tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 09

The Impregnator Ch. 09


Sahana is Injured and Shanti Comes in.

After cavorting with the Queens a bit in the large airy Swimming Pool room where I incidentally took bath in perfumed water and Rose petals, my mind as dragged back to the condition of Sahana at the Clinic. I was shown to the large Clinic with Gold plated pillars and Lovely silk curtains, I found her in reclining bed with her lovely dark ebony leg bandaged and slung up.

She saw me and like always smiled and saluted with respect and tried to sit upright.

I gestured as I sat down, "No, my dear.. No need to get up at all... You need rest.."

Sahana asked me anxiously," King, Did You suffer any injuries at all ..It was so unfortunate, with me being there and all.." She would have gone on , but for my right palm which covered her mouth calming her.

" How are you feeling... Does this hurt bad?", I asked with genuine concern looking at her uncovered shining ebony thigh, the rest of the leg slung up probably with a fracture , heavily bandaged.

Her eyes shined with tears of gratitude as I was King asking the bodyguard this question. " Yes, a little now.. Its fresh, you see. There is a bone broken,the Chief Vaidya said", She explained. ( Read Surgeon for Vaidya) "But I will be back on my feet as soon as I can to resume my duties"

" But Obviously", I chided her, "You have obviously enjoyed my duties with all those beautiful queens right in front of your eyes..You wouldn't want to miss any action...HMMMM"

"Why Of course not", exclaimed Sahana without conviction and my hand stole to her naked thigh exposed near it.

"Oh Yes?", I grinned and rubbed her smooth thigh and she opened up willingly grimacing yet with pain at the prospect of one leg slung up. She was not wearing any panties and her dusky aroma filled my nostrils and and my salivating mouth drew near her exposed shining cunny.I looked up at her face asking her whether I can her in that condition and she only smiled invitingly , sighed and splayed her thigh wide and her fat ebony pussy lips smilingly invited me.

Though My intention was to make love to her properly like I had done for all other women in the harem, the present condition allowed only cunnilingus and I was more than happy to indulge in it. Basking in its heady aroma, my head buried in the sweet smelling honeycomb of her and my tongue reached out to savor the juices seeping from it. I tongue lashed her fat pussylips , their undersides, inner labia and clit thoroughly.

" Ahhhh...UMMMMM", cried out Sahana in ecstasy as passion built up in her and I was worried the Vaidya ( Doctor) might peep in to check on patient's condition and catch me in the act. Not that he could do a lot to me in any case, I was the King and she was my Bodyguard!

She thrashed about on the bed and I asked her, "Shall I stop now?" knowing what the answer would be and she confirmed it vehemently by shaking her head firmly moaning with uncontrollable lust.

She silently screamed as my tongue drove into the wet juicy quim and lashed at her hard clit. She gripped the sheets of the bed in her strong hands and her arm muscles shone rippling as waves of ecstasy crashed over her ebony body.

After wiping my mouth off like a cat after a drink of milk, I left her with a promise to make good with the 'real thing' as soon as she had recovered.

After returning to the main palace, I was received by Queen Jyothi and Sonia and I was told that My new Bodyguard would take charge from now on, especially with the added risks after the recent attack during our Journey.

These were King Namarda's orders and I agreed to see the replacement for Sahana. The woman who entered my cabin was quite breathtaking.

She was fair as snow and was more than 6 feet tall.She was built like a stallion with rippling arms and rounded strong legs that took easy confident strides towards me. Her face was little' mannish', But then she was a body guard to a King and I had no complaints if she were to be rough and tough like a man.

Her bosom was closeted in tight fitting blouse and two ample boobs strained against the fabric. I wanted to inspect this big bodied woman privately and all the queens left the cabin giggling conspiratorially at my request.

Her name was Shanti and she was from a wrestler's family and belonged to the race. She bowed to me respectfully and I could see the deep cleavage in her blouse as she bent and rose. My cock did a lurch in under my royal Silk Loin clothes. I spoke to her for sometime introducing myself and asking about her background etc.

She looked obedient but a little cold and distant. But I was sure she was going to be on fire after witnessing my uncensored copulating scenes right in front of her eyes in days to come.

I drew her near and removed her flowing short skirt away exposing her thigh, stomach and panty clad pubis. She moaned with surprise and shock but silently subjected herself to my close inspection! Her skin was alabaster white and smooth as silk and my hands soon covered her soft skin and my hands roved all over soft stomach, probing at the deep navel hole and her ample flowing hips. I cuddled her hips and drew her nearer and my face verily buried in the soft cushion of her pubic mound.

My nose nestled in the sheer silk separating her womanhood and me and I rubbed my nose along the wetting furrow below.

Her sword in the saber was idly hanging beside her and her thigh muscles which now I 'inspected' were strong like those of an ox. I slapped jovially on her thighs and bums eliciting mild tremors and gasps at the sensations flooding her body.

Well, she was a good solid woman and in the prime of her youth too. She , of Course like Sahana, her predecessor had not tasted the joys and ecstasy such a body could provide or be subjected to by an expert handler like me.

This was going to be good too, I Thought and let her go ,but not before squeezing her ripe boob melons and tweaking her prominent nipple buds over her blouse once languidly.

She was red in the face and her bosom was heaving but she composed herself quickly and assumed her position next to my throne on the right side dutifully for the first time as an obedient bodyguard.

Now I was ready to receive my First Queen, Jyothi in and spend some amorous hours with her in the bed and I lecherously imagined how Shanti would take in the hectic lovemaking that was to follow.

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