The Iceman


As I lay back just enjoying his touch, he never stops touching me, and I really like that, I feel the chill before I actually feel the ice touch the lips of my engorged pussy. I dig my heels into the bed as the ice first touches my skin followed immediately with the heat of his mouth. My body relaxes and constricts, as the tease gets more intense.

He slides the ice up and down first the outer lips and I feel the drips of the melting ice slide down into the crease of my ass. The re-warming of my pussy lips with his skilled tongue and mouth continue to keep me on the edge of orgasm. I feel the ice slip between my pussy lips to slide up and down the inner lips; he is so slow in taking me I feel like I could die waiting. Up and down with the ice cube and followed immediately with his tongue, I press down against his mouth with my pussy begging for him to take me.

I feel the new ice cube slip deeply into my hot pussy and I shudder stiffly from the shock. My pussy constricts from the cold and he very sensually slides his body up mine and his raging hard cock enters my pussy in one long exceedingly slow stroke, holding himself deep inside me, and looking deeply into my eyes seeking the look of pleasure, I explode from the awesome sensations of his hard hot cock chasing the ice deep into my hot pussy not disappointing him. My pussy constricts around his hard cock in an attempt to prevent him from removing it.

The feeling of the ice and the warmth of his cock in my hot pussy are simply amazing and something I had never felt before. As I relax from the intense orgasm I look at his face and see his enjoyment, so I focus again on the sensations deep in my body, his hard cock and the last of the ice cube. I gently pull his face to mine and kiss him tenderly and completely. I finally feel the motion of his cock moving ever so slowly in my pussy. I never want it to stop. I feel incredibly sexy and completely loved.

Reliving the sensations he has introduced me to this evening sends me back over the edge and I cum instantly, pressing my pussy up tightly on his cock. He just holds himself deep in my pussy as I make my way through another wonderful orgasm. He whispers and tells me to squeeze his cock harder with my pussy, I cinch down on him, feeling every vein as he slowly rocks back and forth inside me. He begins to leisurely make love to me even more, his cock is so deep and tight inside of me as I squeeze and hold him there; then he begins thrusting so gradually in and out of me, my hips reach out and up to meet his every thrust. He can feel how wet I am from my orgasm and we no longer feel the cool ice cube. It has melted.

As he makes love to me this very first time I feel so sexy and so sensual, every inch a woman. I can’t remember how long I have waited for that feeling once again. Our bodies enmesh into one and move together as if they were made to be here this way. He moves slowly making me experience every fraction of inch of every thrust into my hot pussy. He lies down on top of me and kisses me so tenderly, so passionately as I continue to contract my muscles around his cock. I reach down to pull him deeper by placing my hands on the cheeks of his ass and squeezing them, pulling upward. I am overwhelmed with fiery passion and emotions never felt before I have no words.

We spend the next couple hours just making slow passion filled love to one another. He slides down my body again to suck on my clit; I twist around to make love to his cock with my mouth; slowly licking my juices from the silky stretched skin.

I begin by slowly licking just the shaft of his cock; using very deliberate strokes of my tongue from base to head, like my favorite ice cream cone, all the way around, every inch of him feeling him swell even more with my tongue and mouth. I drop my head down just a bit and begin to lick his balls, gently and slowly, memorizing every inch of him, feeling the different textures of his skin with my tongue, tasting him and inhaling the scent of us, tasting the blend of our juices. I am intoxicated as I make love to this man.

I wrap the fingers of one of my hands around his cock shaft and softly stroke as I slip first one of his balls into my mouth and gently suck on it, teasing and rolling it in my mouth and then gently moving over to the other. Sucking and licking and gently stroking. I can’t help but feel his tongue tease my clit and taste my juices as I bring him to the edge of orgasm over and over again with my hands and mouth. With just the firm tip of my tongue I tease that very sensitive skin just under his balls, back and forth, over and over. I feel him breathing heavier and moaning as he enjoys my mouth on him.

