The Incentive List Ch. 03


"Why are you referred to as 'lap dancers'," he naively enquired.

"Because in some establishments," replied Sarah, "The private dances are performed like this."

With a quick swivel of her hips and an impressive lift of her leg, Sarah took David by surprise by mounting herself straight onto his lap. With her hands on his shoulders, and her smouldering eyes mischievously locked on to his, she gave her body a subtle grind, no doubt feeling David's suddenly formed erection squashed against her crotch.

"Er, is this one of those establishments," James asked, although Sarah's exquisitely sexy body was blocking David's view of him.

"Actually, no," Sarah lamented, before sliding off David's lap with exaggerated friction.

David was left almost breathless by the direct stimulation of his cock. He looked down at his crotch to assess the extent of his pre-cum embarrassment, but was instead shocked and slightly ecstatic to see that Sarah herself had left a parting gift - a visible patch of dampness on David's light coloured jeans that wasn't of his own making.

Sarah, now acting a little tipsy, poked him in the ribs.

"You didn't tell me it was your birthday," she said with mock indignation. "All this time spent chatting and you didn't tell me that!"

"Sorry," said David, now feeling the confidence-enhancing effects of alcohol himself. "Do I get a present?"

"Well," Sarah said in a hushed tone, before running a finger up David's arm. "I promised James here a special dance, but since it's your birthday, why don't you come with us and watch for free? I'll even give you a special birthday treat if you're good."

David couldn't believe his ears. He shot a glance towards James for his approval and got a resigned nod. That was good enough for David.

"Now?" he asked.

"Gosh, you are keen aren't you? OK chaps, follow me. I think we're going to need a bigger boat."

David struggled to hide his erection as he and James followed Sarah not to the private dance area, but to an innocuous looking door to the side of their seating area. David was confused but eager, although his curiosity was peaked when Sarah produced a key to unlock it.

"Where has she been keeping that?" he whispered to James.

"I wouldn't like to think," came the deadpan reply.

Beyond the door was a short corridor with more doors down each side. Sarah approached the nearest one and again used her key to gain access. She ushered the young men in and locked up behind her.

The room was dark and small, unfurnished except for a large purple chaise longue in the Méridienne style. There were no music speakers, but the muted bass from the main club throbbed through the walls. A solitary free-standing lamp provided subtle illumination. David's heart was racing - this was a scenario he imagined would be more common in a brothel rather than a strip joint. Just what did Sarah mean when she promised him a 'birthday treat'?

"Sit down boys," she instructed, and the two dutifully complied, David perching on the edge of one end of the long seat, James at the other.

Sarah stood before them and started dancing in much the same way she had during her previous show. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall immediately to the floor. David heard James sigh with appreciation as Sarah's exposed boobs jiggled free. She approached David and bent over, whispering in his ear.

"Shall I tell you what's special about this room?" she said, before teasing him with a pause.

"No cameras."

And with that thrilling revelation she took David's hands, which were planted firmly on his seat, and moved them up behind her, placing them on her warm, partially exposed buttocks.

David was in heaven. As Sarah straightened back up, her ass still in his secure grip, he took in the sight of her amazing tits and began to entertain the possibility that he was going to be able to touch them - to suck them! As if reading his mind, she came in close and sat on his lap, crushing his erection with her crotch. She leaned in and pushed her bosom into David's face, giving him all the incentive he needed to begin lapping at her tits with his tongue. Her hard nipples felt glorious as they wiped across his lips and mouth. Squeezing her ass, he took one breast full into his mouth and sucked it like a hungry infant, eliciting a moan from Sarah. As she pulled her chest away from him, David was startled to notice something that he feared would end this wonderful session almost as quickly as it had begun – James, sat just a couple if feet away from him on the same seat, had pulled out his erect penis and was slowly rubbing it as he examined Sarah's body. This was surely a step too far? The moment of truth came as Sarah turned to assertion the reason for David's apprehensive face. Amazingly, all she did was smile and the two exchanging a filthy, knowing look. Sarah dismounted David and, still standing, bent over to kiss James full on the mouth. James took the opportunity to reach up and fondle Sarah's tits as she did so, tweaking her already hard nipples into swollen bullets. David couldn't help checking out James' cock which was twitching with pleasure. He had no homosexual leanings, but wanted to compare size for his own self satisfaction, and was thrilled to note that his own cock was markedly bigger when erect. He wouldn't be ashamed to do the unthinkable – to expose himself in front of this sexy stranger and a male colleague. Before he got the chance, though, he received further instruction from Sarah between her passionate explorations of James' mouth.

