tagFirst TimeThe Incentive List Ch. 06

The Incentive List Ch. 06


Surrey, England

July 17th, 1998

Liz sat in the waiting area, her elevated heartbeat betraying the nerves she was hoping wouldn't go noticed. She mentally encouraged herself to calm down.

'No one's forcing you into this. It's just a bit of fun. If you get through, the money will be amazing.'

A few deep breaths and she was as relaxed as she felt she was going to be.

She looked around at her surroundings: the office, or whatever you'd call such a basic set-up, was functional at best. A single table with a phone and barely anything else constituted the reception, although no receptionist was present. No doubt a result of this audition being on a Saturday.

Liz reached into her bag and fished out the ad that had led her to this non-descript business park on the outskirts of town. As she read the copy, her heart began racing again.


Liz knew she had a good body, and had even considered applying at a strip club to earn a bit of cash, but had always chickened out. She was fairly tall, slim, had long blonde hair and big boobs; the kind of package guys would pay money to see naked. But Liz couldn't escape the thought that selling herself this way on a nightly basis was demeaning and beneath her. This opportunity appealed because it was a one-off. And came with a massive financial incentive.

The main point of contact, Sarah, was the primary reason she had gone through with it. The idea of applying to a sleazy guy and sending nude photos of herself to a stranger was far from appealing. But Sarah had been kind and professional throughout the application. She had been clear and upfront about the project, what was required, and who she would need to audition for should she get through the preliminary stages. In fact, today would be the first and only time she would need to undress in front of a man as part of the audition process, and it would just be the one: the programmer of this online project, James.

As described by Sarah, he was a shy and modest type - and a bit of a nerd. Sarah had laughed on the phone and said that he would be more nervous than Liz, having had hardly any experience in the adult industry. This made her feel 100% better - she didn't think she'd be sat here if it was any different.

She looked down at herself and her choice of clothing. Sarah had been very specific - everyday clothes, regular bra and knickers, nothing fancy. Liz had complied, but now regretted following those instructions to the letter. After all, she'd be competing with other girls for a place on this project. Sarah had indicated that they were auditioning three times as many 'models' as they required, and surely it would be better if she stood out? She should have gone with the push-up bra, the suspenders, something to make this geek remember her!

A door leading to another room opened, and a petite lady with a dirty blonde bob stepped into reception with an outstretched hand. Her face was beaming a friendly smile and she instantly put Liz at ease.

"Hi there. I'm Sarah. Elizabeth isn't it?"

"Yes it is. Nice to finally meet you. And call me Liz."

"Come on in, I'll introduce you to James."

Liz followed the bubbly blonde into the room - another sparsely furnished and decorated affair - and noticed two things: a video camera pointing at a chair in the centre of the room, and an awkward looking young man sat behind a desk next to it. He rose to shake her hand.

"Hi, I'm James. Nice to meet you."

Liz was surprised by his youth. She had pictured an older, podgy geek, but instead here was a good-looking young man barely older than she was. She couldn't quite work out whether this was making her more relaxed or more anxious. As she shook his hand and introduced herself, she suddenly felt even more self-conscious.

Sarah took a seat next to James and motioned towards the seat in the centre of the room.

"Please, take a seat," she said warmly.

Liz sat herself down and placed her hands on her lap, pushing her short pleated skirt down between her thighs in what she realised was a completely unnecessary act of modesty. James smiled and spoke confidently but kindly.

"Right then, thanks for coming today Liz. Sarah's probably told you everything you need to know, but I'd just like to confirm everything. This camera will be filming parts of the audition so that we can review them later. The footage won't be used for any commercial purposes, and will be erased at the very end of the process; there will be words to that effect in the form we get you to sign in a minute that holds us to that, OK?"

"Sure," Liz said, trying to look composed and blasé.

