tagFirst TimeThe Incentive List Ch. 04

The Incentive List Ch. 04


Surrey, England

June 8th, 1997

James rang the doorbell with both trepidation and excitement. He had never been to Sarah's house before, and this felt like an inexplicably significant milestone in their unusual relationship, even if his attendance here was due to the continued, if rather belated exploration of his fantasy list.

The last several months had been busy for both of them: Sarah had been promoted at school and now had an entire language department to struggle with, and James' second year at university had proven to be a challenging one. Whenever possible, the couple had made every effort to see each other, and in going against her original suggestion of leaving casual sex out of their relationship, Sarah had signalled her growing appreciation of James' company by initiating sex with almost every meeting. He wouldn't quite go as far as calling her his 'girlfriend', but they were definitely part-time lovers, albeit ones that never seemed to end up back at her place – it was always in his flat at Uni, or in the back of her car, or even at his parent's house; never hers. Perhaps as a consequence of all this love-making, the fantasy lists had fallen by the wayside as the two of them seemed quite content to fulfil their lustier leanings with each other. But during their most recent rendezvous back in Edinburgh, they had got excited about the concept again, and Sarah seemed keen to revisit James' list. Tonight was to be the night.

James had been warned that this latest machination was particularly susceptible to the fates, and that he shouldn't get his hopes up for same kind of "majestic" set-up (Sarah's words, not his) that transpired in the Scottish strip club last year. James didn't care - he was ordered to bring an overnight bag, and if any part of Sarah's plan went wrong, he was sure he'd be able to negotiate some kind of compensation in Sarah's bedroom.

Sarah's house, a quaint yet expansive and expensive-looking bungalow, was not what James expected. It was one of only a handful of dwellings dotted liberally down a long and winding country lane. A farm was located nearby as well as several areas of outstanding natural beauty that attracted weekend ramblers and dog walkers. James had visited the area several times himself, completely unaware that his old French teacher lived nearby. He struggled to understand how a teacher's salary could allow her to live in such rural luxury.

The front door opened, and the cheeky, smirking face of his naughty companion greeted him.

"Good evening young man. How are we today?"

"We are ok. Not bad at all," came James' reply. "Am I going to get any inkling of what you're up to tonight?"

Sarah ushered James inside.

"Very soon you will, yes."

James wiped his feet on the welcome mat and gawped at his surroundings - an exquisitely decorated reception area full of homely charm but undisguisably expensive.

"Wow," said James. "So how much do French teachers make, these days?"

"My parents left it to me," Sarah conceded with a smile. "One of the few benefits of being an only child – when they pop their clogs you get everything!"

It was delivered with obvious black humour, but James still felt bad.

"Sorry," he offered.

"Don't be. It was a long time ago," the welcome reassurance. "Now, let me give you the tour."

Sarah ferried him from room to room with the briefest of descriptions for each.

"Toilet: use this one for number twos. Lounge: feel free to raid my video collection, but don't look for any hidden porn because there isn't any. Kitchen: fridge is full, so help yourself. Bathroom: pretty self-explanatory. My bedroom: you'll sleep here tonight if all goes according to plan - or even if it doesn't, I suppose. Master bedroom: this is where guests stay if I'm not sleeping with them."

"Why don't you make this one your bedroom? It's massive!"

"Because I like cosy rooms to sleep in and this one's too big. Besides, this one has huge French windows that lead out into the garden. Which will be very useful for tonight."

James smiled with anticipation.

"And what's happening tonight?" he asked coyly.

"I'm going out. And you're house-sitting."


Sarah let the disappointment on his face register for a few more seconds before letting out a trademark cackle. She held out a hand and led him through the French windows and into the warmth of the summer evening.

The garden was small but spectacular, protected all around by lush trees and thick bushes, the lawn was unkempt but ruggedly beautiful. It was like an oasis of grass in the middle of a forest. And right at the end, a modern but cute-looking outhouse towards which Sarah was excitedly dragging her young friend.

Inside was an intriguing set-up: a comfy chair faced the window, besides which was a mini fridge and a small table. And on the small table was a worn but expensive-looking pair of binoculars. James finally clocked the fantasy that Sarah was trying to set up for him.