"Take my knickers down, David," she said with a husky plea.

Her ass was right in front of him, and David wasted no time in getting his fingers underneath her waistband and slowly peeling the red underwear from her buttocks. As the tight lace left her crotch, several strands of sticky fluid spanned the gap between the fabric and her pussy. After the sodden French knickers had hit the floor, David could see some of her juices escaping down the insides if her thighs – she was literally dripping with pleasure. David boldly parted Sarah's buttocks and wasn't met with any vocal opposition. He examined her engorged, glistening labia hanging underneath her crotch, and fuelled by a mixture of lust and alcohol, pushed a finger delicately between them, parting them with a satisfyingly wet sound.

Sarah broke off her embrace with James to throw her head back and grunt with approval. James took the opportunity to lean in and start sucking Sarah's tits, a muffled groan signalling his own satisfaction. David could see that James had again begun stroking his cock, and was acutely aware of his own need for physical stimulation. He removed his finger from Sarah's cunt and stood up, furiously removing his belt and clawing at his trousers and pants to shed them as quickly as possible. With James' face still joyfully immersed in her cleavage, Sarah turned to look over her shoulder, and her eyes widened at the sight that greeted her. David's cock, extending well over 8 inches, was protruding eagerly from underneath the base of his shirt, his scarlet helmet moist with expectation.

"Gosh," she gasped, with what seemed like genuine surprise. She turned back to James before straightening her back, letting her tits escape his enthusiastic attention. He instead looked over at David and appraised his cock, a raise of the eyebrows acknowledging its superiority.

"Forgive me," Sarah said to him, "But I think someone wants a little attention. And I really want to try that thing out."

David's cock throbbed as if it were responding to being spoken about.

"I bet you do," said James, shaking his head with disbelief at David's hidden talent.

Sarah turned to greet David and stepped close to him, so close that his cock was poking into her belly, leaving beads of sticky clear precum across her flat stomach. It was the first time his exposed cock had ever touched the flesh of another woman, and the sensation was heavenly. Sarah reached up and began to slowly unbutton the lanky young man's shirt from top to bottom. David squeezed her tits as she did so, roughly tweaking her nipples with a pinch of his thumb and finger. As she unfastened the last button, she dropped to her knees and wrapped both of her tiny hands around the sizeable cock in front of her, as if to verify its impressive length. For David, the firm double grip around his throbbing cock was almost too much.

"Don't," he pleaded, "I can't hold it."

Sarah let go as if it were burning and looked up at him to see a grimace of self control. She then turned to James with a querying expression. James, perhaps mischievously seeing an opportunity to bring Sarah's attention back on to him, offered his opinion.

"Go ahead," he said. "He'll be ready again soon enough."

Sarah obviously concurred, because she immediately turned back to David's cock, wrapped one hand around the base of its shaft, and took as much of the rest as she could into her mouth.

To David's simultaneous pleasure and frustration, he was unable to hold back. His first ever blow job would also be his shortest. Sarah furiously wanked the base of his cock and sucked the top with wild abandon, as if she knew she had almost no time to play with this massive phallus.

"Oh God," David moaned, "Watch out!"

