tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 16

The Impregnator Ch. 16


We rode silently to the distant forest hang-out with Sahana at the reins while I absentmindedly viewed the detainees, The dark African Hola and the dumb Thai girl, Wassana wondering how to open them up....Hmmm...

The place was so isolated that I would never have made my way to it or from it on my own. The Old martial arts center was managed by an equally aged caretaker.

While we got down and stretched our limbs, the assassins stood away and growled at me suspiciously. I daresay they were trying to figure what torture I was going to subject them to.

After we reached the dark looking cellar Sahana and me stripped the Hola and Wassana to their bare essentials before tying them up arms behind to tow big wooden pillars that supported the building.

I addressed the killers that there was no way they were going to get away without spilling beans about the insider in the Palace who was master minding the assassinations of the Queens and plotting my demise,but they seemed to be unmoved by my pleading.

" Very well, then:" I said giving up "Sahana..Come here first and undress in front of me!"

Sahana looked at me with surprise but came near me and started undressing, removing her tops and skirt and stood bare-chested covering up the healthy globes with crossed arms and her waist covered in skimpy loin cloth which did just about to cover her prominent womanhood.

I grabbed her with both arms and throwing all caution to winds started lustily kissing her all over her healthy glowing skin of the stomach, the deep navel and the soft and wide underbelly just stopping at the top of her loincloth. She gasped in pleasant surprise at my attack but let her arms drop from over her glowing dark tits and covered my head drawing me tightly to her quivering belly.

My royal cock did a somersault inside my own loincloth and I now leaped up, my hands caressing Sahana's strong back, wide flaring hips as I bent down to savour the hot flesh of her big breasts and licked the turgid buds of her nipples.

"AHHHHH...MMMMMM" groaned Sahana as her own passion was inflamed by now. I slapped her bare ass hard once and glanced at the prisoners strapped to the pillars just a few yards away from us.

They were goggle eyed and seemed to be in some amount of distress as they vainly tried to contain their excitement that the visual titillation we were providing them.

I asked Hola coolly still caressing the bare ass cheeks of my hot bodyguard,

"You women have been condemned to martial duties because the doctors at the palace declared you barren, incapable of bearing children, right? Probably a couple of old senile herbal doctors who had forgotten all about gynecology with the passage of their own youth!!"

This was no secret; it was standard custom in those days, discriminatory as it may sound. But those times in Indian History were not really famous for women's rights!

Hola cleared her throat, "Yes your majesty...that is true. Two old bastards reported that we were no good for bearing children and hence not suitable for...you know..."

Wassana just nodded and hung her head in shame.

I kissed the inch long hard nipples of Sahana making a loud smack deliberately for everyone's benefit and felt a shiver run down my nimble bodyguard's frame within my embrace. It did not do much good to my aching prick either.

"Then think about it", I said slipping my palm below the loin cloth and covered Sahana's juicing womanhood and it was all sticky down there. I slowly rotated my hand eliciting a controlled moan from Sahana that showed my handiwork was being appreciated.

I continued,

" I could add impregnating two barren women to my schedule and try my hand at it.. Who knows with my vigorous efforts I could prove those old fools (meaning the doctors) at the Palace wrong...HMMMM?"

I got nothing but two cold stares for all this kind chivalrous offer.

My patience was exhausted. If they wanted it rough, then that is exactly what they were going to get...

I ordered Sahana giving her another lusty slap on her ample butt cheeks,

" Please bring a hot towel and a container with Hot water and some ice cubes in a box now!"

Bewildered as she was and reluctant to leave my embrace, she went away to comply with my order. I let the bound prisoners to rot in worry as to what was in store for them.

Soon Sahana was back with a box full of ice cubes and a hot towel and a container with nears boiling water.

I took the hot towel in my hand. Whew! It was steaming hot and I was hardly able to hold it for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

I drew a puzzled Sahana near me by her supple waist and ran the hot towel up her thighs looking at her keenly.

She gasped and drew away with a "AHHHH"! startled at my audacity.

"Now the ice cubes", I ordered a bewildered Sahana, She had never seen this face of mine so far. Nor was I keen to show it, but the circumstances demanded stern and palpable action.

I drew her near me again and this time I roughly cupped her right tit in one hand while I drew a handful of ice cubes out of the box with the other and slowly and deliberately caressed her tit flesh with the cold crystals once.

"AHHHH" she screamed again and practically threw me away from her shaking body, "Why, Your Majesty!! How could you..." She started accusingly.

But I had already neared a goggle eyed Hola who was straining her sinewy muscles against the ropes that bound her. She knew what was coming!

I ripped away Hola's rough undergarments and drew back to survey what I had exposed.

She was a black angel, no less. She had near perfect full-blown woman's body, which African women boast of. Her tits the colour of black honey were amazingly full and tipped with delicious looking long nipples atop them that swayed with her jerky movements now.

Her waist was broad and accommodating and her belly was slightly curved with deep-set navel puncturing the smooth plateau. Her womanhood was covered with a handful of curly black hair that did its best to hide fleshy outer labia and pink innards that seemed to wink at my own raging manhood.

I felt like a beast trying to manhandle this luscious African sample but I made a good job of it. I stooped low, literally now, and parted the curly growth of her pubic hair and exposed her steaming labia to a handful of freezing ice cubes. She screamed in shock but this was not agony that she expected, this was sweet seductive torture. Then the hot towel climbed up her chest, burning my palms in the process, on to her swollen tit globes and I did not spare those erect nipple buds enroute.

Sahana stood mesmerized and aroused at the shock value my acts generated. But Wassana was making growling noises indicating that she did not appreciate this a least bit.

To make a long story short, especially as I do not relish dwelling on tortures however effective they proved with these tough honeys this time I made them talk.

Specifically a gasping and defeated looking Hola with hot and cold water all over her tender black skin blurted out the name of the mole in the palace.

It was so shocking that both Sahana and me gasped "Oh No" more than once unbelievingly

It could not be 'this person', we thought and we queried Hola relentlessly for some time but her story did not change. The name is best left unsaid for now, as we were yet to catch the traitor red handedly. Otherwise this story would never stand merit with anyone in the palace.

Finally they agreed not very reluctantly that I would somehow cure them of infertility in the middle of my busy schedule. After all I was not hailed as impregnator for nothing. Hitting below the belt may be illegal in some sports but that area in a feminine body was my playground!

I gave sample of my fertilization ability to Wassana, the Thai girl with great thighs (She should be nicknamed the Thigh Girl!!) by freeing her from the ropes, and climbing into convenient position behind her, parking my red hot organ bang into her waiting wet Oriental orifice with a 'Plonk' that made both Sahana and Hola shiver and gasp simultaneously, not without some amount of jealousy at being deprived.

They wrung their hands in despair and clenched and unclenched their hands, rubbed their titties amorously, crossed and uncrossed their legs shamelessly and watched as I made animal love by banging Wassana the dumb girl with a lot of flourish and relish in front of them.

The air was filed with sweet smell of womanly secretion and sweat that made all of us heady. I came copiously and Wassana, dumb though she was, made a lot of noise otherwise that showed that this invigorating exercise was more than welcome to her barren deprived body.

We were a tired looking foursome that left the jungle abode that evening on my Silver and Gold chariot and I was suddenly preoccupied in the journey with the thoughts of how to confront the evil villain with sinister designs that was planning pregnant queens' and my assassination.

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