tagNonHumanThe Iceberg Ch. 02

The Iceberg Ch. 02


It had been a long time waiting for my house to get finished, but I'd made sure to get my money's worth. The inside was richly furnished, tapestries warming the walls and rugs over the few stone floors that radiated heat. Next to me, the girls were ecstatic, and I had to withstand a barrage of flying hugs for my work. To be fair, though, the three girls with me had an excellent reason to be happy, and I to them. After the War, that cruel war, I'd been one of the few people who could maintain a steady and mostly professional relationship with the shipgirls. Considering certain facts of appearance and their almost mechanical natures, this was harder than it looked!

The three shipgirls that were with me were a bit of a motley lot. First was Tirpitz, an ex-German battleship. Enough old memories had been dredged up in the War, and most of the ex-Kriegsmarine ships had decided their best plan was to seek sanctuary away from home and with allied nations. The fact I had a reasonable estate in my name from my work and a house built to design, and more importantly was perfectly willing to let her stock a library in the basement had drawn her to me. Her hair was still snow-white from the experience, hidden under pink dye to try and match her old shade. It framed her fox-like face eagerly, ice-blue eyes pleading to be somewhere, anywhere else without people in it.

My second compatriot was from the Pacific, and had a far more harrowing tale. Seaport Hime was her class name, and as an ex-Abyssal she hadn't a personal name until I'd (accidentally) given her one. Now she was Anya Nakar in the eyes of the law, but to me she'd always be Nakar. It meant mother-of-pearl in Tagalog, and was fitting enough when she was wet. Her lush form, dripping with water, always seemed to sparkle to me. Improvised repairs had left a slight scar on her right arm over where her rigging would go when I'd slipped with the concrete saw, though, and she'd taken it as a sign we were fated to be together- I was the first human who'd been bold enough to draw her blood. Considering she also enjoyed baking and large house fires, I couldn't find it in my heart to refuse her or her affections. The fact she was almost taller than me, or taller counting the ebon horn that projected nearly a foot from her head, only helped seal the deal on the busty bombshell that had fallen into my life.

Then there was Tama. How I'd attracted a feline Japanese light cruiser was something of a complete mystery to me, but she liked me and had even filled out the paperwork to live in America. The fact I was within spitting distance of a good dock where the fishmongers sold everything that could be caught in the Lakes, though, probably didn't hurt. She also tended to sleep in my bed and steal my clothes, generally making a nuisance of herself until she got the attention she needed. The fact I knew she'd flop on Nakar and sleep on her tummy when the pair were next to a fire, however, firmly cemented my belief she was at least as interested in my other housemates as she was in me. That was perfectly fine- Nakar's affection was tricky to handle, and Tirpitz could become invested in a project for weeks on end, showering me with pent-up love when she finished and wearing me to the bone in the process. Having a feline friend with violet hair and a deep blush when she was found out was fine too, and the fact I had standing permission to pick her up (fondling her ass all the while) and plop down in a chair for a nap was enough to sell me five times over.

I had my work cut out for me, keeping them sane and out of trouble, but I had help. Thanks to some judicious hiring from my recently retired comrades in arms, I had a maid and footman for the house, as well as two cooks and the driver. There was a small and comfortable staff cottage on the north side of the hill I'd had the Iceberg (the name of the house, for its white paint and mild gingerbread elements) which was connected by underground tunnels to the rest of the house via the basement. I paid well, what with my mountain of government contractor money, and I didn't ask questions about what they did on the property as long as they privately told me if they were up to anything dangerous.

Smiling at the girls after my mental run-down, I grinned. "So, what do you think?"

The hooting of an owl was my only response. Great crowd, Daniel, real stellar. The fact it was somewhere around... nine AM didn't help. Everyone had been in hotel mode for the last few days, also known as sleep-in-until-thirteen-hundred mode. In their defense, there'd been nothing to do. Yesterday had been a Studio Ghibli marathon, for God's sakes, and I'd passed out in the middle of Princess Mononoke to be turned into a communal body pillow. As they walked in through the mudway and kicked their shoes off in the foyer, though, I smiled. The warm brick walls gave the area a hint of cheer, and as they walked into the octangal central chamber I heard a few of them gasp. The warm wooden panels covered by tapestries let the room a warm and homey air, the well-restored furniture covered in afghans and blankets.

"It'll get cold at night here." I mentioned offhandedly, smiling at Tripitz a little. "I know most of you don't like the cold."

Tripitz nodded, and grabbed a blanket to wrap around her shoulders. Some instinct told me to skip the rest of the rooms, however, and get on up to the bedrooms. When we got up the stairs to them, there was already a fire in the commonroom's stove, and everyone just melted into the rather large couch. The heat hadn't been on in the house long yet, so it was still enough to chill mortal man or spirit woman to their bones. In moments, I found myself dragged on top of Nakar, resting on her like an awkwardly-sized rug. She was the closest in sheer size to myself, but her iron heritage meant she could stand my weight easily and liked having me close by her. On top of me was Tirpitz herself, obviously psyching herself up for something.

