Ch. 01


Author's note: This is a build up of my ideas put into one fantasy story. I figured it would be a bit fun to try and set the story all over the place so it somehow connected with my future stories. Unfortunately it starts a bit slowly so I added a couple fun scenes really close into the beginning as we get started. Feel free to comment and give me suggestions I really like adding new ideas and fixing my mistakes, or even learning new ways to get better at this. I do not mind that others use this but please tell me first so I may read it too. I would like to see how you put things together in your own way. I realize that I may have screwed up in a couple places in this first person POV but I'm not used to that, but I felt like it needed to be in first person to fit the main character.

The Hypnotist.

Hello there. I suppose you're going to want to know my story, eh? Well then let me introduce myself. My name is Jack Stellings, or that's what you'll call me. I've had to switch it up to keep myself from getting into MAJOR amounts of trouble. You would have no idea what consequences could come from power. Neither did I at first. I quickly learned though, as will you. You see...While I will not tell you my real name I'm certain that you won't find Mister Jack Stellings anywhere on the planet. Not because I will deny or that the name doesn't exist but because of a consequence I had to take. And you will learn all about that in due time. It all started on December 31st, 2012, at a corner pub known as Osmonds.

I was new to town, hell, I was new to state. So I was looking for a good place to hang around and possibly get lucky for the new year coming up in about four hours. I knew I wasn't going to have much luck getting to bed due to my looks but hey if I couldn't land some drunk chick who needed help standing up perhaps I could end up in that position and just mope around until I got kicked out. I know, I know...Pathetic, right? If you had seen me back then you would have understood why. You see at a young age my parents house had burned down with us still inside it. Gruesome right? I got lucky though, or so I was told. Apparently it had been some accident with teenagers smoking and drinking in the backyard without them noticing, which must have been impossible with all the broken bottles that were thrown against the house. It wasn't true. I knew it had been his father and his friends instead of some kids. They were idiots who complained about their lives and drowned themselves in alcohol in smoke to try and feel better. One of them had gotten reckless in their drunken rage and tossed a cigarette butt into the beer stained weeds which started the fire. The fire that scarred half of my face.

So I basically tried to let go after that. The worst answers to each decision was the answer I seemed to take. I couldn't afford for plastic surgery or anything like that so I just...moped. Until I found Osmonds. Even though there are horrible consequences to everything I do, if I had the chance to go back and do it all over differently I would take that chance. Screw the consequences it was better than that hole I sat in hoping for nothing.

A lot better than that damned hole.

"One beer please..." I mumbled under my breath at the bartender who had been wiping down the newly cleaned glasses.

"Hey man....It's new years eve! Pick a better drink it's on me..." I stared at the bartender skeptically before looking up at the mirror wall behind him and stared hard at the choices.

"Alright now watch closely...You don't want to miss this...and I doubt you will." My sight hardened on the man in the mirror as did everyone elses in the bar. He lifted a glass of scotch and stared straight into it. "Alright for the trick to work I need everyone to hold their breath with me and relax. I'm going to count it down from ten before I show you the trick. Ten...Focus on the drink." The man slowly began to swish the scotch around in the cup. "Seven...Watch it spin let ourselves spin with it. Just focus on the drink and my voice." My mind slowly began to blur as he spoke, my eyes burning holes in the mirror as I did as he simply commanded. "Five...The light above all of us has begun to get brighter and brighter." It didn't happen. Of everything that did happen that was the one that stopped. I watched as the magician downed the drink and sighed loudly, grinning at the sight of everyone raising a hand to their eyes. Then it shattered.

I turned around trying to figure out what just happened. The magician caught the sudden movement and he finished his countdown, staring at me and I stared back. "Three...You feel your will falling slave to this sudden light. Two. One...I am this light you see suddenly, the light darkening and falling as is your will to me." He paused his speaking after that, standing up to face me, All eyes following him.

"How did yo-" Was all the magician managed to get out before I realized I could still speak.

