tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 12-13

The Impregnator Ch. 12-13


Chapter 12: Queen Sonia's murder and King takes a break, goes home

When we returned to the Palace, the King Namarda was already waiting for us at the lobby and ushered us to the meeting room, where his Prime Minister Mosan waited for us.

Mosan, an old wise man of the State was also the father of the First Queen Jyothi. Queens Jyothi, Anu, Sonia and Padmini too were present in the hall.

King Namarda stated that he was extremely sorry that I as his guest was the target of two life-threatening attacks for my successes in bed with his queens, thus foiling the Enemy King's plans of incapacitating his state. I made the usual noises of sympathizing with him That was the least I could do then.

It was decided that PM Mosan would start a detailed Security ramp-up and institute an investigation personally to ensure that no more enemy attacks would threaten disruption of my 'Impregnation service' to the women of the palace. " Our future is in your hands, you see, King Kamasutran", King Namarda said finally, getting up.

' Not my hands, my cock you mean, you sissy', I thought silently and looked at queens who all caught my eye and my line of thinking and smiled back conspiratorily.

King Namarda behaved as if he never noticed it.

The next morning I returned to my chambers, after an invigorating exercise (Read 'plain screwing') in the Royal Garden again, but this time with the other supple and delicate Queen Padmini. She was made for a long drawn out lovemaking and there was a marked difference in the way I had treated her, compared to that with Queen Anu. I had teased and kissed her everywhere, slowly undressed her, seduced her without any hurry.

We had had slow and lingering lovemaking on the granite steps of the Garden for nearly an hour. Our climax had hit us the way sea waves crashing on the rocky shores would, wave after a crashing wave completely draining us in the end and we had dissolved under those waves of tumultuous waves of pleasure. No doubt this was also a successful attempt in the mission of impregnation as Padmini too had received the full blast of my royal seed. My cock felt a little sore as Padmini's tight yoni had milked me greedily till the last sperm drop was in her and my kneecaps were chafed by kneeling and moving on the stone steps.

I was surprised to see Sahana, my original bodyguard waiting for me at the lounge.

" Hey, Sahana, How are you, my dear?" I asked nearing her and reaching out for her hand. " My King, I am now back on my feet and feeling pretty good", she answered me smiling and getting up to salute me.

" You sure about that?" I asked doubtfully and took her hand drew her near me.

"Yes, you could check me out, of course. I mean whether I am fit or not." she lingered on. " But it is always a King's right to reject an injured and failed Bodyguard, of course, that's the custom here"

Those words gave me a temptingly erotic idea of what to do next about examining her fitness.

"Ah ha! The thought never crossed my mind. Then be prepared for a detailed check-up", I said feeling like a rascal and seated myself on the gold and silk throne while she stood in front of me, her gleaming flat ebony belly level with my eyes. Her small navel seemed to smile at me and ask what mischievous plans I had for her next.

My hands caressed the ebony tabletop of her belly and those strong muscles fluttered and made her gasp. My left hand removed the hindrance of her sabre and sword, which were belted at her side, The sabre and sword divested, she now looked a little vulnerable and like a woman I could manage.

My hands rubbed along the black granite of her strong muscular thighs and climbed upward to encounter the cotton loincloth (Read present-day 'panties') at the junction of her thighs.

Sahana squirmed but I would not let go. She had to go though whatever fitness test I felt was justified then.

I cupped her balloon-like buttocks, enjoying the feel of smooth yielding globes, undid the knot of her loincloth and let go.

" Ahh! MMMM" groaned Sahana amorously as her loincloth fell down and cool air of the room ruffled up her freshly grown pussy hairs so exposed below the skirt. Mind you, she used to be clean-shaven before the accidental attack and the duration of her recovery at doctors' Clinic had made them sprout up.

I buried my head and face up into the firm but yielding stomach and kissed her deep navel with a loud 'smack' and drew her nearer so my fingers could nestle in her pussy folds.

Her pussy felt hot and juicy and my shameless fingering for a few minutes did no good to her composure. She stomped around me uncontrollably and loud moans emanated from her mouth now as passion raged in her statuesque body.

