tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 21

The Impregnator Ch. 21


The finale is round the corner and the King is pleased with his bodyguard's plans

After return to Palace I entertained my tired body with Queen Jyothi Once again. This Time she looked at me seductively and whispered,

"Can we do it in Garden among Birds and bees? Anu was telling me..." she said and licked her lips with a mischievous tongue.

My rampant cock did a somersault in my loin clothes and my heart beat wildly at the thought of disrobing this big structured lady in broad sunlight on the Royal lawns.

My hands would not remain idle that morning as we walked to the garden in expectant and aroused state. My hands naughtily rubbed her swaying big buttocks robed in red Silken saris. I could not any loin clothes below the thin silk as Jyothi never wore any.. I stopped her midway and hugged her amorously and kissed her lips lustily with a plop sound right in front of her wedding painting with King Namarda. 'Will there be anyone luckier than me, I thought, 'husband giving away all His queens for me to explore and exploit them'?

My chest pressed her against soft cushion-y tits and her nipples were hard as bullets burning through our clothes. This only added fuel to my loin fires and I literally dragged the First Queen to the bright sunlit gardens. There were obviously no one there as she had arranged it to be so.

I kissed her all over her soft cashewnut colored skin of her face and met her wet lips with mine and and explored the soft confines of her mouth playing out a tantalizing fight with the slithering tongues.

She was gasping and kissed me wildly and tore my silken shirt way and My loin clothes came off as she removed it single handedly with a flourish and her own clothes were falling away like autumn leaves to join the heap at our feet, She was fair and even pink and was built solidly as I have described earlier. She was caressing my cock ardently pumping hot blood thigh my arteries and m seed was boilng as I buried my head in the soft valley of her big boobs licking all around the big areola and making goose bumps appear.

The birds were chirping, butterflies aflutter and our bodies bathed in bright sunlight anxious to mate wildly.

It was then at this precise moment that I saw it at the corner of my eyes.

I was not intending to, You see, busy as I were with amorous fondling of Jyothi's huge tit balls, but I did.

The Royal Palace was in the back ground and so were Queen's separate quarters,The Harem, separate palaces by themselves with silk curtained windows. I saw the movement of a man near the third window through the crook of Jyothi's armpits.

It was Queen Anu's Quarters. I don't why I worried but suddenly I felt distracted and anxious as Queen was pregnant and I suspected she would be on the hit list of the mysterious killer.

I pushed Queen Jyothi away and rushed to wear my clothes. She stood beautifully naked her butter white skin shining with perspiration, a goddess with bewildered eyes.

"Wha..what...?" she fumbled but I turned away.

"Please wear your clothes, Jyothi,,We'll do it later.I have to go", I said sweating and gasping as I dressed myself hastily

I ran up to the Harem. I ran past bewildered guards and security men straight into Queen Anu's chambers.

I burst into the room and there she was..She was talking to the Home Minister Raman who had come on a casual visit to check on her welfare.

They looked at me surprised. Queen Anu stood up, her dark complexioned buxom figure more accentuated with the oncoming pregnancy.

"Why, My darling...", she said softly and rushed to me. I hugged her briefly. I nodded to Home Minister and apologized for the sudden entry,saying 'something was on my mind.

I made polite apologies and departed, but somehow I was not fully relieved.

I was soon accompanied by sahana and she was telling me that Shanti was ill today and that she ( sahana) herself would look after me round the clock.

We were in my room and I was on the settee and Sahana was sitting on the floor at My feet. 'With my feet ' I should say as he had my feet up on her soft silky but strong folded thighs as she sat cross legged and slowly massaged them up and down from ankles to knees and back again.

It was very comforting and warm and naturally my cock which had retreated to its shell after the disastrous half mating with Jyothi awhile ago was getting rejuvenating with all these caresses.

Sahana looked at me and asked,

"What's up, My Lord?, You are not your usual self today" "Yes , sahana, It bothers me still...." I said looking down through her low neck blouse where she had girded up her considerable breasts with the security uniform. I was at a vantage position , you see she sitting down at my feet. The breasts swayed and shook lasciviously in the close confines of her dress.

"What does, My Lord,?" she said, her hands stole up over my thighs suddenly,dangerously close to my burgeoning straining manhood.

I bent my knees so that my right kneecap now pressed against her tempting tits , I rubbed my knee caps even I sat in the same position all over and I could soon feel her big hard nipples against my probing naughty knee cap.

" What the prisoners , Hola and Wassana said about the mole and killer in our palace.." I lingered.