"What did you do?" I snapped at him, my eyes glaring back into his. Suddenly feeling explicable anger I picked up a nearby beer bottle and move towards him only to be struck by the closest person.

"Calm down... All of you just relax and breathe." Something told me that everyones will in the bar had dropped at the magicians words. "Boy its just simple hypnotism. A cheap way to get laid in a hurry right now and...make all of these people happy being in each others arms when I let them go." When he let them go? The anger fueled up inside me again and I began to move up from the floor to tackle him again. This time it wasn't one of these goons who struck me. Actually I wasn't sure what it was that hit me, but as soon as I got on my feet he pulled a hand from his pocket, made the shape of a gun with his hand and pushed his thumb down, making a clicking sound with his mouth. The second his thumb went down a wall of air knocked me backwards over the bar and smashed into the mirror he had been staring into. "So how did you break out of my hypnosis anyways?" The magician pulled on the front of the closest womans shirt and raised his eyebrows at the sight of her breasts tucked in her bra. "Take that off." He pointed at her outfit before turning back to me. "Well?"

He stopped and stared at him, wincing at the pain in his back feeling lucky now that he didn't have any glass in his back. Who was this guy? His eyes and mind were distracted as the woman carelessly shed her cyan sleeveless shirt onto the closest table. He suddenly realized how beautiful she was now that he wasn't focused on being pissed off. She had wavy black hair and brown eyes that matched her beautiful brown skin and full pouty lips. Then he realized it wasn't complete beauty and that she had come here to get a simple one night stand for the night with the hottest thing she could find. It wouldn't have been to hard with the enormous rack she had. He stared absently at the swell of her breasts and guessed...D's just barely below double D's.

"Close, but they are in fact doubles." The magician smirked at my stunned silence. Had he read my mind? The magician looked back at the girl and frowned. "Why are you still wearing the rest of it?" They both stared hungrily as she slowly undid the button on her faded blue jeans and slid them down her long tanned legs. My eyes slowly followed her jeans move down before traveling back and taking in the sight of her matching sexy white lingerie. I continued watching as she lifted her hands and undid the the stressed clip. My member straining against my own jeans at seeing her breasts spring free. "No..." The magician suddenly spoke up. "So you're one of us and you didn't even know..." My eyes glanced at him in confusion. "I guess I'll explain later...go enjoy each other..." My eyes moved back to the sexy brunette as she strode over to me, turned around and stuck her ass out at me as she slowly slid off her panties. "Oh and lady!" The magician smirked. "The more power he experiences the more naturally experienced he becomes." She looked at him strangely and the magician just laughed. "You'll see, don't let it last too long you'll go insane." The scent of her inflamed pussy hit my nose and my eyes glazed over before I leaned forward and attacked her sex with my tongue.

Her cry seemed to be the start of everything. Almost all at once the fun began to start. I could barely pay attention though as the orgy around him began to start, my hands grasping her ass to pull her closer, without realizing it at first my tongue flicked over her clit and nearly caused her to collapse. With a grin I began to tease her clit actually making her legs fall out from under her only to fall into my arms that suddenly appeared around her waist while my other hand moved between her legs, sticking two fingers up her slit and pressing against her g-spot to help her finish her orgasm. Without pause a small steady stream splashed against my hand for a couple seconds as she shook in my arms. Waiting until she was done shaking I then flipped her around and set her on my lap, our hands quickly fumbling to try and remove my jeans. Once they were out of the way I slid my arms underneath her thighs and lifted her up and pushed the head to the lips of her sex. With a groan from both of them, I slowly pushed inside of her, stopping whenever she put a hand to my stomach. With a groan I finally bottomed out inside her and watched her begin to writhe and shake on my lap. Once she settled down again I wrapped my arms around her and laid her on her back before sliding my member out of her slowly and revelling in the sound of her voice moaning underneath me. Suddenly out of nowhere her legs wrapped around my waist stopping me from pulling back anymore. With a loud groan I slammed my hips against hers. Her scream of passion beneath me suddenly ripped the air as she came for a third time. And then it began. With each thrust a new scream ripped her throat until she couldn't scream anymore and she was just squirming beneath me with an open mouth.