"The most important thing from my point of view is that you're happy and comfortable, and if you're not, now or at any time during the audition, you just say so and we stop. You can go on your way, we'll give you the tape and that will be that. It's important you know that. I asked Sarah to cast amateurs for a specific reason, but I'm mindful that this means you might be a lot more nervous about this situation than the girls Sarah would normally invite for casting, and I don't want anyone we see feeling they've been coerced into anything. OK?"

If his words were meant to reassure and relax her, they did an excellent job. Liz felt momentarily calm for the first time today. Her nerves were even turning to excitement.

"That's great, but I'm happy to be here," she said. And she meant it.

"Super. First things first, can we see your ID?"

Liz sat bolt upright and sifted through her bag before handing over her passport. James examined it intently before sighing loudly.

"Why oh why does everyone have a decent passport photo except me," he lamented, before handing it back. "Honestly, I look like Mr Bean in mine."

Liz laughed, probably louder than the comment justified, but the release was welcome. She liked this guy. This was going to be fine.

"So, you're 20 quite soon. Final year of uni?" he said.

"No, second year. I took a year out. Part of the reason I'm here actually. Be good to pay off a few of my debts."

As she spoke, Sarah slid a document over the desk with a pen for Liz to sign. It was a basic contract, written in plain English for once. Liz skimmed through it as James spoke.

"So, just to recap. I'm putting together a video strip poker game. There's lots of these kinds of games on the Internet, but what's going to make this one unique is that players will get the impression they're playing live against real girls, not models. It's a bit if a cheat really - if they look hard enough at the small print they'll see that it's all pre-recorded clips, but the illusion will be that they're playing live with regular girls - that's why we're auditioning amateurs, not professionals. So it's not fake boobs and glamour models, it's attractive but real-looking women, and as a punter I think that will be really appealing to users, especially because it'll be free to use - we hope to get all our money through advertising."

"I think it sounds like a great idea," said Liz as she signed the contract.

"Now, to maintain this illusion that the pre-recorded clips are live interactions, we need to record a looooot of footage of each girl. We need a huge bank of clips to randomly play so that it'll take ages before any single user gets a clip repeating on him. That's why it's a whole day of filming, and that's why we're paying you so much for your time - if you're selected. It also means we need a bit of acting from our girls to react in a believable way to the various stages of the game."

"Yeah, Sarah said that was important. I did drama through school and I'm in a performing group at uni, so hopefully I can fulfill that part."

"Brilliant. And that's why we've got this camera here; so we can review your performance as well as what you look like... you know... without your clothes."

Liz's cheeks reddened as she shared James' apparent embarrassment in acknowledging what was going to happen in this room. Sarah simply looked on, smiling sweetly before giving an encouraging wink.

"Do you have any questions?" asked James warmly.

"No, I don't think so," said Liz before a deep breath that must have telegraphed her trepidation.

"I want to let you know one more time: if you're suddenly thinking this isn't for you, just say so now and we'll completely understand."

He was really sweet, not the kind of sleazy perv she had feared. She could do this. It would be fun.

"No I'm fine, really. Just a bit nervous, but I'm totally cool with it."

"This probably sounds ridiculous, but I'm probably more nervous than you," said James in a mock whisper. "This isn't exactly how I imagined starting my first business."

Liz smirked as he stood and checked the focus on the camera. She couldn't be sure, but was that a bulge protruding from the crotch of his trousers? She figured it was only natural that he would be turned on - he was a computer nerd asking a string of young women to undress in front of him after all; what guy wouldn't be turned by such a prospect? She hoped that the fact he was physically aroused before she had shed even an ounce of clothing bode well for her chances of getting the gig. After some button presses, a red light appeared above the camera lens.

"Right," said James, clearly adjusting himself as he sat back down. "We're going to ask you to do this a few different ways to get a feel for how versatile you can be for all the different takes. So firstly, let's go with shy and coy. I want you to imagine that you're genuinely playing a guy online at strip poker, and you've just lost your first hand. You've got to take your top off and you're really timid about it. Pretend this camera is like a webcam in your bedroom and show us how you'd do it."

