tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 17

The Impregnator Ch. 17


As we neared the kingdom on our chariot, Sahana looked at me meaningfully a couple of times and I realized that we had to drop Hola and Wassana at a safe place in the Kingdom away from palace, else the secret would be revealed and the traitor would get alerted to our knowledge of him. Hmmmmm....

We had decided that the women would now be housed in Sahana's sister's house that was located in the distant outskirts of the Capital. That was as safe as we could manage then.

When we arrived at her house, Jwala, the elder sister of Sahana welcomed us with a red vermilion 'Tilak' on the forehead in traditional style, bowed to me and addressed me as His Majesty. The sisters hugged and some pleasantries followed as we entered her palatial old mansion.

Jwala was quite a traffic-stopper even though she was said to be in late thirties.

She was a tall, big bodied lady, a little matronly but pleasing in appearance. She was a widow. Her husband had died in war years before leaving her childless. She lived comfortably but alone.

She had a well maintained body, which showed some signs of ageing making her look plumper and filled out everywhere but certainly not disagreeable to my eyes given my penchant for big, well filled-out ladies.

I followed her curvaceous well-endowed buttocks sway as she walked ahead of me with equally well-endowed Sahana. The difference between the sisters, I noticed was that while Sahana had a big strong muscled appearance that was more of result of her martial training, Jwala (which means a 'flame of fire' in local language) on the other hand had led a more leisurely and comfortable life and her body while it was big and beautifully filled-out with, was not hard or strong like her sister's. She had delicious looking abundant flesh all over. She was like a big butter dumpling.

Hola and wassana followed demurely behind me and were soon shown a comfortable quarters in the basement away from prying eyes.

The sisters went into a huddle and some talk and activities followed, but I was sleepy and I dozed off on one of the large beds in my guest room. I was to know all the details not too later.

It was well past six in the evening and we were relaxing with herbal refreshment, which tasted like sweet liquor when Jwala bent towards me on the couch and looking at me said,

"Your Majesty, It is indeed my pleasure that you have come here today and allowed me to serve you. You must stay with us tonight and leave only tomorrow morning...We sisters have some talk to catch up too.."

"Too?", I quizzed looking at the ample breasts ensconced in her tight looking blouse straining against the fabric. Oh, she was a perfect mature angel.

" Too.." She cooed, crossing her thighs, her Sari lifting to a comfortable twelve inches up her fair ankles. I gulped and my royal cock twitched in acknowledgement of the goodies being displayed.

"Yes we have Lingam and Yoni pooja (meaning Penis and Vagina worship) today.. You see I am a Shakti worshipper, the feminine half of this cosmic creation. Today, you represent the generative and reproductive force, which this kingdom dearly needs and hence this worship will be in your honour"

I could barely believe my ears. The Yoni and Lingam worship are one of the most erotic and sexually explicit rituals in Hindu traditions. Which also meant the 'Host' will spend the night with the 'Honoured guest' to seek his blessings.

Ahem, I thought, her wish will be granted. And I was sure mine too would!

She was yearning for sexual gratification having been deprived of it for many years after her widowhood and she was making amends now. Who better than me, the Impregnator? The only potent man in the Kingdom?,

Yes, I could feel cold sweat on my palms and my heart thudded wildly. Yes!!

I stared at Sahana who nodded naughtily in affirmation of my thoughts. These two sisters, what have they got on their minds for me tonight, I tried to guess. It was too exciting to draw any conclusion then.

We went into her large Pooja room where the Lingam and Yoni worship (My penis and Jwala's mature vagina) would be performed.

It was a big airy room with much decoration of flowers and buntings. Heady aphrodisiac perfumes filled the air. Pleasant musical notes being played on violins and Veena (a stringed Indian Musical instrument) wafted across from the room below. All this was like Kamasutra being perfectly enacted.

Oh, I realized, so this was what the sisters had arranged in the afternoon while I was asleep.

There was a platform with red silk cloth cover and an identical one opposite to it. This was where we two were supposed to be seated. Sahana was to be the priest, I gathered as she went about arranging jasmines, fresh roses and other flowers all in a neat silverware. There was a brass bell to make tinkling sounds during the chanting.