I want him to feel so much from me, I feel as though anything I do is immeasurable to what I just felt so deeply from him. I fit my mouth just over the head of his enlarged cock and press my lips firmly around it. Teasing the eye with the tip of my tongue and sucking gently at first. I apply more pressure with my lips and suck harder, gently raking my teeth over the head.

I look into his eyes as I kiss just the very tip of his cock, just before I slide the entire length of him deep into my mouth. Pressing my lips around him firmly at the base and slowly pulling up as I watch the lines of pleasure cross his face. Down and up, over and over, ever so slowly I tease and taste his cock so lovingly.

Reaching down I cup his balls into my hand as he slowly finger fucks my wet pussy; my mouth bobbing up and down over his hardness. I lick and suck, feeling every inch of him with my tongue. I taste his pre cum as my tongue glides over the head of his engorged cock and I feel every vein and line of his cock in my mouth. I hear him moan and groan with pleasure as I continue to lick, suck, and tease him with my mouth and tongue.

As he withdraws his fingers from deep within the folds of my engorged pussy, I am again kissing just the tip of his cock. He slides up my body, kisses me firmly and passionately as he unhurriedly enters me one more time, filling me so completely full and taking me to the heavens all over again. He moves so leisurely inside of me I think I will die from the intense pleasure I feel.

I love the feeling of him making love to me, and as I am kissing him deeply and very passionately I feel that ultimate orgasm sneak up on me. I break the kiss as I try to catch my breath; my whole body stiffens readying for my release. My pussy cinches down around his cock, stroking it, milking him as I explode all over him. My hot cum coats his cock as he is lodged deep inside of me, setting off his climax. Feeling every hot splash of his cum deep inside of me, I pull him as close to me as I can, wrapping my arms around him as I kiss his face all over, my pussy continuously milking his cock.

We lay together holding each other, catching our breath then roll to our sides with him still lodged inside me He holds me close and wraps his arms around me as we lay together each of us lost in thought of what we just experienced.

A short time later I feel him slip from within my pussy and I roll over to kiss him. We lie in each other’s arms and quietly talk awhile as we relax then slip into robes to finish fixing dinner.

I start the steaks on the grill and he opens the champagne pouring each of us a glass. Dinner was perfect. We enjoyed the steaks and salad and the champagne complimented everything. We left the dishes and the table and went to the living room to finish our drinks and relax to the music on the stereo.

I lean over to rest my head on his shoulder as we talk about the different things each was thinking. I feel his arm reach out around me and his fingers gently playing in my hair. He softly strokes it as he tells me how good he feels and how much he enjoyed dinner. I thank him and begin caressing his skin under the robe’s opening.

I set my glass down on the coffee table and turn my body toward the back of the sofa, facing him. I look into his eyes as I slip the tie open for the robe. Taking just the tips of my fingers and lightly stroking his chest, tracing his body, I take one nipple into my mouth and explore it completely with my tongue and mouth. I like tasting him, feeling his nipple respond to my tongue flicking over it, firmly and quickly, and then sucking it hard into my mouth. Blowing my warm breath over the tip and watching it perk up as the cool breeze from the air replaces my breath, and I suck it more.
I feel my body responding to the enjoyment we both are feeling as I tease him. I am wet and I moan feeling his hand slip down into the folds of the robe, seeking out my clit. I place my hand over his and gently put pressure on his fingers as he strokes my pussy lips and clit. I want to feel what he feels in his hand as he touches me, I want to memorize every stroke of his fingers, his mouth and hands as he touches places deep inside of me.

I reach up and loop my hand around the back of his neck to bring his mouth to mine for a long lingering kiss of passion. My fingers extend into his hair and gently entwine through the silky strands as I press his mouth to mine and introduce my tongue to his and as they dance together I feel his fingers enter my pussy once again.

I let my left knee fall outward to open wide for him and I press my hips downward to capture his fingers deep within me. I feel his fingers deep in me and I lightly grind my pussy down on them. I want him again. I need him to make love to me just once more.

Looking into his eyes I gently pull his fingers from within me and slowly stand. I gently pull him from the sofa to stand before me and I lead him to my bedroom.