Liz sat and thought about it for a few seconds. This reminded her of the improv sessions she'd sometimes do in drama class. Well, except for the stripping part. She closed her eyes and pictured herself in the scenario before opening them and addressing the camera. She pouted straight into the lens with a look of embarrassed annoyance before reaching down to gather the fabric of her vest-top and lifting it up to her midriff, exposing her belly. She looked down at her toned stomach before sighing and raising her arms upwards, exposing her cheap grey bra and the ample cleavage it framed. She discarded the vest by throwing it on the floor and sat with one of her arms covering as much of her chest as her skinny forearm permitted.

"That was great, really good," encouraged James. "Now stay in character, and lose your skirt."

Liz continued to stare at the camera, this time closing her eyes and putting a hand to her brow in mock consternation. She sighed and stood up, looking down at her skirt. She fiddled with a hook on the side, looked into the lens coyly as it became free, then gazed back down as she unzipped herself at the side. Her long platinum blonde hair was covering her chest as she bowed her head. She felt her face involuntarily redden as the fabric started to slide off her hips - she was glad she was supposed to be shy in this scenario. As the skirt hit the floor, she looked up and bit her bottom lip with faux anxiety, fuelled by the genuine elevation in her own heartbeat.

Some movement in the corner of her eye drew her attention away from the lens momentarily. Was Sarah fiddling with James' crotch? The desk was obscuring her view, but there was definitely something going on. James looked downwards and nodded, seemingly scribbling something with a pen. Ah, so that was it! He must have had a pad or something below the desk that he and Sarah were jotting notes on. Liz mentally admonished herself - I mean it's not like a casting agent is going to start rubbing her client's cock during an audition is it?

"Great." James interrupted her train of thought. "Now sit back down and remove your bra. And remember, play it shy."

Liz sat back down with her arms folded, looking down at her squashed cleavage. She looked up to the camera with a look of helpless resignation before unfolding her arms and timidly leveraging one of her bra straps off her shoulder so that it fell down her arm. She heard James let out a barely suppressed sigh of satisfaction before realising she was approaching this all wrong. This was James' project and the final casting decision was his.

Liz looked down at her partially revealed bust before looking up and staring directly at James instead of the camera. She maintained her coy demeanour as she pulled her other bra strap down. James' eyes were flicking between her face and her chest. Liz pushed her arms together, squashing her boobs and creating an even larger cleavage. The cups of her bra pushed away from her body slightly revealing more of her breasts. She bit her lip again and looked down in mock consternation. Peering into the gap between fabric and flesh that only she was afforded, she was surprised but grateful to see that her nipples had hardened. Good - this made her breasts look bigger, and she wanted James to be knocked out by their imminent reveal. She unfolded her arms and swept her long hair behind her shoulders, noting James' eyes widening as he took in the rise and fall of her barely-contained bust. She reached behind her back and slowly and deliberately unhooked her bra. Bringing one hand forward she pressed the underwear to her chest, keeping it in place as best she could as the last support was disengaged. She looked down at her cleavage then up again at James before shutting her eyes tight, as if bracing herself, and let the bra fall.

The feeling of cool air hitting her exposed breasts coincided with a commending groan of approval from James. Liz opened her eyes to see him gratefully lapping up the sight of her naked chest with his eyes.

"Wow!" James sighed.

She felt strangely free in her newfound state of undress. She took several deep breaths, causing her tits to rise and fall, and James followed them as they heaved.

Liz was flattered, and was genuinely pleased that her breasts were being so blatantly admired by this good-looking young man. She imagined that his previous bulge was now a full-blown erection and this didn't bother her in the slightest - the more he appreciated her body, the better her chances of getting this job.

James picked up a form from his folder.

"You're a 34C, is that right?"

"Usually, yes, but I'm more like a D at certain points of the month, like now."

"I was going to say, they look a lot more generous than that. OK, let's finish the scenario with your knickers. Whenever you're ready."

"Shall I take my shoes and socks off?"

"If you can take your knickers off over them, just leave them on."

"OK, great."