"Now, tonight I am meeting up with a very lovely friend who I haven't been out with for ages. We're going to go for a few drinks, catch up about old times, and she's going to come back here slightly worse for wear and stay over for the night. And she is no doubt going to undress herself at some point, and due to a current lack of curtains in the guest bedroom, you are hopefully going to get a perfect view."

James sat on the chair and noted the direct line of sight from his seat, through the window, to the back of Sarah's house. He picked up the binoculars and realised with excitement not only that the apparatus gave him a generous magnification, but that the size of the French windows meant that hardly any of the guest room was obscured from his gaze. He could even make out the pattern on the bedroom pillows.

"By the time we get back it'll be dark, and as long as you keep the light off in here she won't be able to see you at all. Oh, and something else you might want to use to add to the experience."

Sarah leaned down and flicked a switch somewhere. Suddenly James could hear the music that had been playing loudly inside the house. He looked down to where Sarah had been fiddling and saw a chunk of white plastic laced with LEDs sticking out of a socket.

"It's a baby monitor. I've hidden the other one in the guest room so you can listen in."

"Outstanding," James complimented.

"Now you might not get to see anything for all I know, but I'll try to engineer as many opportunities for you to perv over her as possible, okay?"


"I'll call the house before we head home so you can set up in here. I'll give you some spare keys as well. After you've had your fun you can head back into the house and spend the night with me. I'll tell her you called in unexpectedly. Have you parked far enough down the road?"

"Yeah, nowhere near here."

"Good. Well, I'm going to get ready. I'm meeting her in town. Taxi's coming for me in an hour or so."

Sarah led James back to the house and deposited him in the lounge with the TV remote control while she got ready. Sure enough, about an hour later there was a knock at the front door, and Sarah emerged from her bedroom in a cloud of perfume looking casual yet stunning in dark skinny jeans and a tight red cotton blouse that strained to contain her pneumatic bust. She greeted the taxi driver at the door before grabbing her bag and yelling a goodbye to James.

"Listen out for my call. Have a good evening and fingers crossed for later!"

A slam of the door, and James was finally alone.

He spent another hour watching TV before heading to the kitchen to make himself a ham sandwich. His growing excitement at his upcoming voyeurism was limiting his appetite somewhat, but he forced it down nonetheless before deciding to investigate Sarah's house with more scrutiny. Although almost certainly an invasion of her privacy, James felt that his poking around would be in the spirit of Sarah's mischievous endeavours. And so he started with her bedroom.

Still smelling sweetly from her preparations earlier, James was struck by how "girly" the room was. The pinks and soft toys seemed slightly at odds with her modern, forward-thinking attitude. The top of her chest of drawers contained items more reflective of the woman he knew: in amongst the standard white cotton panties were lacy French knickers, G-strings, and a massive blue dildo. James sniggered to himself as he ran his fingers up the textured shaft, and wondered how much use Sarah got out of it. Maybe he could ask her to use it on herself later? His cock began to harden at the thought.

A further rummage through her personal items turned up more fruity underwear, some sexy bras and, to James' delight, a well worn and familiar set of handwritten notes folded twice into a tight square. Seeing his fantasy list for the first time in a year or so gave him a tingling sensation. As he unfolded the pages, he could see that Sarah had scrawled notes over them with red ink. Looking at the one fantasy Sarah had already fulfilled, James could see that they were ideas and suggestions - the notes next to 'Fake Masseuse' read:

'Set up in outhouse? First aid room? Running club - Francesca, Emma, Martine?'

James' eye darted to the bottom of the next page, and sure enough notes had been written next to the most pertinent fantasy:

'Spy on a woman/women undressing and/or engaging in sexual activity:

'Use guest room and outhouse? Karen, Michelle or Lucy? If Lucy, try seduction?'

That last note was intriguing, but James didn't dare imagine what it might mean in case his expectations were over-inflated. Besides, he didn't even know who Sarah would be bringing back home tonight.

It took all his willpower, but James decided it would be best if he resisted looking at Sarah's notes for the so-far unfulfilled fantasies - the surprise was part of the joy. He replaced the list, and the various pieces of lingerie he had been examining, and headed into the guest room.

