tagGroup SexThe Ice Storm Ch. 02

The Ice Storm Ch. 02


As my lips pulled back from Becky's cum-coated face it suddenly struck me: I had never really kissed another woman before. I think the last time my lips had kissed another woman on the mouth was at a sleep-over party as a young girl. How else is a young lady to learn how to kiss properly? We certainly can't learn by kissing young boys can we?

Those early kisses meant nothing really. This kiss on the other hand meant so much more. My feelings about this are hard to express. It surely wasn't love I felt. Becky was a fabulous young woman but I really didn't know her all that well.

But was it lust? Yes certainly; but it wasn't lust that gave the kiss so much meaning. It had something to do with the cum. The powerful smell of cum on Becky's face and the unbelievable impact of its taste exploding on my tongue was playing weird tricks on my mind.

Carl and I had married a couple of years earlier. We had started dating seriously several years before that. During that time our sex together had evolved into a rare bond between us. It took lots of time and some guts to discover a kinky side to each other that we didn't really know we had.

Let me give you an example. Several months before the ice storm, Carl returned from a two week long business trip overseas. We normally have phone sex when he is away for this long, but this proved impractical on this trip due to the difference in time zones. We were both horny as hell as a result.

His plane from London landed at about 2 PM. He was home by 4 and I was there to meet him. He attacked me like an animal. After some passionate kissing, we ripped off our clothes and I readied myself for some serious fucking. Carl needed nothing to get ready; his cock was as hard as I had ever seen it. It was almost purple in color and literally dripping with pre-cum. And it was taking dead aim at me. Oh goody.

Just as I thought I would finally get his cock, Carl muttered something about "missing me so fuckin' much"; then his head dove down to my pussy. Forget gentle tongue licking: I was being thoroughly eaten out. Although I wasn't really expecting this and my pussy was begging to be fucked, Carl was not to be denied. At that moment he needed to eat my pussy even more than he needed to fuck it.

It took maybe a minute for me to cum the first time. It was one of those quick powerful orgasms that make my hips snap and jerk. I think I may have screamed.

The rush of my juices only made Carl want to feed on me more. He lifted up my hips and forced a couple of pillows under my butt then dove back in.

There was nothing gentle about this. I didn't need gentle sex and he wasn't offering any. At one point, I remember the bridge of his nose pressed firmly into my clit, with the rest of his nose and his mouth digging deeply into my cunt. I swear I think he would have put his whole head into my pussy if it were possible.

When a man wants you this bad, there is only one possible response. I gave in. Then I came again and again and again.

At some point I must have passed out from all the cumming. When I came to Carl was cuddling me gently and stroking my hair. I was purring like a little kitten. After a few minutes, I lifted my head and looked into his eyes. The twinkle in his eyes and the little grin on his face was priceless.

Then I took a closer look. His face was covered in me. I said something brilliant like "Oh my." I leaned down and rubbed my nose on his. It felt so slippery that we had a little mock sword fight with our noses. Then I raised my mouth to swallow as much of his nose as I could; I slowly and gently sucked my pussy juice from it.

Tasting my own juice on a man's face may seem nasty to you. To me this is one of life's most intimate moments. I took his head in my hands, stared deeply into his eyes, and then lowered my mouth to his. At first his mouth tasted more like my pussy than his mouth, but the longer we kissed the more my flavor faded and his returned.

After our kiss, my eyes drifted down to his cock. It was stiff as iron and pointed right at me with its red helmet dripping with pre-cum. I think I said something like "hot damn"; I wish I could have thought something more flattering. His cock needed me in the worst way.

My hand had found its way to his leg right above the knee. I ran it slowly upwards towards his angry dick. His stomach muscles clinched and he moaned out loud.

"Em if you touch it I think I'm gonna cum. I can't help... I don't think I can stop it. Please be careful."

"Geez Carl you should have jerked off or something. I've never you seen you this bad before." I joked.

My fingertips had made it up to his balls. His body stiffened even more. He wasn't joking about cumming. I could sense that it wouldn't take much to set him off. My first thought was to climb on top and mount him. He'd be out of his misery in a second flat. Plus my pussy needed his cock in the worst way. Then I had a second thought.

