tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 18

The Impregnator Ch. 18


Satiated and nearly drained of all my vitality at Jwala's place, I arrived at the doorstep of the palace of King Namarda and his insatiable barren queens with the 'mystery man' story still doing rounds in my mind. I had to uncover the identity of the traitor while uncovering the goodies of the heavenly royal bodies that lay waiting for me. Some undercover operation this, I thought bemusedly as Sahana begged off duty for a couple of hours rest after the exhausting journey. But she was at my bedside in half hour, of course, resting her well-endowed ass on the cushions, all eyes and ears.

Shanti too was very glad to receive me. And when she spoke, bending before me respectfully, I had a clear view of her deep V cut blouse and the delicious looking ripe breasts crested with strawberry sized erect nipples poking holes through her uniform T shirt. This revived my strained royal member quite a bit and he stretched languidly in my pants half awakened to attend duties. But that had to wait for later.

The Queens Jyothi, Anu and others gave me a warm welcome in my chambers and sprinkled me with fragrant water, as is the custom to receive a much-missed lover on a heroic battle homecoming.

I patted their soft posteriors and spanked their flanks playfully and gave them some welcome kisses. I whispered some secretive sweet nothings in their ears explaining what I had planned for them that night. They blushed red and punched me back playfully. They were in their own world. Sahana and me were in our own.

We met King Namarda and his old Prime Minister Mosan in the assembly hall. I explained the dangers I had encountered and questioned them severely on what was happening about Sonia's murder.

Mosan was very embarrassed and confessed haltingly, " Nothing much yet, I am afraid. The murderer was quite cunning and has left hardly any clue"

"Nothing yet?," I acted shocked, "What are we waiting for?. All the queens to fall prey to him? He can only be as smart as we allow him to be..."

There was a deathly embarrassed silence. I didn't like this one bit. What Hola and Wassana had told us was too incriminating to ignore...

The evening was the annual Wrestling Night in the Kingdom, and this time in my honour, they had arranged a Female mud wrestling match exclusive to royal family.

I was seated on a cushioned throne with Shanti and Sahana at my sides politely guarding me as usual. Their thighs contrasted, wheatish complexion of Shanti and shining ebony of Sahana shimmering in the falling dusk light and the two pairs of bare supple legs stood teasingly close to the armrest of my chairs, making my hands itch.

The sight of the two female wrestlers who entered the arena from the dressing rooms made every eye turn and my heart did a somersault in the cavity of the chest.

They were big, buxom and beautiful. But what attracted me was their quiet strength and muscle power they seemed to exude. It was very very physical and besides they were semi naked. But the clothes they wore revealed their swollen contours and fleshy frames more than it hid. Sahana whispered . "They are both my cousins" only so I could hear it.

I stretched my hand out from my sitting position, mischievously over her thighs as she stood next to me and felt the hot and sweaty contours of her well formed thigh muscles ripple in reflex. " What's their names?" I asked.

"The fair and tall one is Padma and the darker one is Smitha... They are national champion and runners -up between them."

The answer came surprisingly from Shanti from the other side of my throne as she stared straight ahead pretending not to have seen my handiwork on her colleague's bare thighs.

"Oh I see" I said teasingly, " Wonder why Namarda did not select them instead of you two for me." "Their bad luck," Sahana snickered as she answered even as my hand quietly crept up the trunk of her smooth black thighs, feeling the hot yielding skin on its way up to her hidden and covered womanhood.

My other hand could not ignore poor Shanti's alabaster white smooth expanse of thighs alone and I felt my way up the soft contours to the obvious target.

"And our good luck" Shanti whispered back chokingly and shuffled her legs as I felt her up for first time after a long break since my return from home.

The fight started in right earnest and the women literally tore at each other falling with thuds all over the wet mud in the arena, screaming, pulling each other by hair and exchanging lusty body blows.

Their skirts were all over the place, the wet mud stuck to their loin clothes highlighting the crannies and swell of pubic mounds.

Padma tore Smitha's blouse in fury exposing the dark humongous spheres that shook with agitation and her nipples, I saw, excited from all those actions now looked like ripe black grapes.

All these amorous sights certainly did not have a salutary effect on my cock and the royal ruler now grew to its full 9-inch length under my silk loincloth.

I shifted uncomfortably as I alternately bent once toward Sahana feeling up her front soaked loin clothes and puffed up pussylips, the next time to the other side to do the same service to Shanti's healthy wet 'yoni', which was shedding tears of joy all over my eager fingers.

The action was fast and fierce on the arenas as the women barely clothed now and fully mud covered fell upon each other with flourish. Off the stage, here my raging cock bobbed up and down between my thighs as my sexed up bodyguards watched it hungrily, occasionally wetting their lips and moaning softly as I fingered both their pussies shamelessly with a thumb and forefinger holding the doors of the pussy apart and the middle finger sinking in and out the lubricated tight cunny almost knuckle deep. The fingers were soon soaked with their sweet discharges.

Sahana and Shanti came gruntingly all over my hands shamelessly without a care, as we were a little bit away from other royal family members in the Stand. My royal silken dress sleeves were wet with their sweet cum and the aroma of the juices was intoxicating. Padma pinned for a 1-2-3 count on Smitha at the same time and won as all of us, Shanti, Sahana and me climaxed together soaking the throne fabric and carpet below with our combined juices.

I had barely time to get cleaned up somewhat and get ready for Prize distribution. I felt weak kneed as I walked up to the sultry big beauties to present two trophies and flowers handed to me by Queen Jyothi.

But the winner Padma standing tall as me and body a mass of mud covered soft contours and firm flesh looked me in the eye and said," This is not what I want. Can you give me a prize that I would cherish?"

I looked at her awestruck with a familiar feeling stirring in my lecherous mind. "We two are barren women too. No one would marry female wrestlers here. Can you kindly impregnate me and make me a mother? Please try, spend tonight with my partner and me here?,We would never forget this gift throughout my life"

I looked askance at King Namarda and he waved his hand saying, "The King has to accept the demand of the prize winners. Go ahead Kamasutran. No one will object." Queen Jyothi and Anu looked like they would start to say something but in a rare display of masculinity their husband King Namarda shushed them.

"We will await you in our chambers after a clean bath and change of dress. You will not forget us in a hurry" promised Smitha with a husky lusty voice and passion-laden eyes.

"Sahana and Shanti will show you to our quarters, of course," Padma said turning back towards us and raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"Of Course, Of Course" replied Sahana in an icy cold voice, hiding little of how much she liked the assignment.

Shanti averted her eyes and remained sombre as I walked back to my chambers for an intermission. There was a lull like the one before a storm.

Two amorous well built female wrestlers vying for my attention and two exquisite female bodyguards watching us over.

Hmmmmm, I thought smugly, the situation could very well turn out to be...explosive!!

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