It was a large and welcoming room, still well-lit despite the rapidly receding sunlight. James examined the contents if the room and was drawn to a full length mirror shoved up against the side of a wall. Knowing women's penchant for assessing themselves when given the opportunity, James felt it could be repositioned so that if Sarah's guest were to examine herself, she would be facing the French windows rather than turned away from them. He also took the bedside lamp and repositioned it on the dresser rather than the bedside table - James didn't want his subject to be able to turn the lights out while buried under her bed sheets. It was while unplugging the lamp that James saw the baby monitor in a socket underneath the bed - unless someone wanted to return the lamp to its original position, no one would know it was there. James felt it was an acceptable risk - she was more likely to take a few steps out of bed to turn a light off than mess around with cables. Satisfied with his adjustments, James returned to the kitchen to get a beer.

It was around 10.00 when the phone rang. James was suddenly nervous about picking up someone else's phone - what if it wasn't Sarah? Thankfully, the voice on the end of the line was reassuringly familiar:

"Heading back soon," Sarah whispered with more than a little inebriation. "Ordering a taxi now. Get in position. And don't cum too many times - I want some attention later too."

And with that, she hung up. James couldn't be happier. Regardless of how much voyeurism in which he would be able to indulge, Sarah Parsons wanted him. And that made him feel good (and hard).

James made his way to the outhouse and settled into his seat, replacing his nearly spent beer with one from the mini-fridge. He had left the guest room light on and checked his view. The binoculars were outstanding, and the difference between looking into the well-lit room at night compared to earlier in the day was staggering. James really could see everything.

About 20 minutes passed before James noticed any activity. Another light went on in the house - they were home! James suddenly realised that there was no sound! He reached down and switched on the baby monitor. Predictably he only heard white noise - the range of the microphone meant that he'd only be able to hear chatter in and around the guest room. He didn't have to wait long. Within seconds the door burst open and a duet of naughty giggles filled James' ears.

Sarah entered the room first, as saucy and mischievous as she had looked leaving the house, her hair now a lot more tousled. Following swiftly behind her was another vision of beauty. Average height with long, wavy flame-red hair and pale skin, she looked like a mythical creature. Her lips were deep red with lipstick, and her tight black t-shirt showed off her ample yet pert bosom. A pair of skinny jeans similar to Sarah's finished off the casual yet alluring outfit. She had incredibly slim legs with a gap between the tops of her thighs and her crotch that only the most toned of women could achieve. James wasn't great at deducing ages, but she was clearly younger than her host.

"Your room, my dear," said Sarah.

"Lovely," replied the mystery red-head with a slight northern twang in her accent. She then noticed the French doors. "Don't you have any curtains in here?"

"Yeah, sorry. I forgot they were getting dry-cleaned. But you don't need to worry, the garden's completely secluded. No one around for miles. I get naked in here all the time."

"I bet you do..."

"Speaking of which, can you try on this bikini while I remember?"

"What? Now?"

"Yeah, I'll forget otherwise, and you can put it in your bag if it suits you."

Sarah left the room to get the item of clothing that James knew was designed to give him the best chance of seeing her friend naked. Meanwhile, the flame-haired beauty checked out her accommodation for the night, bouncing in the bed to test the mattress' firmness. As she did, her breasts jiggled, and James stiffened at the thought of them bring revealed to him so soon. He reached down to adjust the growing erection in his trousers, and was frustrated to note that the weight of the binoculars made it almost impossible to hold then steady one handed - wanking whilst spying would be difficult.

Sarah re-entered the room with a small black bikini set and threw it into the bed.

"It's too small for me, but it might be perfect for you. See what you think. I'll get us some wine. "

She vacated the room again and left the mystery girl alone to hold up and examine the skimpy outfit left for her. James' mouth was dry with anticipation, his cock throbbing with expectation. He desperately wanted to touch it, but his grip remained firmly around his spy glasses and the view they afforded.