I rolled over on my back and pulled Carl over on top of me. I reached down, grabbed his butt, and pulled him up to my chest.

"Carl I want you to show me exactly how much you have been missing me. How much cum have you been saving up for me baby?"

This was a perfect opportunity to see how much cum he could shoot. A while back Carl had shown me a porno movie; the stud in the movie came like a firehouse. How close could Carl come to matching that dude? Plus, I knew that Carl would cum so quickly right now that he would have to give me a proper fucking later tonight anyway.

Carl was in no condition to argue. He just needed release.

I wrapped my right hand around the base of his steel pipe of a cock. As I drew my hand up to the swollen cock head his lube juice coated the tight ring formed by my thumb and index finger. I used this to lube his entire cock. I re-gripped his cock near the head and gave it a squeeze. His cock helmet swelled to an incredible size and turned a deep shade of reddish-purple. The mouth of his cock puckered open and a large drop of clear cum boiled out.

Carl's tilted his head back and closed his eyes. I could tell he was really trying to fight off his orgasm. It was a loosing battle. I reduced the pressure of my grip on his big dick then I tightened it again. I waited a few seconds then I did this again. More pre-cum bubbled out. I could resist no longer. I raised my head and gently gathered the precious juice on the tip of my tongue. The pungent flavor soon filled my entire mouth. I swooned: finally my man was back where he belonged.

"Hey Carl. Look at me Carl. I want you to keep your fuckin' eyes open and watch this." Carl couldn't tell whether I was joking or serious, but he did exactly as I asked.

I started to slowly pump my hand up and down the entire length of his prick. My grip pressure was very firm; I felt no pity. This bastard had left me alone for two weeks and he was going to pay dearly. Today was pay day.

"Cum now Carl. Cum now damn it." I commanded. All he could do was groan and give me a low hissing "Oooh" sound.

Then his cock blasted off. The first thick rope of cum flew past my wide open eyes and landed near the top of my head. I increased the speed of my pumping to synch up with his explosions. The second rope was even thicker than the first; it also overshot my face to land in my hair.

Then his cock started firing off like a machine gun with rapid-fire little squirts of cum that plastered my nose from top to bottom. I momentarily lost a bit of courage so I turned his cock just slightly to the side. Just then a massive glob of glorious white cum fell out of his cock and landed with a thud on my left cheek.

With his cum starting to ooze out in a more manageable flow I turned it back toward my mouth and opened wide. My reward was a generous dollop of white hot Carl-cum right in my mouth. A second dollop landed half in my mouth and half on my lower lip.

Later that night Carl and I returned to regular form with some grand fucking, sucking, etc. Over breakfast the next morning I made a special point telling Carl just how much I enjoyed my facial. I also told him he had passed his porn-star audition.

So back to Becky and me in the hallway at the Embassy Suites. As I looked at Becky once more, it suddenly dawned on me. With twin trails of cum on her forehead, a cum-covered nose, and cum all over her cheek and chin, she would never look more like me than this. We had matching facials. I suppose it would have been funny if I wasn't so fucking horny. The taste of her lover's cum in my mouth had ignited a fire in me. I needed to cum bad.

"Becky we better get out of this hallway. Half of McLean can see us now." I told her as I took her hand and lead her back down towards our room.

We got to the door to her room first. I didn't really have a plan at this point. As we slowed by her door I swallowed again sending tiny bits of leftover sperm into my throat. The man who had made this delicious brew was behind door number 1. I would have gladly followed Becky inside. But Becky had made eye contact with Carl further down the hall. Her gentle tug on my arm was clear: she wanted to come to our room.

I made a gesture to Becky that asked the question "but what about him" meaning her lover. She only said "Not now; maybe later." I wouldn't find out until later why she didn't want me to see her lover. That's another story.

As we approached Carl he turned and walked back into our room and held the door open for us. Becky smiled sheepishly at Carl as she walked past him. What do you say to a guy when your face is plastered with another's guy juice?