Her hands suddenly stopped. Her eyes were clouding too with a serious look,

" You Know, My Lord, I have been thinking too..."

"About when you will get your chance to become pregnant and take maternity leave?" I humored , to which she smiled but she was not amused.

"We can set up a trap, you know..." she said pushing her soft cushions of her tits up tight against my right kneecap as if to drive home her point. Her 'points'of course were burning through my silk robes warming me up all the way to my already fired-up loins.

"Like what?", I asked and bent my waist forward so my hand could fondle the soft tit flesh of hers which was bunched up snugly about my kneecap.. My hands went through and she gasped huskily and did not stop me as I palmed her heated soft breast globes kneading them.

She mumbled "mmmmm..uahh" Or something to the effect and I could see her eyes were lusty mad too. I knew if I did not stop, she would certainly go all the way. Throwing caution to the winds about her propriety as she was my servant and I her master. Mind you, these were not my orders, but her own self ingrained set of service rules. I was of course, all for female liberation.

Talking about liberation, it was I who now 'liberated' those tightly restricted tits from her tops and the poor dears sprang free, her nipples hard and aroused and perked up and seemed to thank me for the good deed.

I threw both caution and her blouse to the winds , so to say and she was deliciously topless now. Her blouse lay six feet away where I had tossed it. "But you see, My Lord," she said oblivious of her state of dressing . "We can go as camouflaged security men and hide somewhere and wait for the killer to appear.. That way..."

I was interested in only one way and that was to savor her juicy looking jugs . I hauled her up both hands, she was a big heavy woman, mind you but lust is a great energizer and she was over me in seconds.

I made her straddle me, now her soft vee between her ass and pussy against my rigid cock pinning it below .I gasped sorrily at the inconvenience of having my cock resting at her portals but layers of our dresses refusing entry to it.

I hugged her big smooth bare black skinned back and buried my hands in the sweet perspiring female aroma of her boobs.

"Ahhh" She said as if she yawning but she was aroused. We had done this so many times now, I mean these necking sessions but not going all the way, saving it up to the end and I was not about to break it now and spoil it for us.

But some fun and games were surely required to relieve my tensions and she played along, the lusty wench that she was.

I kissed her yielding tit-flesh and licked around her engorged brown nipples, sucking them alternately , deeply into the cavity of my mouth and letting them pop out into the cool air of the room outside making her clutch me tightly about my shoulders and thrust her chest more insistently to my hungry mouth.

I fed on her black soft breast flesh and my saliva was all over them making them shine in the sunlight.

"But sir..." She managed to get a word in "you have to listen to me..."

I said "sure... sure".... but I am not too sure how it sounded to her as my mouth was filled with her right breast and I was talking without giving it up!

"Let's do it tonight", she announced brightly.

I reluctantly released her soft boob from my mouth and stared at her slightly perspiring face and aroused eyes that meant something else.

Before I could say anything she clarified, " Yes..I mean the camouflage and waiting for the killer part...Not what we are doing..."

I knew that she knew that I was worried.

My hands rode up her thighs all the way to her wet mons below the silky loin clothes and probed the wet frontage with my forefinger and I could feel she was clearly excited.

"..How sad ,,I thought you meant us finishing what we have been attempting for a long time now" I said innocently as if I was unaware of her meaning. I was bluffing and she knew it.

She put her hands around me in a most unprofessional way for a bodyguard, almost like a lover now and looked deep into my eyes and whispered.

"That will be be there at the end..and I will never my give up my chance to mate with you and beget your child...Have I not earned the right now?"

Again before I could say anything she went on,

" Tonight let us dress up like security men and stalk the quarters of Queen Anu and wait for him"

I said, "Yes but I have a better plan for doing this..We will dress up as Security men but we will stay out of sight of even the regular security men and will make our appearance only if we see something suspicious that is beyond their control"

"Yes, I will guard your back , of course" she nodded to herself and now stood up reluctantly knowing that this hot session was thus aborted. She went over to pick up her blouse on the floor.

I went behind her and patted her considerably big derriere and said " No, I will guard your 'back'.

When she turned to me surprised I drove my point home saying,

"I prefer the 'background', you see, when such a brave soldier like you are taking charge of this operation", I said fondling her rounded back once more.

The pun was not lost on her and knowing me she was not going to 'back out' of this proposal either!



The Sting operation in the Night!! and will the killer make his attempt now? Wait and watch!! I won't be gone too long now.

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