Sarah ignored his warnings and continued to jerk him, her lips tightly wrapped around the now pulsating cock. David emptied his first load, causing Sarah to produce a muffled grunt of acknowledgment. The second ejaculate felt like a strong one to David, and it must have deposited a copious amount of cum into Sarah's mouth, because her next sound was a muffled squeal of surprise. Indeed, she had to pull his pumping cock out from between her lips after the third squirt, and an excess of white goo came pouring out with it, dripping down her chin and onto her tits. More cum was shooting out from the tip of David's furious erection, and Sarah willingly caught it on her face, closing her eyes as the seemingly ceaseless discharge decorated her forehead, nose and cheeks. She opened her cum filled mouth with the hope of catching more, and gratefully received the final weak spurts of David's celebration. When she was satisfied that he had finally finished his orgasm, she opened her eyes, which had been gratefully spared by David's torrent of cum, and gave him a Cheshire cat grin. More cum escaped from the sides of her smiling mouth, and so she swallowed hard to empty it. She then turned to show the mess on her face to James, who was slowly and deliberately stroking his cock.

"I'm not kissing you now," he said with a chuckle.

David was still reeling from seeing his ejaculation adorn the face of his sexual benefactor, but the familiar tone in James' voice was adding to his growing suspicion that the both of them already knew each other. Sarah tuned back to David and wiped some of his cum off of her brow.

"I'm counting on you being rock hard and ready to go again soon. You won't disappoint me, will you?"

David's slow shake of the head was echoed by James' observation.

"He's getting hard again already, and he's only just cum. I think he'll be alright," he said.

James was right. Despite having just had the most amazing sexual release of his life, the constant visual stimulation, the thought of what had just transpired, and the realisation that more was to come, was all combining to keep David incredibly horny, and after the briefest of retreats his huge erection was forming once again.

"My turn for some attention," whined James.

Sarah dutifully complied and got off her knees, approaching the semi-reclining student with an exaggerated sexual swagger.

"And what can I do for you, while we wait for our friend here to compose himself?" she asked.

"You know what I want," came the seedy reply.

Sarah gave a resigned but happy sigh.

"You and your tit wanks, young man," she sniggered. "You're obsessed."

Sarah got on her knees again and James perched on the edge of his seat with his legs apart. David took the opportunity to sit down on the other end of the chaise longue, both to gather himself, and to get a better look at proceedings.

Sarah looked down at herself then up at James.

"But I've got David's spunk all over my tits," she mockingly lamented.

"Why don't you lick it off first, then?" came his teasing reply.

Sarah's breasts were large and somewhat pendulous, but not to the extent that she could easily force them into her own mouth. Yet with a firm push upwards and a dexterous tongue greeting them, she managed to lap up the majority of David's pearlescent remnants from her pliant tits. Such a sight demanded to be augmented with some self-pleasure, and David found himself stroking his slightly sore cock in response. It didn't escape Sarah's attention.

"Does that turn you on, David? Watching me lick your cum off of my big tits?"

David nodded, stunned into muted silence. Sarah simply grinned before looking down at her prized assets and letting a long glob of saliva escape her pursed lips and run down her cleavage. She squashed her boobs together slightly and presented them towards James.

"More spit," came her request.

James leaned over and actually spat onto one of her tits. Sarah laughed at the uncouth yet dirty contribution.

"And the other one," she sniggered.

Another gob of saliva hit her chest, and she rubbed her squashed boobs together to spread the sticky moisture. Then, positioned between James' thighs, Sarah wrapped her tits around James' cock and began pumping them up and down, much to James' audible delight. As she attended to him, she turned to David, who was still stroking his renewed erection, and gave him a running commentary.

"This is called a titty fuck, David," she said in a faux instructional tone. "I was going to give you one, but then you went and came all over my face."

The dirty talk was making the soreness in David's penis vanish. Now he just wanted to rub it harder.

"James really does like to put his cock between my tits, don't you James?" she continued, pretty much confirming David's suspicion about their prior familiarity. David didn't care. He was just ecstatic to be part of this ménage a trois.

"I like it too. But if I'm honest, I prefer it in my arse."

David couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. James was simply enjoying his sloppy massage.

"Earlier I thought I'd want you in my ass, but that thing of yours would probably tear me apart," she said. "So James can fuck me there. I'll leave you to fill up my cunt."

David jerked off furiously to the filth coming from Sarah's lips, ignoring the distant approach of a second climax. Sarah lifted her boobs away from James' cock and stretched over to restrain David from his activities with a soft hand around his wrist.

"Pace yourself young man," she said. ""Here, move up next to James."