"Hi Becky. Remember me? I'm Carl."

After an awkward moment or two, Becky gathered herself.

"Sure Carl. I could never forget you or Emily. I always thought that you and Emily were awesome."

She said this in such a way that I felt she really meant it. I decided to press the issue.

"Becky, you want to fuck Carl don't you?" I asked.

"Uh, Emily, sure. I'd really love to fuck Carl. But could I ask you something first?"

"Sure Becky. What is it?"

"Well, Emily, I'm not quite sure how to put this. But could you and Carl... Could you and Carl please fuck each other, while I uh ... watch."

Becky explained later how she had had a school girl crush on Carl. She was in high school when Carl and I started dating. Becky had often fantasized about our lovemaking. Strangely she claims she was not jealous of me. She didn't want to take Carl from me. What she wanted was to experience how it felt to be me as I made love to a man she felt she could never have.

The three of us were soon on the bed. Becky and I sat side by side on the edge of the bed as Carl stood beside us removing his shirt. I reached for his belt buckle. Becky looked on as I pulled his pants to the floor.

"Becky, Carl and I have learned to share something we think is very special. Can I tell you?" I asked and she nodded yes.

"We have learned to talk to each other. To tell each other things. Everything really. We try to tell each other our inner thoughts. It helps make the sex that much better. We fuck each others minds as well as our bodies. If you are going to be with us you need to do that too. Do you think you can do that?" I explained.

Becky blushed and took a little gulp of air. "I think so. That sounds really neat. Do you really tell him everything?"

Before I could answer I reached for the waistband of Carl's boxers. The tent made by his cock was unmistakable. So was the large wet spot on his shorts. I glanced up at Carl who was looking down at me and the beautiful young woman sitting next to me.

I pulled his boxer's straight down; the elastic waistband bent his cock down. Eventually the cock sprung free and bounced upwards. Carl has a nice thick cock with a perfectly flared helmet. It may not be the longest dick in the world but it gets bone hard. I love it.

"Tell me what you think of Carl's cock Becky."

"Oh my Emily. It is so fuckin' beautiful. It's even better than I imagined. Can I touch it?" Becky asked as she reached over and took his cock in her small, delicate hand. It made me ache in the pit of my stomach as I saw our pretty young friend hold Carl's cock for the first time.

"It's really, really, really thick. And it's so hard. Does he always get this hard?"

I could only smile and say, "Well it might be a little harder than usual."

Becky then leaned over and quickly but gently took the entire head of his cock into her mouth. I watched as she closed her eyes to concentrate on the taste of him. Carl swooned and gasped. All of this was taking place right in front of my face. I had a ring side view. Seeing her full lips strain to encircle his cock and watching the sucking movement in her cheeks was incredible. I never knew how beautiful a woman could look with a cock in her mouth.

Becky then pulled back. As the cock head slowly emerged from her mouth, her lips stayed firmly in touch with it following every sexy curve. Carl's cock mouth reappeared, but Becky's tongue stayed with it licking slowly but deeply into the open slit. She loved cock as much as I do.

"Sorry Emily. I couldn't help myself." Becky said to me. Just as I was about to respond, our little sex angel continued. "Carl you need to fuck Emily now. And I need to see it all."

It took me only a moment to shed my clothes. Soon I was lying on my back with Becky at my side. Carl was sitting back between my legs. His cock was standing erect pointing more or less at the ceiling. Carl gripped my legs from behind my knees and pushed my legs up to my shoulders and spread them wide. My pussy lips were pouting outwards and glistening with wetness. No more foreplay was needed. I needed cock.

"Allow me." Becky said as she reached again for Carl's cock. She pointed it downwards towards my pussy. With her other hand she reached for my pussy. The touch of her fingers hit me like a lightening bolt. Damn it felt good. Gentle. Soft as silk. She spread my pussy lips as Carl moved his hips toward me. His cock head entered me smoothly. Then the thick shaft of Carl's cock pushed my pussy open. Becky pulled her hands back but gave my clit a little brush as she did so. My back arched upwards towards the source of all this pleasure.

