tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 14

The Impregnator Ch. 14


Later that day I met my two children in their schools. My heart was light and I was aching to meet my other two equally desirable queens, Bindu and Sheena.

Queen Bindu, dear readers, hailed from Punjab in Northern India and was a 5 ft 8 in. tall woman who was a little fatter than you would expect a 30-year-old southern woman to be. She had butter white smooth unblemished complexion and possessed two big juicy breasts that befitted her frame. Her flaring rounded hips and soft thighs were simply sensational. She had red juicy lips, brownish eyes simmering with desire and had a sweet fragrance about her that set her apart.

I had a special place for Queen Bindu in my heart and her very appetising body kept my randy cock in ever-alert state. We had a daughter of four years born of our wedding of six years, and she looked every bit like a 30-year old mother. There was nothing that could be described as slim or small on her body. In bed, she was like a fourteen-course feast spread out, given such divine assets and she behaved like there would be no next time during lovemaking. She was a glutton and a sort of nympho who wanted me to do 'everything' to her many, many times over regardless of the time of the day or night.

Sheena, my youngest wife of three years, was only 25 years old quite the opposite. She was of wheatish brown complexion, had a slim 5ft 6 in tall body and possessed modest physical assets, if you could consider 35-24-35 figure as one such. She was a tigress in bed, aggressive and dominating and we had an explosive and noisy sex life together.

We were near the Royal swimming pool when we three met for the first time that day. It was sweltering hot and it was Bindu who suggested that we all get into the pool and talk. I instructed Sahana to take guard on the watchtower next to the swimming pool and provide us protection and some privacy. My wives had still not got used to having a female guard watching over them when we were in bed or pool naked. It will take sometime, I thought, Sahana would no doubt enjoy the erotic sights which were to follow from a vantagepoint like the watchtower.

The very next minute, I noticed Bindu the bohemian woman that she was, ripped off all her silk robes, stood fully naked in front of me showing off her beauty thus which she knew made me get quickly excited. She knew I loved it and my cock rose between my thighs like an uncoiling serpent. My cock is a chivalrous gentleman too. Never fail to get up for a woman, I grinned to myself and knew a big orgy with these two wives was just round the corner.

She beckoned me wantonly with a crooked finger unmistakably hinting at amorous possibilities. While the big woman Bindu jumped into the cool waters with a scream and splashed around merrily, Queen Sheena was divesting me of all my royal robes throwing them down in a heap on the marble pavement adjoining the pool. My cock tip sniffed the cool air in the proximity of pool and my balls tightened in anticipation of what was surely in store. Sheena took little time to strip and she stood on the steps leading down into water, a picture of poise and desire. The sight of one splashing big yummy Bindu and another a seductive, desirable Sheena was enough invitation for me to follow them into water with a big splash myself, my cock quivering in front like a harbinger of events in store. As we three splashed around in the in the cool water covered with floating rose petals, jasmines and sandalwood, I could feel cool fragrant water on my erect shaft making my frame shiver in unbridled arousal.

Then the sights of wet and juicy boobs of Bindu, nimble and pert arse of Sheena floating in and out of sight in the waters around me made me desire these two with an urge I had never felt before. We frolicked merrily in those waters like hot honeymooning couples. One minute, I would grab the shapely waist of Sheena under water and lift her out of water over on to my shoulders, bringing up her smiling lips of wet sweet-smelling pussy to my thirsty lips. Next minute I would be off pinching those soft yummy breasts of Bindu making her shriek and swim away me from me with me in hot pursuit.

Then, Sheena would swim close to me, wriggle herself against me so her soft thighs would wedge between my thighs under water pressing against my hard cock. She would tweak my chest hairs, pinch my nipples sending sharp electric lust shocks to my balls and I would retaliate by squeezing her breasts back and give her shapely cool arse a blow or two with an open palm under water, sending her screaming away playfully. All this made me horny as a bull in heat and I was thinking when I would grab one of them and shove my aching cock into those waiting wet pussys. The question was who was going to be my first lay, the mature, big and fleshy Bindu or the slim and shapely Sheena.

Queen Sheena with her hand clasping me by my 'root', her wet hair plastered all over face and neck, stopped us in the middle of the pool, asked me suddenly serious thus: " My sweet darling, what sin have I committed that you have not yet blessed me with that important privilege that you have even blessed queens of other Kingdom with... haa?"

I was dumbstruck for a minute. I knew what she meant, of course. She was the only queen in my palace who had not conceived till then. I tried to move away a little to think up a suitable reply, but her hands clasped me even more firmly by my cock under water making such an escape impossible. Bindu came swimming back to us, and stood next to me in waist high water, hanging on to my left arm, her big rounded nipple buttons, hard as nails now burning holes into my shoulders just above the water level.

I drew Sheena by her slim waist so that our waists touched under water, my hands ran them through her wet hair comfortingly, and asked her innocently,

" Sheena, my sweet, what is that you have missed in our marriage that you are now speaking so sharply to me?"