Jwala and I had to dress for the occasion, which in this case was next to nudity. I stripped myself of everything except my silken loincloth. I was helped by Sahana who gave me many winks during undressing act and a naughty squeeze on my passion hot cock before showing me on to my place on the platform. My cock made a prominent bulge as I walked and there was a conspiratorial giggle from the sisters then.

I looked at Jwala and she took my breath away.

She was dressed in a red Silk sari without any undergarments. She was bare-shouldered meaning she was wearing nothing underneath the Sari. Her juicy breasts majestically hung forth, drooping only a little from its girth, freely swaying on her big chest as she walked up to me and those bare white arms looked sculpted as if from milk and butter.

She took her seat sitting in front of me cross-legged. We just looked and looked at each other, gobbling up one another with hungry eyes. We knew what was coming. My cockhead lurked precariously near the top of my loincloth, almost sneaking out of it, as I sat down cross-legged in my seat.

Some chanting followed with Sahana looking comically serious with devotion to God and I fidgeted impatiently in my seat throughout.

It was too much for me having to look at Jwala's exquisite breasts, rounded thighs and the rest of her buttery body and yet exercise patience and self-control then.

Sahana left us after performing the initial 'Divine' part of the worship hinting that we get down to more earthly things. We had to do Yoni and Lingam Pooja next.

Jwala got up and slowly and seductively removed her Sari disrobing completely and soon stood naked in front of me. She was incredibly luscious and juicy to look at.

She was almost as tall as me and had exquisitely chiselled body that bordered only a little towards the heavier side. She was a big juicy meal to my eyes.

Her eyes shone with the burning desire to see me as I was born and I did not take too long to rip away my silken loincloth and my cock sprang forth like an uncoiling serpent. My balls were taut against my shaft and I was dribbling pre-semen already. My cock jerked in tune with my blood pressure as I watched this white angel came near me and started the Penis worship.

She would bend down giving me the view of her wide expanse of her back and rounded buttocks, playfully hold the hot shaft in one hand and caress the head languorously. She would bathe the entire cock with milk first, honey next, cool and hot water in turns, all the while holding a golden container below my shaft with its rims touching my hot balls. The cold of the metal against my sac and the differential temperatures and feel of the liquids being applied on the taut skin of my shaft almost drove me over the edge a thousand times in those ten minutes.

My hands could no more remain idle with this large 'eatable' woman doing those intimate things to my manhood. I ran my hands all over her hot silky and soft arms, shoulders and upper back as she was bent in front of me. I put some honey on her white soft arms and shoulders and bent down to lick it up with my tongue. The Honey tasted doubly sweet, mixed with her hot sweat.

She decorated my hard organ with flowers and applied some perfumes, which singed the skin, and I almost yelled.

I would teach her, I thought, emotions running wild in me. I pre-empted further penis worship and held her up from shoulders and looked at her eyes. Both of us were incensed with mad lust.

"Your turn now, please, your majesty", She sighed and whispered.

I lay her down on the platform spread eagled, those divine chubby thighs opening to reveal a well-protected womanhood with prominent pubic mound and silky hairs covering the pleasure cove.

Her large milky breasts were a sight from heaven as she looked up at me from between them from her reclining position. Those yummy globes tipped with erect brown nipples. Her areola was wide and covered with goose pimples as she realized what I was going to do to her much starved pussy.

As she lay there, her big thighs open, I took the flower container, spread her silky mound of her hair neatly brushing them back over the sides of her lips, and took her pussy lips between my thumb and forefinger and pried them open. MMMMM… She was creaming and her juices trickled out from within those pink juicy folds. I smeared the hot juices back on her outer lips making her moan with unbridled lust.

I took a few jasmines from the bowl and stuck them neatly in her wet pussy arranging them from the prominent quivering clitoral bud all the way back to the end of her pussy and the junction of her brown and neat arsehole. I applied red vermilion and turmeric, which are the symbols of a married Hindu woman, to the middle of her pussy crease then.