Carl fucked me good. I mean he really fucked me long and hard. It was so intense I lost track of Becky. I do remember my orgasm however. It was one of my best ever. Carl's cock was never any harder. He pounded me straight through my entire orgasm. My whole body was shaking. Just as the orgasm started to build to its final climax, Becky put her mouth over mine and kissed me as hard as I have ever been kissed. It was a good thing she did because I'm sure I would have screamed my head off if she hadn't. This hotel room was not the time or place to scream at the top of my lungs.

As my orgasm faded Carl's started to build. Becky moved her mouth from mine to his. He drove his cock deeply into me and then his body froze as stiff as a board and began to shake uncontrollably. I could feel my pussy being flooded with his hot cum. Then Carl collapsed beside me. Becky was on one side and he was on the other. Both were gently kissing me and each other. I felt so fucking peaceful at that moment.

A few moments passed and I found myself kissing Carl as we savored our good fortune. It was then that I felt Becky's soft hands on my hips turning me towards her. As I turned I soon realized that she had flipped herself around on the bed. Before I knew it she had pulled me on top of her with my pussy over her head and her's right in front of my face.

I then felt one of the most incredible feelings of my entire life. Her perfectly soft girl lips pressed into my pussy. Her tongue stroked briefly at my clit which instantly returned to full hardness. Then her tongue dug deeply into my cunt. Her mouth started to suck. I couldn't believe what was happening. I could feel Carl's cum being drawn out of my body towards her mouth. My first reaction was to try to move away. Surely Becky didn't want to suck Carl's cum from me like this. But she would not be denied.

As the cum moved in me towards her mouth I could sense something else. There was a growing bond between this woman and me. I could feel in my gut exactly what she needed. She needed to cum too. She needed my mouth on her pussy just like hers was on mine. Although I have never ever had the least desire to have sex with a woman before I knew I needed to do this.

My mouth lowered to Becky's pussy. It was incredibly sexy. Open like a delicate flower, framed by a perfectly trimmed hint of pussy hair, and openly waiting for my lips. I could feel Carl's hand on the back of my head pushing me down to her pussy. I didn't really need the encouragement.

Her taste was unforgettable. It was a taste I had known before. This was the taste I had found on Carl's face on that afternoon he had made me cum so hard. It was my taste; instead of finding it on Carl's scratchy cheeks I found it on the hottest and smoothest pit of flesh I have ever touched.

My tongue moved up and down her pussy lips and then dove deeply into her pussy itself. Becky's tight pussy grasped my long tongue and pulled firmly. My mind was reeling from all the sensations. The pussy I was kissing was so familiar. I felt in some strange way that this was my pussy. When would I ever have the change to explore my own pussy like this again?

At about this point I could feel that Carl's load was completing its journey from my inner depths. I could tell that Becky was struggling with the massive quantity. I could only imagine how nasty it tasted. She had a lot of fucking cum to eat.

I found a way to help her. My tongue pulled back from Becky's pussy and pressed firmly onto her clit. Somehow I knew exactly how to lick that clit. I knew exactly how to make her cum the hardest. Becky arched her back and pulled her mouth from my pussy. I could hear her cries of "Oooh GOD" muffed by the mess of Carl's cum still coating her mouth. I lapped long and hard on her clit through her orgasm then moved my mouth back down to her pussy. It was flooded with glorious girl juice that I drank without hesitation.

Becky raised her tongue back to my clit and returned the favor. I came again. This was a quieter orgasm than my first with Carl but no less satisfying. After I came I could sense Becky had completed her meal. She collapsed to the bed. I took a moment to catch my breath then I turned around to hug her and kiss her deeply. I used my tongue to clean her messy face as best I could.

Soon I felt Carl's breath on my face. He kissed me first. Then he lowered his mouth and I watched as he kissed sweet Becky long and deep.

Gosh how I love this man.

The End

Special thanks to everyone who wrote to give me such great feedback on The Ice Storm. Many of you asked for a sequel and a longer story. I did the best I could.

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