I pulled the fleshy outer lips her pussy apart with middle finger and thumb so that her entrance was well splayed out and toyed with her budding clitoris with my forefinger. I pressed the stalk of her clit down into the soft and wet nether folds making her quiver uncontrollably.

This elicited a sharp hum from her followed with a low moan that went, " Oh, Dear King..You make me so horny..I feel like a bitch watching you fuck all those queens in front of me...Ahhhhh!"

Now she shamelessly thrust her strong pelvis forward at me, making my fingers bury up to knuckles in the oven-like cavity of her womanhood. Her pussy badly needed one of those stormy lovemaking sessions that I had had with the queens.

It was my turn to squirm too as my royal cock sported a hard-on that needed some real attention from this woman, assigned as my bodyguard.

'Well, she is supposed to take care of my body, isn't she, then why not...' I was thinking as I frigged her liquid hot pussy with my fingers, all done under the mischievous guise of ascertaining her fitness. Well, neither of us minded this teasing intermission really. Our sweet pastime was abruptly interrupted and as we heard frantic knocking on the door of my chambers. I reluctantly extricated my wet fingers, her 'salila '( pussy discharge in Sanskrit) trickling all over them. We rearranged ourselves to a semblance of modesty and Sahana let the anxious caller in.

It was a royal messenger and he was so excited that all he could was blurt out in a high pitched tone that Queen Sonia had been murdered in the palace last night.

" What..." I started but the next few words died in my mouth.

We stood spellbound trying to digest the shocking news.

" Yes sir", he confirmed breathing heavily, " She has been killed in her bedroom, her throat has been slit!" Hardly believing what we had heard, we ran out then, our hearts thudding as we climbed the few marble steps leading to Sonia's chambers. Somehow, ten steps of them felt like a thousand then.

All other Queens also stood there tearful and dumbfounded looking at the wasted bloody body of Sonia as it lay on the bed.

Her throat had been slit and she had never had a chance. She had died in minutes after this dastardly attack, I surmised.

My heart was thumping hard and I stood transfixed hardly believing the sight of the this gory sight. She had seemed so happy that she had become pregnant just over a day ago. In my mental eye I saw her, a dear woman who had pleasured me with 'Cold and Hot water' treatment to my cock leading to tempestuous climaxes. There were quite a few awesome moments I had shared with her privately in my endeavours to make her pregnant.

Sadly, she had her life snatched away after realizing her dream of getting pregnant and had died before she could deliver a child to this impotent royal family. I felt a mad rage at the injustice of it all.

We all walked back silently to our chambers. The sight of King Namarda grieving over his queen's body was more than I could bear to see there.

The palace obviously wore a pall of gloom now, as all faces were downcast and dispirited.

There was another meeting in The Royal Hall soon after, where the King Namarda said his arrangements for security had been breached unfortunately and he had lost a pregnant queen to an enemy plot. I told him there was a snake in the grass here and that it was an inside job.

" Someone has let a cat among the pigeons here. We have to find him and eliminate him immediately " I said with feeling. Yes, someone has got to pay for taking Sonia's life.

I proposed that I now return to my kingdom and take rest at home for a while when things sort of settled down here.

It was a difficult decision for them but I insisted on a short break that would do everyone some good, especially as the mood right now was not ripe for impregnation to continue. Besides, security needed to be tightened too. Finally I had my way with tem. It was becoming a habit now. ' Having my way' I mean, I thought smiling wryly at the pun even in those heavy moments.

It was further arranged as per my desire that I would take bodyguard Sahana along with me as enemy could strike at me anywhere and she was pretty useful. Pretty and useful, I mean! Shanti, the other bodyguard was assigned to look after all the queens in the harem here safely and try preventing any further attacks by the hidden foe.

Shanti understood this separation from me now was inevitable and nodded silently. I whispered to her that all this would pass; happy days would be back and so would I.

Shortly later I climbed onto my gold and velvet chariot drawn by seven horses along with a sober looking Sahana.

I bade good-bye to queens Jyothi ands Anu as best as I could under such circumstances and moved on.

The journey itself was uneventful. There was a lot on Sahana's mind and mine. We just held hands during the travel to my kingdom. Sometimes I would rub her palms or thighs absentmindedly and an occasional gasp would bring me back with a jolt that I had probably gone a little too far thus.