" Children, My King... My motherhood... You have not blessed me with that coveted position every wife aches to have", she replied, her eyes burning with the conviction of her words. Her hands clasped my raging hard-on even more firmly in the cool waters and her thumb ran over its sensitive tip, the gesture speaking louder than words as to only what could now assuage her hurt feelings.

I felt a little guilty then. I was not philandering but it was true that Sheena, my wife was yet to conceive and she was as eager and suitable as any of King Namarda's wonderful queens who had in the recent past received more than justifiable time and semen share from me, and I was Sheena's husband.

I was about to reply, when Bindu suddenly interjected,

" I too would not mind being mother again. I want a son this time around."

They chorused, " And all that has to happen this time, before you leave for King Namarda's 'netherland' " and laughed together.

I had to laugh with them on such a description of King Namarda's kingdom but it was indeed one, I had to admit.

The faces of Queen Jyothi, Anu and Padmini seemed to cross my mind for a minute before I was drawn to reality, quite literally by Sheena's pulling of my cock as she walked the pool dragging me to the other end where a small wooden float of ten feet by eight feet lay anchored. That would do for a bed, I thought as I followed my two beautifully contrasting wives who had a single purpose in mind for me then.

Bindu went ahead, arranged the surface of the wooden platform so we could to climb up on to it and she kneeled over the edge and gave us both a hand.

As I lay on my back on the swaying wooden float, Queen Bindu in all her pristine naked glory climbed over onto my head presenting her lush shaved pussy to my lips. She knelt with her superb white thighs one on either side of my head. Her knees and fore thighs enclosed my face from either side and I felt cosy and warm between them. Queen sheena had sucked up my raging hard royal prick into her sweet little mouth, sucking and licking everywhere in turns. Her own small pert breasts nestled over my knees her nail hard nipples scraping the skin as her head bobbed up and down, laving my hot cock. The feel of cool water now drying on our skins, and raging mutual passions making our blood pump into to our groins simultaneously was an indescribably pleasurable and heavenly sensation.

My tongue now nestled between the wet labia of my Punjabi beauty and I loved the fragrance and taste of her pussy lips. Bindu herself had sweet smelling juicy cunt and the fragrant waters had only induced additional heady aroma and taste to the pink yummy womanhood and my mouth made a 'meal' of it with some relish.

(As Per Kama Sutra, these Aryan women have sweet smelling pussy and their discharge tastes like nectar. Their uninhibited lovemaking abilities coupled with their yoni's capability to take either hammering blows from a big cock or sensitive cunnilingus from an educated tongue with equanimity made them unique partners).

As I spread the vertical pink juicy lips of her pussy with my fingers exposing wet skin of her juicy yoni wetted by pool water minutes before to the cool air on the float now made her break into goose pimples all over her marble thighs and buttery stomach. She shivered above me, towering above me, her eyes closed in passionate abandon. Her throat muscles strained under her white alabaster skin, she gulped to control herself as my tongue and teeth launched a twin attack on her sensitive inner pussy folds. I would deliberately lave them with the flat of my tongue and scratch it alternately making her mewl sometimes. Then the next minute I would bite one vulva lip between my front teeth while I held the other lip as far apart as I could with my other hand pulling it away from the first one, this time she would quiver with the build up of lust that took over big soft yielding body. The other end of my body had turned into a pleasure heaven as Sheena's continuous sucking of my cock was making my eyes swim out of focus.

Sheena would hold up the cock vertical by its shaft, look at it lovingly and then tease the sac of my balls with sharp fingernails of the other hand making me quake and jerk. She would watch with keen interest as the vertical shaft of my cock spasmed and jerked in her grasp, a result of the sensations caused to it by her own teasing scratching of the balls. She seemed to find this sight of my raging hard royal cock in its prime so fascinating that she would lick and scratch the cock and balls alternately. Then she would squeeze and lick the cock and sac of balls the next minute and so on, all the while watching the results of these actions closely, the visual titillation of all this making her very, very excited slowly .Her own hand, I was now sure, was between her pussy lips, fingering it madly.

All these movements made the wooden float precariously sway even though it was anchored, the water splashing around the float and sometimes it would spray over our heated entwined bodies, making us gasp in addition to all those gasps our own actions were inducing in us.

Sheena got up and knelt over my waist, one thigh on either side, knees touching the wooden float. Holding up my cock perfectly vertical, she sank her hot and wet pussy over on to it till her pubic hair met my own matted bush. Now Bindu lifted herself up from my face and turned the other way so that she faced Sheena and could watch the copulation conveniently. She still had her pussy plastered on my mouth and I was chewing away merrily on the juicy labia and licking the budding clitoris made her hump herself up and down my nose buried in the crack between her soft yielding butt globes.

Sheena was rising and falling steadily, making my cock probe her innermost secrets, her chamber walls clasping and unclasping my rigid shaft alternately causing me to groan between Bindu's leaking pussy lips. Her juices were running down my mouth and chins and she was gasping loudly now as she rose and fell on my mouth enjoying all the attention I was bestowing on her now steaming pussy.