The robes drop to the floor as we lay down on the bed once more. I feel him reach for me and I melt into his arms. We hug and kiss and touch and taste each other all over again and as he feeds his fingers into the folds of my pussy I feel that need grow and engulf me once more. My hips grind against him in search of satisfaction and my heart swells from the emotions he stirred deep within me.

I feel him roll me to my back as he covers my body with his. He is kissing and licking my neck and chest. He teases me with his hot breath over my nipples. His hands squeeze my breasts together as he makes love to them all over again.

I feel him as he slides up my body and straddles my chest. His cock is hard as a rock as he places it between my breasts and slowly moves forward and back. I reach around and press my breasts together as he slips between them, my tongue seeks the head of his cock as he presses forward, and I lick his cock with every stroke, occasionally capturing the head between my lips to suck on.

As he moves to the side of me, I playfully get up on all fours and look into his eyes with a needy look, I feel him move around behind me and slide his cock head up and down the slit of my pussy. He lingers near my clit ring and uses his forefinger to slowly stroke over top of the ring, gently tapping and I moan from the sensations I feel. I reach down between my legs to take hold of his cock and playfully tease my clit and as I am teasing myself I have a strange sensation.

I feel a cool thumb at the entrance to my ass, laying there, softly pressing against the tiny virgin opening. The feeling of his thumb and my fingers and the head of his cock drives me wild. I want him so badly once again. I wiggle my ass back against his willing thumb and I feel it slip through the opening and stop.

The feeling is sensational. I have never felt anything so intense before. I try to push back onto his thumb to get more but he prevents me from moving as he gently moves his thumb in and out in tiny strokes. Teasing me and making me experience every slight movement from him.

I feel the ice cube as he slides it over my ass cheeks, his thumb still slowly, agonizingly teasing me. I feel the droplets of the melted ice slip down over my hips as he teases me more. I wiggle my ass trying to get more of the intense feelings his thumb provides when I feel him gently ease it away from me. I moan out loud my disappointment, it felt so good. I can’t believe the drastic contrast in feelings from his fingers in my pussy to his thumb in my ass, I only want more.

He has the ice circling around my ass hole, the melted droplets easing into my hot pussy lips. Involuntarily I continue to press my hips back for more; I never dreamed it could feel so good. He suddenly slips the ice into my pussy and slides his rigid cock right in behind it, chasing it deep into me and I scream out as I cum all around his hard cock.

Gripping him tightly inside my pussy I feel his cool thumb at the opening to my ass once again. I can’t take it, the powerful feelings are more than anything I have ever felt and I press hard back against him, lodging his cock deeper into my pussy as I feel his thumb slip into my ass once again. I never knew I was so sensitive.

My breath is short and shallow and my moans of longing increase with every fraction of movement from either his cock or his thumb. I want to feel it all, deep inside me and as his cock stirs the depths of my pussy I explode in orgasm with his thumb just inside my ass. I feel him slide slowly in and out of my pussy in long deep strokes allowing my orgasm to flow and last longer than ever.

I catch my breath just as he removes his thumb from my ass and I groan in disappointment. He slides deeply into my pussy once again and tells me to squeeze his cock and focus on only that feeling. I am hanging on the edge and crazy with desire for the new sensations he brings to my pussy and ass.

After what feels like hours of squeezing his cock inside me, stroking it with the muscularly folds of my pussy, I feel another piece of ice rimming my ass hole, melting the rough edges off of it and the droplets flow down his cock and into my pussy between us. I can’t stay still and I buck back against him, I want his thumb in me once more, I have never experienced such sensations before, and I just want more.

He slips the ice cube into my ass and allows it to just slip deep into me. I want him to give me more. I want that thumb buried inside of me, deep. I feel the sensations of a second ice cube sliding over my ass cheeks, instinctively I know he is rounding the edges and the anticipation of it entering me is almost overwhelming. I want more.

He slides the ice between my ass cheeks and circles my ass hole over and over again and after teasing and taunting me with it, I feel it slip into my ass. He immediately follows it with his thumb, he doesn’t stop until his thumb is buried deep inside me and I cry out from the feelings of contrasting hot and cold as well as the full feeling of his thumb I am experiencing. I am aware of his thumb as he begins to move it in and out of my ass, ever so slowly and I press back onto his cock holding it tighter and tighter within my pussy, enjoying the feelings of the thumb, the ice and his cock. I explode with an orgasm more powerful than ever, lasting minutes.