David shuffled across the velvety top of the méridienne, feeling slightly uncomfortable as his naked thigh made contact with James'. Both their cocks were pointing upwards expectantly, David's was red and angry while James ' was fleshy and moist, but both were rock solid and twitching with anticipation. Sarah took James' erection in her left hand and David's in her right and began slowly massaging them, exploring their forms with her fingers and rubbing the glans with her thumbs.

"Two cocks in my hands," she sighed. "Amazing."

James tried to reach across to fiddle with Sarah's breasts, but access was difficult. To placate him, she hoisted herself up and lent in slightly, before resting her tits on the touching knees of the two enthralled friends. This gave both of them access to her slippery boobs, and they tweaked and played with one each as they continued to enjoy their respective hand jobs.

David was being gentle, delicately squeezing the tit and guiding it through his fingers as he reached the nipple with his fingertips. He playfully flicked at the swollen nipple and gave it gentle tugs. James was being rougher, taking his delegated mammary in a vice-like grip and squeezing hard with each stroke of Sarah's hand down the length of his veiny shaft. This mutual stimulation carried on for what seemed to David like ages – no member of the party willing to break the cycle of pleasure. It took a barked order from Sarah to break it up.

"Stand up, both of you," she said.

The boys knew what was coming. David again felt a little awkward about having his penis in such close proximity to another man's, but he desperately wanted it sucked again so he followed James in doing what he was told.

"Face each other a tiny bit more," Sarah instructed.

The boys shuffled slightly so that the three of them formed a close triangle - the lads' cocks pointing towards Sarah's kneeling body. Sarah reached across and pulled down James' unfastened trousers and shorts which were still hanging around his hips. She took in the sight of two eager erections just inches from her face and smiled to herself, sighing with satisfaction. Then she gripped David's cock with her hand and plunged James' smaller member into the grateful warmth of her mouth.

David watched as Sarah almost maniacally sucked on James' cock, her head thrusting back and forth and her mouth making all sorts of sticky wet noises. All the while his own cock was getting expert attention as her right hand glided backwards and forwards across its substantial length with just the right amount of pressure. But before he had a chance to enjoy the rhythm, Sarah pulled away from James with a loud slurp and then started sucking off David. Further away from orgasm than he was before, David was able to enjoy the sensation. Her tongue was rubbing the sensitive base of his cock, and the tight embrace of her lips around his thick member was heaven. The strength of her suction was also pleasingly high, and David felt as if she was priming him to explode.

With his extra height, David's cock was positioned a fair bit higher than James' and so Sarah had to lift herself higher to suck it. This had the effect of making Sarah's chest hang close to the tip of James' hard-on, and he used this positioning to smear the saliva and precum covering his helmet over the tit closest to him. He prodded it into the yielding flesh of her breast, and flicked at her nipple, coating it in his clear lubrication.

Sarah's mouth went back to the source of this gentle poking, this time her left hand cupped his swollen balls as her right hand darted down between her legs so she could finally begin to finger her genitals.

David, now not receiving any physical stimulation from the writhing minx kneeling below him, took his cock in his own hand stooped down slightly, positioning it closer to her already full mouth. Sarah took the hint and quickly swapped targets, then again, and back again, frantically sucking both cocks for just seconds at a time as if both couldn't be left alone for more than a few moments. And all the while, her vigorous fingering was eliciting hurried moans of satisfaction.

At one stage, David and James mutually overcame the awkwardness of having their erections touch each other and allowed Sarah to take both of them past her grateful lips at the same time. She squealed her pleasure as both men's helmets met in her mouth, her animated masturbation making violent wet noises. She then came for what David thought was the first time that evening. He would later find out from James that Sarah had secretly and subtly cum while dancing for him that first time, but this orgasm was far more obvious. Pulling her mouth away from the two cocks, she threw her head back, shut her eyes tightly, and still rubbing herself with furious abandon, gave an extended cry of pleasure.

After her orgasm had passed, she sat her bare ass on the cold black floor and smiled at her two lovers. The fact that she was still enthusiastically masturbating suggested to David that she wasn't quite finished. He was glad. Then Sarah beckoned him over accompanied by more dirty chat.

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