Sheena's own cauldron was like hot oil inside. The speed and weight of us three made the wooden float almost sink below the surface of water occasionally; only to rise back the next moment as one of the towering women over me rose on their knees too. The water splashed around on us in step with our own lusty thrashing bodies.

I could see from one particular position lying on the float that Sahana was craning her neck hard over to our side on the watchtower instead of the opposite side, as her guarding duties would demand. Obviously this sight of us threesome in passionate throes was hard to ignore despite her professionalism and dispassionate nature.

Now, Sheena started convulsing madly on my wet and slick prick and said things I had never heard before to Bindu who was facing her on my other end.

" Oh, sister Bindu, the sight of your majestic boobs rising and falling in front of me is so exciting that I want to caress and cuddle them"

Bindu gasped as I pulled on her fleshy outer lips and replied her, " Yes, sheena please do, as my nipples are aching and I cannot do it myself lest I fall over from His Majesty "

Sheena raised herself till my cock head lay buried in the tight wet confines of her cunt and put her hands directly on Bindu catching those sweet and soft globes in her hands. She squeezed them making Bindu almost hiss like a Nagin (Female serpent in heat) as sensations built up into a crescendo in all of us.

Sheena would pull and tweak her nipples mercilessly, sometimes pulling them out from the big white globes as her own cunt spasmed and secreted all over my cock, God Know how many times, because these visual and direct titillations brought her to the limit of sexual endurance.

I could feel my balls tightening for a final launch and I screamed to them,

" Oh Sheena, Take it now... Take it now!!... All the semen you ever wanted from me. I will father hundred sons in you, honey if you continue to excite me thus.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and I shot my pelvis up and into her, causing my shaft to bury itself against her womb walls as my molten seed burst up into her, jets and jets of it inundating her thirsty womb.

My eyes swam out of focus as I came and at the same time Bindu too climaxed over me her robust butt completely covering my eyes and even forehead as she slumped down on me, a mass of quivering wet jelly. Sheena too collapsed over my knees, My quivering cock still safely ensconced in her womb deep and I could feel her hot gasping breath tickling my navel as she rested her head there.

After our breath returned to normalcy, Sheena swam away into the pool to wash off but Bindu was all over me on the same float, showing signs that show was far from over.

It did not take much time for my limp cock to resume its ramrod stiff position sniffing air again as she entwined her soft limbs all over me and caressed my shoulders, face, torso with her soft boobs and nail hard berry like nipples. I sucked and licked them thoroughly and I felt my blood pump into my groin again.

I was mad fucking erect again!

Bindu knew the signs well and she asked me to get up and kneel as she bent before my loins me, her rounded butt globes parting to show me the pink moist passage where my royal engine would now go for servicing. I was a little stiff lying there beneath these amorous angels too, and I somehow liked the freedom 'the entering from behind' position then gave me.

I took Bindu's soft fleshy waist in my hands and positioned my erect cock to the entrance of her pussy and thrust forward. The movement no doubt embedded the shaft in the welcome cosiness of her lubricated yoni, but it also made the wooden shaft careen sharply to our left almost making us lose balance. I held onto one ample round buttock and this only made my cock sink fully deep into her womb making her too gasp that she also found this new depth extremely exciting and an intimate gesture. She gasped out, turning her head back at me, her eyes swimming in the madness of Kama,

" Oh, Sweety! You have never gone so deep before! I will surely die with this pleasure. OHHH"

I drove into the soft mushiness of her yoni like a maniac pounding her, my loins thudding into the butt cheeks, my ramrod stiff organ now plunging and out of her bathed in her pussy honey coming away shining in the sunlight.

We made sounds like, ' Splotch. Splash, thachakk ' etc as my hard waist rammed into her soft hips making us groan loudly and unbearably obviously feeling the impending explosive climax.

I could have been mistaken as I lifted my head in the throes of passion thus only to see Sahana's hand below her skirt obviously shagging herself shamelessly. I could have been mistaken, but not much knowing Sahana's disposition under similar circumstances before.

We roared our way into the climax, my cock spasmodically spilling my seed in the liquid hot oven of nympho Bindu's 'yoni'.

Even before the last spasms were over, the wooden float below us too 'climaxed', so to say, turned turtle hurling our hot sweating pulsating bodies straight into the cool waters of the pool again. We howled loudly and unbearably as those twin sensations racked our bodies and left us with no other option. The only other human being in the earshot was Sahana who would have heard these mad shrieks from us. She would understand. She too would have liked to scream thus perhaps, to let off her steam. Well, that has to wait.

We splashed around in the water for a little while more before laboriously pulling ourselves out of water. We three walked with leaden legs back to our private chambers of our palace.

I gestured to Sahana who was up on the tower to come back down, as there was no more to watch for her from there then.

Sahana took some time to adjust her skirt and blouse before joining us in the walk to the palace and her blushing ebony cheeks told me tales, which her lips never could or did.

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