Feeling him withdraw his thumb and then his cock, I am again disappointed; it feels like the more he shows me, the more I want. Suddenly there is a strange sensation at the opening to my ass, the feeling of the cold lube and then the head of his cock. A brief sense of panic covers me; his cock is much larger than his thumb. I feel the head slip through the opening and he stops, holding it there as my body adjusts to the intrusion. He runs his hands over my back and down over my ass cheeks, gently and lightly.

I press my ass back on his cock trying to take more as the sensation of pure pleasure overcomes me. I feel his hands grasp my hips as he controls the amount of his cock entering me. He whispers to me to take this slow or it will be very painful, and he doesn’t want to hurt me. I am wiggling my ass back on him for more and I feel him slowly enter me a bit more. I can’t control the loud moans of complete satisfaction as I finally feel his entire length embedded inside my ass.

After what feels like forever he begins stroking in and out of my ass with very slow steady movement. I can not believe the incredible pleasure I am experiencing for the first time. I had never known anything that felt so good to me. He reaches around and firmly teases my nipples, rolling them and slightly pinching them as he increases his speed in my ass. I feel the edge of an orgasm that is powerful and I allow myself to let go once more.

I feel so wet, different from ever before, and I reach down to discover a very slippery fluid escaping from my clit all over the bed, I have squirted, something else I thought I would never experience. I reach for his hand and guide him to feel it for himself and I feel his cock thrust deeper and harder inside my ass. I feel like I will die from the sensations he has brought me to.

Suddenly and without any warning he removes his cock from my ass and swiftly rolls me onto my back. I watch as he takes an ice cube into his mouth and another in his fingers. He places my legs up over his shoulders and rounds the edges of the ice cube up and down between my breasts while sucking on the other. I watch as he slips the first and then the second into my ass and chases them with his cock.

The feelings deep in my ass of the ice followed by his hot cock set me off all over again and I cry out as I squirt all over us again. He folds my body in half as he leans down to kiss me deeply and passionately.

I reach down and stroke my clit as I squeeze his cock with my ass. He moans from the tight fit and the feelings of the contractions around his cock from my ass. I raise my hips up as much as I can, look into his eyes and beg him to take me harder, deeper, and faster. I want more of this awesome sensation.

I feel every inch of him buried in my ass. I feel his balls slap against my ass cheeks as he takes me hard and fast. He slams in and out of my ass and I have cum more times tonight than I have ever cum in one session. I have experienced mind blowing orgasms and actually squirted twice. I feel his cock swell even larger and watch as his orgasm rises up and he’s ready to explode. I cinch down harder, press up with my hips and take every possible inch of him deep inside me. I look into his eyes and whisper to him to give it all to me, cum hard and deep in my ass. I see it in his face just as I feel every contraction of his cock as he shoots his cum deeply into my ass.

I had never experienced anything that ever came close to the feeling of him shooting his cum in my ass or his cock pounding deeply inside of me. I didn’t want it to ever stop. I wanted this man to make love to me forever, but our time was quickly coming to a close.

He collapsed down over my body and I held him close and in time his cock slipped from my ass. He rolled to my side and pulled me close whispering his pleasures into my ear. He told me how good it felt to make love to me and how special it was to introduce me to a very new and mind blowing pleasure. After a long time of feeling him close and holding me, he kissed me long and deep, and then headed for the shower.

I followed him into the shower and surprised him by slipping in behind him. I took my time washing every inch of him and rinsing him off, touching him everywhere and then washed myself. He stepped out and began drying himself and I followed. As he dressed I slipped my robe on and watched.

I saw someone very special to me. I saw a man who made love to me like no man in my entire life and I watched this very special part of my life walk to the door. He leaned down and kissed me tenderly and deeply then slipped out the door that just hours ago he had entered and had taken me to pleasures I could never have imagined.

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