Occasionally I did see the upper hemispheres of her breasts, taut under the army blouse jiggle around in them as the chariot rumbled on rutted tracks. On a couple of times we were jostled together, rubbed shoulders and sometimes a stiff nipple or a yielding boob would press against my hands or shoulders.

All this was so innocent, soothing and seemed to placate our vexed moods more than a little by way of welcome diversion.

Chapter 13: Homecoming and his own wives engage him in unbridled actions

My three wives, other family members and my ministers received me at the portico of my palace. The citizens who had caught sight of me on the way had cheered me on as we passed by.

My First queen Saroja Devi (In short called 'SD') who was now the reigning queen and looked after the State administration in my absence applied a red 'Tilak' on my forehead (a symbol of welcome) and hugged me tight as soon as I got down from the dusty chariot. I kissed her on her smooth cheeks and squeezed her big arse lovingly with one hand. I could feel her heavy tits crushed against my chest with the tightness of our embrace. I held her at an arm's distance and looked at her lovingly. Saroja is a vintage woman. Tall, dark, statuesque wife of mine smiled back with tears flooding her eyes.

My two other wives were Queen Bindu and Sheena who welcomed me with warm smiles and each one kissed me passionately giving me an inkling of how much they had missed me. I Introduced Sahana to them and told them why she was here. They were very happy that their husband was in such safe hands with her around.

There were the usual homecoming celebrations, greetings of course. All those formalities consumed a few hours.

Then, my Queen Saroja Devi ( SD) asked me to come into Royal conference room where she would brief me on the State affairs that she had looked after in my absence.

I asked Sahana to stand guard at the door as my wife SD and me entered inside. SD is my First Queen and she is 35 years old, a year younger than I am. We have a son Premasutran born from her royal womb.

She is about 6 ft tall, dark complexioned and built with soft curves and has a stature that befits a queen of her age. She is a perfect, mature middle-aged woman who has a lot to offer to a randy husband like me.

But then, she was very self-controlled and was basically slow in getting excited as far as sex is concerned. A lot of foreplay is required to ignite her passion and, after that, she would be unstoppable and insatiable in bed. She is a pleasure-chest, who I had really missed in the last few weeks.

And God, was I going to make up for the lost time!

Queen SD sat in front of me wearing a traditional red silk sari and her gold and diamond studded crown sitting perfectly on her well-groomed head. Her flowing smooth black hair was well oiled and knotted into plaits. She was perfect like the Hindu Goddess Shakti.

I sat in front of her touching knees as I looked deep into her cool back eyes and her demeanor showed that she was now serious in the topic she was to broach. She would talk business of course, but that did not mean I should too!

I decided I would try and get under her silken loincloth and into the warm, cozy confines of her pussy, even if she was only interested in giving a verbal report on dry state subjects then.

Note: Her actions are inside 'parenthesis' () and my own are outside them in the descriptions below:

(SD started explaining that a lot had actually happened in my absence. The kings of neighboring states who had surrendered to me in wars earlier and were my sub-ordinates had started having other ideas about me).

" OH, OK" I said half listening, as my hands were busy removing her shoulder veil that covered her ample bosom and this I threw down with a flourish, gaping at the well-endowed breasts that sat proudly on her stately chest. She now sat with only a silken red blouse covering her majestic bosom and I knew she never wore anything underneath it as she felt the undergarment did not allow her breasts to 'breathe'.

As she explained to me about the State seriously in a monotone, her silken veil lay crumpled over her thighs and I was aching to uncover the goodies that lay beneath it

I put my hands on her big wide shoulders and caressed her neck massaging those muscles, which I knew she liked immensely.

("These Kings are now..", she was saying but stopped, "OH, That is wonderful, honey" referring this time to my neck massage (...Hmmm!)", She groaned and continued and so did I. I knew that this sweet seduction was going well and the booty was now not very far.

("You know, they have concealed weapons and bombs buried inside our boundaries..." she went on, again unmindful of what I was up to.)

I was more interested in her concealed breast globes, which too made her look like a 'sex bomb'; I grinned to myself at the pun.