"Jesus man I know the first time its a little uncontrollable but jeez...I didn't know that much power could be used in one go." The magician spoke once I had pulled out of her.

"Not....done...." The words barely escaped his mouth as he flipped her on her hands and knees and thrust into her again, wanting to see her plump ass before I came. Then it finally happened. Thrusting as deep as I could inside her, with one final guttural scream from her and a loud roar from me I unloaded my balls inside of her and fell backward exhausted while she fell foward before it faded to black.

"Another one down an' another one down. Another one bites the dust!" Someone sounded incredibly happy. "Oh lookie here...The little birdie finally hatches." Light stained my eyes as my heavy lids lifted to find that strange magician staring down at me, half of his face covered in shaving cream. I raised a hand to block the shine from the bright light above me and groaned loudly. How did I have a hangover? I didn't get a chance to even take a bloody drink! "It's the toll from the power that you unlocked last night."

"Wha-" I put my hand under me to push myself up only to hear an annoyed groan feel someting moving across my chest. My eyes fell down to the beautiful bare brunette laying against me still asleep, her breasts pressed against my right arm while her right arm sprawled across my chest from my sudden movement and I watched as she buried her face into my shoulder to try and stay alseep. My cock twitched at the sight of her. I shifted carefully, pulling my hand to the side to rest it on her juicy bum, giving it a small squeeze for my personal enjoyment. A small moan escaped her lips and she lightly nibbled my shoulder in her sleep.

"You went through two steps to unlocking your power in one night. Experience power and getting laid. There is one more step before you can actually do the stuff I was doing last night. Get a demon. Unfortunately because I was the first to find you I have to be the one to teach you how to use it." I stared at him blankly.

"Power?" I asked dumbly.

"A hundred years ago a group of people were found with different bloodstreams than any normal human being. After a couple tests were ran on them a scientist fell for one of the guys from the group and slept with him. Once that had happened the power began to show up among all of them. Just simple power. The ability to do whatever you wanted. The only thing restricting them was their imagination. Now? The power has decreased in all of us so we can do some pretty standard things but its still amazing. We'll find your limit once we find your demon. You're sign of power basically." The magicain explained. Suddenly another question popped into my head.

"Last night...You said the more power I experience the more-"

"Naturally experienced you become...yeah...Naturally experienced, basically your sexual prowess and skill. You'll grow both in height, your endowment, muscles and quickly learn how to do stuff a lot like that last night. The women you sleep with will develop with you to try and help satisfy you. \" Wait...

"So I can't do that again?" I looked down at her then back up at him.

"Don't get me wrong. You'll easily drive her insane after that last night but you only had enough power for her last night. Soon it increases...and quickly too. Which is why you're going to need more than just her. You'll need harems or else it'll just kill her if you just fuck one person. You'll need to make sure she understands that when she wakes up." The magician raised his razor and finished his shave.

"You're insane." There wasn't really any other explanation. He must not have remembered the drinks he had last night and had began to see things. The magician shrugged. "I gave you a gift...When you start to think I'm right then find me...As for her...I released her from my hypnotism when she collapsed last night. She chose to move next to you. I'll see you later." He stated the last words as a fact before walking out the door. That was weird. I stared at the door for a couple seconds before inhaling deeply and looking around and realized what had happened last night. Everywhere he turned there was someone naked, drunk and sprawled over each other. To his right a couple guys sat sleeping against a wall with a woman laying across both of their laps, all three deep asleep. On his left a man had collapsed after going at it a couple times with some blonde bent over a table. Three women held each other close where the magician had been and the bartender laid on the ground with a woman on either side of him, their hands between his legs while his clasped the tit of one on his left and a bottle in his right hand. My cock twitched again realizing what had happened and slowly began to harden in the soft grasp of the brunette asleep on me. Then I saw it. The size of my balls had grown noticably and he guessed his member had gotten thicker. He must just not have noticed before. I breathed slowly again before my eyes moved back to the brunette and stared deeply. Giving her ass another squeeze I smiled to myself as she moved around again. I looked up to take in the sight of bar before me again and just sat there not wanting to wake her up. Then I realized it was too late.