Well, her widowed pussy would be 'married' in a few minutes from now with my cock.

" OHHH AAAAAAHHH", went the moan as my fingers danced all over those yummy looking 'yoni' lips.

I applied honey with my forefinger running all over her crease, between those pussy lips, deliberately poking occasionally into the hot cavern within, eliciting more 'AHHs', 'OOHS' and spasms from her big frame as she lay there having the time of her life. I licked it up hungrily with my tongue snaking in and out of those wet lips; my cheeks nestled against the soft upper thigh muscles that felt heavenly.

I ran more fingers all over and around and poking in and out of her juicy yoni, which was new shedding 'tears of joy' (salila juice from the vulva) as the drought had ended in her life. Jwala's big heavenly frame shuddered possibly at this thought and she sighed and relaxed opening her big thighs all the way splayed. I was able to see the red inner walls of her womanhood now, covered with her inner juices, her salila and I applied some sandal paste around the outside of her spread pussy making her quiver as the hardening sandal paste burns a little making the sexual excitement reach unbelievable heights. She had applied some liberally all over eight-inch long erect cock not so long ago and I was just paying her back in equal measure.

Her pussy's musky odour mixed with her own juices and the sight of jasmine decorated, honey and milk bathed pussy now pushed my self control to the limit and I just gave up the effort and stood up.

The real worship of a hungry 'Lingam' with a thirsty and waiting 'yoni' would now start with out any more preambles.

My raging royal cock stretched to its full length was eager to oblige and I almost fell all over her soft and cosy mature body on all fours, my trunk driving my cock into her buttery confines like a battering ram.

" WAHHHHHHMMMMM", cried Jwala in unbridled passion as I raised myself on my strong arms on either side of her and socked it into her, meshing pubic hair to pubic hair, our bodies jerking in unison with the mating motions.

It was hot and liquid honey in her pussy that got smeared on my cock's length as it pummelled the soft squishy yoni to full depth all the way to her womb.

It was so warm and cosy just being able to fuck her well-oiled accommodating pussy that I decided if there was only one cunt in the whole kingdom that needed fertilized, I would do it to 'this one' alone day in and day out. Such wild thoughts raced and flashed in my mind during our noisy and hot mating. Her yoni was melting with my strong strokes and there was soon a pool of our secretions forming just below our busy junction.

I took her superb big thighs in both my hands and lifted her trunk off the floor and drove my cock in and out of her oven hot and juicy pussy so fast and furiously that only our laboured gasps and squelching sounds of a hot cock melting the wet juicy pussy that filled the worship room.

I lay over her front for sometime catching breath and concentrated on her large milky tits and kissed her all over those globes, sucking and licking so vigorously that the spit smeared globes looked shining wet even in the failing light of the room. I sucked those yummy rubbery nipples so much that Jwala made strangled noises experiencing extreme gratification. Poor honey, she had been waiting for a real man to do justice to her heavenly big body for years. She had worshipped my cock properly in conventional fashion that day. I was not going to deny her anything in this mutually satisfying experience.

Not the least bit, I thought, socking my pussy-hungry, adulterous royal cock again and again into the boiling hot confines of her womb and suddenly I started seeing the familiar stars even before I came and when I did come, it was with an intensity and feeling I had not felt before for a long time. I sprayed my boiling spunk, the hot jism, and my sole qualification for being in this saviour in this kingdom, deep into the waiting open mouth of her womb filling it with millions of my life cells for which she had waited, prayed and worshipped me.

" Take it. ...TAKE IT ... T A K E I T!!...AHHHHH..." I screamed and she moaned in unison as we soared the heavenly height of a joint climax, even as her 'widowed' pussy walls tightened around my pulsing shaft, milking each and every drop of my precious semen, treasuring it deep in her pleasure chest of her womb. Our consummation, which had followed the teasing symbolic Lingam and Yoni worship, was thus complete. Somehow my sixth sense told me then that I had impregnated her after this tempestuous first round itself

We lay there exhausted, two hot sweaty bundles of satiated bodies, lost to the world in terms of time and place awareness.

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