"Daniel?" she asked, stroking my face carefully, hand catching on the edge of my sideburns.


"You know we all like you, right?"


At that, Tirpitz kissed me, and my mind shorted out. She tasted of salt, just a hint- all the girls did a little. Head reeling, I fell back into Nakar's chest, her smile and horn looking down on me as I slowly realized I was sinking in.

"We all like you more than you think, Daniel." Nakar said, voice as warm as the south islands I'd seen her at first. "I know we'll be together forever, but the Tirpitz needs help. Give it to her good, eh?"

Looking back into Tirpitz's eyes after shooting Nakar a dirty stare, she looked at me and smiled a little. "I think you could show me my room?"

This made... very little sense. I'd say none, but there was a treacherous whisper in my mind that told me exactly what this was pretense for. Still, as I showed Tirpitz into her room, she didn't notice anything, not even the gift I'd made for her on the desk. I'd been an apprentice jeweler, back in the days before the War, and I'd kept my hand in working with the enemy's scraps since any information on salvage was appreciated. Making her a set of torques had been child's play, but she hadn't noticed, just dragging me over to her bed. Sitting me down gently, Tirpitz started tapping her foot, mouth moving in inaudible German before I cocked my head and tried to follow. I didn't speak much Deutsch, but that didn't matter- finding out what she meant was more important.

Nothing I picked up said she was going to kiss me again, though, or push me over so she was straddling my hips and frantically kissing me. It was frantic, almost panicked, and as I scrambled up, rolled us around so she was beneath me for a minute.

"Do it." Tirpitz muttered breathlessly, some well of lust pushing up into her voice. "Do it!"

Letting a hand cautiously explore under her shirt, I noticed a lack of bra, or anything else for that matter. I then noticed Tirpitz was pulling me in for more hot and furious kissing while her other hand tried to get to work on my belt buckle. At that point, the dominoes started falling for me.

Tirpitz wanted me to fuck her.

Well, I had worked iron and steel, brass and copper, nickel and silver all; and my affections had been sought for it before. I'd been sixteen when the metal shortages hit, and turning trash into treasure had served me well in getting entertainment at night. Now, though, I'd finally be able to put my ill-begotten experience in a woman's arms to good work. A woman I loved, even if it was not with the burning, Pyrrhic love of stories, that was a good use of my skill. Working my way under Tirpitz's shirt, I started pulling it off her, revealing a woman who was very interested in keeping this up. Moving in to kiss the nape of her neck, I started working my way south. Nipping and darting at her pert breasts, I got down to her jeans, working at the tight denim with a single-minded determination. I'd just undone the button when she scooted back, and pouted at me.

"Quit having all the fun, Daniel." she tried to say stiffly. Sighing, I nodded, and let her work my pants and boxers off. Unbuttoning my own shirt, I threw it over her desk and divided back down on her, to meet another hand. Glaring at me, Tirpitz pointed to an old scar that laced across my lower torso, bone-white.

"Old work injury." I bluffed. "Steel line snapped, cut me across the chest after it went through my Kevlar." It was all lies, of course- Nakar had made me bleed, when we were saving her, but I'd never be stupid enough to mention a different woman than the one I was in the arms- and between the legs of!- with.

"Hmph!" Tirpitz went, before coming back to me and exploring with her hands energetically. With this I could resume work on her pants, leading me to a pair of fine black lace panties. Letting out a wolf-whistle, I played idly with the side-ties before pulling them off entirely. It didn't take much to curl her into my lap, tight ass pressing up against my erection like she'd done this before. She certainly hadn't had my fingers plucking away at her labia, though, nor my attentions on her neck and chest. It took several minutes of squirming and moaning, but I finally got her to cum into my hand, going rigid for a minute, then limp in my arms as I laid her down. Lining myself up over her, I smiled slightly as she nodded, then started moaning again as I slid into heaven.

There've been more than a few people to rhapsodize about laying with a spirit of water and steel, so I'll skip the usual platitudes. She was hot, she was tight, and by God Tirpitz was enthusiastic. We were rolling together, her legs clasped behind me as we fucked a rut into the bed, or gave our best trying. I shot all too soon, panting for a minute and slowing enough for it to register with my flagship, but I was made of sterner stuff. You could keep going through your first round and into your second with enough motivation. This was more than enough, and as Tirpitz started to gasp and seize up on me I smiled as she started cumming. That's when she started locking down on me with more than just her legs, and I damn near fainted. Falling towards Tirpitz, I threw an arm out to not hit her directly, and instead rolled next to her, that heavenly slit locked tight on me the whole way through. Kissing her twice, I tried to stay conscious as we both finished our climaxes, but it was too difficult. Still, I held on to consciousness long enough to wrap my arms around my lover, and hold her close to me as we drifted to sleep.

Something told me things would be interesting when we woke up.

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