At first I thought her nuzzling her nose against my chin was some kind of sign of affection, then I realized she had just stretched before realizing where she was and what she had done. I watched as she jumped from fright and scooted her cute butt away from me, holding her arms in front of herself to hide the good parts on her. Her cheeks filled with color as she began to stutter and stare at me.

"W-w-wha-? Wh-Who are y-you?" I stood up at the sound of her voice and raised my hands in defense.

"Calm down My name is.." (Sorry about stepping in here guys but I didn't exactly say Jack at first.) I cast her a small smile and she blushed again when I did. That confused me I mean why would she blush from my smil- Then my eyes hit one of the shards from the mirror. The burns on my face had somehow disappeared. I had a full head of short hair instead of little patches where it would no longer grow in various places. I stared at my blonde curls, my smile growing as my eyes hit my deep blue eyes and grinned, showing off my pearly whites. Realizing I was smiling at myself I looked back down at her only to realize she was no longer looking at my face but between my legs. And she looked hungry. Her breasts jiggled with her short breaths and her pussy glistened even from here making my member harden and stretch even further. She turned bright red knowing I could see her and what she was looking at but she was unable to pull her eyes away as my cock painfully raised into the air, precum leaking from the tip. Then she remembered why she had fallen asleep against me...or she just couldn't take it anymore. Either way before I knew it her lips wrapped around my rigidness and she began to suck on the tip of my dick, dragging her tongue against the underside of my penis. I nearly lost my balance at the sudden forwardness of this shy brunette and placed my hands on her head to steady myself, my member sliding deeper into her mouth as I leaned over for a couple seconds. After a couple seconds I managed to straighten up and she gained a little more courage as it continued. Her hands slid up my legs, stopping at the cheeks of my ass where she dug her fingernails in, forcing me to push my hips forward and force me into her throat. Almost instantly she choked at the feeling of my member and put a hand to my stomach to stop me so she could try to adjust. After about a minute I pulled out, giving her a second to breathe before she pulled me back and returned to the same position, her crimson red cheeks hollowing out around the shape width of my cock. Taking a handful of her hair, I slowly buried my dick to the hilt behind her lips before she caught me by surprise and looked up at me. Those chocolate brown eyes sparkling at me. I nearly came right there. Finally after a little dance she did with her tongue she pulled her mouth back and let go of my dripping member before she sucked one of my balls into her mouth and began to stroke me. Another groan escaped my lips and I leaned my head back, feeling that electric pulsing through my member as I felt myself about to blow. She must have to because she pulled her lips away from my balls and put just the tip into her mouth, never stopping the movement of her hand. With another roar I exploded, my spunk spraying into her her mouth as she tried to swallow as much as possible without choking. My eyes glazed over and I put a hand against the bar to keep from falling over, while she finished me up. I looked down at her and stared, astonished. She had managed to drink all of my cum, but if the magician was right she wouldn't be able to manage that for long.

"My name's Jessica." She finally spoke up, standing up and wiping a stray strand of cum into her mouth before hunting for her clothes. Breathing deeply I smiled watching as she managed to find her panties before giving me her phone number and taking mine, saying she was going to need it. That was good to know. Where were my clothes? The question suddenly popped into my head and I too joined in on the hunt. After about five minutes we managed to get dressed enough to look decent to leave. Adjusting my shirt I realized she had already finished finding her clothing before me and had been waiting by the door. She cast me a small smile as I moved over to her and she told me she had thought about it and decided to give me her address too and to stop by often...Very often. I couldn't say no to that. We both stepped out the door and stood there awkwardly for a second before saying bye and walking away in opposite directions.

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