I now caressed the soft big tits with my palm with slow massaging rotations all over the pliant flesh. My own cock had come alive and was pressing hard against the loincloth below my robes and was making it difficult for me to sit steady in my seat.

("The concealed weapons were discovered on the last leg of my own inspection..." she went on unmindful of my handiwork)

But, I was thinking about 'her' legs then, discovering they were 'concealed' just beneath the folds of silk sari. I lifted her sari from her feet upward in both my hands and pulled them over her kneecaps, uncovering her shapely ebony colored knees. I hungrily kneaded the legs thus exposed with both my hands starting from her feet up and caressing till her dainty kneecaps. She was so smooth and well formed there, this big meaty wife of mine! Her legs were like chiseled sculpture in dark granite like those you see in Hindu temples depicting all those charming goddesses.

(" Oh, UMMMMM... Honey! What are you doing...? Can you concentrate please...This is serious work" she admonished me but without much conviction. But she went on, her self-control and discipline egging her on)

Now I actually started unbuttoning her blouse and soon, out spilled two of the ripest melons you would ever see on this side of the world. They jiggled happily as the blouse fell away. (OHH..UMMM.. You naughty..." She gasped out and paused in her description of the criminal conspiracy in the State by enemies to growl at me.

This was just to complain on my baring her thus shamelessly in the Royal meeting hall. "This is a 'Meeting hall' and not a 'mating' hall " she laughed at her own pun and but I was not listening to any of it)

I walked quietly behind her and stood with my hands on her wide shoulders and kneaded her firm shoulder blades making her pause again and growl like an awakened tigress. She liked that too. My hands next teased the breasts, softly kneading the pliant flesh tweaking her bullet-hard round nipples that stood out an inch out from her tit globes. My erect prick was still caught inside my tight loincloth and I felt some pre-semen staining its front. I poked my royal shaft against her left ear as I bent down to kiss her right ear. I kissed her earlobes and sucked it up into my mouth with a loud 'slurp' interrupting her, but deliberately paused to let her continue her report. This was a long drawn out erotic teasing and a pleasing seduction in slow motion. My tongue snaked into her ear cavity and her mushy herbal fragrance on her face made me heady and my cock lurched in a spasm, bunched as it were, against her left ear and face. She was getting distracted in her talk, missing a few words here and there but held out yet, seemingly unmindful of my seduction.

'Well, two can play a game, honey' I thought to myself kissing her further all over the neck. It was now my skills versus her resolve not to yield, which made it all the more thrilling. (SD gasped as she realized what mischief I was up to and covered her arms over the bared tits and continued on about the plots being hatched in the states subordinated to ours, aiming to attack us.

" We are still not so vulnerable, you see, " she said, defending the State machinery)

But the portions of her naked body below her chest had become 'vulnerable' to my 'attack' now, as her hands were now over the chest and her bare legs were exposed to the knees and nothing stopped me from attacking them, so to say. I climbed down from my seat, kneeled in front of her and slowly pushed the silken garment up and away, over her thighs, which now shone like black butter, if you get what I mean.

I started kissing her hard bony kneecaps pressing them with my lips and circling them with my tongue in crazy patterns leaving wet marks on them.

I slowly used one of my hands get in between her soft lower thighs and separated the legs so that they lay apart giving me enough leeway to continue my erotic ministrations. My head dipped into the small space between my wife's thighs and smelt the aroma of her mature Queenly 'yoni' coming from within. She had applied some herbal perfume too down there and the combination of the pussy's native aroma with the perfume was so powerful and heady that it drove me mad with lust.

My mouth was dry and my royal appendage was raging hard from such along time now.

("Oh Dear... You are not listening to me...Can you count how many rebel kings are hiding from our inspection now", She asked me, her breath quickening and voice trailing, as she realized what was going to happen next. She was silently hoping I would continue though she would not say so. )

I looked up into her eyes and said,

" I would rather 'count' how many pussy hairs are covering your sweet 'yoni' than the number of those idiots", and spread her black granite-like thighs all the way out. I stared in fascination at what I had bared.

'My own wife of several years, so what is the big deal', you say?

Well, she is actually a 'big' deal. I mean physically she is unmatched by any woman I had seen so far. And I had missed this for many days now ever since I was sent out on impregnation mission.

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