Liz thought she'd try something different for this one. Standing with her back to the desk, she looked over her shoulder at James, who again looked enthralled. Seeing him so eager for her to finish her striptease gave her a slight frisson as she tried to think of a suitable finale. She ran her fingers up the smooth flesh of her buttocks and under the material of her knickers before giving them a little tug, exposing the top of her ass cheeks. She smoothed her palms over her now bare hips and hooked her thumbs into the elasticated band at the front of her briefs. Edging the material down she suddenly became aware of a horrifying situation: as her knickers began to peel away, she could feel the unmistakable sensation of stickiness as she separated the fabric from her crotch. She flicked her head around and looked down to examine the contents of her underwear and her worst fear was realised: her pussy was seeping with sexual excitement. Liz froze, unsure of what to do. Sarah's soothing voice came to the rescue.

"Don't worry if you're having any physical reactions. It's perfectly normal in a situation like this. Trust me, James here is having his fair share of physical reactions too."

Liz turned round, the facade of her timid character gone.

"I'm sorry, it's not very professional is it?" she said regretfully.

"You're not a professional, that's why you're here," Sarah said. "You're doing brilliantly - if you're turned on, just use it in your performance."

Liz faced the back of the room again and took a deep breath, trying to exorcise the shame she felt at her body's response. Then, steeling herself with renewed confidence, she pivoted on the spot and fixed James with an innocent stare. The jiggle of her breasts mesmerised her target - he liked that! She used this newfound knowledge to her advantage, hooking her thumbs around her knickers and bending over in an exaggerated fashion as she slid them down her legs, her breasts knocking into each other as she alternated the pulls down each side of her thighs. She hoped the sight of her flailing bosom would distract James from the dampness around her crotch, and her plan appeared to be working - his eyes didn't leave her dangling tits.

Her slightly sodden kickers hit her ankles and she sat back down, stepping out of her underwear and crossing her legs to hide her glistening cunt.

"Wow, that was great," commended James, one hand in his lap. He was either adjusting himself or actively rubbing his cock. Bizarrely, this didn't worry Liz one little bit - the more turned on he was, the better her audition was going. And she couldn't deny the response was flattering.

"OK, here's where we ask you to get creative," said James, reaching up to stop the camera rolling. "You know about the bonus?"

"Yeah, Sarah mentioned it. That's like an extra show or performance once the player gets a girl naked, isn't it?"

"Yeah, basically we want players to be able to get titillated fairly quickly with some partial or full nudity, then we ramp up the difficulty to get them playing for longer to see what the girls will do for their bonus."

"OK, what kind of thing?"

"Well, that's kind of a little test for you. Think of something, and show us."

Liz thought on it a while.

"Should it be like a dance or something?"

"Completely up to you," James replied ambiguously.

Liz thought some more.

"Should I like, you know, play with myself or something?"

"Like I said, it's completely up to you. This is the big climax of the player's experience. He's played for ages to see something good; something that'll hopefully bring him back to the site to try his luck again with a different girl. I'm not going to tell you what I think that should be. You show us what you think it should be."

Liz swallowed hard. She hadn't been asked to do anything specific, but she felt that to get this job she needed to do something particularly sexy.

"OK, I'm ready," she said, and James reached up to start the camera rolling again.

Liz waited for the red light to appear before purposely uncrossing her legs. The stickiness of her thighs made an audible sound as her legs parted. Liz faked a gasp of surprise as she looked down to examine her wet, swollen labia. She then looked into the camera lens with a look as if she had been busted. Her expression shifted from mock mortification to knowing mischief as she ran her fingers down past the prickly barely-visible stubble of her shaved pussy, and onto her wet, swollen cunt. She couldn't believe how sensitive she was down there, and how much moisture she was producing. After a dramatic pause and a cheeky wink to camera she sunk two fingers into her hole. A gush of silk covered her digits, easing their passage inside her. Her plan was to fake an orgasm on camera, but the way she felt at this precise moment in time, the simulation may not be warranted.

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