The girl nonchalantly threw the bikini back on the bed before reaching down and peeling off her tight t-shirt, throwing it on the chair by the dresser. The resonating thud of James' heartbeat was causing his view to judder as she immediately reached around her back to unclasping her smooth black bra. Infuriatingly, she chose this moment to face directly away from the window towards the bed. The bra came loose and was flung at the dresser chair before, much to James' relief and appreciation, she turned to sit on the end of the bed, unknowingly displaying her stunning tits in all their glory.

Slightly smaller than Sarah's, but certainly a generous c-cup, they had a sensuous shape that struck James as looking heavy yet perky both at the same time. Unlike the pendulous boobs of Sarah and Emma, this girl's tits didn't hang from her chest at all, but seemed to protrude proudly despite their apparent heft - perfect globes of flesh only subtly pulled by gravity. James estimated that they might actually extend outwards just as far as they did downwards. Porcelain pale like the rest of her skin, they were finished with flat-looking nipples that sat within large, deep pink, almost red areolas. They pointed directly forward, like a couple of rose tinted targets.

Sat on the bed, the girl struggled out of her skinny jeans, an effort that caused her breasts to shake and bounce. James let out an audible groan as he watched them dance across her chest. They were utterly captivating; instead of swinging, they actually kind of waved in front of her.

Free from the restrictive denim, the girl stood, again turning her back to the window as she shuffled out of her modest-looking black knickers. Her ass was tiny, and James noted how top-heavy her proportions were - all that hair and those ample tits balanced on a tiny waist and pin-like legs.

She reached down onto the bed and tried on the bikini top, turning to examine the result in the full-length mirror that James had re-positioned. He mentally congratulated himself as he got visual confirmation that her flowing red locks were her natural colour, a thin strip of red hair pointing the way to her delicate crotch.

Having been temporarily denied sight of her awesome breasts, James sacrificed a wobble-free view to unzip his fly and allow himself a well-deserved squeeze of his maddening erection. His cock responded with a copious pump of pre-cum that moistened his briefs.

By the time James had steadied his view with both hands, the girl had tried on the bikini bottoms and was admiring herself in the mirror, posing at various angles. She even checked how revealing the outfit would be when she leant over. The answer, much to James' increasing delight, was 'very'. Over the baby com, he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," said the girl.

Sarah entered carrying a silk bath robe and gasped at her friend.

"Wow, Lucy, that looks amazing," she beamed.

'Lucy?' thought James. 'That sounded familiar.'

"The cups are a bit too big though," said Lucy. "Shame, because it is really nice..."

"You look gorgeous. Alison doesn't know what she's missing," said Sarah.

"Yeah, well. Her loss."

James' interest was immediately piqued, and as he watched Sarah hand her friend the dressing gown and leave the room again, he started to connect the dots, recalling what Sarah had scribbled on his list. James sighed as he ogled Lucy unclasping the bikini top and slipping her gorgeous tits out of the fabric. Was Sarah planning on doing what she had written in her notes? Was he going to see more than this impromptu strip show?

A now naked Lucy examined herself in the mirror, eyeing herself with self-critical disdain.

"Oh Lucy, you've got nothing to be worried about," James whispered to himself.

He again switched to 'shaky vision' so that a free hand could stroke the oozing erection in his pants.

"Are you going to touch those tits for me," he continued. "Go on, give them a little grab for me."

Alas, his wishes went unfulfilled as with a final huff, Lucy wrapped herself tightly in the silk robe she had been given. James suddenly became concerned that she would head off to the lounge and not be seen again until bedtime. Sarah, however, was way ahead of him. Before Lucy had even left the reflection of the mirror, another knock echoed through via the baby monitor.

"Come in," said Lucy.

Sarah entered with a tap of her bottom against the door, a large glass of red wine in each hand. She planted herself at the end of the guest bed and offered a glass. Lucy took the invitation and sat down next to her, taking the glass and a generous swig.

"Right, you've kept me waiting all night," said Lucy. "Are you going to finally tell me what this thing you want to ask is?"

Sarah suddenly looked embarrassed and shy. If it was an act it was a convincing one.

"You know, I'm not sure I do. It's really... Forget about it Luce, it's a bit... No. Don't worry."

Lucy shifted closer to Sarah, which annoyingly caused James' view of her to be partially blocked by the window frame. She rubbed her friend's thigh with encouragement.

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