tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 20

The Impregnator Ch. 20


We had a tearful funeral for Jwala, the lusty mature sister of Sahana who had died by conspirators. My blood was boiling with rage; I was not going to take it lying down. Talking about what I had done so far in that direction, the words 'lying down' seemed like a crude joke in these distressing times.

When we were returning to the Kingdom in our silver chariot, Sahana was visibly upset and her dark tresses were all over the silken waist coat of my chest.

My hands in the meanwhile did much to console the sobbing bodyguard. Knowing Sahana as I do, the only possible way was to change her mood from one of depression to passion and excitement and my hands rose to the task.

As my hands caressed her strong yet silken muscles of her shoulders occasionally sneaking past her tight warrior bodice to tease the pliant breast flesh, she would snuggle up close and her own hands held on idly to my rising stalk that tended to rip past the obstacle of my silken loincloth.

My left hand snuck past the hemline of her cotton skirt that rode well over the upper thighs in her reclined position. Her thighs were cool to touch and my hands were gentle and probing not too brashly. I attempted to touch her well guarded steamy womanhood.

I found the front to be wet and damp. Oh, I thought, her pussy was shedding tears too. Which was as well, I noted because her tears in her eyes would dry up soon if I kept up the stealthy sleight of hand.

I slightly tilted her chin up and wiped her streaming tears and kissed the droplets away making a deliberate slurping sound even as my left forefinger dislodged the loin cloth in the warmth of her upper thighs and entered her wet steaming pussy cave.

Soon all these surreptitious activities did much to alleviate her suffering and lift her moods quite a bit.

Talking of 'lifting', my own hard royal stanchion was doing the very same thing. Sahana was breathing hard now swallowing her dying sobs and her hands now kneaded the length of the precummimg organ within its silken confines with growing interest.

Lady luck joined hands with Cupid at the same time as our Chariot hit a hump in the road and lurched severely thus driving my probing forefinger well into the soft juicing pussy with a swoosh.

"AHHH......." moaned my solid bodied bodyguard and clutched on to my rampant blood engorged shaft and squeezed in reflex.

"OUCHHHHH", I echoed too and my other hand now groped inside the blouse and kneaded the ripe breast melon in rhythm, faking the accident by 50% and deliberately exaggerating the reaction to knead her hard-nippled tits hard to mutual satisfaction.

'Sly devil', Sahana whispered below her breath and moaned some more throatily

I waited no more and tilted her head up toward me and kissed her half open succulent lips, my tongue dancing madly in the soft and hot enclosure of her mouth entwining with her own slithering tongue.

Our senses reeled and as the chariot unfortunately could not allow any more leeway for necking than this, I pushed my two fingers in the open 'V' of her thighs and my fingers did a slow jig driving her nuts. She grunted and moaned more displaying her by-now abated sorrow and fast growing lust.

Her hands now had unsheathed my passion shaft and she was drooping her head down to envelop the shaking shaft in her safe, soft and wet mouth to do a oral worship that she thought best served her Master in the given circumstances.

The air in the Chariot cabin was getting hotter and humid as we engaged unabashedly in passion play, the thoughts of murders and conspiracies now relegated to the background.

I was only worried the Charioteer might hear our moaning as things tended to build to a crescendo, to an explosive climax albeit individually.

My hand was drenched in her come, she was flowing 'salila' juice (pussy secretions) copiously and it wetted the seat cushions below her hairy grotto.

I bent my head to the junction of her dark thighs, snatching the mouth momentarily away from slurping kisses but could only see her shining pubic hairs that the juice had wetted, in between her splayed strongly muscled warrior thighs.

There was something of a beautiful paradox here: The dark solid trunks of her thighs representing her strongly muscled features which was the primary qualification for being a bodyguard and thus my protector, but her now secreting wet pussy certainly represented the vulnerability and surrender to my manly ministrations and that she had surrendered and 'caved in' to me.

It made me heady to think like this. My manly ego getting a pat thus, my hands now pressed her head over to my lap, her salivating juicy mouth back onto my hot waiting organ and she devoured me with unbridled enthusiasm.

She deep-throated me beautifully with the skills only the KamaSutra had described possible. I sighed and threw my head back to rest on the shaking headrest as the chariot moved on inexorably toward the capital.

We had enjoyed two electric climaxes before we reached the Capital, and I noticed her satisfied twinkling eyes as she lifted her head from my lap, the corners of her mouth splattered with my royal seed which needed no word to describe, as did the cum-drenched seat upholstery where she had leaked her passion out profusely.

I hoped someone will not seriously mind changing the upholstery later. So what if they did too, I thought nonchalantly as we made ourselves presentable before departing from the coach.

I was after all, the KING...I was only doing what I had come here to do...

With a smile on my face, but heart still heavy with all this death and conspiracy happening around, I made my way back to the Queens and comfort where my mission still lay.

'Lay', there I go again; I smiled wryly about the double-entendre, while Sahana smoothened her skirt and escorted me in.

From the corner of my eyes I saw the small heap of the loincloth that Sahana had by now discarded, lying at the side of Chariot as a mute testimony to the rollicking journey we had had.

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